Swimming for half an hour every day is good for your health. The sooner you see it, you won’t suffer.

Summer is coming, and swimming will begin its journey again. It brings not only its unique coolness, but also the favorite weight loss of sister paper. As long as it persists for a long time, it can have a perfect curve and slim figure.

First, avoid the occurrence of joint diseases, and also avoid the damage of lower limbs and lumbar disc of obese people. Because the resistance of swimming comes from water, not from the gravity formed by human body weight and gravity. Moreover, people can also massage their bodies through the competition between water resistance and gravity, which plays a better health care role. Moreover, when obese people are in the water, part of their gravity is borne by the water, which can reduce the damage of joints and bones.

Second, burn fat, reduce the weight of swimmers, and play a role in losing weight. When swimming, the muscles of the whole body will be exercised, and the body’s fat will be consumed faster in relaxation and stretching. Moreover, the whole body muscle exercise can make the muscles of the body more symmetrical and harmonious, and the curves are more beautiful. Moreover, water has better thermal conductivity than air, so it can dissipate heat better when swimming, and it can also consume the body’s heat better.

Third, improve the immune mechanism of cardiovascular system. When swimming, because of the large resistance of water, people’s heat output will be larger, the heart rate will also be accelerated, and the blood flow speed in blood vessels will be accelerated, so that the blood vessel wall can be thickened and the contraction force of myocardium can be exercised, thus increasing the flexibility of the cardiovascular system and improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

Swimming also has some disadvantages, because the swimming pool is cleaned with chlorine, and the chlorine content in the water is high, so it is easy to make the skin and scalp surface of the human body rough and dry when swimming frequently. Moreover, some public swimming pools that have not been disinfected for a long time are used by most people, and they are also prone to infectious diseases, and even serious skin diseases and pinkeye.

In 2020, there will be not only bad things, but also the beauty summary of each of us.

Hello, the person who opened this article, congratulations on your successful completion of the adventure named 2020. In this year, whether you are a novice beauty maker or a skilled beauty expert, you must have your own new harvest, and the little story with beauty continues to happen throughout the year ~

January 1, 2020, 9:29 am, your year.Make up for the first time.

You chose red lipstick to finish, because you said red is the most festive color that can bring good luck.

On February 2, 2020, at 11:48 pm, you were still crying.Wear eye cream.

There were many girls like you that day, and you seemed very sad, saying, "Li Ziwei, I forbid you to die!" "

Listen to "so close your eyes for the time being" and massage your eyes with caffeinated eye cream, because I heard that it is very useful to eliminate edema.

On May 5, 2020, you opened this year’s.The first bottle of sunscreen.

The sun must have been very sunny in long summer that day, right? Although I finally knowThe SPF value represents the time to apply makeup, not the sun protection ability. You still choose the highest value for psychological comfort.

You spend the whole yearUse skin care products at the latest.It was in the early morning of August 7, 2020, at 2: 37, when you were still in skin care.

You seem to be very tired that day, working late. Compared with usual, there is an essential oil massage step in the skin care step. You chose a product called "staying up all night", and it seems that you hope to remedy it.


October 31, 2020, yoursThe first jar of creamCome in handy.

It was windy that day, and you painted it very thick.

Photography/Zhou Yubo

November 27th, 2020, 57 days later.Use sunscreen again.

You heard that sunlight is the main cause of skin aging, and dry lines and spots will follow, so you decided to use it every day in the future. Although you didn’t use it after 12 days because you got up late, you didn’t open it for the rest of the year.

You make upLowest frequencyOur quarter is the first quarter.

The reason is unnecessary. You must not have been out much this quarter.


This year youapply a facial maskOur time is mainly between 8 pm and 10 pm.

But there are also 59 days when you use it between 7: 00 and 9: 00 in the morning, because you feel more obedient after applying makeup.

Photography/Zhou Xiaofan

The key words of your hairstyle this year are:highlight.

Top dyeing, antenna dyeing and ear dyeing are the keywords that you search most in social networks. In short, they are not whole dyeing.

The words that appear most frequently in your modeling notes are:restore ancient ways.

You saw the screenshots of the heroines in 12 classic Hong Kong films and decided to use fluffy wool rolls with red matte lipstick. What is underlined in your notes is: Eye shadow should be mainly nude to keep the overall balance of makeup! ! !

You have used 21 account names in 8 social accounts this year, and the word with the highest frequency is:Princess on the run.

What accessories do you use most frequently during this period?bowknot, all colors, all sizes.

SuyanzhuangIt’s your new attempt in 2020.

The beauty video you watch teaches you that the makeup should be transparent, the eye makeup should be light, the eyebrows should be wild, and the eyelashes should be well-rooted.

Although later, you decided to give up at the first step because you stayed up late with acne.

You are a curious person who doesn’t understand and asks. One night at 12: 17, you were still searching:use Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin A at nightWhat is it?

You finally know that early C means using products containing VC to resist free radicals in the morning and using products containing VA to repair skin at night. And found that their sensitive skin may be intolerant, not recommended, and a little more depressed and irritable before going to bed.


You like to participate in the discussion on the topic of beauty on the Internet, and you are an enthusiastic online participant. The topic you have discussed for the longest time this year is:Appearance anxiety.

On the last weekend of 2020, you decided to abandon the right-angled shoulder and high skull top that you pursued for a year. You slept well that day and fell asleep as long as one song was needed.

2020 is a thing of the past, and 2021 has just begun. You will encounter many new attempts in the new year, please don’t hesitate; You may feel anxious occasionally, so please don’t be afraid. The most important thing is to visit Sister Ba in WeChat official account more often ~

(The "you" in the article doesn’t specifically refer to a certain person, it may be you or her. I hope everyone will have a good time! )

(Some pictures and animations come from the Internet)

The benefits of swimming to the human body are mainly 7 points! No, hurry up and learn.

Summer is coming, and swimming well in your spare time can not only achieve the effect of exercise and fitness, but also cool your body, and there are many benefits of swimming. However, after exercise, there are some precautions to be understood for your health.

Count the benefits of swimming

First, shape muscle lines

Swimming is a very good slimming exercise. Swimming needs the cooperation of all the muscles, so all the muscles can be exercised.

