In the name of "Milky Way", Geely set the top to create "Star" power

Text |Zhang Kun

design|Li Zhengwei

On February 16, Geely’s new mid-to-high-end series name "Galaxy" for the era of new energy vehicles was officially announced. From the name point of view, this name still has a strong "Li’s romance".

Those who are familiar with Li Shufu know that he has a strong "cosmic feeling" and his love for "stars" is beyond words:

As early as the beginning of the last century, Li Shufu said internally that the journey of Geely Automobile was the sea of stars; and on the flight back to China after Geely’s successful acquisition of Volvo in 2010, Li Shufu said to the full moon starry sky that perfection is the pursuit of the Chinese people, and then there is the Volvo that returns the tiger to the mountain; in the era of Geely 3.0 boutique car building, the naming of models such as Xingyue and Xingrui is also full of this color; even in the naming of many companies within Geely, the interstellar era, time and space, Taoyu… also reflect this romantic color.

In ancient times, people used to call the Milky Way standing on the dome the Xinghan, which was regarded as the most romantic and beautiful thing in the world. Therefore, Cao Cao sighed: "The Xinghan is brilliant, if it comes out of it".

Winning the firmament, wanting to compete with the heavens, this is the romance hidden in the bones of the Chinese people. In the name of the Milky Way, it shows a deeper expectation of Geely.

The famous philosopher Socrates once said that most of the success in the world is due to the inevitable results of accidental causes. If you pick the fruits from the wisdom of the sages, they can be roughly summarized into six words: time, place, and people.

For the current automotive industry, it is an era of rapid change that has left many people feeling unfamiliar.

In 2022, BYD rose to prominence, historically surpassing North and South Volkswagen to become the highest-selling enterprise in the Chinese auto market. The market share of Japanese and Korean models, which have always been known for their economy and durability, has contracted across the board, and the share of self-owned brand passenger cars will account for half of the country in 2022;

At the beginning of New Year’s Day, Barbarian Tesla’s incredible crazy price cuts set off a wave of new energy vehicle brand price fights, with countless brands involved.

After the Spring Festival, the world’s largest automobile company, Toyota, announced the largest personnel adjustment in recent years. The failure of Bz made it impossible for everyone to see where the world’s largest automaker by sales was headed.

Not long ago, the European Parliament passed a historic resolution by a narrow margin – 2035 ban on the sale of fuel vehicles. You know, Europe is the cradle of the world’s automobiles, and has accumulated a huge industrial chain cluster around the upstream and downstream of fuel vehicles;

The sales of traditional luxury brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi no longer made great progress, and the Japanese luxury car Lexus, which had always emphasized tonality, saw a decline for the first time. In contrast, the sales of Extreme Krypton, NIO, and Li Auto grew rapidly, and the new pattern of the luxury car market and the all-electric market has changed…

The world has changed, and so have the cars of the world.

There are black swans above and gray rhinos below. For most car companies, the days of smooth sailing and high clouds are gone, not to mention trying to eat all over the world through a novel routine.

Big waves require big changes.

In 2021, Geely officially established the extreme krypton car to face the high-end competition, and announced that it officially sounded the horn of competition for electric vehicles from a higher level. As of now, the cumulative sales of extreme krypton have exceeded 80,000 units.

If you look back, Geely’s journey on the track of new energy vehicles has not been smooth sailing. As early as 2016, Geely proposed the Blue Geely Action and launched a new Geometry brand within the Geely system. But whether it is the Geometry brand or Geely’s own new energy products, they have not achieved the corresponding expected goals in the market.

Looking back today, the core of Geometry’s success or failure may be the right time, the right place and the right person. The new energy vehicle products of the year were far less acceptable than today’s users, and Geometry’s actions at critical moments also deviated from the original planned track…

So in 2023, is Geely ready to embrace the smart electric era?

In terms of sales volume, Geely’s new energy vehicles achieved double growth in sales volume and penetration rate in 2022. The cumulative sales volume of its new energy products reached 328,727 units, and the annual new energy penetration rate was about 23%, which tripled compared with 2021. And the monthly new energy penetration rate exceeded 30% many times.

From a technical point of view, Geely has built an electrification system with multiple technical paths such as pure electricity, hybrid, power exchange and methanol. In particular, Raytheon Power and related electrification technologies have been widely recognized by consumers in the market.

From the perspective of organizational structure, Geely has undergone a series of talent echelon construction, especially under the demonstration of Extreme Krypton First, and has reached a high degree of recognition for the future of new energy vehicles.


Obviously, regardless of the sales volume of Geely’s new energy vehicles or the current Geely system’s understanding of new energy vehicles, the Galaxy starting in 2023 is more confident than the previous brand.

On the one hand, Geely has opened up the full link of new energy vehicles and accumulated a lot of technical experience by virtue of its layout in new energy vehicles over the past period of time. On the other hand, under the premise of scale, the Galaxy brand can participate in the market competition at the lowest cost.

These are the confidence that the Milky Way can break out of the confinement.

The current is the best time for Geely, but it is also the most painful time. But the real warrior is the ability to dare to innovate at the top of the critical moment. In the face of the surging tide of smart cars in the world, Geely must go to great lengths and have no way out.

According to some data, the future Galaxy series will have three power forms: pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and extended-range hybrid, and adopt a new design language and intelligent configuration, emphasizing direct user connection in operation. In addition, Geely’s "heaven and earth integration" intelligent security ecology is clearly visible, which is provided by the "sky eye" satellite, the "super brain" intelligent computing center provides computing power support and the super intelligent end point that is freely linked to intelligent things.

This means that in terms of the full set of playing methods, Galaxy is not limited to the past auspicious. With the positioning of the mid-to-high-end series, compared with new forces and friends, the sense of value should be increased, and the imagination space and expectations should be increased. However, due to the current data, we have not yet been able to fully and specifically analyze Galaxy’s playing methods and paths.

