This winter, these people can visit six scenic spots in Yangzhou for free!

  Where to play this winter? Why not come to Yangzhou?

  This winter, Yangzhou has powerful ticket discounts, the most beautiful scenery and the richest activities, which will never let you down!

  According to this year’s "Document No.3",Primary and secondary school students can visit Slender West Lake, daming temple, Geyuan, Heyuan, Hanling Garden and Yangzhou Eight Eccentric Memorial Hall (hereinafter referred to as "six scenic spots") for free with valid certificates in summer and winter holidays. Guests and athletes who come to Yang to participate in international conferences and competitions will visit six scenic spots, including Slender West Lake, for free with valid certificates during the conferences and competitions. A 50% discount on the listing price of tickets will be given to the group tour of the "six scenic spots" for participants of business meetings with more than 300 people held in Yang.

  Let’s take a look at these high-value attractions.

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  Slender West Lake

  Slender West Lake, as the representative of Chinese lake gardens, is a combination of classical gardens, which is beautiful in the south and beautiful in the north, forming an artistic realm with lakes as the mainstay, scenery outside the scene and gardens in the garden. During the Kanggan period in the Qing Dynasty, a lake garden with flowers and willows on both sides of the river all depending on the water and all the way up to the mountain was formed.

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  Geyuan is one of the four famous gardens in China, and it is a bamboo world. Geyuan, with novel purport, tight structure and distinctive rockeries in four seasons, is an isolated case of gardens in China and one of the most famous gardens in Yangzhou.

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  Heyuan Garden is known as "the first garden in the late Qing Dynasty", among which Pianshishan House is the work of master Shi Tao’s overlapping mountains, which can be called an orphan in the world. The main feature of Heyuan Garden is to maximize the function and charm of corridor architecture. The 1500m corridor is a unique and wonderful landscape in China gardens.

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  temple of daming

  Daming temple was first built in the Southern Dynasties, and it has been more than 1500 years since then. Before Jian Zhen, a famous monk, traveled to Japan, he taught scriptures and precepts here. The most famous temple is the Jiqi Lingta.

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  The mausoleum of Liu Xu, the first generation king of Guangling, is exhibited in the Hanling Garden in Yangzhou. It is a rare and well-preserved large-scale wooden tomb of the Han Dynasty with complex structure, rigorous layout and large scale.

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  Yangzhou Eight Weird Memorial Hall

  Located in the West Temple of Jinnong’s former residence, Yangzhou Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall is the only professional memorial hall in China that displays, publicizes and promotes the artistic achievements of Yangzhou Eight Eccentrics. "Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou" were a group of innovative painters who were active in Yangzhou painting circle in Qing Dynasty. With their works of art with new ideas, new compositions and new techniques, they created a new style of painting, created a series of strange peaks in the history of painting in China, and made immortal achievements for the development of painting and calligraphy art in China.

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  This winter, Yangzhou also launched six special winter tourist route products with the theme of nourishing stomach, heart, body and eyes to meet the different experience needs of everyone. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, delicious food and hot springs in Yangzhou and enjoy the new experience of "keeping in good health in winter".

  (Source/Su Xinyou)