This winter, these people can visit six scenic spots in Yangzhou for free!

  Where to play this winter? Why not come to Yangzhou?

  This winter, Yangzhou has powerful ticket discounts, the most beautiful scenery and the richest activities, which will never let you down!

  According to this year’s "Document No.3",Primary and secondary school students can visit Slender West Lake, daming temple, Geyuan, Heyuan, Hanling Garden and Yangzhou Eight Eccentric Memorial Hall (hereinafter referred to as "six scenic spots") for free with valid certificates in summer and winter holidays. Guests and athletes who come to Yang to participate in international conferences and competitions will visit six scenic spots, including Slender West Lake, for free with valid certificates during the conferences and competitions. A 50% discount on the listing price of tickets will be given to the group tour of the "six scenic spots" for participants of business meetings with more than 300 people held in Yang.

  Let’s take a look at these high-value attractions.

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  Slender West Lake

  Slender West Lake, as the representative of Chinese lake gardens, is a combination of classical gardens, which is beautiful in the south and beautiful in the north, forming an artistic realm with lakes as the mainstay, scenery outside the scene and gardens in the garden. During the Kanggan period in the Qing Dynasty, a lake garden with flowers and willows on both sides of the river all depending on the water and all the way up to the mountain was formed.

Liu Jiangrui


  Geyuan is one of the four famous gardens in China, and it is a bamboo world. Geyuan, with novel purport, tight structure and distinctive rockeries in four seasons, is an isolated case of gardens in China and one of the most famous gardens in Yangzhou.

Zhang zhuojun photo


  Heyuan Garden is known as "the first garden in the late Qing Dynasty", among which Pianshishan House is the work of master Shi Tao’s overlapping mountains, which can be called an orphan in the world. The main feature of Heyuan Garden is to maximize the function and charm of corridor architecture. The 1500m corridor is a unique and wonderful landscape in China gardens.

Liu Jiangrui

  temple of daming

  Daming temple was first built in the Southern Dynasties, and it has been more than 1500 years since then. Before Jian Zhen, a famous monk, traveled to Japan, he taught scriptures and precepts here. The most famous temple is the Jiqi Lingta.

Liu Jiangrui


  The mausoleum of Liu Xu, the first generation king of Guangling, is exhibited in the Hanling Garden in Yangzhou. It is a rare and well-preserved large-scale wooden tomb of the Han Dynasty with complex structure, rigorous layout and large scale.

Liu Jiangrui

  Yangzhou Eight Weird Memorial Hall

  Located in the West Temple of Jinnong’s former residence, Yangzhou Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall is the only professional memorial hall in China that displays, publicizes and promotes the artistic achievements of Yangzhou Eight Eccentrics. "Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou" were a group of innovative painters who were active in Yangzhou painting circle in Qing Dynasty. With their works of art with new ideas, new compositions and new techniques, they created a new style of painting, created a series of strange peaks in the history of painting in China, and made immortal achievements for the development of painting and calligraphy art in China.

Liu Jiangrui

  This winter, Yangzhou also launched six special winter tourist route products with the theme of nourishing stomach, heart, body and eyes to meet the different experience needs of everyone. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, delicious food and hot springs in Yangzhou and enjoy the new experience of "keeping in good health in winter".

  (Source/Su Xinyou)

The growth rate of national land sales revenue has accelerated, but third-and fourth-tier cities are still declining.

  The amount of land supply is related to the trend of the property market. According to the latest official data, the national land transfer income has turned from decline to increase, and the total supply of real estate land is approaching the same period last year, but the third-tier cities have fallen sharply.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Natural Resources, from January to August this year, the national real estate land supply was 82,300 hectares, a slight decrease of 1.6% year-on-year. Judging from the data of real estate land supply in the last three months, although the supply of real estate and residential land in the country decreased year-on-year in the first eight months, the reduction rate narrowed month by month; Among key cities, the supply of real estate and residential land in first-tier cities maintained an increasing trend year-on-year, and the growth rate expanded month by month.

  In terms of cities, real estate and residential land in first-tier cities have increased year-on-year. From January to August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities provided 30,700 hectares of real estate land. The supply of real estate land in the first, second and third tier cities increased by 6.2%, 1.9% and 9.0% respectively, and the supply of residential land increased by 19.6%, 1.4% and 13.6% respectively.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, the national land transfer income in the first eight months of this year has exceeded 3.7 trillion yuan, and the year-on-year growth rate is further accelerated than that in July.

  Ministries regulate the land market.

  Throughout the year to date, the domestic land market has gone through several stages from downturn to rapid warming and falling, and the current signs of land market cooling are more obvious.

  According to the data of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center, in August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities in China (corresponding to 70 housing price cities announced by the National Bureau of Statistics) had a total of 1057 land transactions, with a land transaction amount of 250.1 billion yuan, and the land transaction premium rate was only 8%, which was significantly lower than that in previous months. Judging from the land market situation, the recent expectation of tightening financing in the real estate sector gradually affected the land market.

  Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, believes that, on the whole, the land markets in various places were relatively depressed in January and February this year. With the increase of credit market after the Spring Festival, the financing difficulty of housing enterprises has been reduced. In April, the land markets in some cities showed signs of recovery, and the land markets in first-and second-tier cities continued to heat up, with the monthly turnover of land above 300 billion yuan and the premium rate maintained at around 20%.

  Stabilizing land price is an important goal of real estate regulation and control in 2019. The rapid warming of the land market since the second quarter has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities, and relevant ministries and commissions have successively taken action.

  In April this year, in order to achieve the goal of city-specific policy and classified regulation, maintain a stable supply of residential land, and guide market expectations, the General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued a notice requesting that the "five categories" of residential land regulation targets be formulated and implemented in 2019.

  The notice requires that land supply should be stopped in cities above prefecture level, counties (county-level cities) with a population of more than one million, and commodity housing inventory digestion cycle is more than 36 months; For 36 to 18 months, the land supply should be appropriately reduced; For 18~12 months, maintain a flat level of land supply; 12~6 months, to increase land supply; For those less than 6 months, the land supply should be significantly increased and accelerated.

  Another Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, which is responsible for the regulation of the real estate market, also began to warn some cities where land prices and house prices rose too fast in April and May.

  In July, the new policies on real estate trust and overseas financing were introduced continuously, which had a certain impact on the real estate land acquisition policy. Since then, the premium rate of hot land began to decrease. In August, the number of operating land in 70 major cities increased significantly, with a total of 72 cases being the highest in the year.

  "The land market, like the property market, is only allowed to appear in Xiaoyangchun, but not in summer. Once the land market is overheated, the possibility of upgrading the policy is not ruled out. " Zhang Dawei said that since August, the land market has entered a stage of rapid fever reduction.