Looking back, during the months when the Galaxy project was revealed, some people believed it, some people questioned it, and some people were half-convinced. Between reason and emotion, most people did not dare to prematurely judge this ambitious plan. But what is certain is that Geely has enough imagination for his career.

There are no successful enterprises, only enterprises of the times.

In order to become a century-old store with a long-lasting foundation, enterprises cannot only think about making money, but must also correctly understand and have the courage to undertake the mission entrusted by the times, fully integrate and continuously strengthen their own capabilities and advantages, do the right things, important things, do what they can, and maintain innovation at all times.

Pony Ma: Tencent focuses on being a connector for the Internet

Speaking at the Mobile Internet sub-forum of the World Internet Conference, Pony Ma, chairperson and chief executive of Tencent, said the company would focus on being a connector to the internet: "Tencent’s advantage is in the communication and social platforms. Now the whole strategy is to return to the essence and be a connector to the internet, connecting not only people but also services and devices."

The following is the content of Pony Ma’s live speech.

It is a great honor to share with you some of my recent thoughts on this industry. Connectivity is very important for us, especially today’s topic of mobile Internet. From PC Internet to mobile Internet, two-way connection between people is becoming more and more important. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts.

The birth of new features of the Internet

Tencent has been developing for 16 years, China’s Internet has been around for 18 years, and the global Internet is also in its early 20s, making it a very young industry.

Today’s Internet can be said to have grown vigorously in China. At the morning conference, many guests mentioned that China’s development has become increasingly rapid. From a global perspective, four of the top ten Internet companies are from China, including the latest listed Alibaba and When they went public, they were among them, which is a very eye-catching achievement.

The Internet has undergone tremendous changes in the past three or four years. From the PC to the mobile Internet, we practitioners feel that the change has been so fast. When we see its inflection point, it is often half a year and a year, and it has suddenly passed. Many traffic, including Tencent, has undergone a rapid transformation in just two or three years, from the original 37 to 73, or even 28 to 82. This is a very big test for our industry, and new characteristics have emerged.

The most obvious feature is that the Internet industry was originally thought to be a new economy, but now everyone thinks it can be combined with various traditional industries. From the field of communications to retail, e-commerce, to entertainment, etc., a natural combination.

It turns out that there are no boundaries at all, such as finance, transportation, and many life services, such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Even taxi-hailing is linked to the mobile Internet, and a taxi-hailing company with a large market value has grown up.

In the past, Chinese and American Internet companies at home and abroad were often concentrated in a few giants. Now we see that many medium and large enterprises have begun to thrive in various fields, not limited to the original search, social networking, communications, and e-commerce. These traditional sectors, we see that each segment has grown into a relatively large industry leader. This is a big change I have seen.

Return to the essence of being a connector

For Tencent, we made a profit earlier in China. We made a profit in 2004. We went public on the main board in Hong Kong and had a three-year profit requirement. Because we operated online games very early, we had a lot of profits. We took some detours in the past, because we had profits, we found too many opportunities, and we went into many fields.

In the past six months and a year, we have undergone a lot of changes. We have found that the company’s best advantage is still concentrated on communication and social networking platforms, and our entire strategy has undergone great changes. We have partnered with Sohu for the search business and for the e-commerce business. We have returned to the most essential thing is to make connectors. Especially in the mobile Internet, we see new hope. It turns out that when you are on a PC, you will find it very difficult. Communication and social networking are only part of people’s lives, but in the mobile Internet, communication has great potential. Mobile phones are a natural communication tool, and a large number of opportunities to provide underlying services through communication and social networking have been born. This was not available in the PC era. Just open the browser in the PC era. But in the mobile Internet, we have people, contacts, and know his social network, in fact, a lot of bottom-level work can be done.

So we have a new repositioning, which is to be connectors. We hope to connect not only people, but also services and devices.

Our QQ present on all major platforms now has 820 million monthly active accounts, with an average daily message volume of 15 billion. On mobile phones, QQ has also made rapid progress. Active accounts in 542 million, with an average daily message volume of 10 billion. WeChat and WeChat are 468 million in one monthly active account. We feel that WeChat is a lot in first-tier cities. QQ and mobile QQ are very important platforms from the second, third and fourth lines to rural areas, and their growth is very fast. Get rid of the past PC era. Everyone only had two hours of online time. At that time, QQ went up as soon as they surfed the Internet, and it was turned off when they closed the network. Basically, QQ’s time is his total time. Now there is actually no concept of online, which will produce many new differences.

The second is service. In WeChat, we have introduced the system of public accounts and service accounts for the first time in an innovative way. In the past, it was hard to imagine that this could be done in the PC era. Through this service account, many services and merchants are connected, including his media, self-media people, and even the operator’s business hall. Banks can use this connection. There is no website, no website, and people can be easily connected. A lot of information and services can be forwarded and shared to one person, or a group, or even to all people in a fragmented manner. In social networks, it can be quickly reversed. This does not require a domain name, a website, or anything complicated at all. It can produce such a magical effect, and everyone circulates very quickly. This is a scenario we haven’t seen in the past few years. We feel like this is a prototype for a connected service, and there’s a lot more that could evolve.

The next step is to try to make connected devices. The device has just started. WeChat has a hardware platform and QQ IoT solutions, including in-car and other partners to launch car-connected solutions. These are early days. We feel that there are still many things that can be done, and it is impossible for us to do it alone. We must need partners to work together to realize such a great idea.

Open cooperation to cultivate an intellectual property ecosystem

For Tencent, the second principle is openness. We give a lot of non-core business to partners, and we cooperate with them. Our ecosystem is a more open ecosystem. We provide underlying communication, user authentication, or storage, or distribution platforms, or some transaction payment platforms based on this. We cooperate with partners in many vertical fields.

We see that more than three years ago, many companies proposed to open up, but looking back, Tencent still has some preliminary achievements in many businesses, including 5 million entrepreneurs, we roughly estimate that the valuation of the entire partner can exceed 200 billion.

