Systematically understand the whole picture of the world’s scientific and technological frontier, and quickly collect this menu and outline.

Facing the world’s scientific and technological frontier is one of the important missions of popular science in the new era. The world’s scientific and technological frontier represents the most advanced part of scientific and technological development and is an important force to promote social progress and sustainable development. Popularization of science plays an important role not only in enhancing the public’s understanding of the world’s science and technology frontier and promoting the scientific and cultural quality of the whole people, but also in promoting the frontier research of science and technology, improving the ability of scientific and technological innovation and constantly improving the self-reliance of high-level science and technology.

In September 2022, the State Council of China issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Popularization of Science and Technology in the New Era, clearly requiring that we should focus on the "four orientations" (facing the world’s scientific frontier, facing the main battlefield of the economy, facing the country’s major needs, and facing people’s life and health) and high-level science and technology to stand on our own feet, comprehensively improve the scientific quality of the whole people, plant fertile soil for innovation, and better serve the work of the party and the national center with the high-quality development of popular science. The world’s scientific and technological frontier refers to the forward-looking, innovative and leading research direction or field in the current scientific and technological field, representing the most advanced part of scientific and technological development, with the characteristics of high innovation, interdisciplinary, high risk, long-term influence and international competition, and is an important force to promote social progress and sustainable development. These frontiers mainly involve: agricultural science, botany and zoology, ecology and environmental science, earth science, clinical medicine, biological science, chemistry and materials science, physics, astronomy and astrophysics, mathematics, information science and other disciplines, and their cross-integration.

In order to effectively carry out meaningful popular science and facilitate the public to systematically understand (avoid fragmentation) the whole picture of the world’s scientific and technological frontiers, the menu and outline of popular science for the world’s scientific and technological frontiers are listed here (not limited).

I. Agricultural Science

Agricultural science in the current frontier research field will help to improve agricultural production efficiency, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, and provide healthier, safer and more sustainable agricultural products. Its popular science points are as follows:

1. Gene editing and transgenic technology:

-Explore the application of gene editing technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 in agriculture, which can accurately modify crop genes and improve yield, disease resistance and adaptability to adversity.

-Studying the potential of transgenic technology, introducing foreign genes to improve the traits and quality of crops.

2. Digital agriculture and precision agriculture:

-Digitization and automation of agricultural production will be realized with the help of technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, and the accuracy and efficiency of crop management will be improved.

-Using remote sensing technology and unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor farmland and provide real-time crop growth information to help farmers make decisions.

3. Intelligent agricultural machinery and robot technology:

-Research and development of intelligent agricultural machinery, such as self-driving tractors and intelligent harvesters, to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

-Develop agricultural robots that can automatically perform repetitive tasks, such as weeding, spraying and picking.

4. Greenhouse agriculture and vertical farms:

-Explore greenhouse agricultural technology, which can cultivate crops under bad weather conditions, prolong the planting season and provide stable yield and quality.

-Study the vertical farm technology, realize high-density planting of crops and save land and water resources through multi-layer overlapping planting system.

5. Circular agriculture and ecological agriculture:

-Promote the circular agriculture model, realize the maximum utilization of resources and reduce environmental pollution through the circular utilization of agricultural wastes and the circular coordination between aquaculture and planting.

-Advocate eco-agricultural practices, such as organic agriculture and eco-protection agricultural laws, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and provide healthy and environment-friendly agricultural products.

Second, botany

The main points of frontier science in botany are as follows:

1. Plant genomics: study the structure and function of plant genome, explore the regulation mechanism and characteristics of plant genes, and the technical methods of genome editing and transformation.

2. Growth and development: study the growth and development process of plants, including cell division, formation and differentiation of plant organs, and the response and adaptation of plants to environmental stimuli.

3. Plant signal transduction: Study the signal transduction mechanism in plants, including the synthesis, transmission and function of plant hormones, as well as the signal pathways related to plant growth, flowering, disease resistance and adversity resistance.

4. Plant stress biology: Study the mechanism of plant stress adaptation, including plant physiological and molecular responses under stress conditions such as drought, high temperature, salinity, pests and diseases.

5. Natural products of plants: study the natural products synthesized and accumulated by plants, including compounds in medicinal plants, volatile substances in aromatic plants, and genes and metabolic pathways related to plant secondary metabolism.

Third, zoology

The main points of the frontier science of zoology are as follows:

1. Animal Behavior: To study the behavior patterns and social structures of animals, and to explore the behavioral characteristics such as the interaction between individuals and groups, courtship and reproductive behavior, and food acquisition.

2. Evolutionary biology: studying the evolutionary principles and mechanisms of animals, including natural selection, genetic variation, speciation, etc., as well as the relationship with environmental factors and lifestyles.

3. Neuroscience: studies the structure and function of animal nervous system, including electrophysiological properties of nerve cells, nerve signal transmission, perception and cognition.

4. Animal ecology: study the relationship between animals and their ecological environment, including animal habitat utilization, food chain and food web, migration and migration, ecosystem function and stability, etc.

5. Animal protection biology: study the theory and practice of animal protection, including the protection of biodiversity, species protection, habitat restoration, and the coexistence of human beings and wild animals.

IV. Ecology and Environmental Science

The main points of frontier science popularization of ecology and environmental science are as follows:

1. Climate change and adaptation: study the impact of climate change on ecosystems and the adaptation strategies of organisms to climate change. This includes studying issues related to climate change such as greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, sea level rise and extreme weather events.

2. Biodiversity protection and restoration: Study how to protect and restore biodiversity, including protecting key species, maintaining ecosystem functions, establishing protected areas and adopting sustainable resource management methods.

3. Ecosystem services and sustainable development: study the value and contribution of ecosystems to human beings, including providing ecosystem services such as food, water, air purification and soil conservation, as well as policies and practices to promote sustainable development.

4. Eco-informatics and big data application: Study how to use information technology and big data analysis to solve ecological and environmental problems, including the application of new technologies such as biological remote sensing, ecological simulation, data mining and visualization in ecological research.

5. Pollution control and ecological restoration: study the control measures of pollutant discharge, environmental pollution and ecosystem damage, including the development and application of environmental monitoring technology, waste treatment and ecological restoration technology.

6. Ecological cooperation and sustainable development: study the cross-disciplinary and cross-border ecological cooperation mechanism to promote the realization of global environmental protection and sustainable development goals.

V. Earth Science

The main points of frontier science popularization in earth science are as follows:

1. Geodynamics: Study the structure and movement inside the earth, including plate tectonics, seismic activity and volcanic eruption, so as to reveal the evolution of the earth and the mechanism of crustal change.

2. Geochemistry and geophysics: study the composition, properties and changes of the earth’s materials, as well as the physical processes inside the earth, including the earth’s magnetic field, geothermal activities and the formation and metamorphism of rocks.

3. Earth surface process: Study the morphological changes and geomorphological development of the earth surface, including river erosion, wind erosion, ice erosion and coastal erosion, as well as related soil formation and ecosystem changes.

4. Hydrology and water resources management: study the water cycle and the distribution and utilization of water resources on the earth, including the formation and change of groundwater, rivers, lakes and glaciers, as well as the methods of water resources management and sustainable utilization.

5. Climate and Meteorology: Study the development and change of global and regional climate patterns, climate change and weather phenomena, so as to reveal the mechanism of climate system, its future change trend and its impact on the environment and human society.

6. Interaction between Earth and Ecosystem: Study the interaction between Earth system and ecosystem, including the influence of ecological process on surface features and chemical cycle, and the influence of human activities on ecosystem and Earth.