Second, improve bone quality

Swimming can improve bones, which has been demonstrated by professional project research. Therefore, if you want to have healthier bones, you may wish to choose swimming as a sport.

Third, improve body flexibility

During swimming, athletes need to stretch, curl up, turn around and so on. It can be seen that the swimming effect can only be achieved by the constant cooperation of all parts of the body. First, the pedal can be pushed forward, and in order to maintain the balance of the body, the cooperation of the arms is needed. Therefore, office workers who often work in the office may wish to try more, which can increase the flexibility of the body.

Fourth, reduce the risk of inflammation

Swimming can help strengthen myocardial function and improve cardiovascular health, and some related studies have concluded that aerobic exercise can help reduce the risk of inflammation, so it can help prevent the occurrence of cardiac atherosclerosis, and once the risk of inflammation in the body is reduced, it can also help improve other diseases, with many benefits.

Five, burning fat to lose weight

Swimming is the best exercise to lose weight. Generally speaking, swimming for ten minutes, breaststroke can burn about 60 calories, backstroke can burn 80 calories, freestyle can burn about 100 calories, and butterfly can burn more fat, which are incomparable to other sports.

Sixth, relieve exercise asthma

When swimming, people can breathe more humid air, so the respiratory function can be improved, so swimming can relieve asthma symptoms and fundamentally improve the health of the lungs.

Seven, relieve stress and depression

Endorphins are a kind of hormone that makes people feel very good, which can relieve people’s mood. Swimming can effectively stimulate the secretion of endorphins, relax people’s body and mind while exercising, and combine regular breathing to calm people down and become more focused.

Matters needing attention in ensuring swimming safety cannot be less

-physical examination

When swimming, the human body consumes more physical strength than usual, so people suffering from heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease are not suitable for swimming. People suffering from pinkeye and infectious skin diseases should also pay attention to avoid mutual infection.

-Warm-up exercise

Be sure to make preparations and warm-up exercises before going into the water, otherwise sudden strenuous exercise will easily cause muscle injury and some other reactions, so you can do leg lifts and squat and stand up.

-Do not eat immediately after swimming.

Be sure to rest for a while before eating after swimming, otherwise it will easily increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and it will also lead to gastrointestinal diseases in the long run.

2024 Top Ten Most Popular 3d Games Recommended in Fun 3d Games Mobile Games Rankings

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous development of the game field, the 3D mobile game market in 2024 showed a gratifying momentum. Compared with 2D games, these 3D mobile games have fine modeling, realistic maps and a strong sense of substitution, so that players can immerse themselves in the fascinating game world. Next, we will show you the ten most popular 3D mobile games in 2024, so that you can enjoy the diverse gameplay and rich experience of the game.


2024 Top Ten Most Popular 3d Games Recommended in Fun 3d Games Mobile Games Rankings

★ [1]-"Laughing at Dreams"-

Features: martial arts RPG

Heat of the whole network: 800w+

The game is introduced: "Laughing at the Dream" is a martial arts RPG game, which attracts players who study battles and numerical values with rich corner color customization and personalized operation settings. The game includes unique gameplay such as family warfare and 15-person team, and combines beautiful architectural scenery with the various scenery of Xianxia world to create an immersive game experience for players.

For the current mobile game market, privileges and internal numbers have become familiar synonyms. This issue of Xiaobian also talks to you:

There are a lot of fun games, but now many internal account events in the market have been circulated wildly, which makes people panic. In this regard, I have also consulted a senior friend in the game industry. He said: This kind of account is actually not common. Think about it, this kind of account has hundreds or even thousands of rush value support every day, as well as special gift packages, attribute bonus, vip members, and ten times of top-up game currency return. How can it be released casually? At present, the whole game industry is dominated by


★ [2]-"Battle of the Double Palmish"-

Features: doomsday sci-fi action

Heat of the whole network: 750w+

The game is introduced: "Battle of the Double Pamish" is a doomsday-themed mobile game, which leads players to explore a sci-fi world. The modeling of characters in the game is very attractive, and the operation is smooth and natural, which brings excellent combat experience to players. In addition to fighting monsters, the game also provides a large number of exploration tasks, allowing players to collect precious materials and resources.


★ [3] —— The Original God—

Features: open world exploration

Heat of the whole network: 960w+

The game is introduced: "The Original God" is the most popular 3D game in 2024, and "The Original God" is an open world exploration mobile game. In the vast map, players can walk at will and visit easily with the help of transmission anchor points. The country and culture in the game draw lessons from the real situation. Trees, flowers and even monster buildings use 3D modeling to make you feel the game world.


★ [4] —— The World—

Features: The main line of the story is rich.

Heat of the whole network: 700w+

The game is introduced: "The World" is based on a complete story line, combined with animation and option branches, and strives to bring players a strong sense of substitution. 3D picture quality is elegant and charming, and every task and copy activity will enrich you. Even if you spend hours every day, you can continue to gain new achievements and experiences in the game.


★ [5] —— Nine Shadows—

Features: Martial arts theme

Heat of the whole network: 690w+

The game is introduced: In "Nine Shadows", a classic game with the theme of martial arts, we can make full use of flying skills to shuttle over the map and break through the restrictions on the ground. In the game, not only the appearance of the characters can be customized, but also the immersive stage can be built according to the real scene. In the open world, players can not only experience dynamic battle scenes, but also explore the fantastic journey of Xian Xia.


★ [6] —— King of Kings 3D》——

Features: diversified copies

Heat of the whole network: 810w+

The game is introduced: "King of Kings 3D" is good at providing diversified copies, and players will experience various types of games from different gangs, limited time activities and king challenges. There are four races and 20 occupations in the game for players to choose and match. The map quality is superior, and the panoramic and seamless map structure allows you to enjoy the immersive game experience. A lot of exploration tasks are waiting for you to find.


★ [7] —— Glorious Mission: Mission Action—

Features: Multi-player competitive shooting

Heat of the whole network: 830w+

The game is introduced: Glorious Mission: Mission Action is a fascinating multiplayer competitive shooting game. The game uses a unique goal of eating chicken to test players’ teamwork, tactical formulation and personal operation skills. Extensive game maps, 3D modeling guns and vehicles, and highly realistic scenes bring the ultimate audio-visual experience to players.


