In the name of "Milky Way", Geely set the top to create "Star" power

Text |Zhang Kun

design|Li Zhengwei

On February 16, Geely’s new mid-to-high-end series name "Galaxy" for the era of new energy vehicles was officially announced. From the name point of view, this name still has a strong "Li’s romance".

Those who are familiar with Li Shufu know that he has a strong "cosmic feeling" and his love for "stars" is beyond words:

As early as the beginning of the last century, Li Shufu said internally that the journey of Geely Automobile was the sea of stars; and on the flight back to China after Geely’s successful acquisition of Volvo in 2010, Li Shufu said to the full moon starry sky that perfection is the pursuit of the Chinese people, and then there is the Volvo that returns the tiger to the mountain; in the era of Geely 3.0 boutique car building, the naming of models such as Xingyue and Xingrui is also full of this color; even in the naming of many companies within Geely, the interstellar era, time and space, Taoyu… also reflect this romantic color.

In ancient times, people used to call the Milky Way standing on the dome the Xinghan, which was regarded as the most romantic and beautiful thing in the world. Therefore, Cao Cao sighed: "The Xinghan is brilliant, if it comes out of it".

Winning the firmament, wanting to compete with the heavens, this is the romance hidden in the bones of the Chinese people. In the name of the Milky Way, it shows a deeper expectation of Geely.

The famous philosopher Socrates once said that most of the success in the world is due to the inevitable results of accidental causes. If you pick the fruits from the wisdom of the sages, they can be roughly summarized into six words: time, place, and people.

For the current automotive industry, it is an era of rapid change that has left many people feeling unfamiliar.

In 2022, BYD rose to prominence, historically surpassing North and South Volkswagen to become the highest-selling enterprise in the Chinese auto market. The market share of Japanese and Korean models, which have always been known for their economy and durability, has contracted across the board, and the share of self-owned brand passenger cars will account for half of the country in 2022;

At the beginning of New Year’s Day, Barbarian Tesla’s incredible crazy price cuts set off a wave of new energy vehicle brand price fights, with countless brands involved.

After the Spring Festival, the world’s largest automobile company, Toyota, announced the largest personnel adjustment in recent years. The failure of Bz made it impossible for everyone to see where the world’s largest automaker by sales was headed.

Not long ago, the European Parliament passed a historic resolution by a narrow margin – 2035 ban on the sale of fuel vehicles. You know, Europe is the cradle of the world’s automobiles, and has accumulated a huge industrial chain cluster around the upstream and downstream of fuel vehicles;

The sales of traditional luxury brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi no longer made great progress, and the Japanese luxury car Lexus, which had always emphasized tonality, saw a decline for the first time. In contrast, the sales of Extreme Krypton, NIO, and Li Auto grew rapidly, and the new pattern of the luxury car market and the all-electric market has changed…

The world has changed, and so have the cars of the world.

There are black swans above and gray rhinos below. For most car companies, the days of smooth sailing and high clouds are gone, not to mention trying to eat all over the world through a novel routine.

Big waves require big changes.

In 2021, Geely officially established the extreme krypton car to face the high-end competition, and announced that it officially sounded the horn of competition for electric vehicles from a higher level. As of now, the cumulative sales of extreme krypton have exceeded 80,000 units.

If you look back, Geely’s journey on the track of new energy vehicles has not been smooth sailing. As early as 2016, Geely proposed the Blue Geely Action and launched a new Geometry brand within the Geely system. But whether it is the Geometry brand or Geely’s own new energy products, they have not achieved the corresponding expected goals in the market.

Looking back today, the core of Geometry’s success or failure may be the right time, the right place and the right person. The new energy vehicle products of the year were far less acceptable than today’s users, and Geometry’s actions at critical moments also deviated from the original planned track…

So in 2023, is Geely ready to embrace the smart electric era?

In terms of sales volume, Geely’s new energy vehicles achieved double growth in sales volume and penetration rate in 2022. The cumulative sales volume of its new energy products reached 328,727 units, and the annual new energy penetration rate was about 23%, which tripled compared with 2021. And the monthly new energy penetration rate exceeded 30% many times.

From a technical point of view, Geely has built an electrification system with multiple technical paths such as pure electricity, hybrid, power exchange and methanol. In particular, Raytheon Power and related electrification technologies have been widely recognized by consumers in the market.

From the perspective of organizational structure, Geely has undergone a series of talent echelon construction, especially under the demonstration of Extreme Krypton First, and has reached a high degree of recognition for the future of new energy vehicles.


Obviously, regardless of the sales volume of Geely’s new energy vehicles or the current Geely system’s understanding of new energy vehicles, the Galaxy starting in 2023 is more confident than the previous brand.

On the one hand, Geely has opened up the full link of new energy vehicles and accumulated a lot of technical experience by virtue of its layout in new energy vehicles over the past period of time. On the other hand, under the premise of scale, the Galaxy brand can participate in the market competition at the lowest cost.

These are the confidence that the Milky Way can break out of the confinement.

The current is the best time for Geely, but it is also the most painful time. But the real warrior is the ability to dare to innovate at the top of the critical moment. In the face of the surging tide of smart cars in the world, Geely must go to great lengths and have no way out.

According to some data, the future Galaxy series will have three power forms: pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and extended-range hybrid, and adopt a new design language and intelligent configuration, emphasizing direct user connection in operation. In addition, Geely’s "heaven and earth integration" intelligent security ecology is clearly visible, which is provided by the "sky eye" satellite, the "super brain" intelligent computing center provides computing power support and the super intelligent end point that is freely linked to intelligent things.