7. Exploration and development of earth resources: study the exploration, development and utilization of mineral resources, energy resources and water resources on the earth, including the exploration technology of mineral resources, the development of oil and gas resources and the utilization of renewable energy.

8. Earth monitoring and remote sensing technology: study the use of remote sensing technology and earth observation data to monitor earth changes and environmental conditions, including the application of satellite remote sensing, laser measurement and earth observation network in earth science.

Six, clinical medicine

The main points of frontier science popularization in clinical medicine are as follows:

1. Gene editing and gene therapy: The emergence of gene editing technology, such as CRISPR-Cas9, enables us to accurately modify human genes, thus treating some existing hereditary diseases that are difficult to cure.

2. Precision medicine: through the comprehensive analysis of individual genome, phenotype and environmental factors of patients, individualized diagnosis, treatment and prevention can be realized, so as to improve the curative effect of patients and reduce unnecessary drug use.

3. Immunotherapy: Use the body’s own immune system to fight cancer and other diseases. Including the use of CAR-T cell therapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors and so on.

4. Wearable medical devices: such as smart bracelets and smart watches, can monitor patients’ physiological parameters, exercise, sleep and other information, and provide doctors with more accurate diagnosis and treatment basis.

5. Application of artificial intelligence in clinical medicine: Through machine learning and deep learning algorithms, doctors can quickly analyze a large number of clinical data, assist in diagnosis and formulate treatment plans.

6. Organ transplantation and 3D printing technology: Biomaterials are printed by 3D printing technology, and important progress has been made in the field of regenerative medicine. Organ transplantation is also developing constantly, such as liver transplantation and kidney transplantation.

7. Advanced imaging technologies, such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), can provide high-resolution and high-quality human images for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

8. Mental health and brain research: By studying the brain, we can better understand the mechanism of mental illness and develop more effective treatment methods.

Seven, biological science

The main points of frontier science popularization in biological sciences are as follows:

1. Gene editing and gene therapy: Gene editing technology such as CRISPR-Cas9 has triggered revolutionary research progress, which can accurately edit the genome of organisms and is expected to be used to treat hereditary diseases. Gene therapy is the use of genetic engineering technology to repair or replace patients’ abnormal genes to treat diseases, including cancer and hereditary diseases.

2. Stem cell research: Stem cells are a kind of cells with the ability of self-replication and differentiation, which can differentiate into many cell types. Stem cell research has a wide application prospect in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and disease treatment, including organ transplantation, tissue repair and drug screening.

3. Artificial intelligence and bioinformatics: The development of artificial intelligence technology provides great support for bioinformatics, including big data analysis and mining in genomics, protein genomics and transcriptomics. Artificial intelligence can help accelerate the development of new drugs, early diagnosis of diseases and the realization of personalized medical care.

4. Synthetic biology: Synthetic biology is a discipline that transforms and creates life by synthesizing and redesigning biological systems. It involves genome design, the synthesis of biological components and the construction of biological circuits, and can be used in the fields of bioenergy production, environmental restoration and new drug development.

5. Genomics and single cell sequencing: Genomics studies the genome composition and function of organisms through whole genome sequencing. Single cell sequencing technology can deeply study the gene expression and gene mutation of a single cell, and reveal the mechanism of cell development, tissue regeneration and disease occurrence.

6. Precision medicine: Precision medicine aims to make personalized diagnosis and treatment plans according to the genome information and personal characteristics of each patient. This personalized medical model can improve the therapeutic effect and reduce the side effects, and has important application value for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and hereditary diseases.

Eight, chemistry and materials science

The main points of frontier science popularization of chemistry and materials science are as follows:

1. Nano-materials: Introduce the concept and characteristics of nano-materials, including size effect and quantum effect. The application of nano-materials in biomedicine, energy storage and conversion, sensors and electronic devices is discussed.

2. Two-dimensional materials: Introduce the structure and properties of two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and boron nitride. The application potential of two-dimensional materials in electronics, optoelectronics, catalysts and sensors is discussed.

3. Conjugated polymers: Introduce the structure and properties of conjugated polymers, including electrical conductivity and photoelectric properties. The applications of conjugated polymers in organic electronics, flexible electronics and wearable devices are discussed.

4. Electrocatalysis: Introduce the principle and mechanism of electrocatalysis, as well as the design and synthesis of catalyst. The application of electrocatalysis in energy conversion fields such as batteries, fuel cells and electrolytic water is discussed.

5. Sustainable chemistry: Introduce the concept and principles of sustainable chemistry, including green synthesis and circular economy. This paper discusses the application of sustainable chemistry in reducing environmental pollution, improving resource utilization efficiency and building a sustainable society.

6. biomaterials: introduce the classification and application of biomaterials, including biomedical and tissue engineering fields. To explore the application of biomaterials in drug delivery, tissue repair and artificial organs.

Nine, physics

The main points of frontier science in physics are as follows:

1. Quantum computing: Introduce the basic principles and concepts of quantum computing. This paper discusses the application of quantum computing in solving complex problems and cracking passwords.

2. Particle physics: introduce the study of elementary particles (such as quarks and leptons) and the basic structure of the universe. To explore the importance of particle physics in understanding the origin of the universe and exploring new particles.

3. String theory: introduce string theory as a new field of theoretical physics. This paper discusses the importance of string theory in solving quantum gravity problems and unifying particle physics.

4. condensed matter physics: introduce the importance of condensed matter physics for studying the properties of solids and liquids. The application of condensed matter physics in materials science and nanotechnology is discussed.

5. Cosmology: Introduction to cosmology, the science of studying the origin and evolution of the universe. Explore the importance of cosmology in understanding dark energy, dark matter and the accelerated expansion of the universe.

6. Photonics: Introduce the application of photonics in optical communication, optical storage and optoelectronics. This paper discusses the potential of photonics in solving the problems of information processing and energy conversion.

X astronomy and astrophysics

The main points of frontier science popularization in astronomy and astrophysics are as follows:

1. Black holes and gravitational waves: Black holes are extremely curved areas in space, which have strong gravity and even light cannot escape. Recently, through gravitational wave observation, scientists directly detected the existence of black holes for the first time, and conducted a more in-depth study on their properties and formation. Gravitational waves are long-predicted spatio-temporal shocks first observed in 2015, which are derived from extremely powerful astronomical events, such as the merger of two black holes or the explosion of stars. Gravitational wave observation provides us with a new means to explore extreme celestial bodies and the origin of the universe.

2. Interstellar planets and extraterrestrial life: Interstellar planets are planets that exist around other stars. Scientists have begun to discover a series of exoplanets, some of which may have conditions suitable for life. Researchers are trying to answer the question of whether there is other life in the universe by detecting and analyzing the atmosphere and composition of these interstellar planets. Through the study of life forms in special environments on earth, such as microorganisms and ancient fossils in extreme environments, scientists also try to explore the mystery of the origin and evolution of life.

3. Dark matter and dark energy: Dark matter is a substance that does not emit light and does not interact with electromagnetic waves in the universe, while dark energy is a hypothetical energy form that causes the accelerated expansion of the universe. Their existence is still a mystery, but they occupy most of the energy and mass of the universe. Scientists are trying to reveal the nature of dark matter and dark energy by observing and simulating the structure of the universe, galaxy clusters and cosmic microwave background radiation, and further understand the evolution of the universe.

4. Burst cosmology: Burst cosmology is to explore the evolution of the universe and the high-energy process of matter by observing and studying the explosive events of cosmic phenomena, such as supernova explosions or gamma-ray bursts. These cosmic explosions release enormous energy and have an important impact on the structure of the universe and the formation of galaxies. By using multi-band observation, particle physics and numerical simulation, scientists are revealing the physical mechanism in explosive cosmology, the origin of cosmic rays and the generation and evolution of super-strong magnetic field in the universe.