★ [8] —— Dragon-3D—

Features: IP adaptation of Jin Yong’s martial arts

Heat of the whole network: 720w+

The game is introduced: "Tianlong -3D" is born out of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, and has accumulated more than 100 million registered users. The game style is faithful to the original end-tour, and the mobile phone is used to adapt, so that players can enjoy the fun of the game in the single-player push map and team copy. The game also provides an exquisite mount collection system, allowing players to ride in the dragon world.


★ [9]-"Magic Day 3D"-

Features: The original works are highly reducible.

Heat of the whole network: 780w+

The game is introduced: "Magic Day 3D" completely presents the magic world in the original work. The game allows players to start from the perspective of the protagonist’s awakening and experience the whole growth process from the world to the highest realm. The game supports sending real-time voice chats, holding gorgeous weddings, and exploring classic scenes with favorite players to spend a wonderland trip together.

★ [10]-"Floating in the Jianghu"-

Features: 3d Martial Arts

Heat of the whole network: 780w+

The game is introduced: this is a martial arts mobile game that integrates real fighting, 3d technology, cool special effects and exquisite fashion. It is also a high-quality mobile game this year!



These are the ten most popular 3D mobile games we recommend for you in 2024, covering a variety of themes and game types. We believe you will find your favorite among them. In the process of the game, we hope that everyone can keep a positive attitude, enjoy the joy and challenges brought by the game, and pay attention to the health and development of real life. Let’s join in these wonderful 3D game worlds and taste the infinite charm of virtual and reality!

Beauty makeup exploded, 110,000 praises.

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to skin care, and "whitening" has become the main appeal of users for the functions of skin care products. In this paper, the author dissembled and summarized some beauty personal care contents that exploded in Little Red Book from three aspects: the audience, the framework of beauty personal care articles, and how beauty personal care articles were drained in Little Red Book. Let’s take a look.

There are more and more functional skin care products with "whitening" effect as the main appeal, and the skin characteristics of Chinese people are fragile and easy to blacken, which makes whitening a daily habit of users.

With the maturity of users’ cognition of whitening concept, it is necessary to establish users’ cognition and penetration from various angles in content strategy to correspond to the increasingly refined whitening products.

Today, I dismantled and summarized some explosive contents of the protection category of Xiaohongshu, hoping to help the operators and businesses of Xiaohongshu.

Contents of this article:

  1. Xiaohongshu Beauty Personal Care Content Audience
  2. Xiaohongshu beauty personal protection explosive text frame
  3. How to drain the beauty care category in Xiaohongshu

Judging from the portraits of fans in the whole skin care industry, fans are more inclined to women aged 18-28, and there are fewer men. From the data, women in new first-tier cities pay the most attention to skin care content.

Compared with makeup content, women aged 18-23 pay more attention to makeup content than women aged 24-28.

When creating whitening content, it is necessary to first understand the pain points of the user’s skin and the scene of the cause.

Because skin problems are multifaceted and cannot be broken by a single point, logical solutions can be established for different scenes in content creation, and the role that products can play in the solutions can be tapped.

(Little Red Book Notes Data Overview: Like 7w, Collection 4.6w, Comment 629)

(1) The title of the little red book explosion

Keywords "self-use", "cheap" and "good skin". Users usually prefer to write "No Wide Share" on the title, because it is more real than cutting leeks at random. Cheap and good skin can quickly let people know that they can get high-efficiency value through low investment.

(2) The cover of the little red book explosion

Through "Unlimited Buy-back Wet Apply Water", bloggers apply cotton pads, holding four products in their hands, and three functional demand keywords "Repair, Oil Control and Brightening", which cause people with different needs to click. What bloggers do better on the cover is to apply cotton pads directly to Su Yan’s face.

(3) Little Red Book’s explosive content

At the beginning, it was pointed out that "wet application can save a lot of mask money", which made people curious. Why can it save money? Next, we will help you choose different wet compress water from the perspective of wet compress novice. Every time we introduce a water, there will be a lot of scene materials, such as outdoor sunbathing, military training, going out to play, redness and acne with plain skin, and floating powder after makeup. The whole video blogger’s oral broadcast rhythm is very rich with the corresponding oral broadcast materials, and there is also a contrast between wet compress and mask, which is convincing and makes people want to search for the products recommended by bloggers immediately.

(4) Little Red Book critical comments

Through the class representative, the products used in the video are recorded, which is convenient for users to search further. Many users will give back the actual experience of four wet compresses mentioned by bloggers, and the interactive data is very high.

Copy homework:

If you want to make a collection of products of the same category, you can choose different functions to introduce them together. For example, whitening essence can pass different efficacy points such as spot lightening, anti-oxidation and anti-sugar, or face whitening, body whitening and internal whitening, as well as whitening methods of different skin types. Such content can help users identify products suitable for their own situation, and it will be more in line with the actual scene logic.

On the cover design, most bloggers who also apply wet water, the state of her application is particularly real, and the cover without P-picture can narrow the distance with users.

(Little Red Book Notes Data Overview: Like 2.5w, Hide 4w, Comment 442)

(1) The title of the little red book explosion

All women are prone to lose face with the loss of collagen at the age of 30, and bloggers immediately hit the pain point of users through the keyword "don’t lose face at the age of 36" and want to know how bloggers do it. At the same time, through the tutorial title of the essence and practice version, the pain point of users can be solved immediately by the tutorial.

(2) The cover of the little red book explosion

The cover lettering is "36 like 26", which is very impactful. With the bright and flawless and elastic face of the blogger, it is very convincing, and there is no trace of retouching. The keyword "insist on 10 years" makes users understand that this is a practical dry goods sharing.

(3) Little Red Book’s explosive content

At the beginning, the tools were put on first, and the things needed were very simple. Then the blogger began to introduce and integrate the acupuncture points step by step through dubbing demonstration movements, and finally wiped off the facial essential oil and ended up with a gentle cream. There are no nonsense, unnecessary actions and clear and concise instructions in the process.

