Expert: Microsoft Black Screen is suspected of illegally controlling the computer system.

  In recent years, China’s Internet users have maintained sustained and rapid growth. By the end of November this year, the number of Internet users had reached 290 million, surpassing the United States and ranking first in the world. At the same time, the network "hacker" crime is also increasingly rampant.

  The crime of hacking into civil computers

  In recent years, China’s Internet users have maintained sustained and rapid growth. By the end of November this year, the number of Internet users had reached 290 million, surpassing the United States and ranking first in the world.

Microsoft’s monopoly is controversial.

  Criminal law amendment

  Yesterday (December 23rd), the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) deliberated the seventh draft of the Criminal Law Amendment. The new draft specially adds relevant clauses to crack down on hacker crimes, and its application scope extends to other computer information systems other than state affairs, national defense construction and cutting-edge science and technology.

  In addition, the revision of the new draft will also crack down on "underground money houses" and illegal operation of securities, futures and insurance businesses, and it is planned to clearly define the constitutive elements of the crime of organizing pyramid schemes.

  Keywords: 1 Hacking crime

  Providing hacking programs will also be punished.

  Internet hackers who illegally control a large number of computers may face jail time. The seventh draft of the Criminal Law Amendment, which was considered by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) for the second time, defined the serious act of illegally invading the civil computer information system as a "crime", which was added at the suggestion of the Ministry of Public Security.

  Article 285 of the Criminal Law has stipulated that anyone who invades the computer information system in the fields of state affairs, national defense construction and cutting-edge science and technology shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention. The Ministry of Public Security believes that at present, some people use technical means to illegally invade computer information systems beyond the above provisions, which seriously endangers network security, and criminal responsibility should also be investigated for such acts.

  Li Shishi, deputy director of the NPC Law Committee, said in his explanation of the draft that the draft adds two provisions to Article 285 of the Criminal Law: "Whoever violates state regulations, invades other computer information systems other than those specified in the preceding paragraph, obtains data stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information system, or illegally controls the computer information system, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also or shall only be fined; If the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and fined. "

  At the same time, "those who provide programs and tools specially used for invading or illegally controlling computer information systems, or who knowingly provide programs and tools to others for invading or illegally controlling computer information systems, if the circumstances are serious, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph."

  Keywords: 2 Underground money house

  Run an underground money house or investigate criminal responsibility

  The seventh draft of the Criminal Law Amendment also added provisions to crack down on "underground money houses". "Those who illegally engage in securities, futures and insurance business without the approval of the relevant state authorities, or illegally engage in fund payment and settlement business, with a large amount, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility."

  This regulation comes from the rampant activities of "underground money houses" put forward by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Public Security. It is suggested that the behavior of "underground money houses" to evade financial supervision and illegally handle large-sum fund transfer and other fund payment and settlement services for others should be listed separately in the criminal law on the crime of illegal business.

  Keywords: 3 military vehicle number plate

  Buying and selling military cards can be sentenced to a maximum of seven years.

  The first-instance draft of the amendment to the Criminal Law stipulates the act of forging, stealing, buying or selling or illegally providing or using special signs such as the number plates of armed forces vehicles, and stipulates that the maximum sentence is three years’ imprisonment. The revised draft raises the maximum term of imprisonment for the above-mentioned acts. If the circumstances are particularly serious, they will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and fined.

  The draft of the second instance did not make any new amendments to the provisions of the draft of the first instance, such as the sentencing of the crime of huge amount of property with unknown sources and the crimes committed by people around public officials.

  Keywords: 4 MLM crime

  Organize pyramid selling to clarify the form of crime

  On the basis of adding the crime of organizing pyramid selling, the new draft further clarifies the constitutive elements of this crime form. In the second draft, it is clearly stipulated that in the name of business activities such as selling goods and providing services, organizations and leaders require participants to obtain the qualification of joining by paying fees or purchasing goods and services, and form hierarchies in a certain order, directly or indirectly using the number of developers as the basis for remuneration or rebate, inducing and coercing participants to continuously develop pyramid schemes in which others participate, defrauding property and disrupting economic and social order, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and fined; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and fined.

  "Microsoft’s black screen is no different from hacking." Experts say that Microsoft is suspected of "illegally controlling" the computer system.

  ■ Expert interpretation

  Defining "illegal control" is first of all against the will of the parties. Lv Jingjian, director of china computer federation, said that Microsoft’s previous "black screen" action was the same as that of a hacker from a technical point of view-it modified the computer without authorization.

Microsoft giants (Gates on the left and Ballmer on the right)

  [Keywords:] illegal control

  Against the will of the parties

  As for how to define illegal control, Lv Jingjian, director of china computer federation, thinks that it is against the will of the parties, such as remotely modifying the settings-how to use and configure the computer is the right of the user, and implementing the modification without authorizing a third party is against the will of the parties. In addition, large-scale control of other computer information systems should also be suspected of the provisions of the current draft, but if it is just a prank, it is difficult to define it as a crime.

  Lu Jingjian said that from a technical point of view, general computer information systems have loopholes, and if they are discovered by opponents, they will be attacked. The service of providing bug fixes can be regarded as a commitment and responsibility for product quality. And Microsoft’s black screen plan, when repairing for users, left something behind-two plans of Microsoft’s black screen, WGA(WINDOWS Value-added Plan) and OGA(OFFICE Value-added Plan), were released to provide value-added services for genuine users. If Microsoft finds that users are not using genuine products during the service, it will leave a "logic bomb" and black the screen once an hour. Accordingly, he believes that Microsoft is the same as a hacker from a technical point of view.

  [Keywords:] information system

  Widely used in life

  For non-professionals, the understanding of computer information system is usually desktop computer. Lu Jingjian explained that without an operating system, it is also a computer system to directly run operating codes.

  At present, the embedded system accounts for more than 90% of the application of computer information system, but it is also a big loophole in network security. For example, some imported printers have embedded processors. When printing through a computer, the data is first stored in the memory, but it will not be deleted after printing, so it may be stolen.

  Embedded systems are widely used in elevators, cars and mobile phones, and remote control is entirely possible.

  [Keywords:] hacker role

  Face up to potential and strengthen guidance

  As a director of the Computer Society, Lv Jingjian does not agree to crack down on hackers. "Hackers, Ke Bai and honker have made special contributions to the work of improving technology. For example, 70% of the defects in computer software are detected, and many defects are picked out by these people."