5. Evolution of Galaxies: Galaxies are huge celestial structures composed of stars, gases, dust and other substances. By observing and simulating the formation and evolution of galaxies, researchers are revealing the formation law of the large-scale structure of the universe, and on this basis, understanding the formation and development process of stars, galaxy mergers, supermassive stars and cosmic black holes.

XI. Mathematics

The main points of mathematics frontier science popularization are as follows:

1. Group Theory and Algebraic Geometry: Group Theory is the basis of studying abstract algebraic structure, focusing on groups and exploring the laws of symmetry and transformation. It has important applications in physics, cryptography and computer science. Algebraic geometry studies the relationship between algebra and geometry, and studies geometric shapes and structures by introducing geometric methods into algebraic equations. It is widely used in machine learning and image processing.

2. Topology and geometry: Topology studies the nature of space, focusing on shape and deformation rather than measurement and size. It has important applications in the fields of network analysis, data mining and material science. Geometry studies the shape of space, focusing on measurement and size. It is widely used in computer graphics, computer aided design and robotics.

3. Number theory and cryptography: Number theory studies the properties and relationships of integers, including the distribution of prime numbers, integer factors and congruences. It has important applications in cryptography, coding theory and computer security. Cryptography studies the methods and technologies to protect information security, including cryptographic algorithms, identity authentication and digital signature. It plays a key role in network security and data protection.

4. Algorithms and Complexity Theory: Algorithms study the methods and steps of problem solving, including designing efficient algorithms and solving the difficulties of computing problems. It is widely used in computer science and operational research. Complexity theory studies the complexity of problems and the demand for computing resources, including the solvability and difficulty of computing problems. It has important applications in artificial intelligence and optimization problems.

5. Probability and statistics: Probability theory studies the regularity and probability distribution of random phenomena, including random processes and random variables. It is widely used in the fields of risk assessment and decision analysis. Statistics studies the methods and techniques of data analysis and inference, including data collection, description, analysis and model building. It has important applications in the fields of empirical scientific research and market research.

XII. Information Science

The frontier of information science involves many fields from traditional computer science to artificial intelligence, quantum computing, network security and so on. The main points of its popular science are as follows:

1. Artificial intelligence: the goal, definition and development of artificial intelligence; Basic principles and applications of machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning; Research and application in artificial intelligence fields such as natural language processing, computer vision and intelligent robots.

2. Quantum computing: the basic concepts and principles of quantum computing; Differences and advantages from traditional computers; Key technologies of quantum computing, such as qubit, quantum gate and quantum entanglement; Current research progress and application prospect of quantum computing.

3. Network security: threats and challenges of network security; Basic concepts and technologies such as cryptography, security protocols and identity authentication; Common methods and strategies of network attack and defense; Research and application in emerging fields such as blockchain technology and decentralized security network.

4. Data science and big data analysis: the basic concepts, processing flow and application fields of data science; Collection, storage and processing technology of big data; Core algorithms of data science such as data mining, machine learning and predictive analysis; Applications such as business intelligence and decision support system based on data analysis.

5. Bioinformatics: the research object and goal of bioinformatics; Analysis methods of bioinformatics such as genomics, transcriptomics and protein genomics; Key technologies such as biological sequence alignment, protein structure prediction and gene expression regulation network; Application of bioinformatics in medical and biological science research.

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Film, Ideal, Growing Together | This decade, our film life

Special feature of 1905 film network In this decade, from fireworks to prosperity in the world, movies have always been in our lives. This decade, the film is life, life is film, this decade, our film life.

The actor grew up in the countryside, influenced by the environment, and his understanding of many things was very limited. The economic embarrassment also bound him and even made him slowly close himself. He felt very lucky to be able to leave the small mountain village in Yimeng Mountain area and come to Beijing, to be able to engage in his favorite performing arts career and take acting as his career.

When it comes to ten years, the most influential thing in his works is that he spent five months preparing, refused any other work and lost 30 pounds. Then, in order to experience the life at that time and feel the inner world of Jiao Yulu, he went into all the places where Jiao Yulu once lived.

"On the day I joined the group, I put on all the costumes. On the way out of work and on the way to work, I listened to the songs of that era." Follow communist party ","Unity is power "and" We workers have power "have been around my ears, dragging me back to that era."

In the past ten years, China’s films have flourished, and many excellent films have been born. They are all excellent films in recent years, and Guo Xiaodong likes them very much. Although these films carry different contents, they are also full of warmth and positive energy, as well as fighting spirit and passion.

"In the past ten years, my film life, I am grateful to have a movie as my companion, because these interesting and bittersweet stories are with me, which makes my life particularly beautiful and colorful. Thanks to the movie."

Ten years is also the growth time of the blog program "Movies Are Not Boring". At present, there are three members in the program, namely, the anchor Xier, the anchor King Kong and the guest Xiao Pang. In the past ten years, they have gone from film enthusiasts to film disseminators. This program was first started by Xier and King Kong, who went to college in 2007 and became attached to movies.

"After we met, we began to talk about movies crazily, and we got to know each other because of movies until we graduated from college."

When talking about the reason for the creation of this program, King Kong said: "It would be that we accidentally discovered that there seems to be a new gadget called blog, in which many independent folk young people do some interesting audio programs. At that time, because we like movies very much, we wanted to say that we should try it ourselves, and then we had our initial idea."

Now there are many series of "Movies Are Not Boring", and there is a monthly movie guide series for popular movies. When they see movies with good cinema quality, for example, they will strongly recommend them to fans and friends, so that everyone can think of the cinema more and walk into it. Secondly, they also talked about movie stories about you, me and him, and how they or their listeners fell in love with movies.

In this decade, listening friends are one of their sources of motivation. In the ten years of the program, besides movies, there are also listening friends waiting for them. My son said, "Why can you actually do it for such a long time? It is because you have feedback, that is, listening to the interaction of friends, because everyone is like-minded. "

"These people have basically known each other for about 10 years. They first listened to our programs and then participated in offline activities. And many people have become friends who talk about everything. Everyone is talking about movies."

Movies that listeners are interested in will also be recommended to them in reverse. Love Myth is a good movie first proposed by listeners. Later, their offline party also started around this film, and even a program was specially produced for this film.

Love Myth — —"It is incomplete for a woman not to have lived for herself."

Film is an indispensable part of our life. In the eyes of fans, it may even be a source that brings us the greatest happiness. They are doing what they like to do, and they have made their own careers. They are inspired by movies and gain strength from listening to Yukiko Iwai. In ten years, movies will go with you all the way!

How was the classic epic war movie "Fighting in the South and Fighting in the North" born?

1905 movie network news "Please stick to the last five minutes!Please hold on for the last five minutes! "Old fans must know that this familiar line comes from a 1952 movie.The film is Shanghai.The war film made by the film studio is also the first military film made after the founding of New China.


"Travel South and Fight North" and Bayi Film Studio were produced in 1962 and 1965 respectively.Together, they are affectionately called "the third war" by fans., and "fighting in the north" is ranked first.

After the release of "Fighting in the North" in 1952, thousands of people were deserted, which triggered a craze. The film was magnificent, with a large number of classic clips and majestic war scenes, making it the first war film with the charm of war epic in the history of new China movies.


So why is this film so successful?

In 1951, the Central Film Steering Committee, the Central Film Bureau and the Shanghai Film Studio decided to shoot a war film in order to present the Army Day on August 1st the following year.He once had director experience in Northeast Film Studio.form a leafy shadeAnd from Shanghai Film StudioTang XiaodanBe chosen to be the director of this film.

