Zhu Huarong: Changan cooperates with Huawei to focus on smart driving and other fields, and does not engage in vehicle business.

The Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Bai Haotian) On January 16th, at the Changan Automobile Global Partner Conference, regarding the development of the joint venture between Changan and Huawei, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said that the two sides would focus on smart driving solutions, smart cockpit, smart digital platform, smart Che Yun, AR-HUD and smart lights. Do not engage in vehicle business, do not engage in new company business, do a good research and discussion on intelligent selection business, continue to promote cooperation with other strategic partners, and create products with cost advantages and super experience.

Proofread Liu Jun

Live broadcast with goods can not be consumed "trust"

  A number of online celebrity’s recent "tragic auction" incident caused widespread concern. They deliberately design scripts and words, and deceive well-meaning consumers through live broadcast and false marketing. Due to the huge amount involved, the social impact is extremely bad.

  Fake help to farmers, really bring goods. Selling miserable false marketing is indifferent to feelings, unreasonable to reason, and unacceptable to law. What needs to be reflected is that similar farce has been staged repeatedly, and there have been many criticisms on the Internet for a long time. Why can online celebrity, who is under the banner of helping farmers, repeatedly bluff and cheat?

  The cost of traffic fraud violation is low. A script, several actors, through fictional experiences on the Internet platform, can gain the sympathy of netizens, bring goods live openly, and even sell fake and shoddy products. This practice not only infringes on consumers’ right to know, but may also be suspected of constituting a crime. Low risk and huge returns have become the driving force for some live broadcast operators and online celebrity to take risks.

  Live broadcast with goods lacks rigid constraints. In recent years, online celebrity’s economy has developed rapidly. Under the commercial packaging, many anchors have become popular and quickly realized their traffic. Due to the profit-seeking nature of capital, shanzhai is in power and counterfeit goods are rampant frequently. This shows from the side that the live broadcast industry is developing rapidly, but the industry standards and norms that match it should also keep up in time.

  It is difficult to prove consumer rights protection. There are a large number of online celebrity scattered on major live broadcast platforms, and most businesses do not have physical stores. The duration of false propaganda is generally short, so it is not difficult to obtain evidence directly. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to trace the true source of goods, and it is even more difficult to prove online celebrity’s false propaganda. Under normal circumstances, only after the business is subject to administrative punishment can consumers complain with the punishment record.

  The chaos has been repeatedly banned, and the platform is hard to blame. In the pursuit of value that traffic is king, some platforms have become distribution centers for fake goods, which are full of labeled sales and fake and shoddy goods. In the long run, these platforms will overdraw the trust of consumers, leading to the gradual loss of users, and ultimately the loss will outweigh the gain. Therefore, in order to develop healthily in the long run, the platform should strictly filter user content and truly implement disciplinary measures.

  The auction and false marketing not only overdraw the goodwill of the public, but also corrupt the social atmosphere. Online celebrity should realize that the fan economy is a trust economy, and if trust is consumed wantonly, the consequences will be very serious once it is overturned. Since false marketing will cause harm to all parties, it is necessary to strictly investigate the live broadcast accounts that violate public order and good customs to defraud netizens, cut off traffic empowerment and illegal profit-making channels, and also clear the space for online consumption.

State-level New District along the Yangtze River Chongqing Liangjiang New District: Writing Green Development Road

State-level New District along the Yangtze River Chongqing Liangjiang New District: Writing Green Development Road

  On 14th, the activity of "Beautiful China Yangtze River Station in Chongqing" entered the second day. On that day, the reporter walked into China Automotive Engineering Research Institute in Liangjiang New District of Chongqing. Photo by Han Wei

  Chongqing Liangjiang New District, a State-level New District along the Yangtze River: "Half Mountain and Half City" Writing Green Development Road

  Zhongxin. com, Chongqing, May 15 (Reporter Han Lu) The water of the Yangtze River has given birth to life and civilization along the river. In the 679 kilometers that the Yangtze River flows through Chongqing, there is a shining "star" — Following Shanghai Pudong New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area is the third national development and opening-up area in China approved by the State Council.

  On the 14th, the second day of the "Beautiful China Yangtze River Tour Chongqing Station" activity, the delegation came to Liangjiang New District in Chongqing. Liangjiang New Area focuses on green smart cars, emerging electronic information and high-end equipment manufacturing. Here, a number of high-tech enterprises with environmental protection are stationed.

  "Ecological civilization construction is the key work of Liangjiang New Area. From production to life, all development and construction must adhere to ecological priority, eliminate pollution from the source, and once the plan is formulated, it must be unswervingly implemented to the end." The relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area told the reporter that in recent years, Liangjiang New Area has completed more than 10 professional plans, achieved full coverage of the plans, and delineated the blue line, green line and ecological red line, providing a basic guarantee for protecting the mountains and water in Liangjiang New Area.

  On the same day, the reporter walked into the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and Huaneng Liangjiang Gas Engine Factory in Liangjiang New Area to explore the green development road of Liangjiang New Area.

  Cars have already "entered the homes of ordinary people". With the consumers’ demands for automobile safety, intelligence, comfort and health, it is getting higher and higher.

  "Noise, vibration and safety can be said to be a concentrated expression of the quality of passenger cars." The person in charge of the State Key Laboratory of Automobile Noise, Vibration and Safety Technology of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute said that as the technical shortcoming with the biggest gap between independent brands and foreign brands, automobile noise, vibration and safety are also the most concerned and easily perceived performance of consumers.

  According to the person in charge, the State Key Laboratory of Automobile Noise, Vibration and Safety Technology, which belongs to China General Technology Group China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., was established with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2010. It is the only state key laboratory of automobile enterprises in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Since its establishment eight years ago, the laboratory has focused on three aspects: automobile noise and vibration, automobile active and passive safety and automobile electronic control.

  According to reports, as far as scientific research conditions are concerned, the laboratory currently has the research and development conditions that reach the level of international first-class scientific research bases, and the related scientific research equipment and instruments reach 400 million yuan. Among them, the semi-anechoic room, full anechoic room, abnormal sound laboratory, multi-angle vehicle collision laboratory, trolley collision laboratory, crash dummy, 10m anechoic room and intelligent networked vehicle test demonstration area have reached the international advanced and domestic leading level.

  In the research of automobile passive safety technology in the laboratory, we not only focus on the research of common technologies in the field of automobile passive safety, but also provide a complete set of star-rated development optimization schemes for enterprises in the development of automobile passive safety vehicles and parts. In the field of passive safety of new energy vehicles, the collision protection technology of power battery pack is put forward, which provides a systematic solution for enterprise research and development and design.

  The person in charge of the laboratory revealed that at present, the laboratory has the world-class third-party collision test capability. It has the ability of vehicle-to-vehicle collision, real vehicle rollover test, pedestrian protection test and collision simulation test with different angles from 0 to 180.

  On the basis of the research on automobile safety and maintainability, the laboratory also cooperated with the insurance industry across disciplines to establish and publish the "C-IASI Test and Evaluation Procedure of China Insurance".

  In the water and soil industrial park not far from China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, a modern energy station is providing a steady stream of green power for the development of Liangjiang New District, which is Huaneng Liangjiang Gas Turbine Power Plant. Here, the definition of thermal power station is green, energy saving and environmental protection.

  When the reporter walked into the production area, he couldn’t see the traditional chimneys, couldn’t hear the roar of machines, and all kinds of pipes like cobwebs disappeared. The clumsy feeling of traditional factories was replaced by garden-style factories.

