In December, let’s meet in Wanning in the name of movies!

Hainan in December, the temperature is pleasant.

Sun Moon Bay in December

One wave after another.

"Hot" degree is sultry.

Following the 13th Wanning International Surfing Competition on December 16th,

After the hot start of the National Surfing Training Base

December seventeenth

YOUNG Langchao makes waves and seeks shadows.

-The 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival

The "Golden Coconut Carnival" Wanning screening activity also kicked off.

Star guests gathered

Brilliant brightness

Citizens and tourists meet to see the sea and watch movies in three or five days.

Taste delicious food and feel the lively and happy atmosphere

"My husband and wife came from Xinglong and wanted to come and watch the movie and feel the excitement." Ms. Chen said that she was prepared with her lover. "The wind is strong at the seaside. Look at the backpacks we brought, and we have brought enough clothes."

The first night of the event

The film shown is

Indian comedy Happy Sunday 2016

It will be shown in the next two days.

Explore through travel

Discover the motorcycle diary in the depths of the soul

Warm family road movie "Starlight Walk with Me" and so on.

Citizens can go to the scene to watch movies for free.

Feel the charm of the movie

A pair of young friends are talking while watching the exhibition.

"Did" She Disappeared "released this year shoot in Wanning?"

"Why did the Shenzhou Peninsula become the punching point in online celebrity? It is because" She Disappeared ",the famous desert lighthouse, has become the key place for many social media travel punching."

It is understood that

Held on December 17 th

In the unit of "YOUNG Wave Starry Music Party"

Wanning film was set up on the spot.

Development course exhibition area

Show the films filmed in Wanning in recent years.

"Although I am a native of Wanning, I saw the exhibition of Wanning’s film development process, and I realized that there are so many films shot in Wanning. This exhibition attracted me to see and understand these films."

A young man said that it was more attractive because he took pictures in his familiar hometown, which became the driving force for him to go into the cinema to watch movies.

Wanning is a mountain and sea city.

Has a profound cultural heritage and unique customs.

There are more than 10 bays, such as Shanqin Bay, Shimei Bay and Riyuewan, along the 109-kilometer coastline. There are seven islands and peninsulas, such as Dazhou Island, Jiajing Island and Shenzhou Peninsula, on the sea, and there are also cultural customs of the hometown of overseas Chinese, the secret of tropical rain forest, etc. Therefore, Wanning has always been a favorite location for film and television crews.

In addition, in recent years, Wanning City has continuously promoted the integration and development of culture, tourism and sports, created more advantageous tourism resources, and continuously improved the supporting facilities of tourism services, attracting many film and television variety shows to take pictures. Since 2020, more than 40 film and television dramas, documentaries and variety shows have been filmed in Wanning.

The night is getting late.

The sea breeze brings a little coolness to people.

But at the moment

Everyone’s heart at the scene is blazing.

Everyone feels the charm of the film festival

While feeling the fireworks of life

"Are you producing agarwood? Where is the production base? "

"This is Qinan Aquilaria sinensis, and our base is in Wanning …" Facing the guests who came to inquire, He Youbian, the propaganda director of Hainan Shenghengxiang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., patiently answered, "We are an enterprise integrating planting, processing and product sales. When grafting planting is introduced from Maoming, the income is faster than that of Aquilaria sinensis, and it can usually be harvested in four or five years. Now it also drives villagers to plant and becomes a way for them to increase their income. "

At the agarwood booth

Qinan agarwood tea and agarwood beads are on display.

Aquilaria sinensis essential oil, incense and other products.

He Youbian told reporters

Their products are now in short supply.

Hundreds of thousands of plants were planted in Hainan last year.

After four or five years, there will be gains slowly.

"Like this bracelet, it has a calming effect. This agarwood tea, nourishing the liver and protecting the kidney, is also very helpful for people with poor spleen and stomach. " Speaking of the goodness of agarwood, there are many treasures. She hopes to use the platform of film festival to promote agarwood products, attract more businesses, and drive more local people to join the planting ranks, bringing economic benefits.

In order to let more people know about Wanning’s geographical products and food characteristics, this film festival screening activity integrates elements such as minority culture, music, cultural creation and food, launches food market and cultural creation market, and displays Wanning’s local specialty products such as coffee, tea, duck eggs and agarwood.

Look, thriving coffee, Peking University’s Shansu cuisine, South Bridge’s colorful cakes, etc. These shops and foods gather in Sun Moon Bay in the name of "movies", emitting fireworks, and movie screening has become a communication medium, and "movie+"seems to be the essential purpose.

The young man brought his mother to the movies.

People of the same age meet romantic seaside and enjoy music.

A large family put a baby over one year old

Hold high on your shoulders and watch the performance.

And hold up an umbrella for him.


One picture at a time

Happy and warm

Maybe, this time

Will plant children’s love for movies.

Will remain in the hearts of young people.

Expectation and blessing for Wanning

The movie "Happy Sunday 2016" began to air.

The story about "happiness" begins.

The movie story about Wanning is also being told.


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