  According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate, the data of land acquisition by real estate enterprises also showed a significant decline. In August, the land acquisition by major real estate enterprises decreased significantly. Only eight domestic enterprises acquired more than 5 billion yuan, the highest of which was Vanke’s 15 billion yuan, followed by Poly’s 9.2 billion yuan, Jinmao’s 6.8 billion yuan, Sun Hung Kai’s 6.6 billion yuan and China Resources’ 6.4 billion yuan.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, also believes that in the second quarter of this year, the central government paid great attention to the overheating of land prices in some cities, and the policy fundamentals were tightened again, especially the tightening characteristics of the financing market were the most obvious, which made it more rational for real estate enterprises to purchase land in the third quarter.

  Third-and fourth-tier cities have obviously cooled down.

  In recent years, the regional characteristics of China property market have become more and more obvious, the trend of the real estate market has been divided, and the pricing of non-quality land by housing enterprises has been lowered. But the competition for high-quality cities and high-quality land is still fierce. Although the regulation policies of first-and second-tier cities are strict, for housing enterprises, in order to increase sales, they will still concentrate on land acquisition.

  While the first-and second-tier land markets maintain a high degree of heat, the land markets in third-and fourth-tier cities show signs of falling back. According to some statistics, since 2019, the land market in third-and fourth-tier cities has not performed as well as last year due to the tightening of shed reform scale and the early overdraft of some demand.

  According to the data of the aforementioned Ministry of Natural Resources, the supply of real estate land in third-tier cities decreased by 9.0% from January to August this year, and the supply of residential land decreased by 13.6%.

  Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute’s latest issue of "China Baicheng Homestead Transaction Report" shows that from January to September 2019, the transaction area of residential land in 64 third-and fourth-tier cities was 144.88 million square meters, down 7.1% year-on-year. Compared with the trend of first-and second-tier cities, the cooling characteristics of the homestead market in third-and fourth-tier cities are obvious. At the beginning of the past two months, the cumulative homestead transaction area has continued to expand year-on-year, further reflecting the characteristics of market cooling.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, said that from January to August, due to the influence of policy control and market expectations, the growth curve of related land purchases declined slightly, which fully reflected the cooling trend of the homestead transaction market. From the structural point of view, the cooling trend of third-and fourth-tier cities is more obvious, which is related to the problem that such cities are facing inventory backlog again.

  "From the reason, the current residential transaction market in third-and fourth-tier cities has cooled down and is facing the pressure of destocking again, which will dampen the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to replenish homesteads; At the same time, it also affected the capital withdrawal of housing enterprises and continued land purchase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  The growth rate of land sales revenue accelerated.

  The stabilization of real estate land supply at the national level has also affected the change of land transfer income.

  Since April this year, the Ministry of Finance has no longer disclosed the specific amount of revenue from the transfer of state-owned land use rights in the monthly financial revenue and expenditure, but only released the year-on-year changes. Judging from the data of the past few months, the land transfer income has achieved year-on-year growth in July after experiencing a decline at the beginning of the year, and it showed an accelerated growth trend in August.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, from January to August this year, the national land transfer income increased by 4.2% year-on-year. From January to July this year, it was a year-on-year increase of 3.1%.

  In the first eight months of 2018, the income from the transfer of state-owned land use rights was 3.7 trillion yuan. In 2018, it reached 6,509.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the total amount reached a record high.

  At the beginning of this year, due to the "worry" that the land market started in the second half of 2018 was cold and the phenomenon of land auction increased, many places also lowered their land transfer income expectations this year when preparing the government fund income budget for 2019.

  Yan Yuejin said that the current control of stable land prices is very strict. Recently, some hot cities have also actively carried out major inspections of the banking system. One of the contents is to check whether there are illegal funds entering the land purchase market.

  "It is expected that the residential land market will be characterized by cooling in September, especially considering that the current financial pressure of housing enterprises has begun to increase, so it is expected that housing enterprises will be conservative and tend to be rational. Of course, we need to look at September ‘ General drop+targeted cuts to required reserve ratios ’ The effect of policy. If the activity of residential transactions increases significantly, the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to subscribe for residential land in the fourth quarter may increase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  From 2011 to 2018, the national land transfer income was 3,316.6 billion yuan, 2,842.2 billion yuan, 4,125 billion yuan, 4,294 billion yuan, 3,254.7 billion yuan, 3,745.7 billion yuan, 5,205.9 billion yuan and 6,509.6 billion yuan respectively.

  There are still four months before the end of the year. If the current situation can be maintained, the income from land sales in 2019 is expected to exceed 6 trillion yuan again.

Rugby —— The First Rugby Championship of Colleges and Universities in Hubei Province started in 2023.

    On December 9, Chen Tong (left), a player from Wuhan College, and Chen Kaixin, a player from Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, competed in the competition.

    On the same day, in 2023, the first Rugby Championship of Hubei Universities and NFL FLAG Rugby Championship (Hubei Division) started in Wuhan University.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo


    On December 9th, Jin Chaochao (top), a player of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, and Zhang Xiaotian, a player of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, competed in the competition.

    On the same day, in 2023, the first Rugby Championship of Hubei Universities and NFL FLAG Rugby Championship (Hubei Division) started in Wuhan University.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

    On December 9th, Wang Zhiyuan (fourth from right), a player of Huazhong Normal University, celebrated with his teammates after the game.

    On the same day, in 2023, the first Rugby Championship of Hubei Universities and NFL FLAG Rugby Championship (Hubei Division) started in Wuhan University.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

    On December 9th, Liu Dong (third from left), a player of Hankou College team, celebrated the score in the competition.

    On the same day, in 2023, the first Rugby Championship of Hubei Universities and NFL FLAG Rugby Championship (Hubei Division) started in Wuhan University.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

    On December 9th, Chen Xincheng (middle), a player of Wuhan College Team, and Zhou Jieen (right), a player of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Team, competed in the competition.

    On the same day, in 2023, the first Rugby Championship of Hubei Universities and NFL FLAG Rugby Championship (Hubei Division) started in Wuhan University.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

    On December 9th, Zhou Jieen (first from left), a team player of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, and Li Junyu (second from left), a team player of Wuhan Institute, competed for the title.

    On the same day, in 2023, the first Rugby Championship of Hubei Universities and NFL FLAG Rugby Championship (Hubei Division) started in Wuhan University.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

Hong Kong media: The Asian Rugby Association made mistakes again and again, and the live broadcast of the game used the wrong logo of the China Hong Kong team.