  According to reports, Huaneng Liangjiang Gas Turbine Power Plant has such a "beautiful" appearance, because the factory has put on a "coat" for the main buildings by transforming the appearance, which not only pursues fashion and beauty, but also has the functions of noise reduction and fire prevention; The appearance of the chimney adopts hotel-style design, which changes the hyperbolic cooling tower design of the traditional power plant, adopts mechanical ventilation tower, and is designed as an office building, with a silencing wall at the bottom, which makes the power plant "not like a power plant" & HELIP; …

  "Our gas turbine adopts a low-nitrogen burner and simultaneously builds a denitrification device. The emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are far below the national standards." Bao Yong, general manager of Huaneng Chongqing Liangjiang Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd., said that after calculation, for every 100 million kWh of power generated, Huaneng Liangjiang Gas Turbine Power Plant can reduce nitrogen oxides by 22.2 tons, equivalent to the annual emissions of 37,000 cars; It can reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide by 63.4 tons, equivalent to the emission of 23,000 tons of coal; Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 51,000 tons is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 13.36 tons per mu of forest, which is equivalent to planting 38,000 mu of trees.

  Liangjiang New Area has been using and exploring green energy and clean energy. Huaneng Liangjiang Gas Engine Factory is the first gas in Southwest China — The comprehensive clean energy station with steam combined cycle combined cooling, heating and power supply gives full play to the advantages of green, low carbon, cleanliness and high efficiency. The emission of sulfur dioxide, the main pollutant, is only one tenth of the national standard, and nitrogen oxides are less than half of the national standard, which has made contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Entering the European market, China brand new energy vehicles have become the "new force" at the auto show

  CCTV News:The 2023 Munich International Auto Show was held from September 5 to 10, local time. During the six-day exhibition, leading industry representatives from micro-mobile, bicycles, automobiles, suppliers and technologies focused on displaying the latest automotive technology and intelligent travel solutions. It is noteworthy that at this auto show, some familiar China auto companies, such as BYD, Sailis and Xpeng Motors, have become the "new force" at the auto show. China car companies are no longer just showing, participating and learning, but clearly sending a signal to enter the European market.

  As one of the most influential and largest auto shows in Europe and even the world, the 2023 Munich International Auto Show shows us a series of major changes that are taking place in the automobile industry.

  General Station reporter Ruan Jiawen:This year, the proportion of foreign exhibitors increased by 17% compared with the previous session, reaching 50%. Among them, the number of exhibitors in China has more than doubled compared with the previous year, making it the country with the largest number of exhibitors except the German host.

  Everyone is paying attention to "China automobile enterprises go out to sea collectively". At the Munich Auto Show, which is known as the "Olympic Games" of the world automobile industry, what changes are taking place in the role of China automobile enterprises in this auto show when the exhibition front of China brand new energy vehicles is full of spectators?

  From the outside world, "cost advantage" is an important competitiveness of China’s automobile export to Europe. According to the data of Jato Dynamics, in the first half of 2022, the average cost of brand electric vehicles in China was less than 32,000 euros, while the average cost in Europe was about 56,000 euros. It is worth noting that the cost advantage of China automobile enterprises no longer only comes from the factor cost of production, but also the vertical integration ability, R&D and technology are important reasons for China automobile enterprises to gain the cost advantage.

  You Ergen M, Managing Director of German Automobile Industry Association:In recent years, we have deeply felt the strong development and innovation vitality of China’s automobile industry, so we are very happy that not only German enterprises are active in China, but also China cars can often be seen on the roads in Germany and even Europe.

  Before the opening of the auto show, Luca de Mayo, CEO of Renault, told local media that China’s electric vehicle manufacturers were obviously more competitive in the new value chain. He admits that this advantage is a whole generation ahead of Renault cars. On September 4, German Chancellor Schulz also said at the opening ceremony of this auto show that "competition should inspire us, not scare us." In the face of competition from emerging markets such as China, Schultz said that in the past few decades, the German automobile industry has been subject to competition from Japan and South Korea respectively; Nowadays, electric vehicles from China will also provide "innovative driving force" for German car companies.

"Village Super" Observation: The Power of a Football

  After "Village BA", there is another "village-level" sports event in Guizhou — — "Village Super".

  "Village Super", the full name of which is "Rongjiang (Sanbao Dongzhai) in Guizhou and the American Country Football Super League", is attended by 20 local football teams spontaneously formed by villages. Since the start of the competition on May 13th this year, "Village Super" has quickly screened the network with its grounded competition style and fiery atmosphere.

  Look at a set of pictures first to show you the scene of "Village Super" ↓

  On the pitch, wonderful scenes such as "hanging the golden hook upside down" and shooting from a long distance were staged in turn. The players came from all walks of life, including farmers, fruit vendors, restaurant owners, truck drivers and school students … … The youngest is 14 years old and the oldest is over 50 years old.

  The stands, which can accommodate more than 50,000 spectators, are packed. People from all over the country are cheering, including young people with boiling blood, children who have just learned to speak, and grandmothers in their eighties.

  During the intermission, the cheerleaders dressed in traditional costumes and singing and dancing went to the pitch, dancing dragons, playing lusheng and singing Dong songs … … The pitch changes into a "national stage" every second.

  There are also villagers from each village team who bring local specialties such as sesame cakes, rolled rice flour, bayberry and watermelon to the audience to "feed" and the scene becomes a "food exchange meeting".

  The prizes of "Village Super" are also unique and grounded, including pig’s trotters, Daoxiang fish, Xiaoxiang sheep and local geese … … Every weekend, the "Village Super" competition will last from afternoon to midnight, and the finals will be held on the evening of July 29th.

  The popularity of "village supermarket" has been going on, which not only makes Rongjiang people’s pockets richer, but also provides "new ideas" for rural development.

  "Pocket" is more drum    

  "Hello, do you have any rooms available on Saturday and Sunday this week?"

  "Sorry, the room is fully booked."

  "What about Saturday and Sunday next week?"

  "It’s full, too."

  This is a conversation with the customer when the front desk staff of a hotel in Rongjiang County received a reservation consultation call on July 20th.

  This hotel is less than 1 km away from the "Village Super" football field, and the front desk staff of the hotel said, "‘ Murakami ’ On the weekend of the competition, all our rooms were booked, and many guests booked them one month in advance. There will be a friendly match in August, and many rooms have been booked. " During the speech, the telephone number at the front desk kept ringing.

  The staff of another hotel in Rongjiang County said, "‘ Murakami ’ During the competition, more than 100 rooms in our hotel were full. Many foreign tourists booked in advance, and they couldn’t book a room if they booked late. "

  B&B is also in short supply. A tourist said: "We booked the hotel three days in advance. If we don’t do it in advance, we may have to sleep in a tent."

  At the call of the local government, many Rongjiang locals took out their own rooms and turned them into family hotels. A netizen posted on social media, "My home is ‘ Murakami ’ The football field is only 200 meters, and even my room was requisitioned by my mother for foreign tourists to stay. "

  The surrounding area of Rongjiang County also bears the accommodation needs of many "village super" tourists. Dali Village in Zaima Town is about 20 kilometers away from Rongjiang County. At present, there are 13 homestays and more than 200 beds. In the past two months after the "Village Supermarket" became popular, it was almost full every day.

  In addition to hotels and homestays, there are also local specialties that are in short supply.

  Outside the "Village Supermarket", the local government has set up hundreds of temporary free booths, such as barbecue area, special snack area and cold drink area, so that tourists can taste the special food of Rongjiang.

  A snack stall owner who sells specialty snacks such as Rongjiang curly powder and taro cake said: "We are busy from morning till night, and there are too many people to set up stalls until about 1 am. We can sell hundreds of bowls a day."

  Also busy is the owner of a cow-flat shop. "Usually, only one cow is killed every day, to ‘ Murakami ’ During the period, two cows were killed every day, and the turnover doubled than usual. "

  Besides "eating" and "living", Rongjiang’s "playing" is also out of the circle by "village supermarket".