  Lv Jingjian believes that they can play their role in many aspects. For example, after the important software comes out, some people can be called to help test it, and some rewards will be given after the test. Lv Jingjian believes that if there are these channels, most people may go in this direction, and the remaining "Jiang Yang thieves" will be few, and the public security departments can also concentrate on dealing with them.

  He suggested that after the introduction of the law, the state should introduce supplementary measures and reward mechanisms. "Industry and academia should face up to hackers and guide them to the right path." (The text is a pseudonym) (Wu Peng)

Editor: Wang Jiaolong

The national six b emission standards will be fully implemented, and what changes will the automobile industry welcome?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 23rd Question: the national six b emission standards will be fully implemented, and what changes will the automobile industry welcome?

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Xinxin, Yan Fujing, Gao Kang

  The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments recently jointly issued an announcement. From July 1, 2023, the national sixth emission standard 6b stage will be fully implemented, and it is forbidden to produce, import and sell cars that do not meet the national sixth emission standard 6b stage.

  The "boots" of the emission standard policy have been put on the ground, accelerating the automobile industry to enter a new stage of green development. What changes will the full implementation of National Six B bring to the automobile market? Will the fuel vehicle market usher in a "price reduction tide"? Will it accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles?

  The car market share of "National Sixth B" exceeds 90%, and the industry has entered a new stage.

  "National Six Standards" is a standard for preventing and controlling motor vehicle pollution emissions and improving ambient air quality. The "National Six Standards" for light vehicles set two emission limit schemes, National Six A and National Six B, which were implemented in 2020 and 2023 respectively.

  National Sixth B is about to be fully implemented, but the preparation of the market and industry is not limited to the present.

  "Since ‘ National Six Standard ’ Since its release, most enterprises have directly carried out product research and development and production in accordance with the requirements of the National Six B standard. The industry is equivalent to implementing the National Six B standard in advance, and the National Six B vehicles occupy a major market share. " The relevant person in charge of China Automobile Industry Association said that many models have already completed the transformation of National Six B, and there is no technical difficulty from the perspective of enterprise production. It is understood that since the implementation of the standard, the proportion of light-duty vehicles in the national six B vehicles has exceeded 95%, and the market share of the national six B vehicles has exceeded 90%.

  Guangzhou Automobile Group said that all its fuel vehicles have been switched to the National Six B standard; Changan Automobile also shows that there is no pressure for the arrival of National Sixth B, and the newly launched Yida is in line with the National Sixth B standard … … Facing the implementation of standards, manufacturers are ready.

  The reporter interviewed a number of industry experts and said that from the perspective of the new car market, the implementation of the National Sixth B will not have much impact on the auto market. The National Sixth B Standard has been promoted in advance in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and the implementation of the new regulations has little impact on the automobile market in these cities. In other cities that haven’t implemented the national six-B standard, if there are relatively many vehicles in stock in the national six-A, there will be a certain price drop in the short term, but this will be experienced in all previous emission standard switches. The development trend of green and low carbon in automobile industry itself is the embodiment of market demand, which will also accelerate the transformation of automobile enterprises and industries.

  Half-year sales transition period, to promote the smooth continuation of the market.

  The release of the national six emission standards has given the market a long adjustment window. Implementing standards in advance in key areas is conducive to alleviating the industry pressure when the policy is formally implemented.

  At the same time, the announcement made it clear that for some light-duty vehicle models such as National Six B, which were reported as "monitoring only" in the actual driving pollutant emission test (RDE test), a half-year sales transition period was given and sales were allowed until December 31, 2023. This move is also to enable manufacturers and distributors to rationally plan the layout and complete the product switching and sales as soon as possible.

  The reporter learned from China Automobile Industry Association that China Automobile Association has established an inventory scheduling mechanism with the top ten automobile groups and other member units to organize and schedule industry inventory data on a monthly basis. By the end of January 2023, there were more than 1.89 million vehicles in stock that did not meet RDE requirements.

  The person in charge of China Automobile Industry Association believes that the current inventory pressure is caused by objective factors. Among them, there are some factors such as "demand contraction, supply shock, expected weakening" and other factors such as the poor performance of the automobile market, and it takes some time for product production to switch, and new energy vehicles accelerate the replacement of traditional fuel vehicles. After months of promotion, the inventory has fallen sharply.

  "The policy gives a half-year sales transition period, which is conducive to stabilizing the mentality of dealers and enterprises, orderly destocking, and helping the car market to make a smooth transition." Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said.

  Accelerate the guidance of green intelligence and promote industrial iterative upgrading.

  The industry believes that the full implementation of the national six B emission standards has a positive role in promoting the iterative upgrading of the fuel vehicle market and the new energy vehicle market.

  Recently, the the State Council executive meeting deployed to speed up the construction of charging infrastructure. The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure to Better Support the Rural and Rural Revitalization of New Energy Vehicles". A series of policies to encourage automobile consumption, especially to support the consumption of new energy vehicles, have been introduced to accelerate the upgrading of the industry to green and intelligent.

  With industrial orientation and policy support, car companies have accelerated their layout, and the market is constantly exploring model innovation: Chery recently announced preferential measures for going to the countryside, and its "QQ Ice Cream" went to the countryside to launch 1000 yuan/Taiwan car purchase subsidies; Charging service providers can promote the penetration of business in rural areas, forming a charging service network covering 55,000 stations and 575,000 charging guns nationwide; Hangzhou Longyuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. and related units jointly worked out the optimal power supply scheme of charging station, and monitored the working state of charging pile and charging protection system in real time through digital technology & HELIP; …

  The proportion of freight new energy vehicles is constantly increasing, and the market promotion of new energy vehicles is accelerated. Take Lala as an example. In October last year, the proportion of new energy truck drivers on the platform reached 25%. According to the prospectus of Cargo Lala, by the end of last year, Cargo Lala had over 35,000 electric vehicle charging stations in over 270 cities in China.

  "Industrial upgrading is the general trend." Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Automobile Industry Association, believes that both the implementation of emission standards and the promotion of consumption policies will further promote the green transformation of the entire automobile industry and accelerate the popularization and application of new energy vehicles. The next step is to do a good job in policy implementation and continuously improve the overall competitiveness and development quality of the automobile industry.

Domestic flights of most domestic airlines will completely resume hot food supply.

China Eastern Airlines passengers ate hot meals.