[Global Network Comprehensive Reporter Zhao Youping] After the rugby match held in Korea broadcast the wrong Chinese national anthem, the live broadcast of the Asian Rugby Sevens series went wrong again. Hong Kong media such as Sing and Eastnet reported that the China Hong Kong Rugby Team played against Malaysia in the UAE race this afternoon (26th). During the live broadcast of the Asian Rugby Association in official website, it actually represented the China Hong Kong Team with the logo of "Sri Lankan Olympic Committee", while the Malaysian side showed the logo of "Chinese Rugby Association". According to the report, it took about 20 seconds for the conference to replace the correct emblem.
Hong Kong East Network Report Screenshot
During the live broadcast of the Asian Rugby Association in official website, the logo of "Sri Lankan Olympic Committee" (top in the picture) was used to represent the Hong Kong team in China, and it was later corrected to the correct emblem (bottom in the picture). Photo from Hong Kong Eastern Network
According to Eastnet, the China Hong Kong Rugby Team once again played in the Asian Series, which attracted media attention. However, it was unexpected that the organizer made another mistake in the first match in UAE on 26th. According to the official live broadcast, the logo of the China Hong Kong team turned out to be the logo of the Sri Lankan Olympic Committee, while that of the Malaysian side was displayed as the logo of the Chinese Rugby Association. According to the report, it took about 20 seconds for the conference to change the correct emblem. China and Hongkong team finally won by 38-7.
As can be seen from the live broadcast, the logo of China Hong Kong Team is actually the logo of "Sri Lankan Olympic Committee" (upper left corner); The Malaysian side is the logo of "Chinese Rugby Association" (upper right corner). Photo from Hong Kong Eastern Network
The picture shows the correct logos of China, Hongkong and Malaysian teams. Hong Kong Dagong Wenhui Full Media Live Screenshot
It was reported that the Asian Rugby Association had earlier apologized for the mistake in broadcasting the Chinese national anthem in the Asian Rugby Sevens series. On the 22nd of this month, the president of the Asian Rugby Association, Ahala, made a special trip to Hong Kong to explain the incident to the Chief Secretary for Administration, Chen Guoji, and said that the probability of similar mistakes happening again was "close to zero". Unexpectedly, the problem reappeared.
In the final between Hong Kong, China and South Korea, the second leg of the Asian Rugby Sevens Series held in Incheon, South Korea, on the 13th of this month, the organizer "mistakenly played" a song related to the "black violence" in Hong Kong when it was supposed to play the Chinese national anthem. The Asian Rugby Association earlier apologized to the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Central Government for the incident. Lee Ka Chiu John, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said before attending the Executive Council on 15th that it was unacceptable to broadcast the Chinese national anthem wrongly, and the organizers had the responsibility to broadcast the correct national anthem. On the 26th, the Commissioner of Hong Kong Police, Xiao Zeyi, said that the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau of Hong Kong Police (commonly known as O-Record) was conducting an all-round investigation into the misbroadcasting of the Chinese national anthem in international rugby matches.

Skiing breaks: Snowriders spend 1,000 yuan a day, and coaches earn 150,000 yuan a snow season.