At that time, 35-year-old Cheng Yin participated in some important battles and knew more about war life. As a director, he won the first prize of excellent film of the Ministry of Culture and the Peace Prize of the 6th Karlovy Farley International Film Festival.


Karlovy Farley International Film Festival, as one of the international Class A film festivals, became the stage of China films in 1950s. Many domestic films, such as The Biography of New Heroes and Children, Making a scene in Heaven and so on, have won prizes at this film festival.


Tang Xiaodan’s career as a film director is even longer. He is good at shooting military films, especially at depicting human feelings and humanity in the war environment, and softening the cruelty of war with human emotions and beautiful hearts.His representative worksAnd so on, also known as "the father of China war movies".

In this way, Chengyin and Tang Xiaodan set up a creative team, and it happened that a drama called "The Front" was particularly popular at that time, and its story was consistent with the idea of the film to be prepared. The director group decided to adapt and create on the basis of the drama.


Soon, Shen Ximeng, the founder of "The Front", took the lead in forming a film and literature script writing group. In order to show that PLA soldiers fought in the north and south and experienced many battles, the film was named "Fighting in the South".

In the whole process of making this film, apart from the crew, there are two people who have brought great influence to this film.The first is General Chen Yi. He was in the East China Military Region.commanderMember, mayor of Shanghai.Chen Yi paid close attention to the preparation of the script after learning that "Fighting in the South and Fighting in the North" was to be filmed.

During the script writing, Chen Yi was ill and hospitalized in Nanjing. It was summer, and the temperature in Nanjing was very high. He listened to Shen Ximeng, Shen Mojun and Gu Baozhang read the script for him in turn in the ward. At that time, there was no air conditioning, and Chen Yi was often sweating.


Despite this, he endured the heat and illness, absorbed himself, and put forward suggestions for revision while listening, down to a line.It is said that the emotional clues between the characters in the film were modified by Chen Yi, which makes the film "Fighting with the North" more human.In this way, it lasted for half a year, and the script of "Traveling South and Fighting North" was finally released.

Because the script was still being revised after the film crew was set up, in order to ensure the film was released as scheduled and after polishing the lens-splitting desk together, Tang Xiaodan decided to divide the two teams into two parts, and the two teams shot separately. In the studio, the drama of the People’s Liberation Army was generally in the charge of Yin, while the drama of the enemy on location was in the charge of Tang Xiaodan, and the big scene was completed by the two teams.

In order to make everyone understand the director’s intention, Tang Xiaodan invented the method of "holding a blackboard meeting". The director drew the ideas and shooting requirements of each scene on the blackboard so that others could see it at a glance.

The filming task is tight, so we have to seize the time. At the busiest time, the two film crews record, dub and edit at the same time. Yin has a war life. Tang Xiaodan has rich film experience, and they cooperate very tacitly in their respective fields.

The crew of "Fighting in the North" is unprecedented in scale, with more than 3,000 people, which is also a difficult problem in overall planning. The crew can run effectively, and the two directors also contributed.There is another person who has a great influence on making this film, and that is General Su Yu.The battle reappeared in the film "Fighting in the South and Fighting in the North" was personally directed by Su Yu.So he also paid great attention to the filming of this film.

Su Yu also specially invited the directors to Beijing to personally explain the military and political situation and fighting situation on the battlefield in East China at that time. The director later recalled that the guidance of General Su Yu was very important, which laid a solid foundation for them to better grasp the details of the war scene.


The most impressive thing about this film is the war scene, which is unprecedented in terms of the momentum of the war scene, the scale of the battle, the performance of strategic decision-making and military thinking.


The reason is that in order to restore the war scenes to a greater extent, the film crew rushed to the location of the East China battlefield to shoot, and mobilized a division’s troops to cooperate.Real explosives are used in shooting. Before shooting, safety circles should be drawn where there are explosives. When shooting, actors can’t go inside the safety circle. The fighting in Motianling is also real bullets, and there is no one opposite when shooting.


At that time, there was no walkie-talkie, so the explosion site was numbered with 1, 2, 3 … and the bomb was detonated with the signal flare as the letter. Taking risks is to make the film more realistic and effective.


Because of this, although Chen Yi granted a special fund of 1 million yuan to support the filming of "Fighting against the North", the funding for filming is still very tight, with thousands of tons of light explosives used, and most scenes are shot as real as possible.

At the same time, limited by conditions, many difficulties were encountered in the filming process. There is no elevator in China. In order to take a panoramic view of the battlefield, the film crew made a wooden elevator that can swing from side to side and lift up and down.


In summer, when shooting a scene in winter, the actors can only run on the road in the hot sun with big pants and cotton-padded jackets. After a scene, everyone is sweating, and sometimes they even drink a lot of water without going to the toilet, because they all run away in sweat.

Sometimes when shooting on location, the car loaded with props suddenly had a flat tire and turned into a ditch, and several escorts were injured. Except for the props who were seriously injured and needed hospitalization, other wounded people bandaged their wounds and returned to the shooting scene to continue their work.The whole film crew worked very hard.

Later, when the actors recalled it, they were all filled with emotion. Although they were hard, they were all precious memories.There are also many fans of the older generation who are familiar with "Traveling South and Fighting North"staractor For example, playing the teacherChen ge, the representative works are;

Huada Tang, who plays the political commissar of the division, has the masterpiece "Crossing the River";Play the machine gunnera state in the Zhou DynastyforeverexpensiveZhong Xinghuo, and later starred.;

Later starred in classic films.hit the target/markSun DaolinAlso made a guest appearance in this film.


Gao Yingchang, who plays a very important role in the film, is played by Feng Zhe, a famous handsome young man. He is elegant in temperament and tall and straight in posture. Before that, he created romantic and affectionate images of childe and talented person.

But he plays a soldier in "Fighting in the North". In order to better present his role, Feng Zhe actually entered the company. Every day, in addition to practicing assassination on the playground, he also had to swim in the cold water, and blisters appeared on his mouth. In the end, he successfully created the classic soldier image in the new China movies.


One of the classic female images, the village head Zhao Yumin, is played by Zhang Ruifang. Zhang Ruifang is one of the four famous artists in the drama field. She has no experience in rural life, but in order to play the role of the village head, she put on an old cloth shirt and lived with the villagers for more than eight months.

Learning to shoot during the day and having a meeting around the oil lamp at night, Zhang Ruifang made the simple and unpretentious image of the typical working people deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.This is also due to the high requirements of the crew. Before shooting, the crew stipulated that all actors should experience life on the spot, and most of these actors from Shanghai Film Factory successfully completed their tasks.


The music in "Traveling South and Fighting North" is also very distinctive. When it comes to music, I have to mention Yan Ge. Perhaps many people are not familiar with his name, but when it comes to movies for which he made music, there are many treasures, such as Nie Er.


He won numerous awards, and his music was widely circulated. The music he made for "Fighting in the South and Fighting in the North" won the first prize of the Ministry of Culture in 1957, and the score of capturing a place in Phoenix Ridge was a classic passage in which music and pictures were synchronized.

In addition, "Fighting in the North" also has some admirable artistic techniques and classic lines, such as parallel montage, slit lens and moving lens. Even though the film has been shown many times, it is still talked about by many fans.


The war scenes became the model of later war films, and all the honors and achievements of such a classic are attributed to everyone who has paid for this film.

More than 70 movies rushed to the beach to celebrate the New Year.

On December 18th, according to "CCTV Finance" news, from November 24th, major cinemas across the country entered the New Year’s Eve screening period. This year, there were over 70 new films in the New Year’s Eve screening, and the number of new films released reached a five-year high, accounting for 80%. According to the data of "Cat’s Eye" platform, as of 12 noon on December 17th, the box office of this year’s Lunar New Year has reached 2.337 billion yuan (including the pre-sale box office), the number of people watching movies has exceeded 57 million, and the total box office for the whole year has reached 52.757 billion yuan. How many movies are you going to watch this year’s Lunar New Year?