Based on connectivity, based on openness, what do these partners mainly do? If it is to provide the simplest connection, it is pure pipeline, and I think its value-added services are not enough. For us, we have been in a field for the past 11 years, especially in the field of content, especially online games, we have rooted ourselves.

Facebook doesn’t do games, it does connections. Tencent is a little different. Tencent has gone halfway and has a large number of external developers, but it tries to develop games by itself, so that we can understand what this ecosystem is more suitable for. However, more of our content should not be developed by ourselves, but by our partners. This is a very complex system.

In the 18 years since the development of China’s Internet, it has gone from being completely disorderly and not paying attention to intellectual property rights to now paying more and more attention to intellectual property rights. Although the problem has not been completely solved yet, it has been obviously improving. Only in this way can the entire business model take shape. From video, music, animation, etc., will form an intellectual property ecosystem. This ecosystem cannot be done by only a few companies. It must be open and inclusive, with many partners participating, and a new ecosystem at multiple levels.


In the past six months and a year, we have undergone great changes, cultivating our self-cultivation and returning to our essence.

We partner with Sohu for our search business and for our e-commerce business. We return to the essence of making connectors.

– Pony Ma, Chairperson and CEO of Tencent

Wang Sicong presented the "Banana Project" award, and Bao Dexi cooperated with a new director

1905 movie network news  On the evening of June 18, the Shanghai International Film Festival series "Banana Curiosity Night" was held. Wang Sicong, chairperson of Shanghai Banana Project Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Wei Xiangdong, executive president of Banana Film, Zeng Maojun, president of Wanda Film, and Bao Dexi, Jiao Xiongping, Shu Huan, Liu Yi, Tian Yusheng, Dong Runnian and other filmmakers attended the event.

Before the awards were handed out that night, Wei Xiangdong first summarized the overall situation of the first "Banana New Screenwriters Dream Realization Project". The company finally selected 6 winning works from 3,170 applications. Wei Xiangdong admitted that by reading all the scripts, the team discovered the problems existing in the creation of young screenwriters at present, including serious genre homogeneity, content distortion, irregular writing format, serious lack of imagination and so on.

Adhering to the principles of rapid development, mature content, and in line with the audience’s aesthetics, the mentors who participated in this program, Jiao Xiongping, Liu Yi, Shu Huan, Zhou Zhiyong, and Yuan Yuan, awarded the first, second, and third prizes to "Me and My Hugh Grant", "Mirror World", "Men Are Still Young When They Die", "I Am a Big Star", "Genius Screenwriters", and "Movies Are Watching You". These contestants will directly receive cash prizes 800,000 to 1.50 million.

Wang Sicong presented awards to the winners

As the founder of the "Banana Project", Wang Sicong also presented awards to the winners that night. Referring to the original intention of the company’s participation in supporting young writers and directors, he said: "As a small company, we don’t have any performance pressure, and we don’t want to compete with big companies. I hope we can not be too troubled by performance, but can really put up a little money to help the film market that lacks infrastructure."

During the 2018 Shanghai Film Festival, Banana Films selected a group of young filmmakers through the "Banana New Director Digging Project". During the year, the company helped them lay the foundation by holding master classes and going to the crew to learn from the real world. Now, these young people will also officially "graduate" and start to complete their own projects.

That night, six projects directed by five new directors were officially announced. "Days of Living with the Villain" directed by Wen Yonge will be shared with NetEaseThe literary platform has reached a strategic cooperation, and his other work "The God of Cooking" belongs toiQIYI"Cloud Teng Project". Last year’s" Land Digging Project "No. 1 Mao Yongsheng will bring his own film" Lily Cherry ". Cui Rui and Qiu Xinda will direct this year’s" New Writers’ Dream Realization Project "award-winning works" Me and My Hugh Grant "and" I’m a Big Star "respectively.

Among them, "Me and My Hugh Grant" also invited Oscar winner Bao Dexi to be the supervisor. At the scene, Bao Dexi also expressed his hope to use his experience to help young people, and he also said with a smile: "I happen to be very familiar with Hugh Grant." In addition, the new screenwriter mentor Yuan Yuan will also bring a literary adaptation of the film "For N" with Yao Bo.

At the end of the event, Wei Xiangdong also announced the next two key investment works of Banana Film. They are Tian Yusheng’s new film released in the summer and Chen Sicheng’s supervised works. The company expects that the two works will be successful in the market as they have previously invested.

Create mobile phone + car integration, Meizu Flyme Link released

  [Autohome News] On November 30, the 2023 Meizu Autumn Boundless Ecological Conference officially kicked off. At present, the automotive industry has an increasingly strong demand for intelligence. The handcar integration solution represented by the mobile phone domain is at the forefront of the industry’s development and is committed to bringing intelligent empowerment to more cars. To this end, Xingji Meizu Group further launched the mobile phone domain popularization plan and released a new "handcar integration" solution Flyme Link.


"Star Meizu Business Planning"



  So far, Meizu has completed the construction of 300 + retail stores and 400 + service stores, and will gradually land in 1000 + core business district experience stores in the future, and the after-sales services experience will be comprehensively improved.

● "Handcar integration" solution Flyme Link

  At this press conference, the official showed us that Flyme Link has the functions of "three-finger task flow" and "address flow on the car". Any mobile app only needs three fingers to swipe up to make the app flow to the car screen; at the same time, when the mobile phone is connected to the car, the address copied on the mobile phone can also be directly transferred to the car, minimizing the operation process.