This means that in terms of the full set of playing methods, Galaxy is not limited to the past auspicious. With the positioning of the mid-to-high-end series, compared with new forces and friends, the sense of value should be increased, and the imagination space and expectations should be increased. However, due to the current data, we have not yet been able to fully and specifically analyze Galaxy’s playing methods and paths.

Looking back, during the months when the Galaxy project was revealed, some people believed it, some people questioned it, and some people were half-convinced. Between reason and emotion, most people did not dare to prematurely judge this ambitious plan. But what is certain is that Geely has enough imagination for his career.

There are no successful enterprises, only enterprises of the times.

In order to become a century-old store with a long-lasting foundation, enterprises cannot only think about making money, but must also correctly understand and have the courage to undertake the mission entrusted by the times, fully integrate and continuously strengthen their own capabilities and advantages, do the right things, important things, do what they can, and maintain innovation at all times.

The chain leader is "in command" and goes on an expedition, the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenz

Original title: The chain leader is "in command" and the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen

Source: Qingdao Daily

Original title: The chain leader is "in command" and the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen

Source: Qingdao Daily

Qingdao Daily News/Guanhai News, February 21, as one of the 24 key industrial chains in Qingdao, the software and information service industry chain played the "first drum" of different ground marketing at the beginning of the year. On February 21, the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen. This event was supported by the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute. Sun Wenlong, Vice President of the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, Yu Yu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, and the relevant heads of more than 100 enterprises and institutions in Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, relevant districts and cities, and Qingshen attended the meeting. At the promotion meeting, the three key lists of Qingdao City were released, the Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base, the Qingshen Science and Technology Financial Cooperation Base, and the Qingshen Software Industry Information Base were officially unveiled.

Expand the market, promote recruitment, and organize a group to go to Shenzhen to show off "hard power"

As the "chain leader" of Qingdao’s software and information service industry chain, Yu Yu said in her speech that although Qingdao and Shenzhen are thousands of miles apart, the interaction between the two places has a long history. She introduced Qingdao with three "business cards" of "Island of Youth", "City of Entrepreneurship" and "Capital of Happiness". At present, Qingdao has become the fifth "famous city with Chinese software characteristics" and the first batch of "double gigabit" cities in the country, and is actively striving to establish an international communication business import and export bureau in Qinghai. In 2022, the industrial scale will reach 360 billion yuan, and the scale and growth rate will rank seventh and fourth in the country’s sub-provincial cities. A number of leading enterprises and key projects in the industrial chain such as BOE, Xinen, Huike, Foxconn, and Donghua Software have settled down. The industrial foundation and development ecological advantages are outstanding. Yu Yu introduced that Qingdao has also set up "Qingdao Brand Day" and "Qingdao Entrepreneur Day", and has established a "chain of ten thousand enterprises" platform to promote the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain through chain demand, chain resources, and chain platform. Finally, she extended a sincere invitation to Shenzhen entrepreneurs, welcoming everyone to approach Qingdao, learn about Qingdao, and make contributions to Qingdao.

The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology interprets the software and information service industry, talent development opportunities and related policies. Qingdao’s software and information service industry has a solid foundation, favorable opening conditions, and broad development space. In recent years, Qingdao has continued to strengthen policy supply, focusing on industrial policy guidance, and accelerating the construction of a more market-oriented and competitive industrial policy system through policy "formulation-publicizing-implementation-implementation" full-cycle innovation. In terms of talent policy, Qingdao mainly adopts three measures: stimulating leading talents, supporting the integration of production and talents, and strengthening empowerment protection, and strives to build Qingdao into a talent gathering highland in the new era. In order to allow more Shenzhen enterprises and talents to inquire, enjoy relevant policies and develop in Qinghai, the promotion meeting also specially printed the "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Talent Strengthening Youth Plan Policy" to realize the "two-way running" of enterprise talents and urban development.

At present, the layout of Qingdao’s software and information service industry has been continuously optimized, and a new development pattern of "integrated two-pole four-pillar multi-park" has gradually formed, with the West Coast New District and Laoshan District as two growth poles, and the four key areas of Shibei, Shinan, Licang and Chengyang. At the meeting, the representatives of the West Coast New District, Shibei District, Qingdao Shinan Software Park and Qingdao International Innovation Park as key areas and parks will promote and make precise efforts to further supplement, strengthen and extend the chain, and promote the concentration of various elements such as talents, technology and capital to Qingdao.

Release more than 100 key lists, Qingshen base deeply empowered

At the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference, Qingdao released a series of key lists based on application needs. Hisense Group Holding joint stock company, Qingdao Aokema Holding Group, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., and soft control joint stock company brought 50 ecological partner lists, covering products, technologies, solutions and other needs. At the same time, 150 "future city" scenario lists related to the software and information service industry chain, 81 Qingdao "list of needs and achievement lists were also unveiled.

To promote the leap of industrial energy level, it is inseparable from solid talent support, surging scientific and technological power, precise drip irrigation of financial "living water" and smooth information transmission. At the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference, Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base, Qingshen Technology and Financial Cooperation Base, and Qingshen Software Industry Information Base were officially launched, further promoting the multi-dimensional empowerment and deep integration of the two places in the software and information service industry chain.

The Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base is jointly built by China Qingdao International Economic and Technological Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen International Talent Exchange Center. It is dedicated to promoting in-depth interaction between talents in Qingshen and Shenzhen, and building a co-construction, sharing and win-win platform for entrepreneurs and innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the two places. The Qingshen Technology Financial Cooperation Base is jointly built by Qingdao Haifa State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Group Co., Ltd., Qianhai Ark Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Qianhai Ark Fund Group. It provides financing services covering all stages of growth for high-tech enterprises and patent demonstration enterprises in the software and information service industry. The Qingshen Software Industry Information Base is jointly built by Qingdao Daily Press Group "Guanhai News" and Shenzhen Press Group "Reader News". It will focus on the information of the software and information industries in Qingshen and Shenzhen, tell new trends, new measures and new stories of the industry, and continue to create a new window and platform for "Qingshen" cooperation and exchange.

Take the initiative to "knock on the door" for precise docking, and sign contracts for 6 major projects

Projects are the source of increment, the foundation of development, and the stamina for the high-quality development of the industry. At the meeting, six key projects, including the Qingdao Yuanhub Zhixing Project, the Shenzhen University Strategic Cooperation Project, the Huawei End Point Whole House Smart Project, the Fuguang Technology Project, and the Digital Connection World "One Old and One Small" Digital People’s Livelihoods Project, were signed.

The strategic cooperation project of Shenzhen University is an industry-university-research project cooperated by Shenzhen University and Qingdao Ruiyuan Engineering Group. It plans to settle in Shandong Robot Industrial Park in Qingdao West Coast New District. The project focuses on smart cities, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, life and health, and will gather and cultivate high-end talents. It will use major engineering technologies such as magnetic levitation to carry out research in scientific research, projects, applications, etc., and form a number of advanced innovation achievements.

"We will set up the northern headquarters and product operation R & D center in Shinan District. The next step will be to join Qingdao Haiming Urban Development Co., Ltd. to introduce our full range of meta-universe entertainment products in the historical and cultural district of Zhongshan Road, and also cooperate in the government meta-universe." Wu Bien, COO and co-founder of Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. is a MR manufacturer with mature MR hardware, system design and large-scale production capabilities in China. With the completion of the company’s northern headquarters, new hardware R & D and production and more upstream and downstream partners for MR content development will be introduced in Qingdao.

During the exchange and docking session, various districts and key software parks in Qingdao held in-depth negotiations with leading enterprises in the software and information service industry in Shenzhen. Shenzhen enterprises agreed that through this promotion meeting, they had a more comprehensive understanding of the development advantages of Qingdao’s software and information service industry, and expressed strong investment interest and strong willingness to cooperate.

"Going out" targeted promotion is precise and effective, and "bringing in" industrial clusters improve quality and efficiency. In the future, Qingdao will continue to "enlarge the coordinates, raise the benchmark", seek a higher level of cooperation, and jointly explore the "digital blue ocean". (Qingdao Daily News/Guanhai News reporter, Wen/Liu Qin, picture/Li Zhuyin)

Create mobile phone + car integration, Meizu Flyme Link released

  [Autohome News] On November 30, the 2023 Meizu Autumn Boundless Ecological Conference officially kicked off. At present, the automotive industry has an increasingly strong demand for intelligence. The handcar integration solution represented by the mobile phone domain is at the forefront of the industry’s development and is committed to bringing intelligent empowerment to more cars. To this end, Xingji Meizu Group further launched the mobile phone domain popularization plan and released a new "handcar integration" solution Flyme Link.


"Star Meizu Business Planning"



  So far, Meizu has completed the construction of 300 + retail stores and 400 + service stores, and will gradually land in 1000 + core business district experience stores in the future, and the after-sales services experience will be comprehensively improved.

● "Handcar integration" solution Flyme Link

  At this press conference, the official showed us that Flyme Link has the functions of "three-finger task flow" and "address flow on the car". Any mobile app only needs three fingers to swipe up to make the app flow to the car screen; at the same time, when the mobile phone is connected to the car, the address copied on the mobile phone can also be directly transferred to the car, minimizing the operation process.






  Flyme Link can also achieve seamless connection, ecological sharing and capability sharing between mobile phones and cars without changing the original car system. According to the official description, after the mobile phone is connected to the vehicle, it is the parts of the entire car, which can provide hardware and computing power support for the car, realize the possibility of application circulation, application relay, fast link, data exchange, and achieve seamless collaboration between mobile phones and cars.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2023, basic model

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2023, basic model

  It is worth mentioning that Geely Galaxy’s new mid-to-large sedan – (|) will be the first model to be connected to Flyme Link. The Galaxy E8 is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship car chip 8295. With the blessing of Flyme Link, the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 on the Meizu 21 can achieve cross-platform unbounded interconnection with the Qualcomm 8295 on the Galaxy E8, and the two will realize the sharing of computing power, data, hardware and ecology. At the same time, FlymeOS also enables the two Qualcomm flagship processors to achieve cross-platform interconnection for the first time.


  Officials say Flyme Link will empower LINK OS N, Lynk & Co 06 EM-P and Lynk & Co 09 EM-P models.

● FlymeOS Chinese name: Unbounded


  FlymeOS officially named the Chinese name – Wujie. At the same time, Meizu also brought the new Flyme 10.5. The Flyme AI model brought by the new Flyme 10.5 brings an unprecedented upgrade to the mobile phone experience.


  The new Aicy can be used in life, study, work, and many other aspects. Not only can you use voice, but you can also communicate with Aicy by typing text to easily view conversations.


  The big model-blessed Aicy has also come to Flyme Auto, bringing new capabilities. All kinds of questions about using the car, including vehicle instructions, traffic rules consultation, vehicle maintenance, etc., Aicy can answer you immediately.


  Meizu also has an in-depth customized function for travel – an AI guide. It only takes a few seconds for Aicy to plan the itinerary, and the information of each location along the way is clearly displayed in the form of a timeline. With the blessing of a large model, Aicy can understand more complex travel demands.