(4) Little Red Book critical comments

Bloggers first added the frequency of use and the name of the store that used the product that was not mentioned in the video at the top of the comment, and then users gave feedback in the comment area. This method is worth a try. Even after her 56-year-old mother made it, the decree lines were reduced, and some people shared that it would be better to use other products in the process.

Copy homework:

The product is integrated in the use process, and the user’s desire for action is aroused through the correct way of beauty change. For many users, they only know how to use the product well, but they lack the knowledge of how to use the product correctly to get the best effect.

Many skin care contents only have a purely oral selling point, and there is no witness before and after use, but it is more convincing for users to combine the actual use process.

(Little Red Book Note Data Overview: Like 2.7w, Collection 1.8w, Comment 721)

(1) The title of the little red book explosion

The title gives people the feeling of dry goods through "hands-on", and it can remove acne marks at low cost without spending a lot of money, which is also a topic that users will care about, thus arousing everyone’s curiosity.

(2) The cover of the little red book explosion

On the cover, every keyword "low cost, quick, acne-free print, fool, red and black print" is a demand point. The blogger herself is in a state of plain and white, and she also puts materials with acne on the cover, which makes people wonder how she eliminates acne and becomes white and tender.

(3) Little Red Book’s explosive content

At first, I was frightened by the plain face covered with acne marks, and then the blogger put on the white and tender plain face, and the persuasiveness was immediately established, so that the user wanted to hear how she resisted acne, and attracted the user’s attention in the first 5 seconds.

Before going to dry goods, bloggers said that summing up their experience was a lot of failure and trial and error, which can give users more trust before bloggers share knowledge.

Before talking about the product, introduce the causes of acne, and introduce the corresponding use method on the basis of theory. The product introduction is within 20 sentences, and it is more acceptable to plant grass while introducing it.

(4) Little Red Book critical comments

The overall maintenance is good, and the questioning angles are rich. Everyone has asked the blogger about the product recommendation of a certain section in the whole process, and at the same time put forward their own skin problems to urge the blogger to share.

Copy homework:

"Pale spot" is one of the effects that many people pay attention to under the big category of whitening. However, many people actually don’t understand the correct steps of using whitening products, so the content needs to be combined with experience and theory to convince users that they can be like bloggers as long as they follow them.

Skin care products must be true on the cover, and it is best to have a plain face and a high-definition face that can be seen to the pores, or put a huge difference before and after use to create a huge visual impact and attract users to click.

To do skin care and whitening content, bloggers themselves must not be afraid to expose themselves who are in a bad state of acne. Now users are more and more fond of watching self-portraits, and deliberately posing and retouching pictures will attract users’ disgust.

When many functional skin care products make content, it is easy to fall into the whole article and only talk about the goodness of their own products.

If you can see that it is an advertisement at once, the user has the psychology of resistance, so you can’t integrate into the real user usage scene. Such content is rejected by the user, because for the user, there is a product that has to be used before the usage scene. The simplest scenes are: skin care in the morning and skin care at night.

When users get used to using different skin care products in the morning and evening, there will be products with different functions that can be extended according to skin quality and skin condition. Through the step-by-step use of the link into the product introduction, to solve the user’s troubles in the whole experience process, so that users can directly "copy their homework" and use it.

To do skin care content in Little Red Book, you can first label the products with user categories, such as student party, dormitory party, postgraduate entrance examination party, component party, migrant workers, teachers, baby mothers, and even children. This label can facilitate users to sit in the right place, and it is also easy for users to actively search.

For the user category label, you can also see my article "I bought it for 2 million, a set of consumer research methods for little red books".

The three whitening explosion notes analyzed above all belong to the category of "dry goods list", but each entry point is different, but bloggers will not only introduce a single product, so that users can be prompted to buy related products together.

Copy homework:

When making content for skin care products, there are many forms of content that need to be paved, and it is not the content from a single angle that can build users’ minds.

Perhaps a single-angle appeal can form a memory point, but there is still a long way to go before users are really interested in thinking that "you are what I need right now and can solve my problem", so it is necessary to build a content matrix.

(1) Universal dry goods

"Are you really getting old?" "What is the barrier damage?" "Self-test of face collapse" and "What problems will be caused by water shortage in different skin layers" are properly put into the product through hard dry goods. It should be noted that the content of dry goods needs to be correct, and the product is mentioned to be superficial.

(2) Cross-domain topic class

Cross-disciplinary content related to skin care is combined with health, which can be displayed from various angles such as internal and external conditioning, facial massage, eating habits, etc. This kind of content is full of life, rather than simply listing the selling points of products, plus the blogger’s personal demonstration, which has high reference value for users and good grass planting effect.

(3) High-definition pore diagram of the face

This type belongs to the content before and after the use of witness. The skin problems before use are very unbearable. After use, even the plain face is moist and smooth. There should be exaggerated before and after contrast. Both types of pictures can be taken as the first picture. The self-portrait of the face can only capture the cheeks and nose wings of one face, and it is best to capture the pores. It doesn’t matter if the face is slightly distorted, so that a high-impact picture can be formed.

(4) single plant grass

After extracting the core selling points of the product, we can attract users’ attention through typography with strong visual impact and high-net copy.

Pressing words such as "Su Yan is praised for going out", "I want to use the essence of the grave" and "XXX sorry!" , "Paste to only sell dozens of pieces and no one cares", etc., such an exaggerated and emotional description is difficult for users not to click.

(5) seasonal explosions

For example, the whitening of military training for freshmen every summer is a problem that many people will pay attention to. In addition, the scene of military training in the outdoor sun is too strong, and it is easy to explode if the cover impact is large and the content is properly arranged.

The above five contents are indispensable for skin care products to pave the way for content, so different entry points are needed in the planning content in the early stage to make the notes have long-term operational value.

Beauty care title formula:

Good title formula 1= segment population+number+result

  • Novice Eye Makeup | Advanced Clear Sense Valentine’s Day 8 Pure Desire Pseudo-Plain Makeup
  • 9 kinds of animals are eye makeup! Different eye makeup styles are done in one article.
  • Want to learn makeup after the college entrance examination? 0 basic white how advanced, super dry goods.