Steel Association visited Shougang to discuss the core issues of steel industry development.

  On December 17, 2023, He Wenbo, Party Secretary and Executive President of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, led a team to Shougang Group for a tour of office, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Zhao Minge, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shougang Group, on the core issues of the industry, such as capacity management mode, steel export orientation, China’s green and low-carbon standards and international discourse system, green financial policy, and common technology research and development organization mode, and reached a number of consensuses.

  Members of the Party Committee of Steel Association, Deputy Secretary-General and heads of relevant departments, leaders of Shougang Group Qiu Yinfu, Wang Hongjun and Wang Jianwei, and heads of strategic development department, operation and finance department, safety and environmental protection department, technical research institute, Zhongshou Company, marketing center, procurement center and other relevant departments attended the exchange discussion.

  He Wenbo presided over the traveling office meeting. At the meeting, Jiang Wei, Deputy Secretary, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Party Committee of the Steel Association, introduced the progress of the key work of the Association from six aspects: comprehensively promoting the "232" key work system, striving to guide industry self-discipline and balance between supply and demand, promoting the "three-oriented" development of the industry through collaborative innovation, comprehensively strengthening and deepening international exchanges and cooperation, strengthening industry-related basic services, and promoting the construction of industry cadres and talents from a high starting point. Qiu Yinfu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, director and general manager of Shougang Group, reported on Shougang’s focus on the "six foundations" and laying a solid foundation for Shougang’s high-quality development from the aspects of the group’s operation and the steel industry’s operation, the main indicators completed the progress target, and the main profit indicators outperformed the industry, and the key work arrangements for 2024.

  After listening to the operation of Shougang, He Wenbo spoke highly of Shougang’s development achievements. He said that in 2023, under the severe market situation, Shougang’s operating efficiency still achieved steady growth, which is not easy, reflecting the solid foundation of Shougang’s work, and also reflecting the results of Shougang’s years of persistence in promoting industrial restructuring and business mode transformation, which brought confidence to the overall development of the industry in the downturn of the steel market. Shougang is very clear and pragmatic in its current work deployment and future development planning. He talked about three feelings: first, Shougang is the benchmark of the industry in terms of green transformation, especially in terms of the effectiveness of ultra-low emission transformation, and is an example for the whole industry to learn. Second, Shougang has continuously increased the proportion of high value-added products through unremitting technological innovation, and achieved remarkable results, contributing major profits to the main steel industry. Third, Shougang’s judgment on the development situation of the industry and its future-oriented planning reflect the depth of understanding and the integrity of the layout, which can provide useful reference for the industry.

  During the exchange, He Wenbo and Zhao Minge and other Shougang leaders made in-depth discussions on such issues as adhering to the correct steel export orientation, optimizing and improving the way of controlling production capacity, increasing the recycling of recycled steel and speeding up the green transformation of the steel production system.

  He Wenbo hopes that Shougang can work well with the Association in three aspects in the future: First, Shougang has a thorough understanding of the new mechanism of capacity management, and hopes that Shougang will contribute more wisdom and strength in the clear direction. Second, according to the viewpoint of three-dimensional dynamic evaluation of economy, ecology and safety, the Association and Shougang jointly studied how to promote the green transformation of China steel, and focused on how to improve and build a green steel discourse system and actively develop healthy international relations. This is a common topic in the industry that has just started, and Shougang should become an important driving force. Third, Shougang’s green transformation started early and has a lot of experience. I hope to discuss with the association the specific path of how supporting policies and measures such as green finance can land in the steel industry.

  Zhao Minge welcomed the arrival of He Wenbo and his party and thanked the Steel Association for its support and help to Shougang. He said that at the beginning of the year, Secretary He led a team to Shougang to carry out joint study of the central group, which deepened Shougang’s understanding and grasp of the macro situation and industry situation. At the end of the year, Secretary He once again led a team to Shougang to carry out a roving office to discuss the core issues of iron and steel industry development, which made us deeply moved and felt great responsibility. The Steel Association has played an important role in the high-quality development of the steel industry. I hope that the Steel Association will continue to care for and support the reform and development of Shougang.

  Zhao Minge introduced Shougang’s experience, overcome difficulties and achieved results since the 14th Five-Year Plan from the strategic level and the implementation level. Zhao Minge pointed out that strategic thinking is very important. We observe, think and analyze problems from a strategic perspective, and constantly enhance the principle, systematicness, foresight and creativity of our work. Shougang formulated and implemented the 14th Five-Year Plan, followed the "3+2" step arrangement of "laying a solid foundation for high-quality development in the first three years, and realizing the transformation of development quality in the next two years", focusing on "six foundations", and taking laying a solid foundation for high-quality development as the main line of work in the first three years, which made the strategic plan have a clear timetable and roadmap, maintained strategic strength, and promoted the implementation of the plan, and achieved the best operation in the history of a hundred years. The implementation of the strategy is very critical. We should not take what we say as it is, take what we have done as it is, and do not take refuge. No matter how big the difficulties are, we should bite the bullet and chew on the "hard bones", hammer after hammer around the "six foundations" and 24 indicators, keep our feet on the ground and charge repeatedly, greatly improve the liquidity of assets, strive to run well in the four "tracks", and make progress and retreat to form an industry with strong anti-cycle.

  Zhao Minge expressed his opinions and put forward suggestions on issues such as "capacity management", "expanding two markets", "double carbon" and "technological innovation". He stressed that it is necessary to stand at the high end, connect with the high end, adhere to the high end, promote the export of high value-added steel products, promote the steel industry to achieve high-quality development in connecting with the world and participating in high-level competition and services, and help accelerate the construction of a new development pattern. It is necessary to intensify efforts to tackle key problems in the innovation of iron and steel enterprises, organize and unite the forces of iron and steel enterprises to jointly develop and innovate common technologies in key areas and important aspects, and promote the overall competitiveness of the iron and steel industry.

  Zhao Minge said that Shougang should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Central Economic Work Conference, maintain strategic strength, persist in striving for stability and promoting stability through progress, promote technological innovation to become the first competitiveness of Shougang, realize the transformation of development quality to higher efficiency, resilience and sustainability, and accelerate the creation of a Chinese-style modern Shougang scene.

  During the exchange and discussion, the two sides believed that during the critical period of the transformation and development of the steel industry, the roving office of the Steel Association faced the reality and challenged the difficult problems, and through full communication with the "helm" of various steel enterprises and the heads of relevant departments, it was of great practical significance to focus on the core issues affecting the development of the industry and discuss countermeasures and solutions, which would promote the high-quality development of the industry.

Interview with Chen Huizhong, an earthquake expert: Gansu is located in an earthquake-active area, so it is necessary to ensure the people’s livelihood in the earthquake-stricken area.

At 23: 59 on December 18th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. On December 19th, Chen Huizhong, a former researcher at the Institute of Earthquake Prediction, Seismological Bureau of China, said in an interview with national business daily that Jishishan in Gansu is located in the north-south seismic belt of China. Relevant research data also show that Gansu Province has always been in an earthquake-active area. From 1996 to 2019, there were 122 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above in Gansu Province.

For the current rescue in the earthquake area, Chen Huizhong believes that the main task at present is to ensure the living and cold-resistant and warm conditions of the residents in the earthquake area.

Chen Huizhong further pointed out that "the best way to deal with earthquakes is to build strong houses", especially in rural areas.

