What are the sports?

There are many people who don’t know what sports are. There are many kinds of sports. Many people know many kinds of sports, but it doesn’t mean that they all know that sports can improve our physical fitness, and sports can also improve our physical weakness. The benefits that sports bring us can’t be clearly stated in a few words. There are various sports, suitable for the elderly, suitable for children, suitable for pregnant women, suitable for maternity, etc.

First, roller skating

Speaking of age, roller skating can be regarded as the "grandfather" in extreme sports. Roller skating is a transition from skating. According to relevant data, in the 18th century, a Dutch skater tried to put a wooden spool under his shoes and slide on a flat ground in order to continue his training in the ice-free season. His experiment finally succeeded after continuous failure and improvement, creating the history of "skating" with wheeled shoes. Since then, roller skating has been born, developed and developed rapidly in Europe.

In 1860, Joseph Merlin, a Belgian musical instrument manufacturer, made a pair of roller skates by hand, but when he brought his masterpiece to the World Expo in London, England, and showed it to the enthusiastic London audience, there was an accident: he broke a big mirror because he couldn’t brake, and people were injured. After this incident was hyped by the media, it caused a great shock to people. Therefore, roller skating is also regarded as a "dangerous sport" and has been neglected for a long time.

The first pair of roller skates was invented in 1863 by James Pliem Puton of the United States. His invention promoted the development of roller skating in various countries, and he made a fortune from it.

In 1866, James invested and opened the first indoor roller skating rink in new york, and organized the new york Roller Skating Association, which officially included roller skating in the official sports events for the first time. At the same time, roller skating quickly spread to European countries. Because of its high skill and appreciation, after a long period of development, roller skating has become one of the important events of extreme sports street competition. Countless extreme enthusiasts are crazy about it.

Second, skateboarding

Surfing on the water is fast, exciting and nervous. Have you ever experienced it? You know, skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. In the middle and late 1950s, residents of the beach community in Southern California invented the world’s first skateboard, and a 50*10*50CM board was fixed on the iron wheel of roller skating. Although this is only a simple sports equipment, it has gradually attracted people’s attention because it can bring people the same feeling as surfing.

Because skateboarding is derived from surfing, the skateboarding culture in the 1970s bears the imprint of surfing, and skateboarding parks built by skateboarders are all simulating surfing terrain. It was not until the "West Wind" skateboarding team in Santa monique, California, USA abandoned surfing knives, used keyhole as a venue for practicing vertical surface skateboarding for the first time, and set off a "swimming pool skateboarding craze" in the United States. At this point, skateboarding began to separate from surfing and was taken to the streets by fans, and formed its own language, skills, clothing style and music hobby, which is what we see now.

After reading it, do you think that our sports in China are extensive and profound? There are still some sports that we don’t know about. These sports can help us improve our physical fitness. If we often do these sports for ourselves, we will also improve some bad habits of dyskinesia. Because many people don’t exercise, it will be inconvenient for them to do physical activities when they are old. In fact, they have to exercise more, so that their bodies will be more hale and hearty.

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