Yichang Technology has been investigated by 13 institutions: the company’s main customers in the automobile industry include BYD, Chery Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, GM-Wuling, Tucki and other well

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on November 21st, and the company was investigated by 13 institutions on November 21st, 2023. The types of institutions are insurance companies, others, fund companies, securities companies and sunshine private equity institutions. Introduction to the main contents of investor relations activities: Questions raised by investors and company responses. The company responded to the questions raised by investors in this field survey:

  Q: 1. What is the reason for the decline in the company’s performance?

  A: The company’s sales revenue decline and operating performance loss from January to September 2023 are mainly: the company’s product structure optimization led to a decrease in operating income, and the closure of the TV set business led to an increase in expenses. (1) The company actively optimized some household appliances business and shut down the whole TV business, which led to the decline of the company’s business income from January to September 2023, such as the whole machine and injection parts in the household appliances industry. Cleaning up the assets and personnel of household appliances business increased the related expenses, which in turn led to the decline of the overall gross profit margin and net profit of the company. (2) During the transformation and upgrading of products in downstream industries such as new energy vehicles, medical care and health care, orders have grown considerably and production capacity is being released; As the company actively optimizes and abandons most of the household appliances business, the related fixed costs are heavily shared, and economies of scale cannot be achieved, resulting in a low overall gross profit margin, thus affecting the company’s net profit.

  Q: 2. How to plan the company’s future product structure, and what is the future business direction?

  A: The company will focus on developing automobile structural parts business and break through the strategic positioning of developing new energy and medical and health services. In terms of automobiles, the company’s products are interior and exterior parts, lightweight parts and automobile molds. The products in the field of exterior decoration are mainly fenders and bumpers, and the interior decoration includes traditional interior products such as main instrument panel, auxiliary instrument panel, door panel, ABC column, etc. Supported by IML innovative technology, we focus on developing special supporting products such as central control panel and atmosphere light decorative panel, focusing on the ability of automobile interior and exterior decoration assembly. In terms of new energy, the company’s products mainly focus on lightweight interior and exterior decoration of new energy vehicles, thermal management parts of power batteries and portable energy storage. Lightweight products are based on the technology of replacing steel with plastic, and the products are distributed in fenders, rear tailgates, four-door panels and rear side walls. The main products of thermal management parts of power battery are power liquid cooling plate and energy storage structure; Portable energy storage, that is, energy storage power supply. In terms of medical health, the company’s products are mainly medical consumables and medical devices. Focus on medical IVD parts and consumables. In terms of household appliances, the company decided to retire most of the household appliances business and only keep some structural parts business with high added value.

  Q: 3. What is the proportion of our company’s performance in the home appliance industry in the future? Will it maintain a certain amount?

  A: In recent years, the company has been shrinking its home appliance business. At the same time, in the third quarter of this year, it decided to intensify its efforts to retire most of the home appliance business and shut down the TV set business. In the future, the company will only retain some structural parts business with high added value. Our main focus is on the development of automobile, new energy, medical and health services.

  Q: 4. Who are the company’s main customers in automobile? What has been supplied to the cars of the intellectual and intellectual circles?

  A: The company’s main customers in the automobile industry include (), Chery Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, GM-Wuling, Tucki and other well-known enterprises, and they are matched with well-known customers in Guangzhou Automobile, (), Changan Automobile and other industries through system suppliers. The company has supplied some exterior decoration parts for the cars of Wenjie and Zhijie.

  Q: 5. What is the company’s order mode for new energy vehicles? What is the current capacity utilization rate?

  A: The order mode of the company’s new energy vehicles is rolling order production. At present, the company’s Wuhu base has a high capacity utilization rate, especially the spraying line is produced at full capacity, and the capacity and orders of other bases change to a certain extent every month, maintaining the normal production level.

  Q: 6. What is the company’s fixed increase? When will it be released?