  According to statistics, under the blessing of the superposition factors such as cool summer vacation and "village supermarket", during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the order of holiday products in Southeast Guizhou on the platform increased by over 150% year-on-year, and folk culture such as Dong folk songs, non-legacy batiks and long table banquets attracted a large number of tourists to embrace the beauty of the original ecology.

  Some travel agencies have launched group tour products related to "Village Supermarket", connecting several popular tourist attractions in southeastern Guizhou in series, such as "Guiyang+Rongjiang+Libo Seven Small Arches+Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village+Huangguoshu Waterfall for 6 days and 5 nights".

  The popularity of "village supermarket" has also brought fire to Rongjiang’s national characteristics products. Agricultural special products such as Rongjiang watermelon, Siraitia grosvenorii, Xiaoxiang sheep and white tea, and intangible products such as batik and embroidery appeared at the "Village Supermarket", which attracted the attention of many tourists.

  On the field, players compete and show their magical powers; Off the field, the football economy is in full swing. According to statistics, since the start of the tournament on May 13th, as of July 20th, Rongjiang County has received a total of 2,506,700 tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 2.839 billion yuan.

  The popularity of "village supermarket" has spread from football to eating, living and playing, which has made Rongjiang people’s pockets more drum, stimulated county economic growth and realized "village competition" to drive "village economy".

  "head" is richer

  Rongjiang County is located in the southeast of Guizhou Province, a mountainous county with a population of less than 400,000, but 50,000 people can play football. Seeing this data, some people may wonder: How can so many people love football in such a remote mountain county?

  When you really come to Rongjiang, you will find that this data is not exaggerated. Many villages in Rongjiang County have their own football teams. There are 14 standard football fields in the county, and all of them are open for free. Football seems to have been integrated into their blood.

  Dong Yongheng, currently ranked first in the "Village Super" shooter list, is a member of the Loyal Village Football Team. He opened a small shop in Rongjiang County, selling local specialties — — Roll powder. Because of his outstanding technology and accurate shooting, Dong Yongheng was affectionately called "the king of powder shooter" by netizens.

  Dong Yongheng and his teammates are mostly young. Although they work in different places, it is a habit for everyone to get together to play football on weekends for many years. Dong Yongheng said: "We have changed from cinder fields and sand fields to natural lawns and artificial lawns, but our love for football has not changed."

  The love of football is also mentioned by Wu Huayong many times. Wu Huayong is a member of the football team in Pingdi Village, Langdong Town. He once caught fire all over the net because of a beautiful "upside-down gold hook".

  In the game held on July 23rd, the football team of Pingdi Village in Langdong Town led by Wu Huayong regretted losing and stopped in the quarter-finals. After the game, Wu Huayong, who was sweating profusely, went to the sidelines to adjust his state. "If we fail, we will definitely lose, but we have done our best. Later, we will resume the game, find the shortcomings and move on."

  Speaking of the next plan, Wu Huayong, 35, said firmly that he would continue to play football because his love for football has not changed. "More young players may be trained in the future."

  "Village Super" has aroused people’s enthusiasm for playing football. In Rongjiang, there are children running on almost every court.

  During and after the game, the children in the audience will rush into the stadium and play with passing, dribbling and shooting; On the evening of the working day, there are many football players in the "Village Super" Stadium, including members of the middle school football team, pupils aged eight or nine, and children who have just learned to walk.

  Yang Boyi, eight years old, is one of them. He often comes to the stadium to play football. "Because he loves playing football, he saw ‘ Murakami ’ After the game, I like football more. "

  It’s summer vacation. On the football field of a primary school in Rongjiang County, students Wang and Qian are playing football. Wang, a seven-year-old student who just graduated from kindergarten, likes watching football and playing football at ordinary times. "When I grow up, I want to play ‘ Murakami ’ !” Twelve-year-old Qian is a member of the primary school football team and often watches the "Village Super" competition. "I hope to win a championship on behalf of the school team in the future."

  Rongjiang is a typical county-level football county in China and a pilot county of campus football in Guizhou. There are 14 national youth campus football schools and 41 county-level football schools.

  The No.2 Primary School in Guzhou Town, Rongjiang County is a national youth campus football school. The principal Yang Xianze said, "‘ Murakami ’ Create a good atmosphere, stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm for watching, learning and playing football, and make children love football more, which is very important for the development of grassroots football. "

  "As long as everyone is willing to walk into the stadium, this is a good start." Lai Hongjing, vice chairman of Rongjiang Football Association and a physical education teacher in Rongjiang No.1 Middle School, said that perhaps this is the meaning of "village super". "We are not cultivating athletes, we are cultivating their fathers and mothers."

  In addition to football culture, "Village Super" also provides a good opportunity to spread local national culture.

  Every time the "Village Super" competition breaks, the football field becomes the "stage" of national culture: the mysterious aquarium slowly walks by with its own words "Water Book"; Dong people sing the national intangible cultural heritage Dong pipa song … …

  There are also villagers who put homemade straw-woven Taurus, Jinlong and golden phoenix on the "Village Supermarket", stunning the audience. According to reports, Jinniu, Jinlong and golden phoenix were designed and built by two veteran artists in Rongjiang Langdong, and hundreds of people from all ages in the village participated in the production. Ms. Cheng, who participated in the production, said: "We want to show the traditional craftsmanship of Langdong to the people of the whole country."

  Love football and the participation of the whole people, "Village Super" shows the villagers’ pure love for football, makes football culture more deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and also shows us a Rongjiang with extremely rich spiritual life and strong cultural atmosphere.

  "New Ideas" of Rural Development

  The "Village Supermarket" held by Rongjiang not only promotes local economic development and creates a strong football atmosphere, but also provides "new ideas" for rural development in other regions of China.

  First, grasp the characteristics and focus on the characteristics that the masses like to see and hear.

  Xu Bo, the county magistrate of Rongjiang County, once said that among the 385,000 people in Rongjiang, nearly 50,000 people can play football and like to play football. "This number, think about all feel great! Therefore, engaging in football leagues is the local comparative advantage of Lijiang, because of the high participation of the masses, and everyone recognizes such activities. "

  Football is one of the favorite sports in Rongjiang County. Its local history can be traced back to the 1940s. With the move of Guangxi University into Rongjiang, football was also introduced. Later, the sport gradually spread from students to people outside the school. In 2020, Rongjiang County, as the last batch of counties to get rid of poverty and take off their hats, began to plan to continue rural revitalization, and football became the most distinctive cultural window in the local area. The 14th Five-Year Plan of Rongjiang County released in 2021 takes "building a strong sports county" and "vigorously promoting the healthy development of sports undertakings" as development goals. Also in this year, Rongjiang County was rated as the first batch of national county football typical counties.

  In recent years, Rongjiang county has taken many measures to promote the development of football, such as increasing football venues, holding various football leagues regularly, and doing a good job in the development of campus football.

  Second, promote integration and build a "sports+"brand.

  Football is Rongjiang’s advantage, and national culture is Rongjiang’s strength. There are more than ten ethnic groups living in Rongjiang, among which Miao, Dong, Shui and Yao ethnic minorities account for over 80% of the total population. There are more than ten world-class and national intangible cultural heritages, such as Dong folk songs and Dong pipa songs, which are rich in national culture.

  "Village Super" combines football with local national culture to create a brand with "sports+national culture". The football match and folk activities are staged simultaneously, which is not only a feast of football, but also a feast of culture.

  Next, Rongjiang will also build a brand of "sports+food". In August, Guizhou "Village Super" national food football friendly match will be held. A total of 276 football teams will participate, from Guangdong, Fujian, Hebei, Sichuan and other places. Most of the football teams will be named after local representative foods, such as Yangzhou fried rice football team, Nanjing salted duck football team and Wenchang chicken coconut football team.