This article is transferred from: CBN.
With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics just around the corner, skiing has also gone to the public and become a popular choice for many people to spend their holidays.
Wang Han, a Dalian guy who has been skiing in Songhua Lake in Jilin for a week, told CBN that there are many people in the ski resort recently and he had a good time. "I like more people and it is easy to make friends with fans. Everyone sees that you skate well, and you can whistle and applaud. The atmosphere is great! "
Xu Xunjun, an architect living in Shanghai, has just returned from Songhua Lake and Wanda Changbai Mountain Ski Resort. Obviously, he is still talking about it, and he can’t help but want to go skating again. "Especially addictive! Our friends in the ski group will leave when they say so. I will go to Wuxi Sliding Indoor Stadium this weekend and go back and forth on the same day. "
"Three hundred million people on the ice and snow", a promise made by China when bidding for the Winter Olympics, is accelerating to become a reality. The driving effect of the Winter Olympics, the trend of ice and snow consumption and the development of cultural tourism industry are converging at present, and more and more people are attracted to the ice and snow sports.
Getting started is addictive.
Sun Yinrui, a senior tourism developer, told reporters that skiing is a very common social sport in many countries, and it has also broken through the boundaries of minority hobbies in China. Young people, represented by the post-90s generation, have regarded diving and skiing as "standard". "In the past, mainly northerners skied, but now they ski in South Renye Fang. I used to go skiing in winter, but now I also start skiing out of season. Skiing has become popular and normalized, and it is not even necessary to skate on the snow. "
In Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort, the highest reception volume in the single snow season reached 420,000. Last snow season, despite the epidemic, 260,000 people came and earned 170 million yuan. On New Year’s Day holiday this year, Beidahu Ski Resort received a total of 26,000 tourists, up 10% year-on-year, and realized tourism income of 11.3 million yuan, up 17% year-on-year. The average hotel occupancy rate reached 75%. Also on New Year’s Day holiday, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort received 20,000 tourists, up 33% year-on-year, and realized tourism income of 12.8 million yuan, up 50% year-on-year. The average occupancy rate of the hotel is also over 70%.
Corresponding to consumer demand, the number of ski resorts in China has increased rapidly. According to the White Paper on Ski Industry in China in 2020, the number of ski resorts in China was 348 in 2012, 568 in 2015 and 715 by the end of 2020. It is a problem for consumers to choose which ski resort to go to.
The salad dressing of Shanghai freelancer has been slippery for 8 years, and "into the pit" started from an accident. At the end of 2014, she traveled to Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort. The sudden change of weather forced her to change her original plan. She failed to climb the mountain, but she completed her first skiing experience.
"Many people say that diving is blue opium and skiing is white opium. At that time, I felt a little enjoyable. As long as skiing can get started, it will quickly fall in love. " In the following years, she went to Wanda Changbai Mountain, Songhua Lake and Chongli Miyuan Genting Paradise for many times with the frequency of skating once a month in each snow season, and also learned about the ski resorts in Yabuli, Heilongjiang, Urumqi, Xinjiang and Altay.
1000 yuan can play well every day.
Beginners can really appreciate the fun of skiing in the middle and advanced courses after stumbling and sliding. On the one hand, this progress and upgrading depends on skiing teaching, on the other hand, it is determined by the construction standards and operation management level of ski resorts. There is an inseparable relationship between the two. The role of the coach is extremely critical, and the cost of hiring a coach is an important skiing expense.
Salad sauce believes that Wanda Changbai Mountain is a ski resort that is very suitable for zero-based entry. One of the reasons is that a complete coaching system was established as soon as the ski resort opened. "The idea is very good, and the coach is called a holiday assistant. Solid technology and high cultural quality. In addition to teaching you to skate, the coach also plays a role in safety protection and snow track supervision. " She also established a friendship with her familiar coach.
According to salad dressing, at that time, these coaches were college students who graduated from sports professional colleges. After being trained by retired professional athletes, they took up their posts and taught their skills very attentively. "Their monthly income is 20,000 to 30,000, which is a very high level in the local area. A well-done coach can buy a suite a year." Of course, the tuition fee is not low, and it exceeded the daily 1000 yuan in the snow season of 2015-16. After laying a good foundation, salad dressing goes to Songhua Lake to skate on the intermediate road, so I like to skate without a coach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Songhua Lake at the top of the snowy road.
Xu Xunjun went to Songhua Lake this time and hired an intermediate coach, which cost 1,800 yuan a day, "the advanced one is more than 3,000 yuan". According to her on-site consultation at the ski resort, the net income of regular professional coaches in a snow season is between 50,000 and 150,000, depending on the level, and senior coaches can earn more than 200,000. Wang Han’s knowledge confirms this price. He is quite talented in skiing. He has won many local competitions for more than a year and obtained a coaching certificate.
Wang Han usually lives and works in Shanghai. When he has time to go skiing in the north, he calls friends and groups to go there and coach himself for everyone. He hopes that the public will not mistakenly think that skiing is an expensive and difficult sport to learn. "The usual price of a senior coach is 3,500 yuan a day, and I charge 1,500 yuan. I also pay for my snow ticket and accommodation." Wang Han is exploring and popularizing a new concept of skiing teaching. He believes that more people experience skiing out of interest and teaching should not be too rigid. From the physical knowledge in technical movements to the understanding of sports culture, he thinks it is also great fun to share these with snow friends.
There are three main expenses for traveling to ski resorts: transportation, accommodation and skiing experience. Among them, air tickets and fares are relatively fixed, the level of hotels and meals depends on personal preferences, and the snow tickets, equipment rental fees and coaching fees required for skiing depend on the technical level of tourists. Wang Han said frankly, "Skiing is indeed a sport that burns money, but it can also be cheap." According to the standard of 100 yuan, the daily meal fee is 400-500 yuan, which is almost the same as that of 1000 yuan.
Both salad dressing and Xu Xunjun have purchased packages sold by tourist areas or distributors, and they can get preferential package prices for air tickets, hotels and skiing. Both of them will choose higher-grade hotels and restaurants. "Otherwise, it’s really tiring to skate for a few days, so eat well and have a good rest," said the salad dressing. In the 2017-18 snow season, the price of Wanda Changbai Mountain four-day and three-night all-inclusive package purchased with salad dressing was nearly 10,000 yuan. Xu Xunjun went to Changbai Mountain and Songhua Lake for three days and two nights around New Year’s Day this year, and the expenses were also around 9,000 yuan. "It’s very cost-effective to join a package tour". Shanghai chartered flights to and from Changbai Mountain, including hotels, helped her save the tuition fee for a three-day coach.
Ski resort upgrade
On January 19th, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released ten excellent national ice and snow tourism routes, covering "Ice and Snow Beijing Zhang Winter Olympics City", "Changbai Youyue Ski Resort" and "China Xuedu Pure Northern Xinjiang", among which ski resorts located in Jingbei-Chongli area, Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province and northern Xinjiang are the main ones. Sun Yinrui believes that there are three key factors to build a good ski destination. First, the ski resort is good, second, the supporting facilities should keep up, and third, the transportation should be convenient.
Snow is of course the first. 41 degrees north latitude is called "golden powder snow belt", and the world-famous ski resorts Alps, Rocky Mountain, Hokkaido, Changbai Mountain and Altay in China are all at this latitude. According to research, Altay is also the origin of human skiing activities.
But snow is not enough. There are many details about the design, planning, construction and management of snow trails, the selection, installation and maintenance of equipment, and there is a booming industrial chain behind it. Ski resorts are not only places to provide experiences, but also sources of gravity to describe dreams. Sun Yinrui said, "It is best to have a high-level road in the ski resort, which is an attraction for senior enthusiasts and a symbol of the professional level of the ski resort."
According to the book "Skiing in China" written by Zheng Junfeng, a disseminator of skiing culture, and the official information of ski resorts, Songhua Lake has an annual snow and ice period of more than 150 days, with an average snow thickness of 1 meter. The ski resort has 37 snow trails, a skiing area of 175 hectares, the largest mountain drop of 605 meters, the longest alpine primary snow trail with a total length of 5.21 kilometers in China, and a super giant slalom snow trail with a total length of 1,883 meters and a drop of 500 meters. There are 6 ropeways, using well-known Austrian brand equipment. Songhua Lake is the first ski resort in China to carry out thematic transformation from the perspective of different skiers’ experiences, which meets the needs of three categories of enthusiasts: primary skiing, competitive skiing and park snow.
The hard power of Wanda Changbai Mountain Ski Resort is equal. The snow period lasts for 6 months, and the snow depth exceeds 1 meter. The ski resort covers an area of 7 square kilometers and has 43 snow trails, including 9 advanced trails, 14 intermediate trails and 20 primary trails that meet the standards of the Winter Olympics. The total length of the snow trail is 33 kilometers and the total area is 935,000 square meters. There are 7 ropeways, using Austrian, French and domestic equipment.
Represented by these two snow resorts, the top snow resorts in China, which have been launched one after another in the past decade, are regularly adjusting their strategies, updating their equipment, strengthening their commercial facilities and improving their service level. The number of ski resort hardware is updated dynamically every year.
Broad industrial space
Songhua Lake is Wang Han’s favorite ski resort. "As soon as I came out of Changchun Airport, there was a shuttle bus to Songhua Lake at Gate 9. The name of the resort and the bus schedule were written on a huge sign, and the service staff were very enthusiastic, which made me feel very holiday. Some snow resorts are completely blind when they get off the plane, and they can’t find signs, so they have to take a taxi. It is also good to go to Changbai Mountain and have a hotel bus to pick you up after getting off the plane. It is the second best choice in my mind. " He believes that supporting facilities such as food and accommodation and transportation, especially transportation connection, all greatly affect the skiing experience.
Salad sauce has a very real experience in improving the level of tourism reception in Changbai Mountain. At the beginning of the construction of Wanda Changbai Mountain International Tourism Zone, the local scenic spots had poor food and accommodation conditions. Later, a number of high-end hotels were built in the tourist area, and commercial streets were also opened, which also led local farmers to open catering shops. The salad dressing said, "I’m afraid I can’t eat well, and I brought half a box of instant noodles. As a result, I don’t need it at all, and the matching has changed dramatically." This is not much different from that in the city, and it also makes the standardized and service-oriented business culture firmly take root in the local area.
As a comprehensive tourist destination, Changbai Mountain is not only a skiing event in snow season, but also has mountain scenery to see in non-snow season. Sun Yinrui mentioned that in the snow field, various brands have begun to integrate across borders. Ski resorts are getting more and more involved in creating punch points in online celebrity and social atmosphere. Recently, KAWS, a trendy brand, has built a super-large snow sculpture in Luneng Resort of Changbai Mountain, and Wanda Changbai Mountain Tourist Resort has introduced Fendi Coffee pop-up shop. The two companies have both competition and cooperation, aiming to jointly make the Changbai Mountain Hotel Group bigger and hotter. During the period from the end of the snow season to the summer vacation, Changbai Mountain also has natural landscapes that can be used for summer vacation. Salad sauce is very interested in the mountain vegetation of Changbai Mountain. She thinks that the traditional mountain tourism in Northeast China is underestimated.
After visiting Jilin many times, Xu Xunjun also felt that he had become a "spiritual Northeastern". He liked reading books written by writers on behalf of the "Northeast Renaissance" and eating Northeast dishes. "In Changbai Mountain, the taste buds are different, and everything he eats feels delicious." Her description is full of nostalgia. "Northeasters speak directly, don’t beat around the bush to test you, and the dialogue is very vivid."
Speaking of her preference for ski resorts, she said that she likes the convenience and comfort of skiing in Wanda Changbai Mountain, and she is also impressed by the atmosphere and design of Songhua Lake. The viewing platform designed by her friend and architect Shark Wang in Songhua Lake Scenic Area-Mori Stage is also a landmark for skiers to punch in.
On this recent trip to ski, she and her friends also caught up with the Ice and Snow Festival and electronic syllables, drank hot chocolate made by pop-up shop, ate delicious food and pasta from all over the world in the restaurant on the top of Vanke Songhua Lake, met the artist Crystal, and were shocked by the spirit that "Xueyuan" took photos in the snow.
Compared with the past, the most important thing for ski resorts now is to attract repeat customers. Everyone’s skiing experience is different, and their preference for each tourist destination also has their own reasons. After the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, more people will set foot on the ice and snow as promised and have fun. The Olympic ski resorts in Beijing and Chongli will also be open to welcome the influx of enthusiasts, and together with many popular ski resorts, meet people’s growing ski demand.