  Aicy also supports a series of functions such as AI search, picture expansion, magic elimination, AI photo, etc. Make human-machine interaction easier and more enjoyable, create more freely, learn more with less effort, and make information and services accessible.

● Unbounded Zhixing open API



  In order to share the core capabilities of Flyme Auto with more ecological partners, Xingji Meizu has also brought a more open and convenient open API for car companies to access. Car companies can choose flexibly according to their own needs and access modular capabilities. Help car companies quickly improve the smart cockpit experience at the lowest cost and the highest efficiency.

● Meizu custom car plan



  This time, Xingji Meizu Group combined a series of manufacturing capabilities of Geely Group to create the first DreamCar in the history of Meizu – MEIZU DreamCar MX. MEIZU DreamCar MX will be customized by users with deep participation, and Meizu can co-create and define its paint, interior, car theme and a large number of personalized details. Officials said that the plan will start in the first quarter of 2024.


  All users who purchase Meizu 21 can directly deduct the original price from the purchase price when purchasing a car, and purchase their own DreamCar for Meizu friends.

● Smart glasses brand: MYVU


  As a new brand under the Star Meizu Group, MYVU takes "Only I See, IT’S MY VIEW" as the brand value proposition, and is a pioneer brand of creating technology and fashion AR glasses. Through fashionable design and extreme human factor design, AR smart glasses that can be worn in fashion all day and night can be realized.

MYVU discovery:

  Master AR glasses – MYVU Discovery is priced at 9999 yuan, and Meizu’s official website is fully open for booking.







  MYVU AR smart glasses will be equipped with the smart and lightweight Flyme AR operating system. As the first mobile-level interactive experience AR operating system, Flyme AR integrates advanced AR technology interaction logic to achieve a more intuitive and concise intelligent interaction experience. At the same time, MYVU AR smart glasses also introduce Smart Bar interaction function, so that smart glasses can also have intuitive, concise and rich information display. Not only that, the new Aicy voice assistant will also be presented on MYVU AR smart glasses. It is based on AI artificial intelligence and traditional voice capabilities. It has rich and practical voice applications, redefining voice assistants and solving users’ life and work problems 24/7.

MYVU smart glasses:






  MYVU smart glasses are priced at 2,499 yuan. For a more elegant appearance, MYVU uses a large number of very soft lines. MYVU brings a large number of optional color schemes, which are suitable for various types of wear and can also be combined with different visual enjoyment. MYVU material engineers have explored a new fiber material. After special processing, not only does it have the luster of tortoiseshell, but each pair will have a unique texture and color. It is reported that through lightweight improvements to the light engine, lenses, materials and volume, MYVU has controlled the weight to a particularly terrible range while taking into account the display effect and audio quality. It is only 43g. And there is a new MYVU customization workshop with a large number of customizable options. You can come to Meizu’s official website to customize your own MYVU.

● Meizu 21 series mobile phone




  The Meizu 21 will be equipped with the Flyme 10.5 system for the first time. The Meizu 20 series will start the closed beta registration tomorrow. The stable version of the OTA push will be carried out in January next year. The Meizu 18 series and 17 series will also be pushed in March next year. The Meizu 21 uses a 6.55-inch Samsung OLED display with a 120Hz high brush and a peak brightness of up to 1800 nits.



  The new Unbounded Antenna System 2.0 improves the signal level again by enhancing the antenna, optimizing the layout, and optimizing the system-level software. In addition, the new self-developed mSmart Net optimizes cards for various extreme situations.


  Meizu 21 uses the same CNC process for aviation parts, with higher processing accuracy and more peace of mind for daily use. In terms of color scheme, this time, the white panel of the car-grade paint has been released to create an exclusive Meizu White for Meizu Friends. Meizu 21 Meizu White will be listed on the market as soon as it is launched.






  Aicy smart ring, can be a classic message reminder breathing light. It can remind you with various light effects when the phone calls and notifications.




  In addition, for the chip, the new Meizu 21 adopts the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship three-piece set, which greatly improves the performance of the mobile phone. With exclusive ice world cooling technology, Onemind 10.5 and game mode 6.0. For the battery that users care about, the Meizu 21 is equipped with 4800mAh battery, supports 80W Meizu overcharge and 65W PD fast charge, and still has 66% power after five hours of battery life test. (Text/Autohome Zhouyi)

A new revolution has begun!

Source of this article: "Niu Play Qin" WeChat official account

Author: Cow playing the piano


A new revolution has begun.

It reminds me of something Henry Ford did 100 years ago."The Greatest Decision Ever"

In the United States 100 years ago, the auto industry was just emerging, but employee turnover was high and production was inefficient. What to do? Ford decided to raise wages, doubling the daily wage from $2.50 to $5.

A lot of people thought he was crazy. No doubt, this would increase costs and reduce profits. But Ford defied all odds, arguing that workers were the most important asset, that doubling wages would increase motivation and reduce mobility; and that, with more money, workers would be able to afford the products they made, expanding consumers.

Ultimately, Ford succeeded.

He not only made factories more efficient, but also triggered a consumer revolution. The Model T also became the most successful car in the world at the time, and propelled the United States to become the richest country in the world.

A crucial moment, a choice, will change everything.

If it is said that Ford started from the field of value consumption and promoted the development of the United States, then 100 years later, a new consumer revolution is transforming China.

This is no longer as simple as online shopping, or more accurately, this is version 2.0 of online shopping.