  The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Sports to Help Rural Revitalization" issued in May this year proposed to vigorously develop rural sports industry and help rural industry revitalize. Create brand sports events with the diversified integration of "sports events+rural tourism+traditional culture+national fitness", promote the deep integration of sports with agriculture, commerce, tourism and other industries, and empower the rural economy.

  Third, according to local conditions, government guarantees should be detailed and more intimate.

  "Village Super" is a large-scale rural sports event organized spontaneously by the people and widely participated by the masses. From team organization, schedule arrangement, program performance, prizes and other links, it is dominated by villagers.

  Xu Bo, the county magistrate of Rongjiang County, said that the local government did not directly participate, but mainly did a good job in logistics support such as filing for approval, maintaining order and improving sports facilities, and always made the protagonist of "village super" the masses and "village flavor" full.

  When talking about expanding the scale of "village super" in the future, Xu Bo said that there may be some specific problems, such as the upgrading of venue conditions and the shortage of grassroots coaches and referees. Rongjiang county is promoting the cultivation of football talents and supporting football education in characteristic schools by building training bases, running summer camps and setting up "village supermarket" public welfare funds.

  Report to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Party pointed out that Chinese-style modernization is the common prosperity of all the people and the coordination of material civilization and spiritual civilization.The popularity of "village supermarket" has stimulated county economic growth and enriched people’s spiritual life.It is a vivid interpretation of Chinese modernization practice.

  Before Taijiang "Village BA", after Rongjiang "Village Super", village-level events followed the fire. The next popular "village+?" What could it be? We will wait and see.

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   cctv news

Count the "achievements" after the integration of the Central Radio and Television General Station

  In just a few months, the integration bonus of the main station has been highlighted, the development momentum of the integrated media has been strong, the big screen and small screen have all shown the king’s demeanor, and the TV viewing and network communication power have soared.

  In March this year, according to the Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Party and State Institutions, the Central Radio and Television General Station was established and officially unveiled on April 19th. The Central Radio and Television General Station has integrated three resources of CCTV (China International Television), china national radio Radio International and China Radio International, actively integrated innovation and development, and comprehensively improved its communication, guidance, influence and credibility. In just a few months, the integration bonus of the main station has been highlighted, the development momentum of the integrated media has been strong, the big screen and small screen have all shown the king’s demeanor, and the TV viewing and network communication power have soared.

  The reception desk becomes the mainstream value communication center

  Open a new era of media communication

  After the establishment of the Central Radio and Television General Station, the integration and development action was strong: the broadcaster of CCTV presented the news broadcast, the three stations jointly launched the special program Qingming Poetry Club, the three hosts cooperated in the live broadcast for the first time at Boao Forum for Asia, and the anchors of CCTV and Guoguang joined the CCTV music channel "Global Chinese Music List". In June, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit reported that the CCTV news channel Qingdao Studio launched the special program "Friends and Friends from the Green Island", which was the first time with CCTV and Guoguang.

  Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018, Media Zone of Central Radio and Television General Station

  Live TV broadcast simultaneously, meet Qingdao and talk together.

  At the same time, the reception desk has accelerated the pace of media integration. On April 22nd, it made its debut at the first Digital China Construction Summit, demonstrating the media coverage functions provided by CCTV, Yangguang and International Online, and showing the industry and society the latest exploration and development achievements of CCTV in building a new media platform and integrating the media flagship by using the latest Internet technology and digital technology.

  In mid-March, the Central Radio and Television General Station contacted and exchanged views with China’s BAT Internet giant. In April, the affiliated China International Television Corporation signed a technical cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group, and the two sides will cooperate in cloud platform, big data, mobile client and information platform construction. On July 31st, authorized by the Central Radio and Television General Station, China International Television Corporation, a subsidiary, officially launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation with China Mobile in six areas, including 5G technology research and development, 4K ultra-high-definition channel construction, content distribution, big data and capital, so as to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual benefit. On August 1 ST, we had extensive and full exchanges with Sina and reached a consensus to expand the territory of self-media and social media.

  In addition to the integration of news reports, content products and industrial development, after the establishment of the Central Radio and Television General Station, the public welfare communication forces of the original three stations have also been integrated, and the public welfare effect has increased exponentially. On June 29 this year, the work exchange meeting of "Advertising Precision Poverty Alleviation" of the Central Radio and Television General Station was held in Beijing. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and Director of the Central Radio and Television General Station, released three new poverty alleviation measures at the meeting: First, expand the coverage of poverty alleviation. On the basis of the existing eight provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of Guizhou, Qinghai, Ningxia, Fujian, Chongqing, Hunan, Shaanxi and Xinjiang, from July this year to the end of June next year, Second, in addition to public service advertisements, in 2018, the relevant channels, frequencies and new media of the main station will launch special topics and columns on "Precision Poverty Alleviation" to increase the promotion and promotion of precision poverty alleviation; Third, on the basis of investing 1.04 billion public service advertising poverty alleviation resources in the past two years, from July 2018 to the end of June 2019, the Central Radio and Television General Station will spend more than 1 billion advertising poverty alleviation resources in the new poverty alleviation year, doubling the amount of public service poverty alleviation advertisements to help more areas achieve poverty alleviation with doubled investment.

  The establishment of the reception desk has boosted the cultural confidence of all sectors of society in leading the mainstream media value, made the main theme louder, and demonstrated the power of centralized aggregation.

  The advantage of leading in January-August is remarkable.

  The top five channels are all on CCTV.

  From January to August of 2018, CCTV’s viewing share was high-spirited, reaching 33.31% in the whole day and 31.05% in the evening (19:00-23:00, the same below), up by 0.6 percentage points year-on-year, and the leading advantage was remarkable. Looking at the channel pattern, the top five channels with dual-network viewing share are all owned by CCTV, with the top ten in the national network accounting for eight and the top ten in central cities accounting for seven.

  Source: CSM, National Measuring Instrument.

  Source: CSM, National Surveying Instrument, 35 cities.

  Behind the high ratings, it reflects the audience’s continuous attention to the high-quality content of the platform. CCTV-1 central city’s viewing share was crowned king, with a year-on-year increase of 10% in the whole day and 14% in the evening. 2018 is the first year after the 19th National Congress and the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. As a political and cultural communication center, the position and value of CCTV-1′ s main position are more prominent.

  The CCTV-8 national network won the laurels, and the whole-day viewing share increased by 8% year-on-year, and it increased by 13% year-on-year in the evening. Among them, the emotional drama "Mother’s Uncle" tells a touching story of "great feelings and positive energy", showing the love and responsibility of the family, and finally won the championship with 2.04% ratings and 8.3% ratings.

  CCTV’s network communication power ranks first,

  Guoguang and Yangguang are in the top ten.

  In addition to the gratifying results of the dual-network viewing share, in the list of the top 10 central media and 38 TV stations in the second quarter of 2018 released by CTR, all platforms under the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station are in the leading position. Among the top ten central media, CCTV ranks first, while China Radio International and china national radio rank sixth and eighth respectively.

  In the list of TV stations, CCTV ranks first with a high score of 91 points, far ahead.

  There are five first-level indicators of CTR network communication power, namely, official micro communication power, official WeChat official account communication power, own APP communication power, official website communication power and third-party platform communication power; The secondary indicators include two aspects of data, on the one hand, the indicators related to the size of the media coverage population; On the other hand, it is related to the indicators that the media actually reach the crowd. The final index covers the self-owned APP and official website of each appraisal object, as well as more than 5,000 accounts opened and normally updated on Weibo, WeChat and other third-party platforms.





Light up the reading lamp to illuminate the way forward for rural children.

  On February 17th, "Banban has a book corner — — Tengshi Automobile Reading Promotion Day was held in Shangping Primary School, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Automobile Sales Division, said that this activity is not a simple book donation, but hopes to stimulate rural children’s reading interest through multi-party cooperation and help children cultivate lifelong learning and reading methods.