Chenzhou: The yellow warning of heavy pollution weather was started at 18: 00 on January 9.

Affected by pollution transmission in the north and unfavorable meteorological conditions, it is predicted that the ambient air quality AQI>150 in Chenzhou will last for 48 hours or more after consultation with the meteorological department. In order to effectively reduce pollutant emissions, improve ambient air quality to the maximum extent, and ensure people’s health, according to the requirements of the whole province and the provisions of the Emergency Plan for Heavy Pollution Weather in Chenzhou City, and with the consent of the Emergency Command and Coordination Group for Heavy Pollution Weather in Chenzhou City, it is decided to start the yellow warning for heavy pollution weather from 18: 00 on January 9, 2024, and start the level III response at the same time. The specific response measures are as follows:
I. Guidelines on Public Health Protection
(a) to remind children, pregnant women, the elderly and susceptible people suffering from respiratory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic diseases to stay indoors as far as possible, avoid outdoor sports, and try to reduce the window ventilation time.
(two) to remind the general public to reduce or avoid outdoor activities, outdoor work, duty, homework, activities and other personnel can take necessary protective measures such as wearing masks and shortening outdoor working hours.
(3) It is suggested that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens reduce outdoor activities, and outdoor collective activities can be changed to indoor activities.
(four) medical and health institutions actively carry out the harm of air pollution to human health
Popularize popular science, increase outpatient and emergency services for respiratory diseases, extend working hours, and strengthen medical guidance and medical care for patients with respiratory diseases.
(five) the relevant departments to increase the heavy pollution weather emergency work and public health protection knowledge publicity, and guide the public to establish reasonable psychological expectations, objective evaluation and actively participate in the response work.
Second, suggested pollution reduction measures
(1) Advocating enterprises and institutions to save electricity and reduce energy consumption, and lowering the temperature of heating facilities in winter by 2~4 degrees Celsius compared with normal days; Reduce the standby energy consumption of office equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers and fax machines; Make full use of natural lighting, promote the use of energy-saving lighting lamps, and minimize the amount and time of lighting.
(2) Advocate public green travel, try to travel by public transport or new energy vehicles, reduce the number of motor vehicles driving on the road, turn off the engine in time when parking, and reduce the idle running time of vehicles in place.
(three) advocate public green consumption, units and the public to minimize the use of paints, paints, solvents and other raw materials and products containing volatile organic compounds; The transportation department will increase the guarantee of public transport capacity and reasonably increase the operating frequency and time of public transport on urban main roads.
(4) Advocating air pollutant discharge units that are not included in emergency control to control the production of pollution processes according to the actual situation and take the initiative to reduce emissions, which can improve the efficiency of pollution control facilities, adjust the production time of pollution processes and further reduce pollutant emissions on the basis of discharging up to standard.
Iii. Compulsory pollution control measures
According to the emergency emission reduction list of heavily polluted weather in Chenzhou City, under the premise of ensuring safe production, emergency emission reduction measures of yellow warning level are implemented to reduce pollutant emissions. Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the city, supervise the implementation of the following measures:
(1) Industrial source control requirements. According to the emergency plan for heavily polluted weather and the emergency emission reduction list, the emergency emission reduction measures of industrial enterprises with yellow warning level will be accurately implemented. For enterprises included in the emergency emission reduction list, according to the implementation plan of "one factory, one policy" for enterprise emergency response, the specific production equipment, process links and various key indicators are defined, so that the emergency emission reduction measures of enterprises are operable, monitorable and verifiable. The emission reduction measures of industrial enterprises should be mainly based on the production line or the main production and discharge links (equipment) that stop discharging pollutants; For production lines or production processes that cannot be temporarily interrupted, measures such as improving pollution control efficiency and limiting production load should be taken to reduce emissions.
(2) Control requirements for mobile sources and off-road mobile machinery. Implement emission reduction measures of yellow warning level in emergency emission reduction list of mobile sources in heavily polluted weather. In addition to emergency rescue and people’s livelihood security projects, transport vehicles that are prone to spillage without sealing devices stop driving on the road. The transportation unit involved in bulk materials shall formulate a detailed transportation source control plan and be equipped with relevant hardware supervision facilities. Strictly implement the relevant requirements of mobile source control, including strengthening the supervision of oil storage, transportation and sales, conducting the use investigation of oil and gas recovery system at refueling stations, carrying out oil testing, spot-checking the environmental standards of motor vehicle sales enterprises, strengthening the road inspection and household inspection of diesel trucks, increasing the frequency of supervision and inspection of off-road mobile machinery, and investigating and handling illegal acts according to law.
(3) Control requirements for dust sources. Implement emission reduction measures at the yellow warning level in the emergency emission reduction list of dust sources in heavily polluted weather. Except for special processes, emergency rescue and livelihood security projects, earthwork operation, building demolition, painting and painting, slope protection and shotcreting, concrete mixing, muck transportation, etc. should be stopped in the construction site, and the open-air operation should be stopped in mines, sand stone factories and stone slab factories, and the cleaning frequency of main roads and sections prone to dust should be increased.
(4) Other pollution control requirements. It is strictly forbidden to burn straw and sundries in the open air, and increase the frequency of inspections during heavy pollution emergencies; Strengthen the supervision of the normal operation of catering fume treatment facilities, prohibit open-air barbecue, and prohibit the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers in accordance with relevant regulations.
Chenzhou air quality standard wanggehua management work coordination team
(Chenzhou Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Command Coordination Team)
January 9, 2024