  With the gradual improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, the civil aviation industry has ushered in a rapid recovery. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from China Eastern Airlines that China Eastern Airlines resumed the supply of hot meals on domestic flights except Xinjiang and Dalian on August 16th.

  In July, passengers of China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and other airlines have enjoyed steaming meals.

  In August, with China Eastern Airlines, Air China and Shenzhen Airlines resuming hot meals on domestic flights in batches, by mid-August, domestic flights of most domestic airlines will completely resume hot food supply.

  China Eastern Airlines launched more than 500 kinds of aviation meals.

  Since August, China Eastern Airlines’ domestic flight volume has exceeded 2,400 flights per day, which has returned to more than 95% of the normal level, and simultaneously launched "Fly with Your Heart 2.0" & mdash; — "Fly at will in the morning and evening" aviation products. Faced with the rapid recovery of the civil aviation market, according to the relevant requirements for the prevention and control of normalized epidemic situation in various places, China Eastern Airlines began to resume hot meals on domestic flights in an orderly manner in August. From business boutique routes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to routes in most parts of the country, China Eastern Airlines launched more than 500 kinds of aviation meals for passengers to taste.

  In the newly launched "Cloud Food", first-class and business-class passengers will not only taste the "China Eastern Airlines Bowl of Noodles" again, but also taste local specialties such as Longjing Shrimp, Rib Rice Cake and Crab Powder Lion Head.

  The "Mother’s Taste" series of meals in economy class will also return, and passengers will be able to taste the home-cooked flavors such as pickled pork noodles, fried tofu pork rice and bacon rice again.

  In addition to dinner, the "Yicai Edainty" series of fine dim sum meals will continue to be served on board. Mung bean cakes, Swiss rolls, energy tarts and other dim sum will be packaged in Chinese style, and will be presented in "hand-held" boxes or paper bags that are convenient to carry according to different shipping spaces.

  China Eastern Airlines provides meals for domestic flights over 91 minutes.

  In the process of making meals, China Eastern Airlines has taken a number of measures to manage production personnel and food raw materials on the basis of the original food safety control system, further strengthening the control of food hygiene. In the process of meal production, we not only do a good job in health examination and temperature measurement of employees in strict accordance with epidemic prevention requirements, but also suspend the purchase and use of imported frozen seafood raw materials, and use beef, pork and other related meal dishes to improve the taste of meals while ensuring the safety and hygiene quality of meals.

  It is reported that after the full recovery of hot meals on August 16, China Eastern Airlines will provide hot meals for all cabin passengers during the morning, noon and evening dinner hours for domestic flights with actual flight time exceeding 91 minutes; In addition, the business class of Xiamen-Shanghai and Changsha-Shanghai routes will also serve hot meals before 8: 30 pm. China Eastern Airlines also practices "CD Action" together with passengers and says "no" to "food waste" through measures such as fine catering, providing more delicious and exquisite meals and verbal tips from flight attendants.

  Earlier, since August 1st, China Eastern Airlines has resumed hot food supply in all round-trip flights on 12 domestic business boutique lines (Shanghai-Beijing/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Chengdu/Kunming/Chongqing/Xi ‘an, Beijing-Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Chengdu/Chongqing/Xi ‘an).

  Hainan Airlines resumed hot food on domestic flights on July 15th.

  Hainan Airlines announced on August 2 that following the full resumption of hot food supply on domestic flights on July 15, Hainan Airlines launched new catering products with the concept of "comfort" on flights from August 3, and resumed special meal reservations simultaneously.

  After the revision and upgrade of HNA’s business class meals, it will focus on meals with temperature, and replace cold meat, cold dishes or desserts with high sugar and fat with the mode of "three dishes and one soup"; HNA has also added an additional hot food category in economy class for flights with a flight duration of more than 90 minutes. The hot food for dinner can be rice or noodles as the staple food, accompanied by dishes with regional characteristics, and the hot food for breakfast can be fried noodles with Chinese snacks or a combination of fried rice and braised eggs.

  On August 15th, Jixiang Airlines announced that it would launch the brand-new business class dining concept and series products of "Ruyi Trilogy" on all domestic flights from now on, and would resume diversified dining supply on all domestic routes. "Ruyi Trilogy" business class meals, economy class meals and all kinds of drinks on board will be served on domestic flights actually carried by Jixiang Airlines with a flight time of more than 91 minutes.

  Text/reporter Yan Lishuang

The national standard series of conductive charging connection devices for electric vehicles passed the examination.

CCTV News:The website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reported on September 26 that on September 25, the standard review meeting of the Electric Vehicle Sub-technical Committee of the National Automobile Standardization Technical Committee was held in an online and offline way. More than 90 members, observers and experts from the standard drafting unit attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed and adopted two national standards, GB/T 20234.1 "Connecting devices for conducting charging of electric vehicles Part 1: General requirements" and GB/T 20234.3 "Connecting devices for conducting charging of electric vehicles Part 3: DC charging interface".

Charging standard is the basis to ensure the interconnection between electric vehicles and charging facilities and the safe and reliable charging. At present, with the increase of driving range of electric vehicles and the increase of charging rate of power batteries, consumers’ demand for quick replenishment of electric energy for vehicles is increasingly strong, and new technologies and formats such as "high-power DC charging" and "V2G (vehicle-network interaction)" are constantly emerging. It has become a general consensus in the industry to speed up the revision and improvement of the current charging interface standards. Based on the current technical scheme of DC charging interface in China, the two standards have improved the rating of charging voltage and current, increased the technical requirements of high-power charging related functions such as active cooling and temperature monitoring, and optimized and improved the test methods of mechanical performance, locking device and service life. This revision will further enhance the environmental adaptability, safety and reliability of conductive charging connection devices, effectively meet the development of high-power charging technology and market demand, ensure the universal compatibility of new and old charging interfaces, and create a good environment for the high-quality development of new energy automobile industry and charging facilities industry.

"45 degrees out of the way" screen traffic police to dispel doubts: pressing the solid line will not deduct points.

  Chloe Wang cartography

  The traffic police directed the vehicle to make way for the fire engine behind him.

  In the past two days, the "45-degree way" has suddenly been screened on major social platforms, and many people have defined it as "the necessary skills for driving in 2020".

  In an animated simulation video, a three-lane road is congested, and there is an ambulance behind it that sounds the alarm and needs to urgently transport the patient forward. In order to let the ambulance pass through the congested road section as soon as possible, all vehicles turned sideways at a 45-degree angle to their left and right, which made a narrow "life passage" for the ambulance.