  Flyme Link can also achieve seamless connection, ecological sharing and capability sharing between mobile phones and cars without changing the original car system. According to the official description, after the mobile phone is connected to the vehicle, it is the parts of the entire car, which can provide hardware and computing power support for the car, realize the possibility of application circulation, application relay, fast link, data exchange, and achieve seamless collaboration between mobile phones and cars.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2023, basic model

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2023, basic model

  It is worth mentioning that Geely Galaxy’s new mid-to-large sedan – (|) will be the first model to be connected to Flyme Link. The Galaxy E8 is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship car chip 8295. With the blessing of Flyme Link, the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 on the Meizu 21 can achieve cross-platform unbounded interconnection with the Qualcomm 8295 on the Galaxy E8, and the two will realize the sharing of computing power, data, hardware and ecology. At the same time, FlymeOS also enables the two Qualcomm flagship processors to achieve cross-platform interconnection for the first time.


  Officials say Flyme Link will empower LINK OS N, Lynk & Co 06 EM-P and Lynk & Co 09 EM-P models.

● FlymeOS Chinese name: Unbounded


  FlymeOS officially named the Chinese name – Wujie. At the same time, Meizu also brought the new Flyme 10.5. The Flyme AI model brought by the new Flyme 10.5 brings an unprecedented upgrade to the mobile phone experience.


  The new Aicy can be used in life, study, work, and many other aspects. Not only can you use voice, but you can also communicate with Aicy by typing text to easily view conversations.


  The big model-blessed Aicy has also come to Flyme Auto, bringing new capabilities. All kinds of questions about using the car, including vehicle instructions, traffic rules consultation, vehicle maintenance, etc., Aicy can answer you immediately.


  Meizu also has an in-depth customized function for travel – an AI guide. It only takes a few seconds for Aicy to plan the itinerary, and the information of each location along the way is clearly displayed in the form of a timeline. With the blessing of a large model, Aicy can understand more complex travel demands.

  Aicy also supports a series of functions such as AI search, picture expansion, magic elimination, AI photo, etc. Make human-machine interaction easier and more enjoyable, create more freely, learn more with less effort, and make information and services accessible.

● Unbounded Zhixing open API



  In order to share the core capabilities of Flyme Auto with more ecological partners, Xingji Meizu has also brought a more open and convenient open API for car companies to access. Car companies can choose flexibly according to their own needs and access modular capabilities. Help car companies quickly improve the smart cockpit experience at the lowest cost and the highest efficiency.

● Meizu custom car plan



  This time, Xingji Meizu Group combined a series of manufacturing capabilities of Geely Group to create the first DreamCar in the history of Meizu – MEIZU DreamCar MX. MEIZU DreamCar MX will be customized by users with deep participation, and Meizu can co-create and define its paint, interior, car theme and a large number of personalized details. Officials said that the plan will start in the first quarter of 2024.


  All users who purchase Meizu 21 can directly deduct the original price from the purchase price when purchasing a car, and purchase their own DreamCar for Meizu friends.

● Smart glasses brand: MYVU


  As a new brand under the Star Meizu Group, MYVU takes "Only I See, IT’S MY VIEW" as the brand value proposition, and is a pioneer brand of creating technology and fashion AR glasses. Through fashionable design and extreme human factor design, AR smart glasses that can be worn in fashion all day and night can be realized.

MYVU discovery:

  Master AR glasses – MYVU Discovery is priced at 9999 yuan, and Meizu’s official website is fully open for booking.







  MYVU AR smart glasses will be equipped with the smart and lightweight Flyme AR operating system. As the first mobile-level interactive experience AR operating system, Flyme AR integrates advanced AR technology interaction logic to achieve a more intuitive and concise intelligent interaction experience. At the same time, MYVU AR smart glasses also introduce Smart Bar interaction function, so that smart glasses can also have intuitive, concise and rich information display. Not only that, the new Aicy voice assistant will also be presented on MYVU AR smart glasses. It is based on AI artificial intelligence and traditional voice capabilities. It has rich and practical voice applications, redefining voice assistants and solving users’ life and work problems 24/7.

MYVU smart glasses:






  MYVU smart glasses are priced at 2,499 yuan. For a more elegant appearance, MYVU uses a large number of very soft lines. MYVU brings a large number of optional color schemes, which are suitable for various types of wear and can also be combined with different visual enjoyment. MYVU material engineers have explored a new fiber material. After special processing, not only does it have the luster of tortoiseshell, but each pair will have a unique texture and color. It is reported that through lightweight improvements to the light engine, lenses, materials and volume, MYVU has controlled the weight to a particularly terrible range while taking into account the display effect and audio quality. It is only 43g. And there is a new MYVU customization workshop with a large number of customizable options. You can come to Meizu’s official website to customize your own MYVU.

● Meizu 21 series mobile phone




  The Meizu 21 will be equipped with the Flyme 10.5 system for the first time. The Meizu 20 series will start the closed beta registration tomorrow. The stable version of the OTA push will be carried out in January next year. The Meizu 18 series and 17 series will also be pushed in March next year. The Meizu 21 uses a 6.55-inch Samsung OLED display with a 120Hz high brush and a peak brightness of up to 1800 nits.



  The new Unbounded Antenna System 2.0 improves the signal level again by enhancing the antenna, optimizing the layout, and optimizing the system-level software. In addition, the new self-developed mSmart Net optimizes cards for various extreme situations.


  Meizu 21 uses the same CNC process for aviation parts, with higher processing accuracy and more peace of mind for daily use. In terms of color scheme, this time, the white panel of the car-grade paint has been released to create an exclusive Meizu White for Meizu Friends. Meizu 21 Meizu White will be listed on the market as soon as it is launched.






  Aicy smart ring, can be a classic message reminder breathing light. It can remind you with various light effects when the phone calls and notifications.