  To promote high-quality reading in rural primary schools, the key is to let children get more sense of gain in reading, which puts higher requirements on the software and hardware of reading. Different from libraries with large investment and long construction period, Tengshi Twilight Book Corner is equipped with a set of books, a standardized bookshelf, a reading activity plan and supporting reading activity materials as standard in each class.

  Smart phones have brought people closer to the online world, but at the same time, many parents and schools are worried, especially rural primary schools with more left-behind children.

  According to a report released by China Rural Governance Research Center of Wuhan University, 40.4% of left-behind children have exclusive mobile phones, 67.3% of parents think that their children are addicted to mobile phones, and 21.3% of them think that their children are seriously addicted to mobile phones.

  How to guide children to use mobile phones correctly and use the network correctly? How to let children establish good reading habits from an early age? How to enhance children’s learning motivation?

  These problems have aroused the common concern of parents, schools, charities and enterprises. Recently, in Shangping Primary School in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, 11 teachers and 82 students welcomed their new friends — — Tengshi twilight book corner

  On February 17th, "Banban has a book corner — — There are books in the distance. Tengshi Automobile Reading Promotion Day was held in Shangping Primary School. Tengshi, together with Fujian Action Education Foundation, led more than a dozen public volunteers to complete the book corner in the school, and conducted book explanation and experience exchange.

  "Our starting point has never been a simple book donation, but we hope to become an important explorer of long-term public welfare reading." Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Automobile Sales Division, said that he hoped to stimulate rural children’s interest in reading through the project of "There are books in the distance" and Tengshi Twilight Book Corner, and cultivate lifelong learning and reading methods.

  Let children put down their mobile phones and make reading a popular activity.

  As the principal of Shangping Primary School, Chen Lin understands the situation of each student and will be happy for the children to grow up day by day. However, in recent years, a deep worry has risen in his heart: "Children are unclear about the purpose of reading, and many children are faced with the problem of insufficient motivation to read. They are confused and confused inside."

  President Chen’s concern is not unique. Due to the popularity of smart phones, the absence of family management, peer group demonstrations, and the lack of entertainment activities and time freedom, it is not uncommon for children to indulge in mobile phones in rural primary schools.

  Worryingly, due to premature contact with all kinds of bizarre network phenomena, some left-behind children have the idea of being tired of learning and "being online celebrity when they grow up". Earlier, it was reported by the media that a psychological teacher went to a rural school in a central province to take a field test and asked the students what they liked. As a result, in a class of 55 people, all the boys said "game!"

  According to the above survey report, long-term addiction to mobile phones will lead the growth direction of left-behind children, which is a new problem that left-behind children have never faced in the past. The harm of this problem is manifested in physical and mental health, mental collapse and resistance to normal learning.

  Some analysts believe that providing better reading books and strengthening extracurricular reading can have a certain substitution effect and help solve the problem of mobile phone addiction of left-behind children. However, some surveys show that although most rural school books have long since bid farewell to the era of lack of quantity, problems still exist, such as the lagging bibliography update, the mismatch between books and children’s age and reading ability, and the lack of children’s reading teachers.

  "Children are not interested in reading, and smartphones and video games have also taken away their enthusiasm for reading." For example, President Chen said that there are more than 1,200 books in the school library, but most of them are not suitable for younger children.

  Qin Shuyong, secretary-general of the Action Education Foundation, told reporters that rural primary schools face many challenges in breaking the reading dilemma. For example, it is difficult to stimulate students’ interest in extracurricular reading because there are few school-age books; In addition, the parents of left-behind children are not around and lack reading guidance.

  He believes that to promote high-quality reading in rural primary schools, the key is to let children get more sense of gain in reading, which puts higher demands on the software and hardware of reading.

  "Tengshi pays attention to the practical difficulties of rural children in the reading process, and joins hands with the Action Education Foundation, hoping to explore a road of public welfare with practical value and guiding significance." Zhao Changjiang said that in order to solve the dilemma of "no books to read", on the one hand, Tengshi started with the list of books in the book corner and expanded the capacity of the book corner; On the other hand, through the development of campus reading courses and offline communication, the software and hardware levels make simultaneous efforts to strengthen contact with students, ensure the good operation of the book corner, and help establish a long-term campus reading development mechanism.

  According to reports, in December last year, Tengshi Twilight Book Corner was officially opened for construction. When the first book corner was built, it was the winter vacation of the school. A volunteer who participated in the activity at that time recalled: "Some students heard that we were building a new book corner and came to school specially, hoping to be the first reader of the book corner!"

  Qin Shuyong said: "With ‘ Let every rural child enjoy high-quality reading ’ In 2009, we first launched ‘ There is a book corner in the class ’ The project. "

  Different from libraries with large investment and long construction period, this project is to provide a set of books, a standardized bookshelf, a reading activity plan and supporting reading activity materials as standard in each class. This simplifies the children’s borrowing process and enables them to have zero contact with high-quality reading.

  Qin Shuyong emphasized that the selected books not only cover literature, humanities and science, but also conform to the concept of graded reading and are suitable for children of different ages.

  At the same time, he said that providing high-quality reading for rural children can’t be completed just by building a book corner. In order for children to gradually put down their mobile phones and establish good reading habits, we must also find ways to make reading a popular activity or even a course recognized by all parties.

  Join hands with many parties to play a long-term public welfare "combination boxing"

  "The world in the book is very big, and books are the bridge for children to the world outside the mountain." Walking into the classroom of Shangping Primary School, Zhao Changjiang, combining his personal experience, told the students the stories of his various stages from studying to going out of his hometown and constantly struggling. He encouraged children to set up lofty ideals and go to a wider world.

  It is understood that with the smooth development of Tengshi Automobile Reading Promotion Day, Tengshi will build Tengshi Twilight Book Corner in 271 classes of 38 schools in Pingjiang County, providing a total of 20,364 books and 217 bookcases, which will benefit more than 8,000 local students.

  In fact, "Banban has a book corner — — There is a book sound in the distance "is the first public welfare project after Tengshi brand rejuvenation." Zhao Changjiang told reporters: "This project not only conforms to our understanding of the public welfare concept of sustainable education, but also shows our determination to give back to the society. We will work with more users to convey ‘ Symbiosis with society and sharing beauty ’ Values. "

  The reporter noticed that as early as the beginning of the public welfare project of "There is a sound of books in the distance", Tengshi launched an online collection activity for users. After comprehensive consideration of book quality, students’ difficulty in understanding, interest and other aspects, Tengshi users finally selected excellent books at home and abroad, such as Five Thousand Years Up and Down, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Little Prince, Chinese Idiom Story, Two Wan Li under the Sea and 100,000 Why, to be included in this book corner.

  As a senior dad, Zhu Shaoquan signed up for Tengshi’s charity event very early. In the second-grade classroom of Shangping Primary School, he told the children the story of "Making a scene in Heaven" and shared his own growth experience.

  As the saying goes, reading a good book is like talking to a man of noble character. Zhu Shaoquan believes that good reading habits can not only help rural children to cultivate higher humanistic and scientific literacy, but also effectively broaden their horizons and help them establish a good life ideal.

  Qin Shuyong said: "In the future, we will organize volunteers to participate in summer camps and organize rural teachers to participate in training, so that reading will gradually form a good ecology in rural primary schools, so that all classes will have the sound of reading."

  He said that the volunteers who take the action will carry out long-term training for the teachers in the school where the book corner is located, pass on the new ideas and methods of campus reading, and support the school to create a high-quality reading environment for children on the scholarly campus, "so that every rural child can have a high-quality reading environment".

  Considering the huge population base, especially in the rural areas of the central and western regions, there are a considerable proportion of left-behind children. How to prevent children from indulging in mobile phones and how to help them grow up healthily has become an urgent common problem. And this requires the attention and support of the whole society to play a public welfare "combination boxing."