In addition, the State Key Laboratory of Geological Disaster Prevention and Geological Environmental Protection (Chengdu University of Technology) (hereinafter referred to as the State Key Laboratory of Geological Disaster Prevention and Control) also reminded that the probability of geological disasters induced by earthquakes in the central, western and northwestern regions of the earthquake is relatively high, and it is suggested that local government departments strengthen on-site investigation of geological disasters in major towns and villages in high-intensity areas.

Chen Huizhong told reporters that Jishi Mountain in Gansu is an area with relatively active earthquakes. It is located in the north-south seismic belt of China, from Ningxia and Gansu to Sichuan and Yunnan, and the longitude line is 75 degrees west of this area. Compared with Sichuan and Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu and eastern Qinghai are not so strong in seismic activity, but they are also in a seismic activity area, and there have been earthquakes of magnitude 6 or above in history.

The reporter noted that the paper "Study on the Present Crustal Seismic Activity in Gansu Province" published this year by Liu Shu, the Second Monitoring Center of China Earthquake Administration, showed that geographically, Gansu Province is at the junction of the Loess Plateau, the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the role of geology and topographic structure is obvious, which is influenced by Ordos Platform, Alashan-Beishan Platform, West Qinling Fold and Qilian Mountain Fold.

Historically, Gansu province is in an earthquake-active area. "According to statistics, from 1996 to 2019, there were 122 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above in Gansu Province. Among them, there were 107 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 ~ 5.9, 19 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 ~ 6.9 and 2 earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 ~ 7.9. It can be seen that the magnitude of the main earthquakes in these 23 years is in the range of 5.0 ~ 5.9, and the number of major earthquakes is not many. The earthquakes in Gansu Province are mainly distributed in the Qilian Mountain seismic belt, the North-South seismic belt and the Hexi Corridor seismic belt. " The above papers show that.

It is worth mentioning that the geomagnetic storm activity some time ago has attracted a lot of attention from the outside world. Chen Huizhong believes that geomagnetic storm activity caused by solar activity has a great influence on the electromagnetic field of the earth’s space and atmosphere, and even affects communication and power supply when it is severe, but there is no definite basis for causing earthquakes. Moreover, it has been some time since the earthquake and the last magnetic storm activity, so it should have little to do with it.

The development of rescue is undoubtedly the most influential thing at present. According to CCTV news at noon on the 19th, the Jishishan earthquake in Gansu has killed 118 people.

Chen Huizhong told reporters that according to his understanding, the strong earthquake caused collapse or damage to houses with poor earthquake resistance, but some houses that were severely damaged in the epicenter did not completely collapse, resulting in casualties mainly because of insufficient earthquake resistance of houses and the collapse or fall of things inside houses.

According to Xinhua News Agency, on the morning of December 19th, Gansu Earthquake Relief Headquarters held a press conference. Gao Xiaoming, deputy director of the Seismological Bureau of Gansu Province, said that after the earthquake, the Seismological Bureau of Gansu Province immediately joined forces with China Seismological Network Center, Institute of Earthquake Prediction of China Seismological Bureau, Qinghai Seismological Bureau and other relevant units to quickly carry out the post-earthquake trend judgment. According to comprehensive analysis, there is still the possibility of a strong aftershock of magnitude 5 in the original earthquake area of Jishishan on December 18.According to the report of the Central Broadcasting Network, according to the results of comprehensive consultation on historical earthquakes, attenuation characteristics of earthquake sequences and earthquake precursor data, it is preliminarily judged that the earthquake is a main earthquake-aftershock earthquake, and the aftershock attenuation is basically normal.Chen Huizhong said that from the current situation, there is a high probability that an earthquake bigger than the main earthquake will not occur.

"In the earthquake rescue, it is necessary to ensure the residents’ living and cold-resistant conditions, be able to eat, be cold-resistant and not be frozen. This may be the main thing." Chen Huizhong believes.

So, how to ensure the people’s living in the earthquake zone? Chen Huizhong believes that some houses in the earthquake zone are still relatively intact. After the safety appraisal by earthquake experts, the affected people can also live in them. It is even more no problem for houses in areas a little far from the epicenter. After all, cold is also an important factor that may cause secondary disasters.

In addition to rescue, attention to secondary disasters is also crucial.

The Spatial Probability Prediction of Geological Hazards Induced by the Jishishan M6.2 Earthquake in Gansu released by the State Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention and Control in its official operation in WeChat official account pointed out that due to the influence of this earthquake, the probability of geological disasters induced by earthquakes in the central, western and northwestern regions of the earthquake is relatively high, and the middle-and-high-prone areas are distributed in bands along the southern margin of Laji Mountain, mainly involving steep slopes of Laji Mountain and Jishishan. According to the prediction, geological disasters are mainly small-scale collapses and landslides, and a few large-scale deep landslides may occur locally.

"It is suggested that local government departments should strengthen the on-site investigation of geological disasters in major towns and villages in high-intensity areas, paying special attention to key areas such as 2km near faults, along major roads, and cutting (sloping) slopes behind houses. The risk of post-earthquake secondary geological disasters around the site should be fully considered when selecting temporary resettlement sites. " The State Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention and Control suggested in the above article.

Chen Huizhong believes that the most important thing is to build houses in strict accordance with the seismic standards, especially in rural areas, where most houses are built by craftsmen, so the implementation of seismic standards may not be so strict in some places.

"The best way to deal with the earthquake is to build a strong house. Because the earthquake warning at most will send an alarm immediately after the earthquake, so that people who are far away from the earthquake have time to escape and run out quickly. If the house is strong, it is truly effective protection and can reduce casualties. " Chen Huizhong added.

national business daily


"Li Xiang China Youth Learning Class" shows the initial intention and mission in theoretical study.

Young people are the king of life, the spring of life, and the splendor of life. Young cadres are the backbone of the cause of the party and the country, and they are a powerful engine to help the great rejuvenation ship of the Chinese nation sail. The vigorous growth of young people is related to the future and destiny of the country’s development. It is even more necessary to learn a variety of "nutrients" from practical exercise, always do a "physical examination", always keep a clear head and be strong and healthy, so that writing can "secure the world", words can "talk about the past and discuss the future" and deeds can "solve all kinds of worries and overcome thousands of difficulties to achieve everything".
Be balanced in nutrition and beware of "rickets".理论是实践的先导,思想是行动的指南。提高理论素养,补齐理论短板是青年干部克服“本领恐慌”的“良药秘方”。一方面,青年干部要常吸“理论之氧”,勤补“精神之钙”,而且要吸收最新鲜的“氧气”,用习近平总书记的重要指示批示精神和党中央决策部署为依据指导基层工作实践、明确发展方向。另一方面,青年干部要在工作中学习农业、工业、经济、数字化等各类业务知识,做博学多才、见多识广的“六边形战士”,在基层历练中一路“闯关升级、战无不克”。
Exercise your muscles and beware of "muscle weakness".Young cadres should always establish a clear practical orientation, insist on answering with results, hand in papers with actual achievements, and take practical achievements as an important criterion to test the growth of cadres. Work business should be "affordable", and we should learn all kinds of business knowledge and participate in the work in multiple positions, accumulate enough work experience, and be a "hundred students" in grassroots business. We should "bear the burden of difficulties", actively participate in hard work, hard work and tiring work, especially the important and difficult work involving people’s livelihood at the grassroots level, "pressurize" and "bear the burden" for ourselves, and grow into a "mainstay" in practice as soon as possible. The communication among the masses should be "easy to talk about", and the thinking of the masses should be firmly established, and the ability of communication with the grassroots, especially rural villagers, should be strengthened, so as to "blend in" with the masses and become "grounded" cadres who "go to the village and enter the house". (Author: Tang Yuchun)

There will be no contest in the next two years! These three questions require China women’s football team to think hard.