  In addition, for the chip, the new Meizu 21 adopts the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship three-piece set, which greatly improves the performance of the mobile phone. With exclusive ice world cooling technology, Onemind 10.5 and game mode 6.0. For the battery that users care about, the Meizu 21 is equipped with 4800mAh battery, supports 80W Meizu overcharge and 65W PD fast charge, and still has 66% power after five hours of battery life test. (Text/Autohome Zhouyi)

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

On the evening of April 24, Hengda Motor announced in an announcement that the Tianjin factory had suspended production of the Hengchi 5 due to insufficient funds. Before that, Hengda Motor also suspended other factories and concentrated resources on production at the Tianjin factory. The suspension of production at the Tianjin factory means that the first model of the Hengchi brand, "Hengchi 5", will be suspended for a period of time, but Hengda Motor said it expects to resume production in May 2023.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

Hengda Automobile’s suspension of production had long been foreshadowed. On March 22, Hengda Automobile has issued an announcement indicating that Hengchi 5 is in continuous mass production. As of March 23, 900 vehicles have been delivered, and informed the outside world that Hengda Group will face the risk of suspension in the case of not being able to obtain new liquidity. On the same day, Hengda said in the announcement that in order to concentrate financial resources to support the mass production of Hengchi 5, the company continues to promote cost-saving measures, including optimizing the staff structure. In addition, according to the original plan, a total of 5 billion-7 billion yuan will be required from 2023 to 2026 to support its plan to launch a number of flagship models. Hengda Automobile pointed out that in the case of not being able to obtain new liquidity, Hengda New Energy Vehicles will face the risk of suspension.

Combined with the analysis of the announcement disclosed yesterday evening, it means that the financing plan of Hengda Automobile is not going well, but yesterday evening China Hengda and Hengda Automobile both issued announcements to announce another way out of the predicament – China Hengda intends to acquire 2 yuan Hengda Automobile related projects and collect about 24.80 billion debt to help Hengda Automobile out of the predicament.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

China Evergrande and Hengda Automobile announced in separate announcements that China Evergrande intends to acquire 47 residential and property development projects under Hengda Automobile for 2 yuan. After completion, Hengda Automobile will no longer have any interests in the sale group. At the same time, China Evergrande will undertake liabilities of about 24.789 billion yuan for these projects as the transaction price. According to the announcement, the 47 projects sold by Evergrande Automobile include 21 Hengda Health Valley projects, 5 Hengda Health City projects, and 21 various property development projects. The projects are located in Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities. Evergrande Automobile said in the announcement that after the transaction is completed, it will continue to operate the existing main business of the new energy vehicle division and hold one residential and property development project in Tianjin and Nanning. In addition, Hengda Motor also stated that since it is only required to pay a nominal consideration of 2 yuan for the sale, the company does not expect to receive any net proceeds from the sale.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

That is to say, there will be almost no gain from the internal transaction. In this regard, China Evergrande said: "Considering the recent orientation of investors towards companies listed on the Stock Exchange that are mainly engaged in the new energy vehicle division, the board believes that the valuation of Evergrande Automobile can be improved by concentrating Evergrande Automobile’s business in the new energy vehicle division, which may help attract investors to join Evergrande Automobile and raise funds." At the same time, China Evergrande believes that the restructuring can optimize the structure of Evergrande Automobile Group, allowing it to focus on the development of the new energy vehicle division and allocate suitable resources to the research and development and production of new energy vehicles in the new energy vehicle division. In addition, Evergrande Automobile pointed out that it is actively seeking external potential investors for possible cooperation opportunities. As of the date of the announcement, no definitive agreement has been signed with any potential investors.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

In addition to reducing debt and attracting potential investors, China Evergrande also said in the announcement: "As part of the overall restructuring plan of its overseas debt, it is currently expected that the company’s financial creditors will be able to obtain bonds that can be exchanged for Evergrande Automobile shares on certain terms. Therefore, these creditors will also benefit from the value growth of Evergrande Automobile Group." According to the overseas workout announcement issued by China Evergrande, there are debt repayment plans linked to Evergrande Property and Evergrande Automobile shares in the corresponding debt repayment terms for investors to choose.

According to public information, Hengda Automobile, formerly known as Hengda Health, was initially responsible for operating China Evergrande’s big health business. In 2019, Hengda announced its entry into the field of new energy vehicles. In August of the following year, Hengda Health was renamed Hengda Automobile, responsible for promoting the research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicles, as well as the elderly care industry.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

So far, Hengda Automotive’s product matrix has a total of 9 models, including Hengchi 1, Hengchi 2, Hengchi 3, Hengchi 4, Hengchi 5, Hengchi 6, Hengchi 7, Hengchi 8 and Hengchi 9. The model grades include cars, SUVs, and MPVs, covering all grades from A to D. However, only one model has been mass-produced so far, and only 900 new cars have been delivered before they are discontinued.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

Hengda Automobile annual report data show that during the period of 2018-2020, Hengda Automobile lost 1.429 billion yuan, 4.426 billion yuan and 7.394 billion yuan respectively, that is to say, Hengda has accumulated 13.249 billion yuan in three years.

Although Hengda Automobile’s first model, Hengchi 5, has been mass-produced and listed, it is far from pulling Hengda Automobile out of the quagmire, which is mired in financial crisis. The latest financial report shows that as of December 31, 2021, Hengda Automobile’s total assets were 59.521 billion yuan, total liabilities were 58.83 billion yuan, and the asset-liability ratio reached 98.84%.

Obviously, the financial crisis has become an unavoidable problem in the process of Hengda Automobile’s car construction. Judging from the current situation of Hengda Automobile, if Hengda Automobile wants to continue to operate normally and mass-produce more new cars in the future, it means that Hengda Automobile still needs a lot of "blood transfusion". At present, Hengda is facing a lot of information about the person being executed. Under the fierce market competition, no one knows how high the wind wave Hengda Automobile can set off in the future. As for whether the Hengda Automobile crisis can be improved after this internal reorganization, the answer will soon surface.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

New car compulsory traffic insurance data shows that since the official delivery on October 29, 2022, Hengchi 5 has delivered a total of 975 vehicles, of which 519 vehicles will be delivered in 2022 and 456 vehicles will be delivered in the first two months of 2023.