On April 20, in a community factory in Pingli County, Shaanxi Province, CCTV news footage recorded this scene:"Live broadcast is a trend, so cherish it."The top leaders told Wang Xiumei, secretary general of the Pingli County E-commerce Association.

Smart people always follow trends.

On another occasion, the leader also said a very meaningful sentence: As an emerging business, e-commerce can not only promote agricultural and sideline products, help the masses become rich in poverty reduction, but also promote rural revitalization, which is promising.

Four words:Great potential!

It’s really promising.

31-Year-old Wang Xiumei is an example.

The change began in 2019. At that time, Wang Xiumei, who returned to her hometown to start a business, joined 51 poor planting households to form the Dream-seeking Farm Garden Gypsy Blue Cooperative. Duoduo Farm funded 520,000 yuan as a start-up fee, and provided business training and traffic support.

Duoduo Orchard is a poverty alleviation model born in Baoshan, Yunnan. It connects poor farmers through the "e-commerce + cooperative" model. Because poor households can’t fight alone, it is definitely not possible; but forming a cooperative is a small collective. The leader of the cooperative is responsible for the operation of the store, and the poor households can produce with peace of mind, which forms a community with a shared future.

Take Baoshan, Yunnan as an example, the favorite coffee beans of urban white-collar workers can be shipped from Duoduo Orchard and sent directly to the city office building. For consumers, "middlemen make the price difference" is reduced; for the Lisu people who grow coffee, they sell it at a good price and enjoy good profits.

In Wang Xiumei’s Duoduo Farmyard Cooperative, for example, 51 poor households have all become shareholders of the cooperative. They are farmers and produce Gynostemma blue; they are also shareholders, sharing the cooperative’s commercial profits.

A transformation occurs as a result.

In 2020, the epidemic changed the world and brought new opportunities.A new sales model is emerging in China.

Live streaming has spread out in China with a bigger battle.

In February 2020, Wang Xiumei started to try live streaming at Pinduoduo, and she has been out of control since then. Now, she is not only a salesperson, accountant, but also a live streaming host, but also an Internet celebrity live streaming host.

Her online store once became the top praise list in the health tea category.

If something is man-made, I am afraid that it will not be done.

If the Internet first changed cities, it is now transforming rural areas, even the most remote ones.


In Shaanxi Automobile, the leader had another sentence that made many people ponder for a long time:Deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain and lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain.

Those who have a strategic vision must plan ahead and make long-term plans.

This is true in manufacturing, but not in sales.

The details are very touching. In the video of the Zhashui inspection, the leader also smiled and said to the villagers: Small fungus, big industry!

This was rated by many netizens as "the strongest carrier in history". In my opinion, it is a new way of thinking:The new business format is to use it in combination with reality!

The thought changed, and the world became wider.

Therefore, we see that it is from this spring that more and more Internet celebrities, stars, as well as officials and CEOs enter the live stream to show their eloquence and promote their products.

Eight immortals cross the sea, each showing his supernatural powers. In the past, a cup of tea and two newspapers could spend a day; now, without two brushes, he really can’t do one thing well.

It can be regarded as taking advantage of the situation. On April 23, Shaanxi Agricultural Aid Premium Products Museum was launched, 32 poverty alleviation cooperatives participated, and more than 60 poverty alleviation agricultural products went into battle, becoming the first batch of exhibited and sold products. On the same day, many platforms broadcast live goods.The leading effect brought by "the strongest carrier in history" continues to expand.

These goods may not be Li Jiaqi, Viya, Luo Yonghao; but all these efforts are creating a new path for rural poverty reduction and wealth, rural future development.

A few new observations:

1. It used to be said that good wine is also afraid of deep alleys. Indeed, many excellent local specialties cannot be shipped out in remote villages, nor can they be sold at a good price. However, live streaming makes the most remote villages no longer remote, and many agricultural products go out of the mountains and into the country.

2. The biggest advantage of the Chinese market is still big. Japan can’t compare, and Europe can’t compare either. With such a large unified market, once a breakthrough is found, it will be unlimited business opportunities. Therefore, after the appearance of Zhashui fungus this time, it was immediately sold out. After all, poverty-stricken counties are limited, and the strong capacity of China’s economy is enough to help the villagers out of the predicament, as long as they have good goods.

3. Similar to the structure of Duoduo Orchard, it helps farmers organize more efficiently and produce more quality-guaranteed products, and live broadcast allows products to go nationwide faster. Many poor households have truly achieved overtaking on the curve. In the future, it is no longer a dream to be rich in the mountains.

The earth is round, this is science; but in the Internet age, seize the opportunity and the world can be flat.

Of course, just as the course of world history has never progressed in a straight line, there will be exciting moments and setbacks, just like the current epidemic.

It can also be expected that:

1. The current live broadcast is a trend, and those who can really fly are a minority, after all, and the vast majority may be making money.

2. Due to quality supply and other issues, it cannot be ruled out that there will be some star products in the future, which will encounter devastating blows and bring profound lessons.

3, but one thing is certain.The more rural, the more honest, the more vitality, the Chinese market, the more created all possibilities.

Crisis is always an organic in crisis. Moreover, we must be better at seizing opportunities and creating opportunities from crises.

Just as Ford’s wage increase ushered in a new consumer revolution and promoted the United States to become the richest country in the world, e-commerce, live streaming, policy guidance, and the rise of platforms are opening another window for China, a window big enough.

China’s rural areas are no longer the villages of the past; China’s farmers are no longer the farmers of the past. If anything is new infrastructure, it should be a new kind of infrastructure.

An extraordinary 2020! There are tears and excitement; there are hardships and longings. We have truly witnessed one history after another.