Good title Formula 2= Emotion+Person+Number+Result

  • Ty! Beautiful! Yes! The more I watch Thai makeup in September, the more I like it.
  • Make-up 10 years summary! These 10 big-name makeup are classic and practical.
  • Stop buying, sister! This set of makeup is enough!

Good Title Formula 3= Solution+Problem+Result

  • Summarize 15 small tools in one breath, and use them to hammer the wall.
  • Dry goods |5 do not develop cartoonists! White, tender and tender, really unique.
  • Three skills to fade fine lines and bid farewell to wrinkled hands

Put the key messages in the cover and video lettering, which is convenient for users to take screenshots and search for product names.

Through the trumpet and fans as class representatives, put the specific name of the product in the comment area (but be careful not to appear sensitive words such as Taobao and WeChat, which can be replaced by orange software and unequal words). It is very important to maintain the comment area, so users should be prompted to leave messages asking questions about the efficacy of products, instead of just praising the beauty of bloggers.

There are many bloggers who won’t reply to their comments. For users, when they see notes that don’t reply to comments, they will leave the impression that the blogger’s sharing is not true enough. The blogger should reply to at least 10-15 comments, and the content of the reply needs to be taken care of, answer questions and continue Amway products.

The products mentioned in the video of planting grass or unpacking can be transformed in an instant, which will not violate the platform rules, protect the account better and safer, and at the same time play a drainage role.

Xiaohongshu skin care beauty skin care Xiaohongshu content operation, if it can be clear what kind of scene is a link that can maximize the efficacy of the product, it will be easier for the target group to accept than simply amplifying the selling point.

If you want to produce explosive articles, you need to spend more time designing the cover and 5 seconds before watching the video, which will enlarge the elements and skin pain points that can cause visual impact, and attract consumers to click through exaggerated comparison.

How to do a good job in skin care and whitening content marketing?

The author summarizes the following points:

  1. Do a good job in product positioning and choose differentiated product selling points.
  2. Study different usage scenarios and their user pain points.
  3. Develop content strategy and differentiate keywords
  4. Multi-channel creative content
  5. Analyze the released content and iterative content strategy.


Zhuang Jun, WeChat official account: Zhuang Jun, a senior researcher in marketing of Little Red Book, author of "Detonating Little Red Book", Internet content marketing for 11 years, Haier’s contracted content marketing consultant, and everyone is a product manager columnist.

This article was originally published by everyone as a product manager, and it is forbidden to reprint without permission.

The title map comes from Unsplash and is based on CC0 protocol.

This article only represents the author himself, and everyone is a product manager. The platform only provides information storage space services.

Medical assistance to promote people to enjoy quality medical services nearby.

I. Introduction

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for medical services is increasing. However, due to various reasons, such as uneven regional development and uneven distribution of medical resources, it is difficult for people in some areas to enjoy quality medical services nearby. As an important social welfare undertaking, medical assistance aims to solve this problem, improve the level of primary medical services, and enable people to enjoy quality medical services locally.

Second, the background and significance of medical assistance

Medical assistance is an important measure in the development of medical and health undertakings in China. By introducing medical resources from developed areas to underdeveloped areas, it spreads advanced medical technology and management experience to the grassroots, thus improving the quality and efficiency of primary medical services and enabling people to enjoy high-quality medical services at home.

Specifically, the significance of medical assistance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Promote the balanced distribution of medical resources: by introducing medical resources from developed areas to underdeveloped areas, help local medical institutions improve the level of diagnosis and treatment and service quality, thus alleviating the problem of uneven distribution of medical resources.
  2. Improve the level of primary medical services: Medical assistance not only provides technical support and training, but also helps primary medical institutions to introduce advanced medical equipment and management experience, thus improving the quality and efficiency of primary medical services.
  3. Reduce medical costs: By popularizing and applying appropriate medical technology, help primary medical institutions reduce medical costs and reduce the medical burden of the masses.
  4. Promote the development of medical and health undertakings: medical assistance will help improve the overall level of medical and health undertakings in China and promote the balanced development of medical and health undertakings.

Third, the practical effect of medical assistance

Since the development of medical assistance, remarkable results have been achieved. Specific performance in the following aspects:

  1. Improve the quality of primary medical services: By introducing advanced medical technology and management experience, the service quality of primary medical institutions has been significantly improved, and the people’s satisfaction with medical services has also been greatly improved.
  2. Relieved the problem of people’s difficulty in seeing a doctor: With the support of medical assistance, primary medical institutions can provide more and better medical services, effectively alleviating the problem of people’s difficulty in seeing a doctor.
  3. It has promoted the development of medical and health undertakings: medical assistance has not only improved the level of primary medical services, but also vigorously promoted the balanced development of medical and health undertakings in China.
  4. Enhance the self-development ability of primary medical institutions: Through medical assistance, primary medical institutions have learned advanced management methods and technical means, and their self-development ability has been enhanced. This will help them better serve the local people and promote the development of local medical and health undertakings.

IV. Existing Problems and Challenges

Although medical assistance has achieved remarkable results, there are still some problems and challenges in practice:

  1. Shortage of funds and resources: Due to the limitation of funds and resources, medical institutions in some underdeveloped areas cannot fully enjoy the benefits brought by medical assistance. This requires the government and all sectors of society to further increase investment and provide more support and guarantee for medical assistance.
  2. Insufficient technical training and promotion: In the process of medical assistance, although some technical training and promotion activities have been carried out, the demand for such activities in some primary medical institutions has not been met. In the future, it is necessary to further strengthen technical training and promotion to improve the technical level and service ability of primary medical institutions.
  3. Limited improvement of management level: Although advanced management experience has been introduced to primary medical institutions, there is still a certain gap in the improvement of management level in some institutions. This requires further strengthening management and training guidance to promote the continuous improvement of the management level of primary medical institutions.
  4. Unbalanced regional development: the problem of unbalanced regional development still exists in China, which leads to different effects of medical assistance in different regions. Further measures should be taken to strengthen cross-regional cooperation and exchanges and promote the balanced distribution of medical resources.