  Is it really feasible to brush the screen with a 45-degree way? What if I press it to the solid line? The reporter learned from the traffic police and the fire and emergency departments that this law is not only feasible, but also has been staged in Hangzhou more than once.

  Is it feasible to give way at 45 degrees? The traffic police said: feasible

  Will it be deducted if it is pressed to the solid line? The traffic police said: No.

  The relevant person in charge of the traffic police department said that everyone is obliged to give way when they drive on the road and encounter an alarm from an emergency vehicle (such as an ambulance, a fire truck, a police car, etc.) performing a task behind them. At present, there is no authoritative statement on how to give way, and drivers can operate according to the actual situation. "For example, on an elevated or expressway, if there is a road queue congestion and there is an emergency vehicle in the rear, everyone should try to lean to the sides and give way in the middle while ensuring safety ‘ Life channel ’ Come. "

  Therefore, the "45-degree way" is feasible in theory, but in practice, all vehicles need to cooperate with Qi Xin. "There are not only cars on the road, but also large trucks and buses with different lengths. In addition, if the vehicles are not well coordinated or the driver’s own operation is wrong, other scraping accidents may occur during the road."

  A driver asked: "If you press into a solid line or run a red light because you make way for an emergency vehicle, will you be deducted?"

  The traffic police said: In an emergency, life is the priority. "If you make way for emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines and police cars in the case of congestion on expressways and elevated roads, you will not be penalized if you can prove it."

  In the morning rush hour, the fire alarm was blocked.

  The traffic police directed the private car to stage a textbook concession.

  In Hangzhou, a textbook-level "45 degrees out of the way" was recently staged.

  It happened on the 23rd of last month, when the squadron of Yuhang Town, Hangzhou received the dispatch — — On the east-west avenue of Yuhang Street, a spontaneous combustion accident of a new energy electric vehicle occurred on the roadside less than Wen ‘er West Road. After receiving the alarm, Yuhang Town Squadron dispatched two cars and 14 people to the scene for disposal.

  It was the morning rush hour, and the road leading to the scene of the incident was very congested. Especially in places less than 500 meters away from the scene of the incident, the traffic volume was so great that the fire truck could not travel smoothly. Looking at the black smoke from the scene not far away, the firefighters on the fire truck were extremely anxious.

  Just then, some vehicles in the traffic began to lean on both sides of the road to make way for the fire truck. A traffic policeman also arrived in time to direct the vehicles to move to both sides to clear the road for the fire truck. With the cooperation of the traffic police command and the on-site car drivers, the fire truck finally arrived at the scene smoothly and put out the fire in time.

  In order to get praise from drivers, the fire department urged drivers and friends, such as Lu Yu fire engines, ambulances, police cars and other special vehicles that are performing emergency tasks, to let them go first and make way for their lives on the premise of ensuring safety.

  Ambulance driver:

  The front of the front car is biased, and the rear car will follow the example of Qi Xin and work together to make way for life.

  After a night of tossing, at 8 o’clock yesterday morning, 46-year-old Shen Huigang finally got off work with a tired body.

  He is the driver of the first-aid point of the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou. His main job at ordinary times is to drive an ambulance, and he will assist the doctor when he meets a critical patient. He has been driving here since the first aid point was set up in 2009. Previously, he had driven a bus and worked as a car attendant … … In short, he has dealt with all kinds of cars. When he applied that year, he was the only Vivi who stood out from more than 300 people.

  Master Shen’s night shift is from 6 pm the previous day to 8 am the next day. Last night and this morning, he drove seven times, which was a small number, and there were more than 10 times when there were many. On the Internet, Master Shen also noticed the "45-degree giving way method". As a witness, Master Shen is still very emotional — —

  "To tell the truth, there is still a big difference between driving an ambulance and other cars. When encountering critically ill patients, the requirements for our drivers are fast and stable, and we have to have a map in our hearts, including many small streets and alleys, just to save time and cost. " Master Shen said.

  As for the "45-degree way", Master Shen thought it was completely operable, and he also encountered it. "At 50 meters in front of the ambulance, a car heard the sound, and the front of the car was biased, which was not so accurate as 45 degrees, but it was done. The next few cars will follow suit, and we can pass more smoothly. This requires the concerted efforts of all of us, Qi Xin, and we all have such awareness. To be honest, cars that grab the driveway also exist, and we are very helpless. " Master Shen said that the Zhonghe Elevated Road and Times Elevated Road, which they often pass, are the most prone to congestion. As long as they are not blocked and can pass slowly, they can operate the 45-degree way.

  Driving on the road, Master Shen personally felt the change — — In recent years, everyone’s quality has gradually improved. When they see an ambulance, more and more drivers take the initiative to give way. "For example, on the viaduct, many cars will slow down when they hear the ambulance. Our vehicles can also take the middle lane, and there are many such news in the media. I think that no matter who sees an ambulance or hears its sound, they should have a sense of giving way, and pull over or stop. We are transporting emergency patients. After all, it is a life channel to save people! "

  Article 53 of the Road Traffic Safety Law:

  Police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles can use alarms and sign lamps when performing emergency tasks; On the premise of ensuring safety, other vehicles and pedestrians should give way without being restricted by driving route, driving direction, driving speed and traffic lights.

  Paragraph 3 of Article 21 of the Procedures for Handling Illegal Acts of Road Traffic Safety:

  If there is evidence in the illegal behavior information recorded by traffic technology monitoring equipment or entered into the road traffic illegal information management system that it is caused by rescue or emergency avoidance, it shall be eliminated. If the penalty notice is finally received, the owner can appeal to the traffic police department, which will give priority to verification and write it off at the first time.

The historic moment of China film is being staged here!

Special feature of 1905 film network Deepen the reform of the cinema system, stimulate the vitality of the industry and build a high-level film market system. On October 26th, the 24th National Film Promotion Conference, the opening ceremony of the first film fair and the symposium on the development of China film industry were held in Hengdian.

At the scene, the representatives of 24 films and the representatives of the cinema completed the signing ceremony of the sub-line distribution, and jointly opened a new chapter in the future cooperation of film production distribution and screening. Representatives of big coffee and film companies from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the new opportunities brought by the reform of the cinema system and the distribution of different lines to the development of the industry.