At a critical moment, innovation is even more needed. A new model is emerging in China and will change our lives. In a few years, we will see it more clearly.

Only 5.9mm thick, Huawei P7 will use HiSilicon octa-core CPU

  [PConline Information]Huawei’s press conference in Paris on May 7 is getting closer and closer. Although Huawei still refuses to say whether to release Huawei P7 at the press conference, looking at various leaks, P7 has almost no secrets. Including the double-sided glass design, equipped with an eight-core Kirin 920 processor, and an ultra-thin 5.9mm body.

Determine the double-sided glass design, Huawei P7 or release on May 7  Determine the double-sided glass design, Huawei P7 or release on May 7

  Huawei P7 was initially exposed to be equipped with a Kirin 910 quad-core processor, but according to the latest revelations on Weibo, P7 will use a 1.8GHz Kirin 920 octa-core processor, using Cortex A15 architecture, integrated ARM-Mail-T628 GPU, with dual-channel DDR3 memory. In addition, it runs the latest Android 4.4.2 system, adds NFC function, and has a built-in 2700mAh battery.

  The rest of the revelations are basically the same as before, including a 5-inch 1080p resolution screen, using the second-generation incell process. 8 million pixel front lens and 13 million pixel main lens, the main camera uses Sony MX214 sensor, the photosensitive area is 1/3.06 inches, and the Find 7 also used this camera.

  Huawei P7 will use a double-sided glass design, and the thickness of the body is only 5.9mm. It is rare that the camera does not stand out, which is good news for many users who like ultra-thin. Huawei has confirmed that it will hold a press conference in Paris on May 7, so the P7 is most likely to become the protagonist. The price remains 2688 yuan when the P6 is launched, and there are four color options.

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Determine the double-sided glass design, Huawei P7 or release on May 7


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BYD Hantang Double Flagship Champion Edition is listed at a price of 209,800-299,800 yuan.

Phoenix Auto News On March 16th, BYD’s Super Press Conference of "Re-creating the Peak on the Peak" was held grandly, and the Han EV Champion Edition and the Tang DM-i Champion Edition unveiled the product lineup. The Han EV Champion Edition launched five models at a price of 20.98-29.98 million yuan, and the Tang DM-i Champion Edition launched three models at a price of 20.98-23.38 million yuan.

At the same time when two new cars went on the market, BYD also announced that it had prepared two worry-free car purchase policies, one worry-free car guarantee, five exclusive VIP services and five Zhilian online services for users who bought two new cars.

BYD Han EV Champion Edition launched a brand-new glacier blue body color, using two core material technologies of BASF, which made the color appear metallic fluidity, and the visual effect was light and pure, which vividly set off the beauty of international fashion design.

In terms of performance, the Chinese EV Champion Edition two-wheel drive comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system, which can automatically adjust the damping force according to the road surface changes, flexibly adapt to complex and diverse road conditions, effectively filter the bumps caused by different roads, and bring comfortable riding experience. At the same time, it can enhance the driving pleasure of the vehicle.

Four-wheel drive models come standard with DiSus-C intelligent electronically controlled active suspension system, which can achieve millisecond control and response, while taking into account comfort and handling stability, greatly improving the sense of driving quality. In addition, the Han EV Champion Edition comes standard with aluminum alloy multi-link suspension, which enhances the handling performance of the whole vehicle through mass reduction and brings a comfortable and sporty driving experience.

In terms of configuration, the Han EV Champion Edition comes standard with 5G quick connection, intelligent voice interaction in four-tone area of the whole vehicle, NFC car key of mobile phone, high-efficiency heat pump air conditioner with wide temperature range, electric tailgate, ventilation/heating of main driver’s seat, front heat insulation sound insulation glass+rear black privacy glass; The middle and high-end models will also be equipped with high-end configurations such as steering wheel heating, intelligent fragrance, VTOL mobile power station with maximum power of 6.6kW, BSD blind spot monitoring system and W-HUD head-up display, which will once again enhance the value of BYD’s flagship car.

BYD Tang DM-i Champion Edition brings four advancements, and the new Glacier Blue body color brings advanced appearance, giving users the ultimate aesthetic experience. In terms of driving quality, the Tang DM-i Champion Edition comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system and aluminum alloy multi-link suspension, and the driving experience is fully upgraded. At the same time, the rim shape of the champion version of DM-i in Tang Dynasty was renewed, and tyre size was upgraded to 255/50 R20, which further enhanced the tire grip and comprehensively enhanced the riding comfort.

In terms of intelligent configuration, the Tang DM-i Champion Edition comes standard with NFC car keys, providing users with various ways of opening and closing. The car machine comes standard with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network connection system, which supports technologies such as 5G quick connection and dual-frequency positioning, and has the advantages of high bandwidth, low delay and large capacity. At the same time, BSD blind spot monitoring and W-HUD head-up display are added to make the active safety configuration more comprehensive.

In addition, the Tang DM-i Champion Edition has a maximum of 40kW dual-port fast charging, and the charging time of 30%-80%SOC is shortened to 22 minutes, and there is also a HiFi-class Dana audio, which brings the music quality of the palace. Intelligent voice interaction in the four-tone area of the whole vehicle, VTOL mobile power station (6.6kW), intelligent electric tailgate, ventilation/heating of the driver’s/driver’s seat, front heat insulation sound insulation glass and black privacy glass in the rear are all standard, bringing users a more comprehensive and comfortable travel experience.

