The sales volume of the Great Wall Gun has exceeded 10,000 for six consecutive months. Netizen: C-position hammer of pickup ring!

By the beginning of November, the automobile sales season of Golden September and Silver 10 has come to a successful end. Although the market economy has been affected to some extent this year, it can be seen from the pickup truck sales data that people’s purchasing power is still strong, and the sales of most brands in the pickup truck market have increased year-on-year. Among them, the Great Wall pickup truck sold 20,405 vehicles worldwide in October, up 28% year-on-year, and the sales volume exceeded 20,000 vehicles for six consecutive months, accounting for nearly 50% of the market, showing the strong strength of the leader.

Continue to win the championship, and the strength is certified by the owner.

As the seed player of the Great Wall pickup truck, the strength of the Great Wall Cannon can’t be underestimated. Its sales volume continued to rise in October, reaching 11,291 vehicles, and its sales volume exceeded 10,000 for six consecutive months. It continued to win the championship in the pickup truck market and was phenomenal in the eyes of many pickup truck fans.

Then the question is, why can Great Wall Gun win the favor of car owners among many pickup brands in China auto market? We should focus on the demand level of prospective pickup truck owners today. Nowadays, the owners of pickup trucks are no longer engineering bosses and contractors decades ago, and young users who pay attention to driving experience have become a fresh force. The reason why they chose the Great Wall Gun is very simple. It has cool appearance, good comfort and passability, and most importantly, it is economical and has a high cost performance.

Empowering hard core strength to meet users’ needs

Take the pickup truck for the Great Wall Artillery as an example. In the aspect of driving experience, it adopts the suspension form of front double wishbone and rear multi-link. The measured adjustment experience is comfortable, and the vibration filtering and noise control are excellent. Coupled with the wrapped leather seat, the whole driving experience is comfortable and comfortable. Equipped with ACC adaptive cruise and 360-degree look-around system, the former realizes the autonomous deceleration or acceleration without the intervention of the driver, greatly reducing the driver’s fatigue, while the latter can make the owner clearly see the surrounding images during the reversing process, avoid the occurrence of collision accidents, and solve the problem of difficult parking from the source.

The Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is the first all-terrain mass-produced off-road pickup truck in China. It inherits the dual product characteristics of pickup truck and SUV, and it shows remarkable off-road performance and comfort performance. In terms of off-road performance, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck has more than ten unique off-road equipment with fever level, all of which are the first equipment of China pickup truck, such as three locks, tank turning around, crawling mode, seven driving modes, wading throat and off-road expert mode, which can tackle the extreme off-road sections and help enthusiasts get through every inch of rotten roads smoothly. In addition, the oversized rear bucket of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck can also be customized privately, which can easily open the life of the whole scene pickup truck.

Walking nonstop, playing outside the circle attracts onlookers.

This year, the Great Wall Gun kept on walking. It not only released the diesel 8AT used by the Great Wall Gun/commercial pickup truck, but also fully contracted the needs of users for leisure life, home and business. At the Beijing Auto Show, it released the combination of "three guns and one bomb", which attacked the field of electric pickup trucks, expanded the product matrix, created explosive modified models, and spread the pickup truck culture, which was amazing.

Of course, as a "trendy" pickup truck, the Great Wall Cannon also knows the psychology of young people, and put a number of big moves in the recent hot "Double Eleven snapping season". From October 21 ST to November 30 th, as long as you start with the gasoline version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Artillery, you can save 2500RMB; in a limited time; Start with the great wall gun off-road pickup truck and give a 3000RMB off-road gift package in a limited time; Starting with the diesel version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun and the commercial pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun, you can save 1500RMB in a limited time. In addition, in the Super Live Night of the Great Wall on November 7th, Vega and Orfila formed a brother and sister CP, giving exclusive benefits in the live broadcast room, so don’t be too cool!

It can be said that the all-encompassing Great Wall Gun has been recognized by the majority of car owners once it is launched. It not only has an excellent reputation, but also has achieved great success in sales. In the face of the different needs of a new generation of car owners, we constantly introduce brand-new pickup trucks that meet the needs of users, and make the "pet powder" to the extreme, which may be the reason why Great Wall Cannon can be favored by users!