Mao Yu, executive deputy director of the State Film Administration, Zhang Pimin, chairman of the China Film Foundation, Yan Peng, director of the Industry Department of the State Film Administration, Hou Xiao, deputy director of the Marketing Department, Cao Yin, director of the program center of the film channel and secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Wujun, director of the State Film Specialized Office, Liu Yuxia, deputy director of the State Film Specialized Office, Zhang Hong, secretary and director of the Party branch of the Film Digital Program Management Center, Han Xiaoli, president of the China Film Distribution and Projection Association, and Fan Qingyu, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Provincial Committee. Lv Weiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of Jinhua Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province and Minister of Propaganda, Lou Langjian, secretary of Dongyang Municipal Committee and director of Hengdian Film and Television Culture Industry Cluster, Xu Tianfu, vice president of Hengdian Group and chairman of Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd., and more than 700 film practitioners from 50 cinemas, over 70 film investment companies, distributors and producers attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony and special forum were presided over by the host of the film channel.

It is reported that the 2023 China Hengdian Film & Festival of China will be held in Hengdian from October 25th to 28th. The movie channel will launch "Gathering!" for two consecutive days on October 26th and 27th. China movies — — Direct hit 2023 China Hengdian Film & Festival of China "movie channel integrates live media activities, focusing on the China Film Corps’ assembly and appearance in Hengdian with cinematic language, professional perspective, life-oriented voice and panoramic documentary live broadcast, expanding the communication space of Hengdian Film & Festival of China and Wenrong Award, and at the same time creating the brand of" Six Princes Movie Lifestyle "to empower the film industry with" Six Princes "IP.

The National Film Fair officially opened.

Open a new chapter in film production, distribution and projection cooperation

The 14th Five-Year Plan for China Film Development proposes to build a high-level film market system, expand and extend the film industry chain, promote the sustained prosperity and development of the film market, encourage innovative businesses such as branch distribution, multiple rounds distribution, regional distribution and focus distribution, and promote the development of characteristic cinemas such as People’s Cinema and Art Cinema.

The National Film Promotion Conference is also the first national film fair. Han Xiaoli, president of the organizer China Film Distribution and Projection Association, said that the first fair was jointly founded by the forces of film production, distribution and projection industries, which is a milestone in improving the construction of a modern film market system. "We believe that the establishment of the National Film Fair will contribute to creating a market-oriented, rule-based, international film industry environment and building an efficient, standardized, fair competition and fully open film market system."

At the opening ceremony, No Problem, Red Pig, Last Night, Tree Talk, Guo Ding Soul, Mom and Seven Days, Zhong Ken, Whispering Man, Searching for Secret Nature: Inability, Searching for Secret Nature: The Past of the Earth, Love Adventure in A Test, Fortress, Beacon Pond Field, Diving. Representatives of producers and distributors of 24 films, etc., completed the signing ceremony of sub-line distribution with the cinemas that reached the cooperation intention.

The signing ceremony conveyed a high degree of confidence in deepening cooperation in future production, distribution and screening, and reflected the determination of the film industry to continue to deepen reform and its positive attitude in coping with difficulties, which was a crucial step for the development of sub-line distribution, multi-round distribution, regional distribution and focus distribution.

Deepen the reform of cinema system

Industry representatives discuss new opportunities of "distributed distribution"

After years of rapid development, China’s film industry has made remarkable achievements. Facing the ever-changing market and escalating audience demand, in the seminar on the development of China’s film industry, industry representatives discussed in depth how to deepen the reform of cinema system, stimulate the vitality of the industry and promote the comprehensive recovery of China’s film industry, and discussed the new opportunities and challenges brought by "split distribution".

Zhang Dayong, assistant to the general manager of China Film Co., Ltd. and manager of China Film Distribution and Digital Development, pointed out that the biggest problems encountered by cinemas at present are the homogenization of operation and insufficient attendance in "non-prime time", and it is urgent to develop diversified business forms and increase cinema revenue. Therefore, in recent years, China Film has carried out relevant attempts of "scheduled screening" mode, which has accumulated valuable experience for exploring regionalized and differentiated film supply and distribution and screening modes, and also opened an attempt of separate distribution.

CEO Maoyan Entertainment believes that the film industry in China is undergoing a transformation from large-scale to refined and market-oriented. The previous emphasis on unified filming and centralized screening can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industry. Separate distribution will make more works, especially small and medium-cost works and art films, no longer limited by large schedules and short periods, and have more market-oriented opportunities.

"The change from’ promotion’ to’ transaction’ means the change from the traditional unified issuance and unified projection to the market-oriented and flexible negotiation trading mechanism." Li Jie, president of Alibaba Pictures, believes that the opening of the first film fair is an important event recorded in China’s film history, "which will greatly improve the efficiency of resource allocation and thus meet the audience’s ever-increasing demand for watching movies."

According to Chen Hongtao, vice president of Beijing Wanda Travel Industry Group and CEO of WANDA CINEMAS, the development of separate distribution in China film market is an important direction in the future, which will fully release the enthusiasm of producers, distributors and screeners, and help small and medium-sized films to fully tap the regional characteristics and achieve more accurate marketing under the limited budget, thus ensuring the supply of every "weekend file" in the film market, cultivating the viewing habits of young audiences and meeting more diversified viewing needs.

Dai Yun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Shanghai Film Co., Ltd., from the perspective of cinemas and cinemas, thinks that distributed distribution puts forward higher requirements for cinema operation and cinema management. On the one hand, cinemas should improve their ability of content selection, judgment and marketing, and empower cinemas. On the other hand, cinemas should adjust their business philosophy to face the needs of audiences in their regions more directly, and truly "adapt to local conditions, stores and individuals".

The founder, chairman and general manager of Bona Film Group Co., Ltd. suggested that in the exploration of distributed distribution, multi-hall cinemas should be ahead, and cinemas with more than seven halls can take out one or two halls to try distributed distribution. At the same time, producers, distributors and exhibitors should form a joint force to jointly expand the market and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Li Wei, the chairman of 1905 Film Network, started from the successful experience of the film channel in promoting and marketing "to help good films", and put forward that distributed distribution puts forward higher and more detailed requirements for film promotion and marketing. "How to accurately cover the target population, realize customized output and long-term communication, we must follow the principle of" three closeness ",that is, close enough to the film itself, close enough to the main creation and close enough to the audience."

To this end, the movie channel continuously plans customized marketing plans for many high-quality domestic blockbusters from the summer file to the National Day file, showing the front and back of the premiere and roadshow in the form of "panoramic documentary live broadcast", highlighting authenticity, interaction and customization, and distributing and spreading with the help of new media matrix, and the online and offline linkage will maximize the sound volume.