Reporter Jin Cuo reports On November 1 ST, Xiamen Egret Stadium, when the Australian referee blew the final whistle, Shui Qingxia first stamped, then stood still, and her face was full of unwillingness-the last Olympic preliminaries, China and South Korea 1-1, both out early. After the World Cup and the Asian Games, the women’s football team in China also suffered a failure in the Olympic preliminaries, because "all three failed".

China women’s football team will have no competition task for more than two years before the start of the 2026 Women’s Asian Cup. How to sink down and find the direction? What kind of road should we take? Who should lead the team on this new journey? This is everyone’s question, including Song Kai, the president of the Football Association, who watched the live broadcast.

In three matches, China women’s football team won 1, drew 1 and lost 1, which is in line with the current strength. There is no surprise, only confusion.

633 days ago, when the China women’s football team regained the Asian Cup championship in India after 16 years, the outside world thought that the sonorous rose had found the right girl, and it was just around the corner to rise again, but it was even hit, hurting many people and waking many people. It turned out that the Asian Cup champion was only a flash in the pan-it was also a fate, and a variety of coincidences made it that champion.

Shui Qingxia later said that she hoped the players would continue to work hard and "don’t lie on the credit book"-in the past, China women’s football team was "disdainful" to the Asian Cup champion to some extent, because we were fighting for the World Cup champion and the Olympic gold medal, but now we can’t even get into the Olympic Games.

A cruel fact is that the Asian Cup champion may be the "honor" ceiling of China women’s football team for quite some time.

Over the years, China women’s football team has given the outside world an illusion that our personal skills or basic skills are still good. But judging from the three competitions this year, the skills of China women’s football team are very poor! Sometimes, even if there is no confrontation, the basic movements are not in place. There are almost all the "faults" of men’s football and women’s football. Therefore, in China football, the so-called "masculinization" of women’s football is actually an irony.

Some people will say that, at least, the women’s football team in China fought hard, and there is no doubt about this. However, if there is only a "fighting spirit", it is sad, because you find that sometimes you can’t fight hard, and that’s the case with the World Cup against England, even though some players "deny it".

Of the 22 players selected for the Olympic preliminaries, there are really not many players who give people hope. Returning to the Women’s World Cup, we are thinking about a question. In the case that Europe and the United States are better than us, what direction should China women’s football team or Asia take? The Philippines and South Korea chose naturalization, while the direction of Japanese women’s football team is to continue to adhere to technicalization-and what about China women’s football team? This point, from one of the few players who has been unanimously affirmed by the outside world in the three competitions this year, may not be difficult to get the answer. You can vaguely see the shadow of the old women’s football team in her body.

In the next few years, we don’t have a big game to play. In fact, we can settle down and train well. Youth training is the foundation. At the level of the national team, whether many veterans will continue to be retained, or whether they will be given a heavy responsibility after being retained, their use, or role conversion, needs the coaching staff to think carefully and carefully-or, let’s just say it, let young people show more, and use it as the spirit of youth training to reshape the sonorous rose.

Some people may say that the Korean women’s football team is different from ours, but in fact, this "difference" is even more embarrassing-after four years of "closed door", North Korea returned to the rivers and lakes in the Asian Games and won the silver medal, and its strength is still the same. Moreover, it has completed the replacement. In this Olympic preliminaries, they reached the final four.

The living environment of Korean women’s football team is not clear to the outside world, but we know that there are no players studying abroad, and they all play in local leagues. One question is, is the level of Korean leagues higher than that of women? If so, doesn’t that mean that the league we have worked so hard to build is just a show?

But that’s the answer. Although the women’s super clubs didn’t get the bonus of "Jinyuan Football" in those years, most of them can survive now with government background. Moreover, because they undertake the task of the National Games, they are still valued to some extent, at least they won’t be easily abandoned. But the cruel fact is that the training level of the clubs, including women’s super clubs, is really not good, or even worse than that of the sports teams in those years.

The root cause is closely related to the level of coaches. An insider said: China’s local coaches prefer the men’s Super League, China A, China B and the echelon, and only when there is no place to go will they choose the women’s football team. Their level is not high, and even the coaches in the women’s football team are even lower. Even so, these coaches are highly mobile and can’t stay. So, will the players taught by this kind of coach have a future? Or "usable"?

Shui Qingxia, who has many years of coaching experience in the club, admits that the training level of women’s super teams is very average except for a few strong teams. Therefore, before the competition, she is more willing to let the players train for a long time, so that she can "make up lessons".

Of course, such a choice is only a kind of thinking, not a wooden bridge. For the women’s football team in China, it is actually possible to walk on two legs, one is focused training, and the other is continuous study abroad. Long-term training, there are many opponents of public opinion, but there are not a few supporters in the circle, especially in the local coach circle. It is even said that the way the national team plays women’s super is also an exploration. "Even if these people can’t play the main force in the future, they will at least increase the thickness of the bench."

As for studying abroad, most people agree with it, and it is already in action. In this Olympic preliminaries, China women’s football team has eight players studying abroad, plus injured Shoupeng Wang. The number is not small, but from the performance point of view, it does not show any advantages. It is a fact that few of our players studying abroad play a leading role in the club, and some even just play the role of soy sauce. It is useless for players to study abroad for the sake of studying abroad and for the sake of "making friends".

Therefore, in the future, studying abroad is not just a whim of a season, but requires continuous output, and at the same time, it is necessary to choose a more suitable club and league for players. It is necessary to help the players improve, but also to consider their own strength positioning, not to mention that studying abroad will definitely be able to play the main force-at least to compete for posts, rather than just blindly pursuing giants, so that the best results can be achieved.

After the Olympic preliminaries, Shui Qingxia and her coaching staff ended their mission. As for the future, she doesn’t know.

For Shui Qingxia, there is a lot of criticism from the outside world. She thinks that her level is limited and she can’t continue to improve women’s football. After the World Cup, there have been voices calling for her to leave class.

Shui Qingxia went through several twists and turns when she took office. After leading the United team to win the gold medal in the National Games, she did not sign up for the women’s football coach, but in the end, the senior management chose to push her to that position.

The level of Shui Qingxia’s coaching is different, but it is wrong to kill her with a stick. After all, the current women’s football team may not be better than her.

China women’s football team has a "gap period" of more than two years, so it doesn’t need to be so utilitarian. Next, it can be "managed" well, and the China Football Association should also consider whether to change coaches, and if so, what kind of coaches to change.

At present, there are several options for the future women’s football coach. One is to keep water to celebrate the summer; The second is to hire foreign coaches; The third is to choose local male coaches.

The three choices have their own reasons and disadvantages, but what the China Football Association should remember is that the women’s football team has been tossing and turning, and foreign coaches have invited it. The men have Bruno and Eyjolfsson, and the women have domanski and Elizabeth. The only successful one is Bruno. Unfortunately, because of the poor record in the warm-up match, the China Football Association and others dismissed it, resulting in FIFA; Local men’s coaches have also been used, such as Zhang Haitao and Pei Encai in the early days, Li Xiaopeng and Hao Wei later, and Jia Xiuquan recently. It is true that Ma Yuanan and Ma Liangxing have found the right pulse and are close to success, but what they do now may not be suitable.

Therefore, the future China women’s football team, the coach must "fit" or "adapt", but what kind of fit? This requires Song Kai and representatives from all aspects of the women’s football community to conduct in-depth research and communication, and listen to opinions widely. If Shuiqingxia does not stay, Japanese coach is actually a good choice.