Five, in order to further promote the work of medical assistance, put forward the following suggestions:

  1. Increase assistance: The government should increase investment in primary medical institutions, provide more funds and resources to help primary medical institutions improve the level of diagnosis and treatment and service quality.
  2. Strengthening management and service capacity building: Primary medical institutions should strengthen management and service capacity building, improve service quality and management level, and ensure the stability of assistance effect. At the same time, we should pay attention to training local medical staff and improve their professional quality and service ability.
  3. Optimize the allocation of medical resources: the government should further optimize the allocation of medical resources, introduce more high-quality medical resources to the grassroots to meet the basic medical needs of the masses. At the same time, we should pay attention to improving the operational efficiency and service quality of primary medical institutions.
  4. Strengthen supervision and evaluation: the government should strengthen supervision and evaluation of medical assistance to ensure the quality and effect of assistance projects. At the same time, we should pay attention to collecting the feedback and suggestions from the masses, adjust the assistance strategies in time and constantly improve the medical assistance system.

Through the implementation of medical assistance, the ability of primary medical services has been significantly improved, and the people can enjoy high-quality medical services at their doorstep. At the same time, it also effectively relieves the pressure of large hospitals and improves the relationship between supply and demand of medical services.

Although medical assistance has achieved certain results, there is still much room for improvement. It is necessary to further increase investment, improve policies, deepen medical reform, and promote the development of medical assistance to a higher level so that every citizen can enjoy fair, just, convenient and efficient medical services.

Medical assistance is an important livelihood project, which is of great significance for improving people’s lives and enhancing people’s well-being. We should make greater determination and efforts to promote the in-depth development of medical assistance, so that more people can enjoy high-quality medical services and share the fruits of social development.

An interpretation of the new track of beauty care in 2023

# Headline Creation Challenge #

Analyze track trends and growth opportunities, and plan brand development strategies.

Author | Gan Zhou Hui

Editor | Qiu Yueye

Under the changing environment at home and abroad, despite many uncertain factors in the macro environment, the beauty care industry has made considerable growth in the past five years. According to Euromonitor statistics, from 2016 to 2021, the retail sales of beauty care industry in China increased from 339.1 billion yuan to 568.6 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.89%.

In recent years,The main consumer groups are younger, the importance of online media is improved, consumption upgrading and market sinking coexist.It has become the three common characteristics of the domestic consumer industry, and the rapid growth of the beauty care industry is inseparable from the comprehensive grasp and flexible application of these three common characteristics. However, starting from young people, online media and sinking market, the anchoring increment has long been an open law, and the growth rate brought by it has obviously slowed down or even been weak. Finding the new increment has become one of the most important topics in the beauty care industry at present.

Recently, Growth Black Box released the "2023 Beauty Personal Care Track Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") to explore the three major tracks with new additions in the beauty personal care industry-Functional skin care, domestic makeup, high-end hair care, beauty network combined with the report, based on three high-growth tracks, in order to provide reference for more brands.

Key track one: functional skin care

1.1 trend-large and small brands have entered the market, and domestic brands have broken overseas monopoly.

As a new track, the market scale of functional skin care has increased year by year and maintained rapid growth. From 2016 to 2021, it increased from 6.9 billion yuan to 28.3 billion yuan. Since 2017, the market growth rate of functional skin care in China has always been higher than the overall market growth rate of skin care products.

The rapid growth of functional skin care is the result of multiple factors. From the demand side, excessive and unscientific skin care methods, the rise of medical beauty, the intensification of environmental pollution, and the radiation of electronic screens will all bring skin problems, which will increase the number of people with sensitive muscles, thus creating a demand for functional skin care; From the supply side, the improvement of domestic research and development level of skin care products, the perfection of supply chain and the maturity of market education have provided consumers with more suitable skin solutions.

While the market volume is expanding rapidly, domestic brands are also rising gradually. From 2016 to 2021, the market share of domestic functional skin care brands increased from 17.8% to 31.4%, and the market share of functional skin care brand Top10 decreased from 87.8% to 70.9%. Domestic brands are breaking the monopoly of overseas brands, and functional skin care tracks are beginning to show a trend of localization.

It is worth noting that in 2016, the top three domestic functional skin care products were European and American cosmeceutical brands. Since 2019, Winona has successfully won the first market share, and Fuerjia has also jumped to the third market share. This situation has been maintained until 2021.

1.2 Growth opportunities-The track is increasingly subdivided, and the composition potential is huge.

According to the "Report", from the demand scene, due to humid climate, dryness or environmental pollution, staying up late, heavy work pressure and other reasons, skin demands such as anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin repair are outstanding. Based on this,Understand the needs of consumers more deeply, highlight the ingredients, raw materials and efficacy of products, and further refine the pertinence of products to solve skin problems.Become the first opportunity point of functional skin care track.

From the marketing point of view,Strengthen the scientific research endorsement of the brand, and at the same time use the celebrity effect to share with amateurs to gain the trust of consumers.Become the second opportunity point of functional skin care track.

Judging from consumers’ cognition of domestic brands and overseas brands,New domestic brands grasp the lipstick effect, choose a lower price band to cut into the track and develop new consumers.It has become the third opportunity point of the skin care track.

1.3 brand strategy-building a brand moat

Taking Xiulike as an example, firstly, expand the category around the function and build a product pyramid matrix with the essence as the mainstay; Secondly, join hands with Tmall Super Brand Day to create its "professional, scientific and authoritative" brand image; Finally, build a private domain of WeChat, attach importance to one-to-one communication, enhance customer service, and improve the unit price and repurchase rate of products.

According to the Report, since January 2022, the total GMV of Sherrico’s private domain is about 4-5 million yuan, and the ROI of private domain can reach 1:5-1:6, which is higher than that of Tmall’s 1:3. In the past year, the unit price of private domain customers has also increased from 1300 yuan to 1800 yuan, an increase of about 40%, which is much higher than the unit price of Tmall flagship store in 2021 of 914 yuan.

Winona, on the other hand, expands the product matrix around the needs of a specific group of people, and based on the differences between platforms and stores, formulates different operation plans, and gradually achieves transformation through long-term operation and maintenance while ensuring the community activity.