  "The construction of Tengshi Twilight Book Corner is just the beginning," Zhao Changjiang said. "In the future, we will unite more partners to make full efforts in the fields of green, science and technology and education, continue to fulfill public welfare commitments, and gather public welfare forces. This is also our public welfare mission as a company. "

  Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Xu Yajie Source: China Youth Daily

Campus pop culture can’t just be a game of expression.

  Campus popular culture is becoming an important way for college students to express themselves. Bright pictures/vision china

  Perspective of educational reform

  editorial comment/note

  I like online literature, and I am keen on chasing foreign film and television dramas. I say "Meng Meng Da" and write "Martian". This is the cultural life picture of many college students at present. Together with spoof culture, enthusiasm for textual research, fanaticism about idolize and fashion consumption, they constitute the popular culture of colleges and universities that is popular on campus. What is the fundamental reason for the popularity of popular culture in colleges and universities? From this, what trends of current pop culture phenomena can be seen? What makes such a culture go deep into the hearts of college students? How to guide students in popular culture? In recent years, Wang Ying, an associate professor at capital university of economics and business Marxist Institute, has been tracking popular culture in colleges and universities for a long time, and our reporter interviewed her in this regard.

  1. Popular culture in colleges and universities is associated with fashion, but it is quickly "switched".

  Reporter: What are the main manifestations of popular culture in colleges and universities?

  Wang Ying:Popular culture in colleges and universities can be divided into network culture, foreign culture, language culture and behavior culture.

  Network culture is mainly manifested in network literature, online games and online socialization. We know from the questionnaire survey that college students like online literature only less than classic works. College students are both online writers and the main source of online readers. For example, Zhang Weixuan (pen name Feng Qingyang), a post-90s college student of Hubei University of Technology, as the signing author of 17K novel network under Chinese Online, has gained a large number of fans and millions of income by virtue of his network fantasy novel "Dragon Blood God of War". The attraction of online games to college students comes from its realistic scene design and imitation and transcendence of real life. At the same time, the influence of online games will also spread to the real life of college students, such as "God and horse are all floating clouds" and "tragedy" and other buzzwords all come from the online game World of Warcraft. Social networking mainly takes social networking sites and social software as platforms, such as Zhihu, Guoke, Renren, Kaixin, QQ and WeChat.

  Foreign cultures occupy college students’ spare time with foreign film and television dramas, pop songs and variety shows. This leads to college students’ pursuit of foreign idol stars, clothing styles, food culture and brand products, the most typical of which is "Korean culture". At the beginning of 2016, Descendants of the Sun was a hit, and the cosmetics used by Song Hye Kyo, the heroine in the play, became the main target of college students’ online purchasing. Song Joong Ki, the actor of the leading actor, became the first of the top ten popular stars on campus.

  Language and culture are mainly manifested in popular buzzwords on campus. Popular words in colleges and universities reflect more about the living conditions and emotional changes of college students, such as "being drunk", "being speechless", "being rich is willful", "single dog" and "mainly depending on temperament". Moreover, the emergence of buzzwords is almost related to a popular event at that time, such as "the boat of friendship turns over when it is said", "the power of the wild", "blue thin, mushrooms" and "people who eat melons" in 2016.

  Mock culture, blind textual research, fanaticism about idolize and extravagant consumption are all popular behavior cultures among college students. In campus activities, college students often imitate popular dances, remake classic photos, and ridicule mainstream culture to play their own funny creativity and spoof spirit. In addition, such as buying the latest clothes in the season, doing all kinds of fashionable hairstyles, participating in exciting outdoor sports, attending various classes and starting their own businesses are all indispensable fashion elements in contemporary college students’ lives.

  Reporter: What are the characteristics of popular culture in colleges and universities?

  Wang Ying:Popular culture in colleges and universities is often associated with fashion. Although it can be quickly accepted by the majority of students, it has the characteristics of being quickly "switched". They are just a "game" for college students to know themselves and express themselves. Just as they borrow online buzzwords for irony and banter, they don’t use it to resist society, but are trying to participate in and transform society by their own strength. Popular culture in colleges and universities does not have the popularity of popular culture. It is a "minority" culture of a specific group and a popular culture that only happens among young college students.

  2. Internal and external factors make popular culture popular in university campus.

  Reporter: What do you think is the external cause of popular culture in colleges and universities?

  Wang Ying:Economic globalization and the development of China’s market economy after the reform and opening up are the breeding ground for popular culture in colleges and universities. China’s reform and opening up has fostered an open social environment and cultural mentality. Under the trend of globalization, foreign pop culture is competing for beauty in China. The foreign popular culture, which is mainly based on film and television plays, has quickly grasped the psychological needs of young college students for innovation, rebellion and individuality with its excellent production and commercial operation. It not only opened college students’ eyes, aroused their curiosity, but even affected their cultural attitudes and values.

  At the same time, the consumer society’s change of college students’ consumption concept has become the internal driving force of the flourishing popular culture in colleges and universities. With the gradual prosperity of family life in our country, the consumption power of college students who are mostly only children has also increased year by year, and colleges and universities have become the "cakes" for businesses to compete for. Merchants who follow the trend of profit are extremely sensitive to the popular trends among college students. Every "foreign festival", the merchants will take action, do enough atmosphere rendering and consumption induction, take out the students’ pockets and bring the carnival of the merchants. An invasion of the Korean Wave triggered the popularity of various Korean costumes, Korean cosmetics and Korean food.

  In addition, the powerful communication function of mass media and the emergence of new media have accelerated the process of popular culture being popular in colleges and universities. With the development of internet, college students can understand social trends, watch Hollywood blockbusters and grasp popular elements without leaving campus. You can buy all kinds of fashion items online without leaving the dormitory. Some cultural concepts and contents excluded by the mainstream media have also crossed cities, regions and countries through computers, mobile phones and other media, entered the lives of college students, and influenced their thoughts, behaviors and judgments.

  Reporter: You talked about external causes, but what about internal causes? Why can college pop culture affect college students’ hearts?

  Wang Ying:The popularity of popular culture is not because of its profound content, but mainly because of its immediacy, which embodies the current life value of college students and satisfies their feelings, desires, pursuits and impulses at this moment. The nearly perfect idol star on the screen can attract fans to scream; The ups and downs of love stories in Korean dramas can make Korean drama fans cry or laugh; The grand and well-made online games on the network make those game experts feel like they are there. These popular cultures, which take audio-visual as the main form, can not only satisfy the sensory enjoyment of college students, but also infect their feelings and emotional changes with their contents that are consistent with their real feelings and internal needs.

  College students are in the transition stage from adolescence to adulthood. They are eager to be independent and to rely on their own strength to gain respect and understanding from others, so they pay special attention to the evaluation, attitude and acceptance of the group. Popular culture in colleges and universities can effectively meet the needs of college students’ group identity. Similar costumes, similar languages and similar lifestyles can make college students feel that they are a member of the group. In order to gain the recognition of the group, college students will take the initiative to understand the popular culture of colleges and universities and help themselves to integrate into the group in order to gain a sense of psychological security. Conformity intensifies the infection, suggestion and imitation among groups, and promotes the spread of popular culture in colleges and universities.

  Physiologically, college students’ bodies have matured, which makes them feel that they are adults. They don’t like being treated as "children" any more, and hope to be understood and respected. Therefore, they hold a critical attitude towards the opinions of parents and teachers and tend to accept them selectively according to their own understanding. Pop culture just caters to the psychological needs of college students. They can express themselves freely, show their individuality, be free from restraint and control, and their self-esteem and sense of adulthood are fully satisfied.