At the same time, Film Channel and 1905 Film Network also made great efforts to build the brand of "Six Princesses, Movie Life Home". During the current Hengdian Film & Festival of China, they launched a tour of Hengdian film and television, unlocked the special live broadcast of good things around the film and television, and created the concept of "movie+life" in the form of "cultural output" and "good things recommendation" to help develop a new film consumption model.

China Film Corps Assembles Hengdian! On October 27th, in the live broadcast of "Direct Attack on Hengdian Film & Festival of China, China, 2023" movie channel, various blockbusters will continue to bring heavy films, and the 9th Wenrong Award will also be grandly announced, looking forward to the China film market and the industrial development direction, cheering for China films!

China A-share game sector strengthened against the trend on Wednesday.

  China news agency, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Chen Kangliang) China A shares were "cold" on Wednesday, and all the major stock indexes fell, but the game sector strengthened against the trend.

  According to the data of Oriental Fortune, a financial data service provider, the game sector rose by 4.52% that day, leading the way. In terms of individual stocks, the share prices of Dasheng Culture, Huicheng Technology, Caesar Culture and century huatong all gained daily limit (up by 10%).

  Wang Liying, an analyst in orient securities, said that the main reason for the strength of the game sector on that day was that with the recovery of the popularity of the A-share market, the rotation effect of the sector was enhanced, and the game sector had the momentum to make up for the increase due to the relatively small increase in the previous period. In addition, there are many positive news about the game industry recently, including the upcoming Game Developers Conference and the expected return of Blizzard games to the China market, which are conducive to activating the popularity of this sector.

  According to media reports, the annual Global Game Developers Conference will be held in the near future. As an influential industry summit in the global game industry, this conference will show the latest progress of AI-enabled games with artificial intelligence (AI) as the key word.

  Zhang Heng, an analyst at Guosen Securities, said that the current China game version number is normalized, which is conducive to the stable release of quality products; New technologies such as AI are expected to promote the game industry to reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovate interaction methods, thus bringing about business model innovation. Combined with the valuation level of the sector, we are optimistic about the investment value of the game sector.

  As far as the overall performance of the market is concerned, as of the close of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3043 points, a decrease of 0.4%; The Shenzhen Component Index reported 9604 points, a decrease of 0.27%; The growth enterprise market index reported 1895 points, down 0.57%. (End)

Russia calmly responded to the IOC’s "ban"

  On the 5th, the International Olympic Committee banned the Russian delegation from participating in the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, scheduled for February next year, citing Russia’s "systematic manipulation of anti-doping work", but allowed qualified Russian athletes to participate as neutral athletes.

  Russia strongly opposes this decision of the International Olympic Committee, believing that there is a "political motive" behind it, but it is not eager to fight back and start reflection at the same time. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the 6th that Russia will not boycott the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, nor will it prevent its athletes from participating in a neutral capacity.

  [Against multiple sanctions]

  Thomas bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, decided that the systematic use of stimulants by Russian athletes was "unprecedented destruction" to the Olympic spirit. Russia’s Kommersant reported that the International Olympic Committee suspended the membership of the Russian Olympic Committee and imposed a fine of about $15 million. It also imposed sanctions on a series of Russian sports officials, including banning Russian Deputy Prime Minister and former sports minister Vitaly Mutko from participating in future Olympic-related activities for life and suspending the membership of Russian Olympic Committee President Alexander zhukov in the International Olympic Committee.

  Russia strongly opposes the decision of the International Olympic Committee. Zhukov said that this is an insult to every Russian athlete. Franz Kline-Cevic, first vice-chairman of the National Defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federation Council and the upper house of parliament, said that sports has long been one of the important areas of international relations. The IOC’s move is aimed at isolating Russia, which will not only deal a heavy blow to the Olympic movement, but also to international relations and even world security.

  Maria Zacharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the decision of the International Olympic Committee made all Russian athletes very sad. "The international community did not expect Russia to rise again as a sports power. The world war, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and sanctions against Russia have not killed Russia, and Russia cannot be killed under any circumstances. "

  The Russian doping incident began with a documentary broadcast by ARD TV in Germany in 2014, which claimed that doping was rampant in Russian track and field. Dick pound, then president of the World Anti-Doping Agency, then launched an investigation and released the results in November of the following year, saying that Russian track and field circles used banned drugs "systematically".

  The independent committee appointed by the World Anti-Doping Agency issued reports in July and December 2016, and found that the Russian government manipulated doping inspection, and thousands of athletes were suspected of taking stimulants in the past five years. As a result, Russian track and field athletes lost the qualification to participate in the Rio Olympic Games in the same year, and the Russian delegation was banned from participating in the Rio Paralympic Games.

  [Condemning political motives]

  Bach stressed that the decision of the International Olympic Committee was not mixed with any political factors. Putin believes that this decision "looks completely like being directed and has political motives."

  Sergei Mikheyev, a Russian political commentator and former director of the Center for Political Situation Analysis, believes that the decision of the International Olympic Committee was politically motivated from the beginning. The doping storm will intensify before the Russian presidential election in March next year, with the purpose of destroying Putin’s image, dividing and disintegrating Russian society to the greatest extent and injecting negative emotions into Russia.

  Mikheyev said that athletes use stimulants in many countries, but they have never encountered such severe collective sanctions. According to him, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s conclusive evidence about the doping incident in Russia only comes from the words of grigori Rodchenkov, the former director of the Moscow and Sochi Doping Testing Laboratory, in an interview in the United States. The so-called Russian government’s doping project is nonsense.

  CBS and The New York Times broke the news in May last year. When interviewed by these two media, Rodchenkov identified Russian athletes’ doping as "government behavior".

  Mikheyev said that this decision shows that the IOC succumbs to political pressure and can easily become a "political victim". The punishment of the International Olympic Committee is one of the means for the West to contain Russia. Western economic and financial sanctions against Russia, political, military and online suppression of Russia, and so on, are a set of overall strategies.

  [Reflecting on coping style]

  Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, said on the 6th that the decision of the International Olympic Committee should not be emotional and needs to be studied in depth. Vyacheslav volodin, chairman of the Russian State Duma and speaker of the lower house of parliament, has ordered to study the decision of the International Olympic Committee.