A number of commercial banks lowered the deposit listing interest rate again-enhancing the sustainability of financial support for the real economy.

  On September 1st, a number of national commercial banks lowered the deposit listing interest rate, which was another reduction after the national commercial banks lowered the deposit listing interest rate in early June this year. Compared with June, the deposit interest rate has been lowered even more, mainly for time deposits and certificates of deposit. For example, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China lowered the interest rates of RMB time deposits for one year, two years, three years and five years to 1.55%, 1.85%, 2.2% and 2.25%, while they were 1.65%, 2.05%, 2.45% and 2.5% respectively.

  The market has fully expected this deposit interest rate cut. According to the data released by the State Administration of Financial Supervision recently, the net interest margin of commercial banks in the second quarter was 1.74%, which has dropped to a low level in recent years. Wang Yifeng, chief financial analyst of Everbright Securities, believes that it is imperative to control the debt cost of the banking system in view of the downward pressure on the net interest margin of commercial banks.

  On August 18th, when the three departments held a video conference on financial support for the real economy and prevention and resolution of financial risks, they proposed to play an important role in the market-oriented adjustment mechanism of deposit interest rates, enhance the sustainability of financial support for the real economy, and effectively play an active role in promoting consumption, stabilizing investment and expanding domestic demand.

  To continue to promote the steady decline of entity financing costs, it is necessary to ease the pressure on the debt side of banks, and lowering the deposit interest rate has become the choice of many banks. According to the deposit self-discipline pricing mechanism, the member banks of the self-discipline mechanism refer to the bond market interest rate represented by the 10-year treasury bond yield and the loan market interest rate represented by the one-year loan market quotation rate (LPR) to adjust the deposit interest rate level reasonably.

  The latest LPR quotation released on August 21st shows that the one-year LPR is 3.45%, down 10 basis points from last month. "This move will further guide enterprises and residents to reduce financing costs." Wen Bin, chief economist of Minsheng Bank, believes that in the context of the pressure on the bank’s asset-side yield, the subsequent central bank will continue to guide the deposit interest rate down to maintain the bank’s interest margin and profit margin. "The downward deposit interest rate is expected to promote the transformation of residents’ high savings to a certain extent, accelerate consumption and investment behavior, and promote a virtuous circle of economy and finance." Wen Bin said.

  Rong Liu, the chief financial officer of China Construction Bank, recently said at the semi-annual results conference that the downward adjustment of LPR will lead to the downward trend of loan interest rate, which will put some pressure on the net interest margin of commercial banks, and the specific impact range and rhythm will vary due to the differences in product term structure of various banks. "Specific to CCB, since the repricing of loans, especially the repricing of personal loans, is mainly concentrated in the first half of the year, the impact of LPR downturn in the second half of the year is relatively small. According to preliminary calculations, the downward impact of LPR and the downward impact of deposit interest rates can roughly offset each other. " Rong Liu said.

  The Report on the Implementation of Monetary Policy in China in the Second Quarter of 2023 issued by the Central Bank pointed out that, considering that the financial cycle and the economic cycle are often not completely synchronized, it will take some time for the exposure of bank credit risks, and there should be some financial preparation and risk buffer. Allowing banks to maintain their steady operations in a reasonable way can enhance their ability to continuously support the development of the real economy.

  From the perspective of preventing financial risks, banks need to maintain a reasonable profit and net interest margin level, which is also conducive to enhancing the sustainability of commercial banks supporting the real economy. "From this perspective, the policy orientation hopes that the net interest margin of commercial banks can remain relatively stable; From our own point of view, we also hope that some measures can be taken to stop the decline in net interest margin or slow down the decline. " Rong Liu said.

  Under the background of several rounds of downward adjustment of deposit interest rates, how should residents manage their finances? Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of Zhaolian, said that if there are more deposits in residents’ asset allocation, the income may decline; If you pursue relatively stable income, you can properly allocate cash management wealth management products or money funds outside deposits; If you want to get higher returns, you need to bear the corresponding risks, so you should fully understand the products and balance the relationship between risks and returns. (Economic Daily reporter Lu Min)

This round of cold air is a bit "tough", and many places in Northeast China have started emergency response to meteorological disasters.

       CCTV News:Affected by strong cold air, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue double warnings of cold wave blue and blizzard yellow at 18: 00 on the 17th. It is predicted that there will be strong winds and cool weather in the central and eastern regions of China today, and the temperature will generally drop by 6-10℃, including central Inner Mongolia, western and northern Shanxi, northwestern Hebei, central and eastern Shandong, central and northern Jiangsu and Anhui, eastern Hubei, eastern Guizhou, southern Hunan and other places. The cooling range can reach 12℃. There are 5-7 winds and 8-10 gusts in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the north, and some areas in Xinjiang’s southern Xinjiang basin and North China have sand blowing. Tomorrow morning, the minimum temperature of 0℃ will be pushed south to the area along Huaihe River to Qinling Mountains.


       In addition to cooling, the ability of cold air to make rain and snow is even more "powerful". There are heavy blizzards in northeastern Inner Mongolia, northern Liaoning, central and eastern Jilin and most of Heilongjiang, among which there are heavy blizzards in parts of northeastern Jilin and eastern Heilongjiang. The added snow depth in these areas will be 5-15 cm, and some areas will be more than 20 cm.

