The user is the main body! Haier Zhijia launches a green carbon plan to rejuvenate life

Wang Beibei, Trend Financial Reporter

The "trade-in" of home appliances is an important path to improve the quality of life of residents, promote economic growth, and accelerate the development of the industry. All along, the core power source of trade-in has been the user. That is to say, the user is the trade-in consumer and the main body of consumption. This means that enterprises must first come up with really good products, good technology, good solutions, and good life propositions in order to truly promote this matter efficiently and for a long time.

On April 17, the "Haier Better Life Renewal Season, Spring Technology New Product Renewal Conference" was held in Hangzhou. At the scene, Haier Zhijia launched the "Green Carbon Plan", using a series of smart technology new products and new scenarios to release Mercure, wisdom, health and green’s 4 new propositions, and through online and offline integration to promote the landing, with the best products, the greatest efforts, the most rights and interests, to create a green and beautiful new life covering clothing, food, housing, entertainment and transportation for users, giving consumers sufficient reasons to "replace".

Why change? The pursuit of life is changing, and so is the demand for home appliances

In the context of the new era, people’s demand for home appliances is no longer limited to "freeing their hands", but looks forward to more happiness in terms of beauty and intelligence.

Contemporary people’s pursuit of the aesthetics of home appliances is obvious to all. From the uniform "square box" shape of cabinet air conditioners in the early years to the cylindrical and double tower style later… With the flourishing of product shapes, people can better coordinate the style matching of home appliances and home improvement. Today, many people choose full-inlay, zero-inlay and other products to satisfy their ultimate pursuit of home aesthetics through the flush, deep, tight fit, and natural integration of home appliances and cabinets.

In addition to the beauty of the design, the new generation of home appliances has also realized the dual evolution of "basic functions" and "smart experience" in technology. For example, the refrigerator can not only keep fresh for a long time, but also automatically record the shelf life of the stored ingredients and recommend meal plans online; the new generation of air conditioners can not only adjust hot and cold, but also change the air at all times, continuously purify the air, and dynamically adjust the temperature and humidity of the whole house air, effectively preventing "air conditioner diseases"; looking at the latest generation of washing machine products, "even washing and drying" has become standard. High-end products can also wake up clothes and take care of clothes while doing laundry. Delicate clothes such as silk and cashmere no longer have to go to the dry cleaner every time.

So, trading in the old for the new is not just as simple as "replacing the old with the new". Greener, smarter, healthier, and more beautiful new home appliances mean that the lifestyle, attitude, and life experience can keep pace with the times, which is a happiness that is within reach.

For what? The Green Carbon Project uses technology to create a better life

In this context, green, low-carbon and recycling have become the direction and pursuit of contemporary people to create a high-quality life, and it is also the significance of actively promoting "trade-in". And this is also the core of Haier Zhijia’s launch of this better life renewal season. At the scene, Haier Zhijia officially announced a cooperation with "Farming Bar 2" and awarded the "Better Life Renewal Partner" certification to the teenagers, jointly announcing the full launch of the green carbon plan.

So what kind of life can the "Green Carbon Project" bring to users? We can find the answer from the 4 new propositions displayed by Haier Zhijia on the spot – Mercure, wisdom, health, and green. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

The first is "Mercure Rejuvenation". In the words of aesthetic designer Tang Zhonghan: "Aesthetics have become an important trend for contemporary young people to build living spaces." However, traditional decoration is often difficult to achieve the integration and unity of home appliances, home furnishings and overall style. To this end, Haier Zhijia has brought Haier Baiqiao sets with embedded design, as well as Casarte Zhijing fully embedded smart kitchen sets. Among them, Zhijing series hoods, stoves and steam ovens can be perfectly embedded in cabinets "horizontally and vertically" and "tightly together", creating the ultimate home aesthetic space for users.