  Mikheyev believes that Russia will not take boycott measures against the International Olympic Committee. On the contrary, Russia will find some compromise ways to make itself neither weak nor tough and isolated.

  He said that if Russia could enter the leadership of the World Anti-Doping Agency and strengthen its position in the International Olympic Committee, it would not have to accept the rules of the game imposed by western countries, and it would not have suffered today.

  Mikheyev said that Russia should reflect on this incident. First, it should resolutely put an end to doping. Secondly, it can consider creating alternative mechanisms while defending its own rights, such as creating a new brand of sports events.

  He said that the global governance system established by western countries aims to maintain the dominant position of the West and will not consider the interests of other countries. This incident is one of the cases in which the West has effectively used its global governance system, and it has also sounded the alarm for other countries. Countries should use all feasible means to defend their rights in the international system, and should gradually establish alternatives to the global governance system, so that western countries will lose the opportunity to exert pressure.

  [Free to participate independently]

  South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a statement on the 7th, expressing regret that the International Olympic Committee banned Russia from participating in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and hoped that Russian players would participate in the competition in their personal capacity. The statement said that the participation of winter sports athletes from all over the world, including Russian athletes, is the key to the success of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and the most important factor in practicing the Olympic spirit.

  IOC President Bach said that while imposing sanctions, the IOC should draw a clear line to protect those innocent Russian athletes. The International Olympic Committee will invite qualified Russian athletes to participate in the competition. They will be called "Olympic athletes from Russia", and the invitation list will be determined after strict examination by a committee.

  Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the 6th that the Olympic Games is very important for athletes. "If Russian athletes decide to participate in the competition in their personal capacity, we will not make any obstruction.".

  Some athletes now hope to receive an invitation letter from the International Olympic Committee. Russian media speculated that a number of Russian heavyweight winter athletes, including figure skater Evgeniya Medvedeva and skier Sergei Ustyugov, were expected to be invited. They were younger, had no previous doping scandals and had no criminal record of using illegal drugs.

  However, if they qualify for the competition, they must wear the competition clothes with the title of "Olympic athletes from Russia", which does not represent Russia. The Russian flag and national anthem will not appear at any ceremony, but the Olympic flag will be raised and the Olympic anthem will be played. (An Xiaomeng) (special feature of Xinhua News Agency)

  "Clean" athletes who missed the PyeongChang Winter Olympics from the Russian delegation can be invited to participate.

Vocational school graduates open BMW stalls to sell fruits (photos)

Three young men were driving a BMW to sell fruit. Photo reporter Duan Yigang

Three young men were driving a BMW to sell fruit. Photo reporter Duan Yigang

  Most people see people pushing tricycles or selling fruits in minivans, but in Yanji Road Market in Beichen District, there are three young men selling fruits in BMW cars. These three young men who have just left school want to get in touch with the society by learning to do business. Although they lost money after a day’s business, they still feel that they have gained a lot and decided to stick to such entrepreneurial activities.

  At about 10: 00 yesterday, a brand-new BMW car drove in the farmer’s market in Yanji Road, Beichen District. The three young men who got off the car did not go to the market center where the stalls were concentrated, but found a clearing outside the market, and then drove the car directly. I opened the trunk door of the car, and there were many cartons stacked inside. Until all the boxes were opened, fresh peaches, grapes, winter dates, pears, oranges and other fruits were exposed. After arranging these boxes full of fruits in turn, two young men stood on the side of the car and began to wait for customers, while another young man sat back in the cab and began to "catch up on sleep".

  These three young men are Xiao Liu, Xiao Yang and Xiao Chai. They are not only classmates, but also friends. All three are just 20 years old this year. They have just graduated from vocational schools and have no work experience. They don’t know what life will be like after they join the work. They don’t know whether it is easy or difficult to earn money by themselves. When they are waiting for work at home, they often discuss such problems, which are both strange and novel to the life they are about to face.

  Xiao Liu, who has been idle at home for a while, said that instead of always worrying about these problems every day and thinking idly, he might as well exercise more while he is young. Such a proposal was immediately supported by two good friends. What should I do? Several people thought for a while, thinking that fruits are on the market in large quantities this season, and the sales of fruits are amazing, so they decided to try to do some fruit trading first. A few people just do it when they think about it. Just as Xiao Liu knows a person who specializes in wholesale fruit in Admiralty Wholesale Market, he immediately got in touch with others.

  Doing business requires a principal, and those who have no work experience have to ask their parents for support. What they didn’t expect was that their parents were quite in favor of their ideas. Parents of Xiao Liu and Xiao Yang each gave them cash capital of 500 yuan money, while parents of Xiao Chai provided them with BMW cars for free use. Yesterday morning, three people who were doing business for the first time got up before dawn and went to the wholesale market. Because there is no experience in loading goods, and I don’t know what kind of fruit sells well, I have to adopt a small and comprehensive loading method, but I demand that the quality of fruit must be the best. The familiar person gave them five kinds of fruits, such as winter dates and fresh peaches, and collected 800 yuan in total.

  It’s not so easy to do business. Many stalls in the market charge 1 kg of winter jujube from 5 yuan, and those with better quality usually charge 1 kg from 10 yuan, because they don’t know what the actual price of these fruits is. Their price for winter jujube is 1 kg from 8 yuan, and other fruits are also cheaper than other stalls from 1 yuan to two yuan. Because all the people who come to visit the market are nearby residents, many people are neighbors who have watched them grow up. When they see these people asking for prices, they are still a little embarrassed to answer, just telling everyone that they are selling something.

  Compared with other vendors in the market, Xiao Liu’s business is ok. Whenever a customer asks whether the fruit is delicious, they always tell others that they can taste it before selling it. Such a loose way of buying and selling has attracted many customers at once.

  Xiao Liu’s practice did not arouse the dissatisfaction of his companions, because compared with them, Xiao Liu was the most liberal. If Xiao Yang was asked to sell these fruits, he would definitely give more. Although the sales speed was very fast, the money that finally fell into the hands was not expected to be much. More than half of the fruits in the carriage were sold, and the money in hand was only 305 yuan, and even half of the capital was not returned, not to mention the round-trip fare. It seems that the first day of entrepreneurship will definitely lose money, but Xiao Liu and others said that although they lost money, they still have to stick to it.