A hundred years’ experience of football in China 143

Chapter 143: Robert Evergrande’s successful employment in his hometown and Su Meng, the boss, hit it off at once.

Su Meng was a little frustrated after Su Cheng Evergrande failed to invite Heinz Barton. One day, she drove into her hometown Robert while drinking on the road.

"You are blind and drink while walking." Su Meng is so angry.

After a while, I watched my hometown Robert fall down, but I was still concerned and asked him if he was okay.

"I’m fine." Robert in his hometown replied in English.

"Why are you drinking while walking? I think you must have something on your mind." Su Meng didn’t know what Rob was good at in his hometown. When he saw that he was a foreigner, he also asked in English.

"There are some troubles. I wanted to travel to China to relax myself, but I found that a person is still boring."

"That’s true. Traveling alone is really boring."

"I’m sorry, lady, I bumped into you while I was drinking. Fortunately, you drove slowly, otherwise I would die in a foreign country, haha."

"You’re so humorous. I’m glad you’re all right. Get in the car. I really want to talk to you."

"Well, I see that you are also a real person. Find a place and I will invite you to dinner."

"Let me treat you, you know? Sioux City is my hometown. How can you invite me in my hometown? I should invite you. "

"Then I’m welcome. My name is Robert from my hometown. Nice to meet you."

"My name is Su Meng."

As soon as they sat down in a restaurant, the observant China fans recognized Su Meng and his native Robert and asked them to sign their names and take a photo.

"So you are the famous Brazilian native Robert."

"So you are the owner of a famous football club."

The two praised each other and both admired each other.

"I know, you’re a world-class handsome man, so how can you fall …" Su Meng was unbelievable and hard to ask, but he wanted to know why.

Robert knew what Su Meng meant, and told Su Meng the whole story of his falling out with the Brazilian Football Association.

"So that’s it." After listening to Robert’s story in his hometown, Su Meng was so surprised that he burst out laughing.

"Ms. Su, what happened to me was so terrible. You laughed at me when you said you hit it off with me?"

"Mr. Robert, you misunderstood. I just want to say that this is really a blessing, haha." Su Meng said and smiled again, and then her topic.

"I mean, you are my Bole, my noble, you know? Our club is looking for a new coach, and recently negotiations with German famous coaches Heinz Barton and Van Ba Siteng failed. "

"I see, you mean you want me to be the head coach of your club?"

"Mr. Robert is really a smart man, that’s what he means. If you make a name for yourself in our club, you won’t worry about finding a next home."

"I can think about it. To be honest, the two guys you mentioned just now made me miserable, haha!" Hometown Robert said jokingly.

"I have to thank these two guys, otherwise how could I meet such an excellent coach in my hometown?"

After that, both of them burst out laughing. After that, Su Meng arranged a place for Robert in his hometown, and took him to visit Suzhou City and Suzhou Evergrande Club, and signed a contract with him. From February 2015 to November 2017, the goal was to achieve the Grand Slam in China and win the AFC Champions League in three seasons.

Robert from his hometown told Su Meng that he and she hit it off at once. Now she has helped himself and offered a very high salary. At the press conference when the new coach took office, he said in front of everyone on the scene that he would definitely lead the team to complete the task. If he failed to complete the task, he could do it for free.

After signing the contract with Suzhou Evergrande, Robert in his hometown was in a good mood and thought to himself: It seems that he has come to China this time.

Sweep Meizhou away with one foot in the Super League? The last round of Nantong Zhiyun still needs to go all out

Special correspondent Jiang Hai reports On October 29th, the penultimate round of the Super League in 2023 started at the same time. Nantong Zhiyun, who ranked second in the standings, challenged Meizhou Hakka away. In the end, the team scored 3 points with a score of 4-0. With the last round left in the league, the points rose to the penultimate third, beating Dalian people, and the final round of the game would be successful in relegation.

After losing to Shanghai Shenhua 0-1 at home in the last round of league tournament, the relegation situation of Nantong Zhiyun was once in jeopardy. In the last two rounds, they will play against Meizhou Hakka and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger away from home. Even if they all win, they also need to look at the face of their relegation opponent Dalian. Moreover, in terms of mutual record with Dalian people, Nantong Zhiyun is the main loser and does not have an advantage. Therefore, as long as Dalian people all win in the last two games, Nantong Zhiyun will get whatever results in the last two rounds.

Therefore, the game against Meizhou Hakka is a "can’t afford to lose" final for Nantong Zhiyun, and the team has suffered five consecutive defeats before, and it is urgent to get points to improve the morale of the team. Fortunately, Nantong Zhiyun started very well, and Jiang Zilei broke the deadlock in the 12th minute of the game. In the following game, Nantong Zhiyun played smoothly: in the 64th minute, Castillo made meritorious deeds, 2-0, expanding the lead; In the 89th minute, Morelato scored a goal, 3-0; In the second minute of stoppage time, Zheng Haogan scored a single goal after breaking the ball and sealed the victory 4-0.

While winning this game, Nantong Zhiyun also gave Meizhou Hakka the first defeat in the last five rounds. At the same time, Nantong Zhiyun also took the fate of relegation into his own hands. Generally speaking, the performance of Nantong Zhiyun team in the Super League this season is not ideal. They need to reflect on their own problems and find a solution to them.

Before the current round against Meizhou Hakka, Nantong Zhiyun scored 19 points with Dalian People’s Team, but due to the disadvantage of winning and losing, Nantong Zhiyun was in the relegation zone. At the same time of this game against Meizhou Hakka, Dalian people challenged Qingdao Manatee away. Compared with Nantong Zhiyun’s away victory, Dalian people scored two goals in a row when they were 0-2 behind, but they failed to beat their opponents in the away game and only got 1 point. However, Dalian people’s fighting capacity in this game was admirable. However, they lost their relegation advantage to Nantong Zhiyun without getting 3 points from Manatee. After the end of this round of competition, the championship suspense of the Super League has been revealed, leaving only one suspense of relegation. In addition to the relegated Shenzhen team, another relegation team will be created between Nantong Zhiyun and Dalian people. The away win of this game also allows Nantong Zhiyun to temporarily occupy the relegation advantage.

In the final round, Nantong Zhiyun played against Tianjin Jinmen Tiger at home, while Dalian people played against Shanghai Harbour, which has won the championship at home. Holding a 2-point lead, for Nantong Zhiyun, the last game must be won. If you can get 3 points, you don’t have to look at other people’s faces, and you can successfully avoid relegation at home. However, if you draw or lose, you need to look at the result of the game between Dalian people and Shanghai Harbour. At present, it can only be said that Nantong Zhiyun has left one foot in the Super League next year, but the team still cannot relax its vigilance until the end of the league.

After the game, David, coach of Nantong Zhiyun team, said: "As we expected, today is a difficult game. The opponents will not let you win the game easily. They played with the strongest lineup. We also carried out the counter-attack tactics arranged before the game well, and it is also very important that we didn’t concede a goal today. The opponent is a very strong team, so these three points are also very valuable to us. Our players have been fighting like warriors. In the last game, we need to fulfill our promises to our fans, win the game, and achieve the goal of relegation. For fans, it is too little to say thank you, and they are supporting us both at home and away. "

As far as Dalian people are concerned, the team has been pushed to the edge of the cliff. Even if the team beats Shanghai Harbour at home in the last round, it may not be able to avoid relegation. While Nantong Zhiyun has the initiative, he still has to go all out in the face of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, who has nothing to ask for. As the "only seedling" of Jiangsu football in the Super League, Nantong Zhiyun’s game this season has gone through a rough time. Now it can regain its relegation advantage. The team should go all out to draw a satisfactory end to this season with a home victory, and at the same time let Jiangsu football remain in the top leagues in China.