Under the guidance of the national policy of expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption, BYD officially started the Han and Tang Dynasties to accelerate the sprint of millions of sales based on the strategy of the same price of oil and electricity, leading the process of popularizing brand new energy in China! With the launch of the Han and Tang Dynasties’ Double Flagship Champion Edition, the Han DM-i and Han DM-p models on sale simultaneously started the "One Million Acceleration Han Ran Heart Time Limit Courtesy", and enjoyed a cash subsidy of 10,000 yuan before April 30, bringing super rich car purchase courtesy with sincerity, and rushing to the milestone of one million sales together with consumers.

Beijing Auto Show | BYD Qin L Real Shot

On April 25,The new model Qin L was officially released.It will form a two-car pattern with Qin PLUS and sell it on the same network.. The interior design of this car is inspired by the traditional culture of China, adopting the concept of landscape painting, and integrating modern technology and aesthetics of new national trends.

It is reported that Qin L will be equipped with the fifth-generation DM-i hybrid system, which consists of a 1.5-liter engine and an electric motor. Previously, the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that the maximum power of the engine was 74kW, and the driving motor was available in two options: 120kW and 160kW. The car is expected to be listed in the second quarter of this year, and it is expected to be sold at 120,000 yuan.

BYD Qin, who caught fire, has nothing to do with the blade battery, but it has something to do with corporate conscience.

On November 23, some netizens broke the news that a BYD Qin Pro EV caught fire in an underground parking lot in Beijing, and there was no serious explosion at the scene. However, through the comments made by the owner on social media, it can be seen that the scene at that time was very horrible and almost threatened the life of his family.

Strangely, after this incident, many media were washing the floor for BYD. After reading it, I probably learned that I was telling everyone that although BYD Qin Pro EV caught fire this time, it was not a blade battery.

As we all know, around July this year, BYD announced that it would use blade batteries in all directions, which means that at present, the batteries on electric vehicles under BYD brand have all used blade batteries.

Blade battery can also be regarded as BYD’s bottom line in the field of electric vehicles. If there is a problem with the blade battery, it will be a disaster for BYD.

That’s why it happened. When BYD’s car caught fire, a lot of media came out to wash the floor for BYD. Most of the comments pointed out that this car was not equipped with blade batteries.

A fire is a fire. Anyway, this is a BYD.

For any brand, it is a very irresponsible attitude to start shirking responsibility once there is a problem. BYD, as the first independent automobile brand in China to set foot in the electric field, has good research and development capabilities and technical reserves. The vehicle that caught fire this time was indeed listed in March 2019, but it does not mean that BYD has reason to shirk responsibility.

At that time, this BYD Qin ProEV was equipped with ternary lithium battery. As we all know, the battery density of ternary lithium battery is about 70% higher than that of Ferrous lithium phosphate, and BYD had to give up lithium iron phosphate battery at that time for various reasons.

In fact, as early as the first generation of BYD Tang, we can see that BYD has actually realized the disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate battery. The first generation of BYD Tang, which was listed in 2015, was equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, and its curb weight reached 2.22 tons. In fact, its pure electric cruising range is only 60 kilometers, which can be said to be just passing the passing line.

In the modified model of 2017, BYD directly used ternary lithium battery, and the cruising range reached a more ideal 80km, and the top model even reached a pure battery life of 100km. Similarly, in the same period of BYD Song, we also saw BYD’s transition from Ferrous lithium phosphate to ternary lithium battery.

Although BYD now has a blade battery, BYD had no choice but to compromise the use of ternary lithium batteries because of the inherent shortcomings of Ferrous lithium phosphate. However, not all brands were able to control ternary lithium batteries, so the opening scene appeared. BYD Qin Pro EV, which was listed in 2019, caught fire in the underground garage, which almost caused casualties.

The author believes that no matter how to wash the floor, the fire has become an established fact, and any resistance to the facts is powerless. This kind of sophistry is simply untenable.

Judging from the current market performance, BYD’s market sales are gradually improving, which is certainly worthy of recognition. However, enterprises need to take responsibility if they want to get the recognition of users. If they start to argue and start sophistry after problems appear, then this is the beginning of a company’s decline.

At present, although BYD’s sales in the market are increasing, it is worth noting that its sales are mainly below 300,000. In the era when new forces are making cars, it is obviously impossible to achieve higher achievements in the market without high-end products.

According to the financial report in 2020, BYD’s total annual revenue is 156.6 billion yuan, which is quite gorgeous, with an increase of 22.59% year-on-year, but don’t forget that BYD’s business fields are very extensive.

At present, BYD’s business areas are mainly distributed in four major areas, namely, automobile, rail transit, new energy and electronics. From the financial report in 2020, BYD’s revenue in the automobile field is 84 billion yuan, accounting for 53.6% of the total annual revenue. It can be seen that BYD’s current automobile business accounts for half of its revenue, but the profit distribution is unknown.

This year, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD’s brand and public relations division, revealed at the senior executives’ conference that the average bicycle price of BYD at this stage has reached 151,700 yuan, which is much higher than that of other domestic independent brands. However, considering the financial report and sales volume in 2020, the total revenue of BYD’s auto business segment in 2020 is only 59.862 billion yuan, which is obviously different from the total revenue of 156.6 billion yuan.

It can be seen that BYD’s profit source does not come from the automobile sector, and it can even be boldly predicted that although BYD’s average bicycle price is high, there is a great possibility of not making money. At the same time, BYD still holds state subsidies for new energy vehicles, and its failure to reduce costs may be BYD’s biggest achilles heel.

In fact, BYD’s automobile field actually has a very wide coverage, with two series of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, covering seven conventional fields and four special fields, and our common private cars are only one of these eleven fields, as well as ten fields including taxis, urban public transportation and road transportation.