  For such a result, Xiao Liu and others don’t value it. They say that this is their first job, and it’s completely a kind of groping. Although they have lost money, they can make a day’s business. When they know that they should go to the market to investigate and see what kind of fruit sells best, they should buy more when they put in the goods. For example, they don’t sell any fresh peaches, so when they put in the goods again in the future, they should not wholesale fresh peaches. At the same time, we should also look at how all kinds of fruits in the market are priced, and we should also calculate our own costs and price the fruits according to our own costs.

  Xiao Liu lost money in their business, and the parents didn’t blame them at all. One parent told reporters that compared with other children, they can do this, which means that they are different from other children, indicating that they have their own ideas in their hearts, and they are not the kind of children who loaf around all day. No matter how much they lose in their business, they have gained experience after all, knowing that doing business can’t rely solely on enthusiasm, but also needs to understand the whole industry before they can start. They can improve on the first day’s failure experience, and believe that the business will get better and better in the future.

  Come out bravely and look for opportunities independently

  Ms. Ping Li, who studies youth employment and entrepreneurship, thinks that what Xiao Liu did was nothing more than using some resources in their own homes, such as BMW cars, which seems to be somewhat inconsistent with their status, but it is also their cleverness, which at least reduces the cost. Young people who have just come out of school can bravely come out to start a business, which means more than whether this business is a loss or a profit. This shows that these three young people have a sense of pioneering and independence, and they can take the initiative to find opportunities to make up for their own shortcomings through study or practice. Finally, Ms. Li optimistically predicted that if Xiao Liu and others persisted, the fruit business would definitely make money.

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Editor: Fan Jing

Sunshine Quartet in the High Wall —— Wuhan Qingshan Bangjiao is a minor in custody

  Qingshan, Wuhan-Innovating a series of ways to help and educate minors in custody.

"sunshine classroom"

  The procuratorate of Qingshan District Procuratorate in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, together with the detention center in this district, set up a "sunshine classroom", a "sunshine express", a "sunshine channel" and a "sunshine connection" in the prison area. Through the "sunshine quartet" education, juvenile detainees were influenced to know manners, abide by the law, sincerely repent and re-engage, and planted "cherish youth and cherish life" in the hearts of young people who lost their footing.

  "Sunshine Classroom": Turning the blind spot of helping and teaching in the prison area into a bright spot

  In practice, it usually takes a few months for a juvenile criminal suspect to spend in a detention center from criminal detention to the execution of a judgment. During this period, the dramatic change of living environment and the great psychological pressure of waiting for interrogation and trial can easily lead to the aggravation of the resistance of detained minors to supervision and even extreme behavior. The relative lag of related work also makes the prison area of the detention center a blind spot in the work of helping and educating minors who have lost their footing.

  During a heart-to-heart talk with minors in custody, the police officers of the Qingshan District Procuratorate in Wuhan learned that many children are not bad in nature. During the time when they are waiting for the verdict in the detention center, they basically have nothing to do except recite the prison rules and complete the prescribed tasks every day.

  In September, 2006, Mao was detained in Qingshan District Detention Center on suspicion of accepting bribes. The former middle school special-grade Chinese teacher was deliberately arranged to live in the juvenile prison by the procuratorial police stationed in Qingshan District Procuratorate. While taking care of the daily life of the detained minors, Mao taught the children to learn ancient Chinese. Unexpectedly, children are very interested in learning, and the phenomenon of wrangling in the past is less and less.

  This attempt inspired the procuratorial police stationed in the institute to set up the "sunshine classroom", and their ideas attracted great attention of the party group of Qingshan District Procuratorate, and they decided to jointly set up the "sunshine classroom" with the district public security bureau. In March, 2007, "Sunshine Classroom" was officially started, and Mao was hired as the cultural teacher of "Sunshine Classroom". Starting from Chinese studies, he influenced the juvenile delinquents with common knowledge of literature and history and corrected their outlook on life. The goal of running a class is to know etiquette, abide by the law and discipline, distinguish right from wrong and distinguish things.

  In the past two years, "Sunshine Classroom" has organically combined the discipline inspection, code of conduct learning and cultural education, specially used a prison room as a classroom and library, equipped with a computer, gradually established corresponding rules and regulations, and held exams regularly. Up to now, the "Sunshine Class" has been held for 102 times, and 124 detained minors have received cultural education. Every teenager who has entered the "Sunshine Class" has made significant progress, and some adult detainees have also volunteered to go to school. In 2007, the juvenile prison was rated as "civilized prison" by Qingshan District Detention Center.

  Sunshine Express: Witness the growth of juvenile delinquents step by step.

  "Sunshine Classroom" has set up a proposition composition course in a targeted way. After an assignment was received, an article entitled "Sorry, Mom! The composition was placed on the desk of the police in the procuratorate. At the end of the article, it was written: "Mom! I want to say to you: I am sorry! Mom! Please wait for me! "

  The author of this article is a minor who was detained for taking part in theft, and also a student in "Sunshine Classroom". In his composition, he described two completely different lives by comparing the wake-up bell inside and outside Gao Qiang, and expressed his remorse and yearning for his mother. His heartfelt feelings touched the hearts of every policeman.

  Why not run an internal publication? Select excellent compositions of detained minors to provide a stage for them to show their talents, so as to further encourage their confidence in learning and help them reform and change. The proposal of the Qingshan District Procuratorate to inspect the police officers immediately attracted the attention of the party group. The party group of the institute decided to set up Sunshine Express, which includes sections such as helping and teaching plan, excellent composition selection, honor list, law station, famous sayings and humorous jokes.

  Zhou Jianian, Deputy Procurator-General of Wuhan Procuratorate, was glad to write a headline for the newspaper after knowing this. On May 8, 2007, the first issue of Sunshine Express was officially published. Under the witness of Sunshine Express, minors in custody not only grow up healthily, but also learn to cherish and care for life. After the Wenchuan earthquake, 17 minors in the detention center took the initiative to collect money from 1000 yuan and donate it to the disaster area.

  On March 29th, 2008, at the invitation of Qingshan District Public Security Bureau and Procuratorate, the organizing committee of "Chu Cai Cup" composition contest made an exception and set up a sub-examination room in "Sunshine Classroom". The 17-year-old Wang and Du won the second prize and the third prize respectively, becoming the first detained minors to participate in the competition and win the prize in the history of "Chu Cai Cup". Subsequently, the Qingshan District Procuratorate actively negotiated with the Organizing Committee of the 7th Chutian Cup Composition Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students in Hubei Province, and on December 14th, 2008, it set up a special test center for 24 detained minors in the Sunshine Classroom again, giving them the same opportunity to compete.