  In addition, college students are in a critical period — — Promote their own socialization. The main tasks in this process are: socialization of knowledge and skills, socialization of political ideas, socialization of ethics, socialization of professional consciousness and socialization of value orientation. The popular culture in colleges and universities is playing a role in promoting the socialization of college students. Due to the closed campus environment, the contact between students and society is mainly through computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Therefore, through the Internet, popular culture in colleges and universities, with its strong penetration and coverage, has realized the "point-to-face" communication between college students and society, and has become an emotional expression outlet for them to understand, contact and participate in society. The ubiquity of the Internet also makes the life concept, values and beliefs conveyed by popular culture in colleges and universities penetrate into the hearts of college students, affecting everyone’s ideal pursuit and behavior choice.

  3. Clever use of pop culture context, leading the mainstream culture value.

  Reporter: What suggestions do you have for guiding popular culture in colleges and universities?

  Wang Ying:Popular culture in colleges and universities not only greatly enriches and changes the spiritual and cultural life of college students, but also challenges the influence and educational function of mainstream culture among students. We should learn to skillfully use the context of popular culture to effectively realize the value guidance of mainstream culture in colleges and universities.

  Today’s universities are moving towards ideological pluralism and cultural openness, and the independence, selectivity, variability and differences of college students’ ideological activities are also increasing. The group psychology of equal rights and the open information environment make the traditional authoritarian model and preaching indoctrination have no room. The construction of college students’ spiritual world is not from external compulsion and pressure, but from internal recognition and awakening. In order for the mainstream culture in colleges and universities to establish a correct ideological theory and enable students to form a recognition of mainstream values and a clear criterion for judging right and wrong from the bottom of their hearts, we must immediately understand the real ideological trends, psychological preferences and personality characteristics of college students, and earnestly pay attention to their internal demands and emotional needs, instead of simply, vaguely and rigidly overriding their life world.

  At the same time, for today’s college students who often decide their information choice psychology by their own subjective feelings and direct experience of emotional likes and dislikes, the process of leading the mainstream value is not only the process of individual cognitive participation, but also the process of group emotional intervention, and they pay special attention to truth and respect. Therefore, the disseminators of mainstream culture in colleges and universities should adhere to the principle of equality, tolerance and openness, communicate and share ideas with students, listen to their voices and ideas more, give them more understanding, respect and guidance, reduce didactic and indoctrinating language in the education process, and use vivid online language and humorous expressions to bridge the "generation gap between teachers and students". By tuning into the same channel as the students’ discourse system, students can fully involve their own emotions and feel the same for the mainstream culture.

   (Reporter Wang Qinghuan)

The ecological restoration of the Yellow River has an unknown story.

  The network theme activity of "Magnificent Yellow River Tour" in Shaanxi Province kicked off on September 10th. The reporter started from Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and went upstream along the Yellow River Highway to see the ecological restoration and environmental protection of the Shaanxi section of the Yellow River and visit the Yellow River protection project.

  From Yanchiwa to Bird Paradise, past lives of Chaoyi National Wetland Park in Dali, Shaanxi.

  There is a wetland park with a total area of 1,185.3 hectares in the north of Luohe River and 5 kilometers east of the county seat in Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, where reeds are washed away, water plants are rich and beautiful, and water and sky are the same. Here is an important part of the Yellow River ecological circle, which is mainly based on protection and restoration. It is completely closed and not open to the outside world at present.

  Walking into the wetland park, one side is a lush expanse of reeds, and when you are in it, you can only hear the reeds "rustling sand" swinging with the wind, as if you were walking into no one’s land.

  On the other side, it is even more rare, with more than 7,000 acres of lake "autumn waters grow together". In addition to marveling at this vast lake wetland like the sea, we should also know that it has a miserable "past life" past. It turns out that the picture of water and sky and lush water plants used to be a headache for local people.

  What is the story from Yanchiwa to Bird Paradise?

  It was the earliest place to produce salt, and it flourished several times, leaving a valuable salt cultural heritage for Chaoyi. After liberation, Yanchiwa wetland no longer produces salt, and there are salt pits everywhere. In 1958, a large-scale trial planting of rice was unsuccessful here. In the 1980s, ponds were dug to raise fish, but later they were abandoned due to the increase of salt content in water and the aggravation of soil salinization. Later, after investigation and appraisal by wetland experts, it was determined that it was mainly saline lake, which was not suitable for planting rice and raising fish. Therefore, it was decided to give priority to protection, and all of them were closed for dredging and replenishing water.

  Ren Jianhe, director of the office of the Dali County Wetland Office, said that the implementation of the lake ecological restoration project began in 2012, and now 22.5 kilometers of protective fences, 1,000 mu of forest belts around the lake, bird watching platforms, docks and other supporting projects have been built, and efforts have been made to build a safe and healthy water, forest and lake life community. For better protection, the solar camera is now fully covered here, which is convenient for comprehensive monitoring.

  You may be curious about a question, where does such a large area of water come from?

  Ren Jianhe introduced that there are three sources: first, rainfall; second, because compared with the surrounding cultivated land, it is relatively subsidence of about 1 5 meters, and the farmland is higher than here, so the irrigation water of farmland can penetrate; third, the water from Luohui Canal is introduced. In this way, a large area of water that we see now has been formed.

  After restoration and protection in recent years, at present, the wetland reeds are washed away and the water plants are abundant, forming a large area of water surface, providing an important wintering place and habitat for waterfowl such as resident birds, winter migratory birds and traveling birds. The living environment of wild animals and plants has been effectively restored, and the world’s endangered wild animals, flamingos and national second-class protected animals, such as wart-nosed swans, have been discovered one after another.

  Nowadays, there are many birds here, and hundreds of species of birds inhabit the small island in the lake, which is called "Qiandao Lake" in Dali. The wetland park has a complete ecosystem, many animals and plants, and diverse vegetation community types, including 159 species of wild animals in 57 families, including swan, gray crane, red-footed falcon, heron and so on. There are 55 families and 164 species of plants, including reed, Suaeda salsa and Tamarix chinensis. It has high research value in natural landscape and historical culture such as ecology, scientific research, culture, education and leisure. The establishment of Chaoyang National Wetland Park in Dali, Shaanxi Province is of great significance for strengthening the protection of wetlands and biodiversity.

  See how the children along the Yellow River can maintain the healthy life of the Yellow River and promote the harmony between people and water in the basin.

  The Yellow River flows through Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other nine provinces, and is the boundary river between the two provinces. On the Shaanxi side of the Yellow River, the Yellow River Affairs Bureau of Shaanxi Province has a total length of 723.6 kilometers, involving Fugu, Shenmu, Jiaxian, Wubao, Suide and Qingjian in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Yanchuan, Yanchuan and Yichuan in Yan ‘an City, Heyang, Dali and Tongguan in hancheng city and Weinan City, with a total of four cities and twelve counties.

  Among them, the section from the junction of Shaanxi and Mongolia to Yumenkou Bridge, commonly known as the "Dabei main stream", is 584.1 kilometers long and belongs to the alpine canyon river. Yumenkou Bridge to Tongguan Railway Bridge, commonly known as "the main stream of Xiaobei", is 132.5 kilometers long. The river in this section is wide and shallow, with scattered water and frequent swings. It is known as "Hedong in 30 years and Hexi in 30 years" in history. Tongguan Railway Bridge below to the junction of Shaanxi and Henan is Tongsan reach, which is 7.0 kilometers long and is the reach of Sanmenxia reservoir area.

  The Yellow River has nurtured the sons and daughters of China, and every section of the Yellow River is also condensed with the careful maintenance of the sons and daughters on the shore. It is necessary to maintain the healthy life of the Yellow River and promote the harmony between people and water in the basin. Water administrative law enforcement, water administration supervision, flood control and drought relief, water resources management, engineering construction management, river management … … Must be persistent all the year round.