According to the financial report in the first half of 2022, Winona’s private domain revenue was 153 million yuan, accounting for 9.41% of the total revenue, of which the counter service platform started to operate in 2017 accounted for the bulk, and the GMV reached 100 million yuan. The overall GMV of the official mall was small, at the level of 10 million. It is reported that the unit price and repurchase rate of Winona’s private customers exceed the Tmall channel by 30%.

Ximuyuan, founded in 2019, is expanding around the main ingredients to form a product matrix; In content marketing, based on the brand value, convey the brand concept. For example, choose Pu Shu as the brand spokesperson, cooperate with big coffee bloggers such as Luo Wangyu, and plant grass for products.

Track 2: Domestic makeup

2.1 trend-overseas brands dominate, domestic products join the battle.

According to the data of iResearch, base makeup has long occupied more than half of the market size of the entire beauty industry, and it is the largest subdivision track, with a considerable growth rate. From 2016 to 2021, the growth rate continuously outperformed the beauty market, and the growth rate in 2018 was even as high as 28.1%. Even in 2021, which is full of uncertainty, the domestic makeup market still reaches 41.5 billion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan in five years.

Base makeup products usually include liquid foundation, powder cake, powder cream, powder paste, isolation cream, pre-makeup milk, concealer, BB cream /CC cream, air cushion, loose powder, fixed makeup and so on. According to the GMV data of Tmall base cosmetics in 2021, the sales of liquid foundation are far ahead of other single products.

Taking liquid foundation as an example, domestic brands have initially demonstrated their potential. In 2021, the GMV of Tmall domestic liquid foundation brand accounted for 22.56% of the total GMV of this category, and the growth rate of domestic brands was 42.31%, much higher than the industry average growth rate of 20.74%.

From the perspective of concentration, the market share of head brands in the domestic liquid foundation market is relatively high. From 2022 to now, the market share of Top10 brands is 57.7%, most of which are overseas brands, and the market share of domestic brands is only 12.35%. Therefore, there is still a large penetration space for domestic liquid foundation.

2.2 growth opportunities-domestic makeup surprise mid-to high-end market

According to the data of Tmall GMV in 2021, in terms of the distribution of price bands, the high-end liquid foundation market is growing rapidly, followed by the medium and high-end liquid foundation market, while the low-price band shows obvious negative growth.

It can be seen that consumers show a strong tendency to high-end, high-end brands and products. However, domestic brands are relatively weak at high-end and high-end tracks. Therefore, domestic brands have more room for development in the future.

With the change of aesthetic trend, consumers also put forward higher requirements for products. Liquid foundation should not only be flawless, but also light and natural. It should also "nourish the skin" while becoming beautiful, and also have good makeup holding ability.

Based on the characteristics of new demands of consumers,Strengthen the investment and iteration of ingredients, raw materials and R&D process to improve product functions.Become the first opportunity point of the makeup track.

In the makeup market, the growth rate of high-end liquid foundation dominated by overseas brands is over 50%, and domestic makeup has also emerged.For cutting-edge domestic brands, choose the bottom makeup track to cut in.It is the second opportunity to assault the makeup track.

2.3 brand strategy-to create oriental makeup more suitable for Asians.

Taking Hua Xizi as an example, five strategic systems are comprehensively used to build the brand of Guofeng beauty cosmetics. First, insist on user co-creation and designer co-creation to empower product innovation. Hua Xizi recruited 200,000 product experience officers, collected user feedback and cooperated with Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in packaging design, which greatly guaranteed the success rate of product innovation. The second is to iterate over large items and firmly bind the customer base; The third is to implant national characteristics and enhance cultural heritage; The fourth is to build a self-broadcasting team in Tik Tok and grasp new channels; The fifth is to lay out private domain operations, improve services and improve fans’ repurchase rate.

Brand Fang Li, which focuses on makeup powder and makeup liquid foundation, focuses on product strength and wins by research and development. It is reported that Fang Li’s current main expense budget is invested in product research and development, and less in marketing. On the research and development level, Fang Li collected a large number of skin data, and studied the differences in skin quality, genetic structure and various skin characteristics between Eurasian people, and built a theoretical system of foundation makeup. Fang Li also spent two years upgrading the large single product soft mist makeup liquid foundation to version 2.0.

Track 3: High-end hair care

3.1 trend-overall stable, but the high-end track is growing rapidly.

According to the Report, the hair care market in China increased from 49.6 billion yuan to 65 billion yuan from 2016 to 2021, but the overall growth rate was relatively gentle, with CAGR of only 5.58%.

In terms of concentration, in 2021, the market share of CR15 brand in the hair care market was 71.1%, of which China brand only accounted for 11.9%. It can be seen that the hair care market in China is highly concentrated and dominated by overseas brands.

It is worth noting that the high-end hair care market in China is growing rapidly. According to the sales data of Tmall, the GMV of high-end hair care market in China increased from 551 million yuan to 3.477 billion yuan from 2017 to 2021. In the year from May 2021 to June 2022, the sales of Tmall’s high-end hair care increased by 67%, which was much higher than the overall market growth rate of hair care by 48%.

According to Euromonitor data, the market penetration rate of high-end hair care in China has increased from 10.1% in 2016 to 29.5% in 2021, and it has quickly become one of the top in the world, and the growth rate far exceeds that of developed countries such as the United States, France and Japan.

The phenomenon that the hair care market is dominated by overseas brands is still significant in high-end tracks. According to the statistics of Tmall, the high-end beauty hair care GMV TOP10 brand is dominated by European brands, and the cutting-edge professional beauty hair care brands Morocco Oil, Grow Gorgeous and FORVIL Windsor Forest have entered the TOP10 list.

3.2 Growth opportunities-accelerated entry of overseas high-end brands

In the hair care track, consumers generally recognize overseas brands more. Under the general trend that consumers pay more and more attention to hair care, the favored brands and products also show a high-end trend. In addition, the concept of "using the same shampoo product for a long time is not friendly to the scalp" is gradually accepted. Most consumers have low loyalty to a single brand, high willingness to try new products, and overseas high-end brands with dominant reputation, efficacy and ingredients are often more likely to gain favor.

Based on the comparison of consumers’ cognition of domestic and overseas brands,Overseas high-end hair care brands have great room for expansion in China market.