Autonavi map wheelchair navigation goes online in Changsha

On May 17, it was learned from Autonavi Maps that Autonavi Maps wheelchair navigation will be officially launched in 7 cities including Changsha and Wuhan this month. In addition to cities such as Beijing and Shanghai that have already landed, Autonavi Maps wheelchair navigation has been supported in 13 cities across the country.

  Autonavi Map Wheelchair Navigation is a public welfare project specially developed for people with disabilities and walking disabilities. Since its launch in November 2022, the cumulative number of services provided has exceeded 2.30 million times.

  It is understood that the biggest difficulty in ** chair navigation is not technology, but "empathy". Because of this, the Autonavi map wheelchair navigation R & D team has done a lot of research and interviews, and even engineers have tried to sit in a wheelchair by themselves to perceive the difficulty of traveling for people with disabilities as much as possible. According to the research results, the core problem that people with disabilities rarely go out may not be that there are few barrier-free facilities, nor that they are unwilling to go out, but that it is impossible for people to remember every barrier-free facility and related routes in the city, and they are not willing to ask for help and trouble others frequently. And Autonavi map wheelchair navigation is to use technology to make friends in wheelchairs feel as safe and confident as possible when traveling, and relieve anxiety.

  Wheelchair users in 13 cities, including Changsha, now only need to turn on "barrier-free navigation" in the settings options on the Autonavi map app. Later, when using walking navigation, they will avoid underground passages, pedestrian bridges and other wheelchair-inaccessible sections. It can also combine barrier-free facilities such as barrier-free elevators and lifts to plan a barrier-free route for users.

The user is the main body! Haier Zhijia launches a green carbon plan to rejuvenate life

Wang Beibei, Trend Financial Reporter

The "trade-in" of home appliances is an important path to improve the quality of life of residents, promote economic growth, and accelerate the development of the industry. All along, the core power source of trade-in has been the user. That is to say, the user is the trade-in consumer and the main body of consumption. This means that enterprises must first come up with really good products, good technology, good solutions, and good life propositions in order to truly promote this matter efficiently and for a long time.

On April 17, the "Haier Better Life Renewal Season, Spring Technology New Product Renewal Conference" was held in Hangzhou. At the scene, Haier Zhijia launched the "Green Carbon Plan", using a series of smart technology new products and new scenarios to release Mercure, wisdom, health and green’s 4 new propositions, and through online and offline integration to promote the landing, with the best products, the greatest efforts, the most rights and interests, to create a green and beautiful new life covering clothing, food, housing, entertainment and transportation for users, giving consumers sufficient reasons to "replace".

Why change? The pursuit of life is changing, and so is the demand for home appliances

In the context of the new era, people’s demand for home appliances is no longer limited to "freeing their hands", but looks forward to more happiness in terms of beauty and intelligence.

Contemporary people’s pursuit of the aesthetics of home appliances is obvious to all. From the uniform "square box" shape of cabinet air conditioners in the early years to the cylindrical and double tower style later… With the flourishing of product shapes, people can better coordinate the style matching of home appliances and home improvement. Today, many people choose full-inlay, zero-inlay and other products to satisfy their ultimate pursuit of home aesthetics through the flush, deep, tight fit, and natural integration of home appliances and cabinets.

In addition to the beauty of the design, the new generation of home appliances has also realized the dual evolution of "basic functions" and "smart experience" in technology. For example, the refrigerator can not only keep fresh for a long time, but also automatically record the shelf life of the stored ingredients and recommend meal plans online; the new generation of air conditioners can not only adjust hot and cold, but also change the air at all times, continuously purify the air, and dynamically adjust the temperature and humidity of the whole house air, effectively preventing "air conditioner diseases"; looking at the latest generation of washing machine products, "even washing and drying" has become standard. High-end products can also wake up clothes and take care of clothes while doing laundry. Delicate clothes such as silk and cashmere no longer have to go to the dry cleaner every time.

So, trading in the old for the new is not just as simple as "replacing the old with the new". Greener, smarter, healthier, and more beautiful new home appliances mean that the lifestyle, attitude, and life experience can keep pace with the times, which is a happiness that is within reach.

For what? The Green Carbon Project uses technology to create a better life

In this context, green, low-carbon and recycling have become the direction and pursuit of contemporary people to create a high-quality life, and it is also the significance of actively promoting "trade-in". And this is also the core of Haier Zhijia’s launch of this better life renewal season. At the scene, Haier Zhijia officially announced a cooperation with "Farming Bar 2" and awarded the "Better Life Renewal Partner" certification to the teenagers, jointly announcing the full launch of the green carbon plan.

So what kind of life can the "Green Carbon Project" bring to users? We can find the answer from the 4 new propositions displayed by Haier Zhijia on the spot – Mercure, wisdom, health, and green. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

The first is "Mercure Rejuvenation". In the words of aesthetic designer Tang Zhonghan: "Aesthetics have become an important trend for contemporary young people to build living spaces." However, traditional decoration is often difficult to achieve the integration and unity of home appliances, home furnishings and overall style. To this end, Haier Zhijia has brought Haier Baiqiao sets with embedded design, as well as Casarte Zhijing fully embedded smart kitchen sets. Among them, Zhijing series hoods, stoves and steam ovens can be perfectly embedded in cabinets "horizontally and vertically" and "tightly together", creating the ultimate home aesthetic space for users.

