Sunshine Quartet in the High Wall —— Wuhan Qingshan Bangjiao is a minor in custody

  Qingshan, Wuhan-Innovating a series of ways to help and educate minors in custody.

"sunshine classroom"

  The procuratorate of Qingshan District Procuratorate in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, together with the detention center in this district, set up a "sunshine classroom", a "sunshine express", a "sunshine channel" and a "sunshine connection" in the prison area. Through the "sunshine quartet" education, juvenile detainees were influenced to know manners, abide by the law, sincerely repent and re-engage, and planted "cherish youth and cherish life" in the hearts of young people who lost their footing.

  "Sunshine Classroom": Turning the blind spot of helping and teaching in the prison area into a bright spot

  In practice, it usually takes a few months for a juvenile criminal suspect to spend in a detention center from criminal detention to the execution of a judgment. During this period, the dramatic change of living environment and the great psychological pressure of waiting for interrogation and trial can easily lead to the aggravation of the resistance of detained minors to supervision and even extreme behavior. The relative lag of related work also makes the prison area of the detention center a blind spot in the work of helping and educating minors who have lost their footing.

  During a heart-to-heart talk with minors in custody, the police officers of the Qingshan District Procuratorate in Wuhan learned that many children are not bad in nature. During the time when they are waiting for the verdict in the detention center, they basically have nothing to do except recite the prison rules and complete the prescribed tasks every day.

  In September, 2006, Mao was detained in Qingshan District Detention Center on suspicion of accepting bribes. The former middle school special-grade Chinese teacher was deliberately arranged to live in the juvenile prison by the procuratorial police stationed in Qingshan District Procuratorate. While taking care of the daily life of the detained minors, Mao taught the children to learn ancient Chinese. Unexpectedly, children are very interested in learning, and the phenomenon of wrangling in the past is less and less.

  This attempt inspired the procuratorial police stationed in the institute to set up the "sunshine classroom", and their ideas attracted great attention of the party group of Qingshan District Procuratorate, and they decided to jointly set up the "sunshine classroom" with the district public security bureau. In March, 2007, "Sunshine Classroom" was officially started, and Mao was hired as the cultural teacher of "Sunshine Classroom". Starting from Chinese studies, he influenced the juvenile delinquents with common knowledge of literature and history and corrected their outlook on life. The goal of running a class is to know etiquette, abide by the law and discipline, distinguish right from wrong and distinguish things.

  In the past two years, "Sunshine Classroom" has organically combined the discipline inspection, code of conduct learning and cultural education, specially used a prison room as a classroom and library, equipped with a computer, gradually established corresponding rules and regulations, and held exams regularly. Up to now, the "Sunshine Class" has been held for 102 times, and 124 detained minors have received cultural education. Every teenager who has entered the "Sunshine Class" has made significant progress, and some adult detainees have also volunteered to go to school. In 2007, the juvenile prison was rated as "civilized prison" by Qingshan District Detention Center.

  Sunshine Express: Witness the growth of juvenile delinquents step by step.

  "Sunshine Classroom" has set up a proposition composition course in a targeted way. After an assignment was received, an article entitled "Sorry, Mom! The composition was placed on the desk of the police in the procuratorate. At the end of the article, it was written: "Mom! I want to say to you: I am sorry! Mom! Please wait for me! "

  The author of this article is a minor who was detained for taking part in theft, and also a student in "Sunshine Classroom". In his composition, he described two completely different lives by comparing the wake-up bell inside and outside Gao Qiang, and expressed his remorse and yearning for his mother. His heartfelt feelings touched the hearts of every policeman.

  Why not run an internal publication? Select excellent compositions of detained minors to provide a stage for them to show their talents, so as to further encourage their confidence in learning and help them reform and change. The proposal of the Qingshan District Procuratorate to inspect the police officers immediately attracted the attention of the party group. The party group of the institute decided to set up Sunshine Express, which includes sections such as helping and teaching plan, excellent composition selection, honor list, law station, famous sayings and humorous jokes.

  Zhou Jianian, Deputy Procurator-General of Wuhan Procuratorate, was glad to write a headline for the newspaper after knowing this. On May 8, 2007, the first issue of Sunshine Express was officially published. Under the witness of Sunshine Express, minors in custody not only grow up healthily, but also learn to cherish and care for life. After the Wenchuan earthquake, 17 minors in the detention center took the initiative to collect money from 1000 yuan and donate it to the disaster area.

  On March 29th, 2008, at the invitation of Qingshan District Public Security Bureau and Procuratorate, the organizing committee of "Chu Cai Cup" composition contest made an exception and set up a sub-examination room in "Sunshine Classroom". The 17-year-old Wang and Du won the second prize and the third prize respectively, becoming the first detained minors to participate in the competition and win the prize in the history of "Chu Cai Cup". Subsequently, the Qingshan District Procuratorate actively negotiated with the Organizing Committee of the 7th Chutian Cup Composition Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students in Hubei Province, and on December 14th, 2008, it set up a special test center for 24 detained minors in the Sunshine Classroom again, giving them the same opportunity to compete.