On the demand side, high-end hair care consumers pay attention to more detailed protection steps. Based on the change of the demand side, the second opportunity point of hair care track appears-Comply with the trend of refinement, make great efforts in product composition and technology content, and develop products for different links according to shampoo steps, so as to improve the user experience in the process of shampoo protection and enrich product efficacy.

3.3 brand strategy-how overseas brands can quickly occupy the domestic market and educate consumers’ minds.

Take the French hair care brand FORVIL Windsor Forest as an example, it entered China at the end of 2019 and cut into the China market with its high-end hair mask category. The caviar bottle hair mask set is the most important single product at present, and its core competitiveness lies in "differentiation".

The first is the differentiation of ideas. Windsor Forest put forward the brand concept of "redefining hair care by skin care" when it entered the China market, implemented the product plan according to the skin care steps, and differentiated day care, week care and special care products considering the needs of different hair groups.

The second is technological differentiation. Windsor Forest has added black technology to its hair mask products. According to the product usage information, it can be washed in 5 seconds, which is different from other brands of hair mask products.

The third is composition differentiation. Windsor Forest added sturgeon caviar extract, black spore truffle extract, etc. to the products, and selected 8 precious skin care essence ingredients for blending.

Fourth, experience differentiation. Caviar ampoule hair mask creates product differentiation with its luxurious packaging design and ceremonial use experience.

In addition, Windsor Forest alsoHighlight brand positioning with R&D and cultural endorsement.Windsor forest brand joined Bristol Myers Squibb, a biochemical pharmaceutical giant, in 1969, and gained strong medical and scientific support. In terms of cultural endorsement, Windsor Forest is operated by Tianrui Group of France, which has close cooperation with the French Embassy in China. Official endorsement has increased its influence and recognition in the market.

In terms of private domain operation, Windsor began to lay out WeChat private domain from the second half of 2021, and deeply cultivated consumers’ minds. It is understood that there are more than 100,000 members in the private domain of Windsor Forest, among which there are about 30,000 members in the community of Tik Tok Platform. In the future, the brand side plans to divert members from Tik Tok to WeChat private domain.

L’ Oreal’s high-end professional hair care brand Kashi is passedHair quality diagnosis service+product portfolio recommendation to meet the individual needs of consumers.Kardashi launched the H5/ applet of professional hair quality accurate detection in Tmall flagship store and WeChat WeChat official account. Consumers can obtain the exclusive customized hair quality diagnosis report through question and answer, and the system will grab the most suitable products and salon care for consumers from Kardashi’s comprehensive product line for recommendation according to personalized professional hair quality analysis.

In addition, Kashi also passedIntegral mechanism and membership activities increase the stickiness of B-end /C-end users.Kashi’s main customers are B-end (professional hairdressing salons) and C-end users, so Kashi will carry out more targeted membership operations.

For B-end customers, Kashi’s products are printed with exclusive QR codes, and customers can get points by scanning the codes, and the points can be exchanged for prizes such as iPhone. Kashi will also regularly organize B-end users to carry out offline tourism activities to enhance interaction with B-end users.

C-end consumers can get points by scanning the product-specific QR code, and the points can be exchanged for high-end hairdressing and hair care packages. Kashi will also organize offline exclusive meetings and invite TOP100 consumers to participate from time to time, such as inviting Michelin chefs to make food on the spot, providing experience activities such as flower arranging courses and wearing courses.

It is reported that Kashi has reached cooperation with 1,500 high-end hairdressing salons, which is also an important word-of-mouth marketing channel. Through a series of consumer activities, Kashi has accumulated 20 million directly accessible private domain users.


In recent years, the beauty care industry has been looking for new additions, and the three major tracks of functional skin care, makeup and hair care have performed brilliantly.

In the functional skin care track, the overall market scale of domestic skin care products is increasing year by year, and the growth rate of functional skin care market is always higher than the average growth rate of the market. The market structure changes rapidly, but at present, the market concentration is relatively high, and it is still dominated by head brands. Under this pattern, big and small brands have their own different offensive and defensive strategies.

In the domestic makeup track, the domestic beauty market has grown considerably, and the growth rate of the makeup market continues to outperform the broader market. Although international brands still dominate the base makeup market, domestic cutting-edge brands have created base makeup products that are more suitable for Asian skin types, and domestic high-end base makeup products are still blank areas, which will have more incremental space in the future.

In the high-end hair care track, the demand of the domestic hair care market is showing a trend of high-end and refinement. The presence of international brands has adapted to this demand, while continuing to educate consumers mentally and promoting the development and development of the high-end hair care market.

The Report summarizes some growth strategies that can be used for reference by gaining insight into the development trends of the three major tracks and further relying on outstanding brands.

First, in terms of product strength, brands pay attention to the expansion of sub-categories, or take their own characteristics as the origin or the needs of consumer groups as the basis, while the growth of cutting-edge brands usually relies on the iteration of large single products to stabilize and broaden their own markets by constantly improving existing large single products.

Second, in terms of marketing power, even though there are mature marketing strategies to promote transformation, there are still many brands that pay attention to the construction of users’ minds, and start from cultural endorsement, content marketing and other aspects to improve their brand image and make a good layout for their long-term development.

Third, in terms of operational ability, as a relatively new brand growth strategy, the layout of WeChat ecological private domain and the construction of member operation system are still lacking in maturity, but their importance is becoming higher and higher. Almost all brands with considerable growth attach great importance to private domain operation. Building a brand membership system in the private domain can not only reach users more conveniently, improve their stickiness, but also precipitate traffic and reduce the cost of obtaining customers. It can also specify its own operating rules and break the rules of the public domain platform.

Generally speaking, under the superimposed influence of uncertain factors such as macro-environment, consumers’ offline consumption frequency becomes lower, and more consumer demand is transferred to online, which also gives birth to more subdivided demand, including requiring products to solve problems more pertinently, and providing more intimate and temperature-sensitive services. Therefore, brands need to improve online content output, listen to users’ voices, and keep the gameplay iterative, so as to gain the trust of consumers and achieve new growth in brand revenue.

In a word, there are still high-potential tracks in the beauty care industry. If the brand chooses the right track, supplemented by the right strategy, there is still a chance to maintain a high growth trend in the medium and long term.