"Smart Renewal" represents the smart upgrade of product functions and the "active service" that supports mutual collaboration, which is also the embodiment of Haier Zhijia’s most leading smart technology. Take the refrigerator as an example, the full-space smart fresh-keeping cabin pioneered by Haier Zhijia can not only actively sense the type of ingredients and automatically match the storage environment, but also actively sense the odor to start the "five-in-one" sterilization and purification mode; in addition, Haier’s refrigerator can automatically recommend family recipes according to the stored ingredients, and link the smart oven to achieve one-click baking. The hood can also automatically adjust the wind according to the firepower of the stove…

"Healthy Renewal" and "Green Renewal" solutions are responsible for ensuring the health, efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction of the whole house air, laundry care, tableware disinfection and sterilization, etc. Of course, this also requires leading scientific and technological support. For example, Haier Washing Air G series air conditioners have built-in non-consumable negative ion emitters, which can effectively remove 7 types of pollutants in the air, and can also improve the efficiency and comfort of air supply through polymerization air supply technology. The feature of Haier ceramic heating cabin water heaters is that the all-ceramic structure realizes 0 scale and no cleaning, ensuring that the water is clean while saving 50% of electricity.

It can be said that Haier Zhijia not only brings the most advanced scientific and technological achievements, the richest smart products, and the smartest scene experience, but also paints a new picture of beautiful, intelligent, healthy and green life for users, and uses "technological power" to interpret the new consumption ideas of the new era.

How to change it? Online and offline integration, replacement of home appliances does not "forget the old"

In order to ensure that users across the country can efficiently achieve a new lifestyle upgrade, Haier Zhijia will bring users the best products, the greatest efforts, and the most rights and interests, and accelerate the implementation through "online and offline integration".

Online, Haier Zhijia released a renewal solution to users on the "Douyin Super Brand Day" to establish a new idea of a new life; while offline, Haier Zhijia simultaneously launched the trade-in "Hundred Cities and Thousand Counties", sending users 1 billion renewal subsidies and thousands of technology appliances, and will continue to create urban green carbon space and promote green carbon lifestyle tours.

Specifically. In terms of product renewal, Haier Zhijia will bring thousands of green smart home appliances in all categories such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, etc., as well as 1 billion replacement subsidies and fast delivery, ten-year warranty and other rights and service guarantees; in terms of scene renewal, Haier Zhijia will combine CCTV’s "super transformation home" 0 yuan bureau change to recruit user experience, with a maximum subsidy of 50,000 yuan, and three-winged birds will also provide 8-hour light-speed balcony renewal customized services; in addition, users who purchase 10,000 will have the opportunity to extract Qingdao 3-day tour, corporate WeChat and Mini Program will have cash red envelopes and sharing gifts to participate in the event, and old users can also enjoy weekly free tickets.

In response to the "old machine disposal" problem that many users are worried about, Haier Zhijia can also provide a complete one-stop service. Users can report their home appliance recycling and replacement needs through the Haier Zhijia Mini Program and Haier Zhijia APP. After the system automatically estimates the recovery price, the service staff will come to the door to "pull the old and send the new". The point is that the recycled old home appliances will not be wasted, but will be dismantled uniformly in Haier’s recycling Internet factory. The iron, aluminum, copper, and various hard plastics dismantled will be recycled, turning waste into treasure.

In fact, Haier Zhijia is not only "replacing the old with the new" for users, but also blazing a "green transformation road" internally. By continuing to up the ante layout of the recycling industry, Haier Zhijia has built the industry’s first integrated "recycling-dismantling-regeneration-reuse" Internet factory for home appliance recycling, achieving an annual carbon emission reduction of about 17,000 tons. In addition, Haier Zhijia also integrates low-carbon and energy-saving into the whole product life cycle around R & D, production, use and other aspects, providing a new path for the green and low-carbon development of the industry

At present, the industry is in a critical period of green transformation, and the consumer side is also accelerating the upgrade of intelligent and green demand. For enterprises, accelerating trade-in and promoting the popularization of low-carbon green lifestyle has become the top priority of high-quality development. And this time, Haier Zhijia’s good life rejuvenation season – the national launch of the green carbon plan, let us see that this enterprise is not only determined, but also confident and capable of leading the green and low-carbon development of the industry and accelerating the implementation of a good life in thousands of households.

Emergency Management Department of the National Defense General Office: further dispatch and deploy flood control and typhoon prevention work in key areas.

  The appearance of Song L was officially exposed, and the model was positioned as a B-class flagship hunting SUV. It adopted a new generation of "Pioneer Beauty" design language of Wangchao. It perfectly restored the pioneer posture of the concept car, and was inspired by light, giving it a sense of elegance and combat effectiveness. The hunting style was directly full.

  The pioneer dragon’s face is full of sense of movement and fierceness. The two dragon teeth next to the front grille show confidence and calmness, and the 3D dragon of Longjing headlights must flow with light and shadow.

  Coming to the side, the streamer dome has an arc with low wind resistance coefficient and a sense of strength, giving consideration to aesthetics and function; The waistline reproduces the light energy rune elements of the concept car, and constructs a surface with softness in the middle; The well-received five-star wheels on the concept car have also been preserved.

  The streamer tail light at the rear of the car realizes the blending of classicality and the future. It is reported that Song L has a vehicle size of 4840*1950*1560 and a wheelbase of 2930, which is even better than Model Y..

  With the support of E platform 3.0, CTB battery body integration technology and Yunqi intelligent body control system, Song L will realize the perfect integration of design and performance. It can be foreseen that the explosion potential of Song L, the market structure of B-class pure electric SUV will be rewritten.

Changzhou Volvo XC60 significantly reduced the price, with a maximum discount of 132,400! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

In the car home Changzhou preferential promotion channel, we are pleased to announce that the current preferential car series is! This high-profile SUV model is enjoying a maximum discount of 132,400 yuan in Changzhou, with a minimum starting price of 283,900 yuan. As a luxury model, Volvo XC60 has excellent quality and performance, which brings excellent driving experience to consumers. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and strive for higher discounts to make your car purchase experience more enjoyable.

The design of the Volvo XC60 is highly recognizable. The front face adopts a unique Volvo family-style design, and the air intake grille is decorated with chrome, which is very delicate. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, giving people a noble and steady feeling. At the same time, Volvo XC60 is also equipped with advanced technologies such as LED headlights and daytime running lights, which makes the vehicle safer at night and during the day. In addition, the chrome trim and large-size rims on the side of the car also highlight the luxury of the car, making the car more dynamic and fashionable. In a word, the design of Volvo XC60 is both practical and beautiful, which perfectly shows the design essence of Swedish brand.