From this, we can analyze that in 2020, BYD’s total revenue in the automotive sector will be 59.862 billion yuan, which belongs toPassenger cars and non-operation.The revenue in the classification is very likely to be less, and overall BYD’s performance in profitability is relatively poor.

From the fire incident of a product to the current situation of BYD’s whole enterprise, it is not difficult to see that there seems to be a greater risk behind any small problem. This incident tells us that although BYD is booming in the automobile circle, it is an ironclad fact that it relies on other pillar products to maintain the situation. How to achieve positive growth through the automobile sector is what BYD needs to do at present.

BYD Tang EV is about to usher in a new generation, and its battery life has exceeded the 700-kilometer mark! It is expected to be listed in November.

Recently, according to the latest batch of information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is expected that a brand-new model, Tang EV, will be launched by the end of this year. According to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the model will provide two versions of cruising range, 615km and 700km respectively, which will mean that it is likely to become the first independent car company to mass-produce and break through the 700 km mark, and it is expected to be listed in November.

Cash Tang EV

There are many bright spots in the appearance of the new car. According to the information of the released declaration map, the front face of the new car continues the design style of Dragon Face 3.0, and the new Tang EV will adopt a fully enclosed mid-net design, with a large air intake grille under it for heat dissipation, and the fog light areas on both sides adopt a grinning outward design, so the front face of the whole car is more radical than the current one.

In addition, the back of the new Tang EV is designed to be wider and more square, and the new car is more like an MPV in terms of styling. In terms of taillights, the integrated taillight design will be retained. The English logo of "BUILD YOUR DREAM" is highly recognizable below, and a silver chrome-plated strip is used as decoration below, and the exhaust layout also adopts a hidden design. The whole car is more tidy from a visual point of view.

The body size of the new Tang EV is 4900*1950*1725mm, and the wheelbase is 2820mm. The length of the new car is increased by 30mm compared with the cash, which is estimated to be caused by the replacement of the new appearance kit. From the driving experience, the space and cash basically remain unchanged.

In terms of power, the new Tang EV will continue to adopt two models with single-motor layout and dual-motor layout, in which the single-motor layout can reach 700 kilometers and the dual-motor layout can reach 615 kilometers. Both models are equipped with Ferrous lithium phosphate’s blade battery pack, with a maximum battery capacity of 150kWh.

At present, some independent car companies such as GAC and Extreme Fox Alpha have launched new cars with a cruising range of up to 1,000 kilometers. It is reasonable to say that it is not unusual for Tang EV’s cruising range to exceed 700 kilometers. However, most of these new cars with a cruising range of up to 1,000 kilometers are cars, and the mass of Tang EV’s new car is as high as 2440kg, which is even heavier than some current models, but the cruising range still exceeds the 700-kilometer mark. From the perspective of the ratio of vehicle quality and cruising range, Tang EV is more dominant.

In 2 years and 8 months, the sales volume exceeded 300,000, and the Great Wall guns were listed on the trailer version of the new guns.

Although, since the beginning of this year, due to multiple reasons in the market, the production and sales of pickup truck market in the first quarter showed a downward trend year-on-year. However, after the new requirements for traction qualification vehicles and the implementation of new technical standards for pickup trucks issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the pickup truck market will continue to develop well from a policy perspective.

In this market, there are not a few competing brands, and brands such as pickup truck, Zhengzhou, pickup truck, Kaicheng and medium-sized pickup truck are all competing vigorously. Among them, the pickup truck is still firmly standing in the position of NO.1

On May 8, the 300,000th vehicle was officially rolled off the assembly line at Chongqing Smart Factory. At the same time, the family continued to innovate, and the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns were officially listed. And this new car brings more fun and trendy new lifestyles to fans.

In the current pickup market, the family market is very strong. It only took 2 years and 8 months, and the sales volume exceeded 300,000. This speed, even in the passenger car market, is very rare, but it has been achieved.

Of course, the rapidly rising sales volume is inseparable from the strength of our products. It has always been grounded in product design. For example, in this model, it breaks the simple product model of traditional commercial pickup trucks.

Today’s pickup truck is no longer a simple tool car. It is equipped with L2-level automatic driving assistance system, ZF 8AT gearbox, multi-link rear suspension, ACC adaptive cruise, active braking and other high-end and practical configurations. Meet the needs of fans in the whole scene.

Moreover, in terms of quality control, the car has also done a down-to-earth job. It is reported that the production by the smart factory in Chongqing has a perfect process and system tracking, regardless of the car-making process or detail control, which is one of the important reasons why fans can buy with confidence.

Compared with the ordinary pickup truck, the trailer model listed this time is more playable, and can transport motorcycles, tow yachts, RVs, motorboats, etc., and is suitable for more occasions. Moreover, in the Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driver’s License, which came into effect on April 1, 2022, a C6 driver’s license for light tractor-trailer was added. The trailer version has C6 trailer qualification.

It is reported that cars are not only constantly innovating in products, but also constantly cultivating pickup culture. Today, the Firearms Union Cheyouhui has covered 31 provincial teams, 800,000 fans of APP800,000, and six major pickup colleges, allowing more fans to experience that it is not just a model, but a new way of life.

Ghost fighting view: Today, more than 70% cities in China have relaxed the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city. As a new pickup truck model, it gives consideration to leisure and fashion, and brings unique product experience to fans. As a result, the sales volume continued to rise, and the cumulative sales volume exceeded 300,000 in just over two years after listing. It is reported that pickup trucks are still accelerating their entry into the global market, making gun products and gun culture go further. What do fans think about this? Leave a message for Brother Ghost.