Hundreds of computers manipulated the stock price, and the CSRC fined Beibadao Group 5.5 billion yuan.

  Xiamen Beibadao Group manipulated the stock price, and the CSRC will issue the biggest fine of 5.5 billion yuan to it. On March 14th, the Inspection Corps of China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed to the outside world that Xiamen Beibadao Group had speculated on three sub-new shares of Zhangjiagang Bank, Hesheng Shares and Jiangyin Bank, and accumulated a profit of 945 million yuan during the manipulation period. The CSRC will impose a penalty of "no penalty for five" on Beibadao Group, with a total fine of about 5.5 billion yuan.

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  Employees of Beiba Road scratched inspectors to destroy evidence.

  According to the information disclosed by the CSRC, the illegal operation target of Beibadao Group is mainly sub-new shares. Due to the restriction of the lifting of the ban by major shareholders, the number of tradable shares is small, and the amount of funds is the same. Compared with large-cap stocks, the manipulation of subordinated shares has the effect of "four or two", and the ups and downs are even more intense. If once the operation is successful, a single new share will basically increase by more than 40%, and there is huge room for profit.

  According to the inspection and law enforcement personnel of the CSRC, Beibadao Group used more than 300 stock accounts, more than 100 computers and more than 10 traders to trade at the same time, and used a lot of capital allocation. During the investigation, the senior management and related personnel of Beibadao Group refused to cooperate with the investigation, and the accountants scratched the inspectors of the CSRC to destroy the evidence.

  According to people close to the CSRC, individuals are generally punished for manipulating the stock price, but the punishment target is the group, which shows that the gangs and corporatization operations that manipulate the stock price in the secondary market are becoming increasingly obvious. The actual controllers often rely on the personnel and capital flow of industrial companies to form teams to manipulate the stock price, and the methods are relatively hidden.

  The exchange’s current big data screening technology is very advanced. Once multiple suspicious accounts are found to buy the same stock in large quantities at the same time, inspectors will go to the local inspection according to the stock price performance. "It is obviously unreasonable to find more than a dozen people and more than one hundred computers in an office. Such companies will enter the field of vision of key inspections. "

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  Beiba Road, which started from container transportation.

  There is very little official information about Beibadao, and its group official website can’t browse it normally. One of the most reprinted reports was the report "Black Hole of Railway Freight: The Nugget of Beibadao" and "The Methodology of Box Packing" published by Caijing National Weekly in August, 2014. The investigation revealed that Beibadao Logistics Group Co., Ltd. occupied a huge market share of railway container freight, and was suspected of violating laws and regulations, including using containers to transport coal, using "box packing" and other methods to evade railway freight, and the time was as long as 8 years. According to the report, the largest natural person shareholders of Beibadao Logistics Group and Beibadao Investment Holding Co., Ltd., which was newly established in April 2013, are Lin Yuting, the daughter of Lin Qingfeng, with subscribed capital contributions of 131.5 million yuan and 45 million yuan respectively. Beibadao is seeking acquisition to prepare for listing.

  The only personal information about Lin Qingfeng, the head of Beibadao Group, is from the 2014 MGM-Hurun China Yacht Industry Report issued by Hurun Research Institute. The report shows that Lin Qingfeng owns a personal tailor yacht worth about 36 million yuan — — "Ferrari 800", ranked 13th.

  According to public information, the full name of "Beibadao" is Beibadao Logistics Group Co., Ltd., a private enterprise established in 1993. The largest private railway container operator in China, with fixed assets of nearly 3 billion yuan, has 23 container freight station and branches all over 9 provinces and municipalities.

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  It is behind the highest P/E ratio of Zhangjiagang Bank.

  In April 2013, Beibadao Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, later renamed as Beibadao Group Co., Ltd., and its legal representative was "Lin Huihui". The shareholding structure shows that Lin Yuting holds 90% of the shares and Lin Qingfeng holds 10%. Market speculation, Lin Huihui and Lin Qingfeng should be related, even father-daughter relationship.