"Smart Renewal" represents the smart upgrade of product functions and the "active service" that supports mutual collaboration, which is also the embodiment of Haier Zhijia’s most leading smart technology. Take the refrigerator as an example, the full-space smart fresh-keeping cabin pioneered by Haier Zhijia can not only actively sense the type of ingredients and automatically match the storage environment, but also actively sense the odor to start the "five-in-one" sterilization and purification mode; in addition, Haier’s refrigerator can automatically recommend family recipes according to the stored ingredients, and link the smart oven to achieve one-click baking. The hood can also automatically adjust the wind according to the firepower of the stove…

"Healthy Renewal" and "Green Renewal" solutions are responsible for ensuring the health, efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction of the whole house air, laundry care, tableware disinfection and sterilization, etc. Of course, this also requires leading scientific and technological support. For example, Haier Washing Air G series air conditioners have built-in non-consumable negative ion emitters, which can effectively remove 7 types of pollutants in the air, and can also improve the efficiency and comfort of air supply through polymerization air supply technology. The feature of Haier ceramic heating cabin water heaters is that the all-ceramic structure realizes 0 scale and no cleaning, ensuring that the water is clean while saving 50% of electricity.

It can be said that Haier Zhijia not only brings the most advanced scientific and technological achievements, the richest smart products, and the smartest scene experience, but also paints a new picture of beautiful, intelligent, healthy and green life for users, and uses "technological power" to interpret the new consumption ideas of the new era.

How to change it? Online and offline integration, replacement of home appliances does not "forget the old"

In order to ensure that users across the country can efficiently achieve a new lifestyle upgrade, Haier Zhijia will bring users the best products, the greatest efforts, and the most rights and interests, and accelerate the implementation through "online and offline integration".

Online, Haier Zhijia released a renewal solution to users on the "Douyin Super Brand Day" to establish a new idea of a new life; while offline, Haier Zhijia simultaneously launched the trade-in "Hundred Cities and Thousand Counties", sending users 1 billion renewal subsidies and thousands of technology appliances, and will continue to create urban green carbon space and promote green carbon lifestyle tours.

Specifically. In terms of product renewal, Haier Zhijia will bring thousands of green smart home appliances in all categories such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, etc., as well as 1 billion replacement subsidies and fast delivery, ten-year warranty and other rights and service guarantees; in terms of scene renewal, Haier Zhijia will combine CCTV’s "super transformation home" 0 yuan bureau change to recruit user experience, with a maximum subsidy of 50,000 yuan, and three-winged birds will also provide 8-hour light-speed balcony renewal customized services; in addition, users who purchase 10,000 will have the opportunity to extract Qingdao 3-day tour, corporate WeChat and Mini Program will have cash red envelopes and sharing gifts to participate in the event, and old users can also enjoy weekly free tickets.

In response to the "old machine disposal" problem that many users are worried about, Haier Zhijia can also provide a complete one-stop service. Users can report their home appliance recycling and replacement needs through the Haier Zhijia Mini Program and Haier Zhijia APP. After the system automatically estimates the recovery price, the service staff will come to the door to "pull the old and send the new". The point is that the recycled old home appliances will not be wasted, but will be dismantled uniformly in Haier’s recycling Internet factory. The iron, aluminum, copper, and various hard plastics dismantled will be recycled, turning waste into treasure.

In fact, Haier Zhijia is not only "replacing the old with the new" for users, but also blazing a "green transformation road" internally. By continuing to up the ante layout of the recycling industry, Haier Zhijia has built the industry’s first integrated "recycling-dismantling-regeneration-reuse" Internet factory for home appliance recycling, achieving an annual carbon emission reduction of about 17,000 tons. In addition, Haier Zhijia also integrates low-carbon and energy-saving into the whole product life cycle around R & D, production, use and other aspects, providing a new path for the green and low-carbon development of the industry

At present, the industry is in a critical period of green transformation, and the consumer side is also accelerating the upgrade of intelligent and green demand. For enterprises, accelerating trade-in and promoting the popularization of low-carbon green lifestyle has become the top priority of high-quality development. And this time, Haier Zhijia’s good life rejuvenation season – the national launch of the green carbon plan, let us see that this enterprise is not only determined, but also confident and capable of leading the green and low-carbon development of the industry and accelerating the implementation of a good life in thousands of households.