Volvo XC60 is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4708*1902*1660mm and a wheelbase of 2865mm. The body lines are smooth and the design is full of strength. The car uses tires with 235/60 R18 front and rear wheels, with a front tread of 1653mm and a rear tread of 1657mm. The design of car side lines is simple and generous, showing a unique Nordic style. At the same time, the car is also equipped with 18-inch rims, which increases the overall sense of movement and luxury of the vehicle.

The interior design of Volvo XC60 is simple and generous, and high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship are used to create a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable, and the position can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, which is convenient for drivers to find the most comfortable driving posture. The 9-inch central control screen has a large size and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can control functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and is easy to operate. The front and rear rows are equipped with Type-C and USB interfaces to meet the charging needs of passengers in the car. The seat is made of imitation leather, and the main driver and co-pilot seats can be adjusted front and back, backrest, height and lumbar support. The main driver seat is also equipped with heating function. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion, which increases the flexibility of storage space. Generally speaking, the interior design and configuration of Volvo XC60 are very humanized, providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable driving experience.

The Volvo XC60 is powered by a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. This engine cooperates with the 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and excellent acceleration performance, so that drivers can feel strong power output and comfortable operation experience during driving. At the same time, the engine also has high fuel economy, which makes your driving more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Overall, the engine of Volvo XC60 performs well, which can meet the driver’s demand for power and economy.

Among the owners of Volvo XC60, there is a rider from Qingdao. In his comments, he mentioned that this car has strong sense of security, good comfort, relatively low fuel consumption and beautiful appearance. These four advantages are undoubtedly the highlights of Volvo XC60. For a strong sense of security, Volvo has always been a leader in safety performance, and it has excellent performance in both active and passive safety. Comfortable, because Volvo XC60 adopts luxurious interior design and comfortable seats, as well as excellent sound insulation effect, so that drivers can get the best rest and enjoyment during long-distance driving. The relatively low fuel consumption is also one of the highlights of the Volvo XC60, thanks to its advanced power system and lightweight body design. The beautiful appearance is because the Volvo XC60 adopts a fashionable and dynamic design, so people can’t ignore its existence at first sight. To sum up, the Volvo XC60 is a very recommended luxury SUV in the eyes of car owners, and its safety performance, comfort performance, fuel consumption performance and design are impressive.

"Fitness Path", have you used it correctly?

  There is a beautiful scenery in the community, by the river and in the park. Have you noticed it? It is a fitness area composed of some brightly colored fitness equipment, where grandparents or parents often play with their children. Do you know what these instruments are called?

  These fitness equipment have a name, and its scientific name is "National Fitness Path".

  Generally speaking, the "national fitness path" is mostly located in parks, green spaces, rivers and residential areas with good environment. A kind of sports equipment is installed at intervals, and there are paths connecting all kinds of equipment, which is the road to health. Because it is more suitable for ordinary people to exercise, it is called "National Fitness Path".

  What is the "fitness path"?

  In order to implement the national fitness plan and promote the development of urban and rural residents’ fitness activities, the government has invested in building national fitness centers and multi-functional sports venues to provide venues and equipment for residents’ fitness activities, and the "National Fitness Path" is one of the important components.

  The "national fitness path" refers to outdoor fitness equipment suitable for the masses to exercise. One kind is installed at intervals, and there are paths between the equipment, so it is called "fitness path". At present, under the guidance of national policies and guidelines, most urban and rural areas in China have built a series of community fitness paths, administrative village fitness paths and park fitness paths. These fitness paths play a positive role in strengthening people’s physique and can meet the fitness needs of different people.

  What is the use of "fitness path"?

  As the name implies, the "fitness path" is used for fitness, which is composed of a number of fitness equipment with different functions. These devices can exercise arm strength, leg strength, waist and abdomen strength, relax muscles and exercise our speed and flexibility.

  The "national fitness path" can also improve the physical function and quality of ordinary people, relieve the work pressure and mental depression, and finally achieve the goal of preventing and curing diseases and prolonging life.

  What changes have taken place in the body of middle-aged and elderly people?

  In the middle-aged and elderly population, a series of changes have taken place in body shape and function, such as decreased body organ function, decreased cardiopulmonary function, decreased muscle, decreased strength, decreased nerve function and flexibility, and increased body fat. Fitness exercise plays a great role in keeping the middle-aged and elderly healthy, prolonging life and improving the quality of life. The fitness path around us provides a good fitness venue and equipment for middle-aged and elderly friends. However, the adaptability of middle-aged and elderly people is obviously reduced, and their ability to respond to sports stimuli is poor. Faced with numerous equipment on the fitness path, it is easy to cause sports injuries if it is not properly selected. Therefore, the use of fitness path is more important for middle-aged and elderly people.

  What problems should middle-aged and elderly people pay attention to when using fitness path?

  First of all, regular physical examination to understand the health level and physical condition.

  Secondly, safety comes first. It is suggested that middle-aged and elderly people should walk together when exercising through the fitness path, and try not to be alone. If there is any discomfort in the exercise, stop it immediately. Pay attention to the weather changes when exercising, and it is not advisable to exercise in bad weather such as cold, wind, rain and fog.

  Third, pay attention to dress when exercising, wear soft, warm, light, breathable and sweat-absorbent clothes, and sports shoes with thick soles, good elasticity and appropriate size. In winter, you can wear hats and gloves without affecting safety and exercise.

  Fourth, middle-aged and elderly bodybuilders with diseases or injuries should exercise under the guidance of doctors or professional rehabilitation instructors.

  Fifth, before exercise, we should make full preparations. After exercise, we should pay attention to relaxing and sorting out activities, and replenish water properly during exercise.