       In the past two days, the rain and snow have obviously cooled down. Meteorologists reminded the public to take timely measures to prevent the adverse effects of heavy snowfall, icing and snow blowing on traffic.

       Let’s take a look at the specific situation in various places. The Heilongjiang Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast yesterday. It is estimated that today, the snowfall in Heihe, Yichun, Suihua, Harbin and other places will be more than 6 mm, and the snowfall in some areas will reach more than 20 mm. According to this, the Heilongjiang Meteorological Bureau launched a Class IV emergency response to major meteorological disasters. The meteorological bureaus of Harbin, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, Suihua, Heihe, Yichun, Jixi, Shuangyashan, Hegang and qitaihe city maintained corresponding emergency response states.

       Affected by cold air, yesterday morning, the Heihe section of Heilongjiang was completely closed and entered a six-month freezing period, five days earlier than last year. According to the monitoring of Heilongjiang Maritime Department, the Mohe section, Huma section and aihui section of Heilongjiang Province have all entered the freezing period. The meteorological department predicts that there will be another snowfall from south to north in most areas of Heilongjiang today, and Heihe City is a big snowstorm.


       Since noon yesterday, Jilin has also experienced large-scale snowfall. Affected by the weather, at 15: 35, Changchun Longjia Airport started the yellow-grade ice and snow removal plan, and several flights were cancelled. On the railway side, Changchun Railway Station and Changchun West Railway Station organized employees to clean the snow in key locations such as turnouts, entrance and exit steps, platforms and stairs in time, and guide passengers to get on and off safely. On the highway side, many high-speed entrances such as Jingha and Changshen were closed yesterday evening; As yesterday was a rest day, there was no traffic jam in Changchun.



       The local meteorological department predicts that the snowfall will last until today. After the snowfall, the temperature will drop to MINUS 18℃ to MINUS 22℃, accompanied by 4-5 northwest winds, and the gust can reach 6-7. Remind people to prepare for cold and wind.


       Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and other places have successively issued early warning signals of cold wave and strong wind, and most areas continue to have low temperature weather. The meteorological department reminded the public to pay attention to adding clothes, keep warm from wind and beware of falling objects.

       Beijing ushered in windy and cool weather yesterday. In the afternoon, the average wind force in the north wind reached 5 or 6, and the gust was about 8. Leaves fell all over the floor, and people who traveled were wrapped in thick clothes to resist the cold. Yesterday evening, the urban area of Beijing was also affected by dust, which reached a heavy pollution level in a short time and the visibility decreased. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for strong winds yesterday afternoon. It is predicted that there will be a northerly wind of about 6 in most parts of Beijing this morning, and the minimum temperature will drop to about MINUS 5℃.

       Yesterday, the cold weather continued in most parts of Hebei, and the Hebei Meteorological Observatory continued to issue blue warning signals for strong winds and cold waves. Beginning in the morning, most parts of Hebei Province have 5 to 6 winds from west to northwest and 7 to 8 gusts from northwest to southeast. The Meteorological Observatory of Hebei Province predicts that the lowest temperature in all parts of Hebei will drop by 10-14℃ in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan and other places, and by 8-10℃ in other areas. Tomorrow morning, the lowest temperature in the northern mountainous area of Hebei will reach MINUS 10℃ to MINUS 16℃.

       Yesterday morning, Shanxi Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of cold wave, and it is predicted that the temperature drop in many places will exceed 10℃ in the next 24 hours. Affected by cold weather, the highest temperature in Taiyuan city is only 8℃. The average wind power in many places in Shanxi is above 6, reminding relevant departments to do a good job in wind prevention and take necessary cold-proof measures for livestock, poultry and crops.

       The reporter learned from Shandong Yantai Maritime Safety Administration that Yantai Meteorological Observatory and Yantai Marine Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of cold wave yesterday: affected by strong cold air, there will be a cold wave and windy weather process in Yantai from yesterday evening to tomorrow. In order to ensure personal safety at sea, Yantai Maritime Search and Rescue Center issued a yellow warning of maritime risks, and passenger ro-ro ships on inter-provincial routes such as Yantai-Dalian and Yantai-Lushun in the Bohai Strait were suspended at 12 noon yesterday. Yantai Maritime Search and Rescue Center reminds passengers and shipping departments to pay attention to the safety of water traffic during the cold wave and strong wind, and asks passengers to pay attention to the weather in time to grasp the passenger dynamics and make reasonable arrangements for travel plans.

       Shaanxi Meteorological Observatory also issued a blue warning of cold wave yesterday morning, and Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi and northern Shaanxi will have the biggest cooling weather since this winter. Affected by cooling, there will be windy weather in Shaanxi, which will improve the air quality in some areas. It is expected that the temperature in Shaanxi will pick up from 19th, and it will rain again from 20th to 21st. The meteorological department reminded that this cold wave weather is the strongest cooling weather process since winter, which will have a certain impact on facility agriculture and transportation, and relevant departments should take precautions in advance.

       Affected by cold air, snowfall occurred in many places in Gansu yesterday. Temporary traffic control was implemented on several expressways, and traffic police took the road to direct traffic. Small to medium snow fell in Zhangye City, Gansu Province in the early morning of 17th, resulting in serious snow in Xiuhuamiao section of Lianhuo Expressway (G30), icy roads and large vehicles stranded on the expressway. After receiving the instructions, the local traffic police quickly started the emergency plan for traffic management in snowy days. All the staff were on duty on the road, strengthened road management and control, and carried out temporary traffic control on this section. At 10: 00 am, the police advised the vehicles stranded at the highway junction to divert to the nearby national highway by means of police car horns and on-site persuasion, and gave safety tips to the stranded cart drivers. At around 14: 00, as the weather improved, the road section has resumed traffic.

       Affected by the southward cold air, it is expected that the temperature in Guangzhou will gradually drop to 16℃ from noon today, and it will gradually pick up on the 21st. It is worth noting that the last rain in Guangzhou was on October 13th, and it has not rained for more than one month, which is a moderate meteorological drought. The meteorological department reminded us to pay attention to forest fire prevention and the safety of domestic fire.

Inclusive finance’s "Five Ones" of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch Helps inclusive finance’s Development.

  Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank actively studied and implemented the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, combined with its own endowment characteristics, strengthened resource integration, accelerated business layout, actively practiced with practical actions, and made every effort to do five major articles. 

  Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank has effectively turned "the country’s leader" into "the urgent task of doing business", actively laid out the inclusive finance circuit, constantly improved the coverage and service level of financial services, promoted the coordinated development of regional economy, and made a fuss about the depth and breadth of inclusive finance coverage. By the end of 2023, the loan balance of Puhui small and micro enterprises exceeded 9 billion yuan, serving nearly 6,000 customers. This year is the second year of deepening digital transformation in inclusive finance, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank, and effectively promoting the development of inclusive finance by building a "one brand". 

  Won the authoritative "one award" 

  Since it won the first batch of pilot cooperative banks in Binhai High-tech Industrial Park in 2022, through unremitting efforts, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award" for its "Science and Technology Innovation Points Loan" product at the launching ceremony of "Enterprise Innovation Points System" and "Points Investment" mode in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone in December 2023. Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch won the "inclusive finance Pioneer Award" in the "2023 Financial Industry Brand Billboard Selection" held by Tianjin official financial media "Jinyun". 

  "One Brand" of Characteristic Finance 

  Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision Administration issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Pilot Work of "Technology-Industry-Finance". As one of the five financial institutions, Tianjin Branch was included in the pilot work of "Technology-Industry-Finance", and took the pilot work as an opportunity to speed up the transformation of business philosophy and mode, identify the right track, speed up the research on key industry segments, enhance the professional ability of serving science and technology enterprises, and enhance the influence of Industrial Bank’s science and technology brand in Tianjin. 

  "One Product" of Rural Revitalization 

  Using the marketing idea of "Smart Agricultural Approval System+Public-Private Integrated Management", Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank has completed the access to 13 large-scale agricultural approval markets in Tianjin this year, formed a platform for agriculture-related scenes with real trade background, and completed 177 new online agricultural approval customers through the branch’s special product "Xingsu Loan (exclusive for agricultural approval)", with an approval amount of nearly 300 million yuan. 

  Characteristic customization "one platform" 

  Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch realized product customization according to the characteristics of small and micro enterprises in the initial stage. In view of the characteristics of large R&D investment and long R&D cycle in pharmaceutical research enterprises, Tianjin Branch cooperated with Tianjin International Biomedical Union Institute to launch a comprehensive financial service scheme of "Medical Pulse and Industrial Communication". For different types of enterprises, the modes of "talent mode", "investment and loan mode" and "intellectual property pledge and credit enhancement" are adopted to provide financing support for enterprises, which greatly improves the availability and convenience of financing for pharmaceutical research enterprises. Tianjin Branch has also become the first branch in the bank to realize regional product customization and go online as "Industrial Manager". 

  Characteristic innovation "one scene" 

  Relying on the return of "development fund" in Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Zone Park, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank created "Xing Su Loan" (exclusive to Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Zone) products and put them into use this year, which became an excellent online independent creation case of the Head Office. Through scene embedding, the branch launched mass marketing of cluster customers, and the first batch of 24 small and micro enterprises completed their business, with a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan. 

  Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will further promote the high-quality development of inclusive finance, build a high-level inclusive financial system, lead the expansion of inclusive finance coverage, enhance the ability and level of service to inclusive finance, and better meet the financial needs of the people and the real economy. 

  (Source: Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch)

China Meteorological Bureau: Cold air heading south, beware of rain, cooling and strong convective weather.

CCTV News:According to WeChat official account of China Meteorological Bureau,It is predicted that in the next three days, the cold air in the north will move eastward and southward, and the warm and humid airflow in the south will strengthen the cooperation in the north, so the weather situation in the country will become more complicated. There will be heavy precipitation in Sichuan Basin, Jianghan, Huanghuai and other places, and the northern region will usher in the process of cooling and strong convective weather.So, which areas will cold air specifically affect? What impact will heavy precipitation bring? What secondary disasters need to be guarded against?

Affected by the eastward movement of cold air, in the next three days, there will be small to moderate rain or thunderstorms in central and eastern Inner Mongolia, western and northern North China, and northeastern China, and there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in Heilongjiang and other places, accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms and hail; After precipitation, the temperature in the above areas generally drops by 4-6℃, and the local temperature drop in Heilongjiang can reach 8-10℃. From 18th to 19th, the main force of cold air and warm and humid air from the south converged, and the precipitation range gradually increased. Some areas in Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places had heavy rain or heavy rain.

From 17th to 19th, there were mixed strong convective weather processes in Northwest China, North China, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Huanghuai, Jianghan and Jianghuai, with significant wind and hail, and tornado weather may occur in eastern and northeast Inner Mongolia. It is estimated that from 14: 00 on September 17 to 14: 00 on September 18, there will be 8-10 thunderstorm gale or hail weather in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, central and northern Shaanxi, Shanxi, northern and central Hebei, northern Beijing, northern Tianjin and northern Henan.

Zhang Tao, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that due to the strong cold air in the upper air and warm and humid air in the lower air, there is a high possibility of severe convective weather in the north, and the development of the Jianghuai cyclone led to a cyclone gale of magnitude 5 to 7 in Jiangsu and Anhui. In view of the upcoming convective weather and cyclone gale, the public should take preventive measures in advance, reduce outdoor activities, pay attention to stay away from scaffolding billboards and other structures, and relevant departments should strengthen the prevention of strong winds in rivers and lakes.

In agriculture, the continuous rainy weather is coming, so it is necessary to guard against the adverse effects on autumn harvest. From 17th to 20th, rainy weather in Henan will aggravate the wet soil condition, so it is necessary to prevent water accumulation and wet waterlogging in farmland caused by precipitation, and take effective measures to drain and reduce waterlogging in time. In the mature areas of autumn crops, it is necessary to scientifically dispatch agricultural machinery according to the local fine weather forecast, and seize the precipitation gap to harvest in time; In harvested areas, attention should be paid to the meteorological risk of autumn crop germination and mildew, ventilated storage and timely drying to ensure the quality of autumn grain.

Zhang Tao said that the heavy rainfall process has a wide range of influence and heavy rainfall intensity, and the daily rainfall of individual stations in Chongqing and Henan will approach or exceed the historical extreme value in the same period. It is recommended that the public pay close attention to the forecast and early warning information in the adjacent period and do a good job in the prevention of secondary disasters caused by heavy rain. Pay attention to carrying rain gear when going out, be alert to strong convective weather such as short-term strong winds and local heavy precipitation, and at the same time prevent the adverse effects of local strong convective weather on traffic trips and urban operations, and take preventive measures in advance; The meteorological risk level of geological disasters in Sichuan and Chongqing and the flood risk of small and medium-sized rivers are high, so it is necessary to pay attention to the disasters of small and medium-sized rivers such as floods, flash floods, landslides, mudslides, collapses and urban and rural waterlogging that may be caused by continuous heavy precipitation.