  What makes this company famous is the large-scale speculation of sub-new shares in April 2016, which is rare for its fierce and high-profile style. They have a fixed style, and they concentrate on one stock for a certain period of time, and wash the new shares on a weekly basis.

  From February to March, 2017, a number of sub-new shares affected by bad news in the early stage began to enter a period of strong rebound. The market believes that Beibadao Group is involved in this round of speculation at this time. From February 6th to April 5th, Zhangjiagang Bank saw the highest increase of 200%, setting a record price-earnings ratio of 63 times in the banking sector. In addition to Zhangjiagang Bank, Hesheng Shares and Jiangyin Bank, there are also Zhezhong Shares, Baota Industry, Nanjing Port, pioneer electronics, Tongli Cement, Gansu Power Investment, etc. Most of these "monster stocks" are considered by the market as the representative works of hot money.


  Last year, CSRC strictly investigated the speculation of sub-new shares.

  Subsequently, the CSRC launched a high-profile investigation. On April 14th, last year, Zhang Xiaojun, spokesperson of the CSRC, revealed to the outside world that the CSRC deployed the second batch of 16 cases of special enforcement actions in 2017, and relevant investigations have been carried out in an all-round way for vicious operations such as sub-IPO, and important breakthroughs have been made in key cases. The characteristics of these cases are as follows: first, maliciously taking advantage of the low price-earnings ratio of sub-new shares, using multiple accounts to quickly raise the stock price, and luring individual stock prices to skyrocket and plummet; The second is to use accounts with obvious geographical areas in batches, take advantage of funds, and use methods such as "lifting accounts" to speculate on multiple stocks, which has obvious gang characteristics; Third, the controlling shareholders of listed companies and other stakeholders illegally manipulate the content of information disclosure and the combination of light and dark with market institutions, and jointly manipulate the company’s share price with the intention of illegally making profits through high cash.

  Text/reporter Liu Shenliang

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  Nearly 900 million "folk masters" who manipulated essence pharmaceutical to make profits were investigated.

  At the special press conference on inspection and law enforcement held by the Securities and Futures Commission yesterday, the market paid attention to "Gao was suspected of manipulating the stock price of essence pharmaceutical". The scale of funds involved in this case was as high as 2 billion yuan, and the sources of funds were many movie stars, entrepreneurs and company executives.

  According to the investigators of the CSRC, during the manipulation of essence pharmaceutical stock price, Gao controlled and used 16 accounts, including umbrella trust accounts and personal accounts. The profit of the account group is close to 900 million yuan, which is the case investigated and dealt with by the CSRC, and the case of manipulating the price of a single stock has the highest profit. At present, the case has been investigated and heard, and the procedure of prior notification of administrative punishment has been fulfilled, and it is planned to be punished in the near future.

  According to the investigators, Gao, a person involved in the case, is known as the champion of the folk stock trading competition. He once set up a securities investment course in a well-known university and taught securities investment skills, which attracted many people to operate stock accounts on his behalf. With private equity fund management company as a platform, Gao has attracted many high-net-worth clients to entrust him to manage securities accounts. The accounts involved include umbrella trust accounts and multiple natural person accounts. Among natural person accounts, there are many celebrity accounts, among which there are many first-line movie stars, well-known entrepreneurs and company executives.

  In addition, the CSRC also notified the case of illegal disclosure of cobalt and nickel information in Hua Ze. On January 23rd, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a decision on the administrative punishment of Hua Ze Cobalt and Nickel, giving Hua Ze Cobalt and Nickel a warning and a maximum penalty of 600,000 yuan, giving 18 responsible persons a warning and a fine of 30,000 to 900,000 yuan respectively, and banning three people, including Hua Ze Cobalt and Nickel, from the market.

  Text/reporter Liu Shenliang