  In the Yulin Engineering Office of Heyang Yellow River Section, the Yellow River flows slowly like a golden ribbon, and the swallow-winged dam guards the local people like a guardian. The willow planted on the outer layer of the dam is also part of the protection project. On the protective dike, we met the staff of Heyang River Bureau and listened to them talk about the work of river regulation.

  Yulin Project is located in Yulin Village, Bailiang Town, Heyang County, between the 59-60 sections of Huangyu. The project was started in 1985. Ren Jinquan, chief of engineering management section of Heyang Yellow River Bureau, introduced the main functions of river regulation project to us. "It is an important local water diversion project — Donglei pumped water from the first-class station of Yellow River. "

  Yulin project includes Yulin village protection, Yulin lower extension, Yulin lower extension and recent Yulin control and guidance upper and lower extension projects, with a total length of 4299 meters and 50 dams. Among them, Yulin’s upper extension project is 1000m long and there are 12 dams. The fortification standard is the local flood of 4000m3/s in 2020, the elevation of dam crest is 358.28m, and there are 5135 cubic meters of ready-made stones. Yulin village protection project is 797 meters long and has 8 dams. The fortification standard is to prevent the corresponding flood in Longmen Station of the Yellow River in 2005. The elevation of the dam crest is 359.68-359.41 meters, and there are 3,434 cubic meters of ready-made stones.

  Yulin Downward Extension Project is 1002 meters long, with 12 dams. The fortification standard is to prevent the five-year flood at Longmen Station of the Yellow River in 2005. The elevation of the dam crest is 359.58-359.18 meters, and there are 2682 cubic meters of ready-made stones.

  The continuous construction project under Yulin is 1000 meters long, with 12 dams. The fortification standard is to prevent the five-year flood of Longmen Station of the Yellow River in 2005. The elevation of the dam crest is 358.99-358.59 meters, and the existing reserve stones are 2545 cubic meters.

  Yulin diversion downward extension project is 500 meters long, and there are 6 dams. The fortification standard is the local flood of 4000 cubic meters per second in 2020, the elevation of dam crest is 356.02 meters, and there are 2500 cubic meters of ready-made stones.

  In the Yellow River protection project, "there is no turning back when opening the bow", we must shoulder the heavy responsibility bravely, unite as one, overcome difficulties, and effectively use the "mother river" in protection to create a symbiotic environment between man and nature and a sustainable circular ecosystem. (correspondent Wu Yingfei)

How many of these technologies from NASA have you seen?

  Today viewpoint

  Aerospace gives people a special feeling of "high cold", which reminds them of advanced fighter planes and magnificent space stations that ordinary people can’t see, touch or use.

  A few days ago, the well-known American website "GOBankingRates" took stock of 25 kinds of technologies originated from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in our daily life, which spread all over our "food, clothing, housing and transportation". They come from the distant sky, but they are convenient for our daily life.

  Food: baby milk powder, freeze-dried fruit, food safety packaging.

  At present, more than 90% of infant formula in the United States contains microalgae. It was originally the product of NASA research, the purpose of which was to test the potential use of algae as an oxygen "recycling agent" in space travel.

  Freeze-dried fruit is a common snack. However, the purpose of NASA’s development of freeze-drying technology is to make the fruits in the Apollo mission easier to carry, and this technology can maintain 98% nutrition with 20% quality.

  In order to ensure the safety and quality control method of space flight food development, NASA has now become a food industry standard to protect the food safety of consumers all over the world.

  Life: memory foam mattress, scratch-resistant lenses, anti-ultraviolet sunglasses, cordless vacuum cleaner, Nike air-cushion sports shoes, space blankets, ski boots.

  Comfortable memory foam mattress can fully fit the human body and relieve stress, which is necessary for many families. Memorable foam was not originally used to make mattresses. It was originally developed by NASA to cushion the impact of spacecraft landing on astronauts.

  Compared with ordinary glass, scratch-resistant lenses have a longer life. In fact, the scratch-resistant coating is a "by-product" accidentally discovered by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) under NASA when researching the diamond hard coating for aerospace.

  In 1980s, two scientists from JPL developed a kind of welding glasses, which can absorb, filter and scatter the strong light emitted during welding. Later, this technology was widely used in anti-ultraviolet sunglasses.

  Initially, Black&Decker was ordered to develop a portable device for Apollo and Gemini missions, which was used to extract samples from below the surface of the moon. This technology has been improved to become a "cordless vacuum cleaner".

  Nike air-cushioned sneakers use the patent of "Blow Rubber Molding" obtained by M. Frank Rudy, a former engineer of NASA. The initial application target of this technology is spacesuit.

  The space blanket is insulated and heat-preserved, which is an essential item for survival in the wild and marathon. But it was originally developed by NASA to protect spacecraft and astronauts at low temperatures.

  In addition, the technology used by NASA in the joints of spacesuits has been improved and used in ski boots, which improves the athletes’ control ability in skiing.

  Home: swimming pool purification system, household heat insulation materials.

  In order to resist the extremely low space temperature, NASA made an insulating material called "radiation barrier" from aluminized polyester. According to JPL, aluminized polyester is now used in most household insulation materials.

  In 1960s, NASA developed an electrolytic silver iodide filter to provide clean drinking water for astronauts, and now it is widely used to purify swimming pools.

  Travel: aircraft deicing system, precision GPS, anti-skid groove on highway, better tires.

  According to NASA’s technology transfer plan, civil aircraft can fly in cold weather, mainly due to a thermoelectric deicing system called Thermawing developed by NASA.

  Many mobile phones are equipped with precision GPS technology developed by JPL, and its data comes from JPL global GPS receiver network. Even if there is no wireless connection, you can still use GPS positioning on your mobile phone.

  NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed anti-skid slot technology to prevent aircraft accidents on wet runways. Later, this technology was widely used in expressways.

  In 1970s, Goodyear Company developed a new tire material for NASA Viking Mars probe, which was used in parachute system. This technology was later used to improve ordinary tires, increasing their life by 10,000 miles.

  Electronic products: mobile phone camera, notebook computer, high-power solar cell, wireless headset, mouse, CAT scanner.

  In the 1990s, NASA asked JPL scientists to make a miniature camera that can be installed on spacecraft while ensuring the quality of photography. According to JPL, one-third of mobile phone cameras now use this technology.

  According to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, "Grid Compass" is the first notebook computer in the world. It was first used in the space shuttle mission in 1983, which is one of the inventions of NASA.

  The crystalline silicon solar cells used in the home originally came from the lightweight solar energy system developed by the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology Alliance under NASA for electric aircraft.

  NASA has developed wireless headphones for astronauts to facilitate their communication. Now this technology has entered thousands of households.

  According to JPL, a NASA researcher developed a computer mouse in the 1960s, which allowed users to operate on the computer screen and made the computer more interactive.

  JPL initially developed a CAT scanner to scan aerospace components to get advanced digital images to detect defects. Now, it has become a commonly used medical instrument.

  Medical care: cochlear implant, invisible dental appliance, ear temperature thermometer.

  Adam Kiser, an engineer at Kennedy Space Center, used his working experience in electronic, sound and vibration sensor systems in the space shuttle project to develop early cochlear implants by using electric pulses instead of sound amplification technology.

  Compared with the traditional metal appliance, the invisible dental appliance is more beautiful. It is made of transparent polycrystalline alumina, which was originally developed by NASA to track heat-seeking missiles.

  Nowadays, many parents use ear thermometer to measure the temperature of sick babies or young children. According to JPL, this thermometer adopts infrared dissection technology invented by NASA and Diatek.

  There is always one of these 25 technologies that you have seen, touched and used. Aerospace technology can not only be used in high space, but also improve our quality of life after landing, which is one of the driving forces for human beings to explore and fly higher and farther.

  (Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, July 8 th)