  A: The company’s issue of shares to specific objects has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for registration. On July 8, 2023, the company disclosed the Announcement on Obtaining the Approval of Registration from the China Securities Regulatory Commission for the Application of Issuing Shares to Specific Objects on Juchao.com.. The follow-up company will choose the opportunity to complete the distribution work;

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Komatsu fund Fund company Yan shiwen Landscape fund Fund company Bin Sun Guoxin Securities securities company Cao jiacheng Guojin securities securities company Li Yukai, Jiang Ying Shenzhen qianhai Hongfu private placement Sunshine private placement organization Wu Xiaoling Xuanjia private placement Sunshine private placement organization Li Dazhi Zhujiang life insurance insurance company Wang Zhongyang, Zhang Qiang individual other Liuyong, Pan Yuchu, Chen Shi Dachun Fund other Huang jiangying Tianhe investment other Jian Xu Hui Chuang fu Xiang other Cheng sheng Baijia public offering other Chao Huang Abama assets other Hu Xingyu

In 2 years and 8 months, the sales volume exceeded 300,000, and the Great Wall guns were listed on the trailer version of the new guns.

Although, since the beginning of this year, due to multiple reasons in the market, the production and sales of pickup truck market in the first quarter showed a downward trend year-on-year. However, after the new requirements for traction qualification vehicles and the implementation of new technical standards for pickup trucks issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the pickup truck market will continue to develop well from a policy perspective.

In this market, there are not a few competing brands, and brands such as pickup truck, Zhengzhou, pickup truck, Kaicheng and medium-sized pickup truck are all competing vigorously. Among them, the pickup truck is still firmly standing in the position of NO.1

On May 8, the 300,000th vehicle was officially rolled off the assembly line at Chongqing Smart Factory. At the same time, the family continued to innovate, and the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns were officially listed. And this new car brings more fun and trendy new lifestyles to fans.

In the current pickup market, the family market is very strong. It only took 2 years and 8 months, and the sales volume exceeded 300,000. This speed, even in the passenger car market, is very rare, but it has been achieved.

Of course, the rapidly rising sales volume is inseparable from the strength of our products. It has always been grounded in product design. For example, in this model, it breaks the simple product model of traditional commercial pickup trucks.

Today’s pickup truck is no longer a simple tool car. It is equipped with L2-level automatic driving assistance system, ZF 8AT gearbox, multi-link rear suspension, ACC adaptive cruise, active braking and other high-end and practical configurations. Meet the needs of fans in the whole scene.

Moreover, in terms of quality control, the car has also done a down-to-earth job. It is reported that the production by the smart factory in Chongqing has a perfect process and system tracking, regardless of the car-making process or detail control, which is one of the important reasons why fans can buy with confidence.

Compared with the ordinary pickup truck, the trailer model listed this time is more playable, and can transport motorcycles, tow yachts, RVs, motorboats, etc., and is suitable for more occasions. Moreover, in the Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driver’s License, which came into effect on April 1, 2022, a C6 driver’s license for light tractor-trailer was added. The trailer version has C6 trailer qualification.

It is reported that cars are not only constantly innovating in products, but also constantly cultivating pickup culture. Today, the Firearms Union Cheyouhui has covered 31 provincial teams, 800,000 fans of APP800,000, and six major pickup colleges, allowing more fans to experience that it is not just a model, but a new way of life.

Ghost fighting view: Today, more than 70% cities in China have relaxed the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city. As a new pickup truck model, it gives consideration to leisure and fashion, and brings unique product experience to fans. As a result, the sales volume continued to rise, and the cumulative sales volume exceeded 300,000 in just over two years after listing. It is reported that pickup trucks are still accelerating their entry into the global market, making gun products and gun culture go further. What do fans think about this? Leave a message for Brother Ghost.

[Retail Circulation Weekly] online celebrity "Emperor" was fined 11.71 million for tax evasion; JD.COM entered the food and beverage takeaway; ByteDance launched "home delivery"; Ding Dong buys vegeta

This week (June 4-June 11), various e-commerce companies have taken frequent actions. ByteDance overweight local life and launched "Shaking Super Home Delivery"; JD.COM entered the food and beverage take-away business, and the first stop was Zhengzhou and other cities; Tencent in Tik Tok made efforts to "plant grass", and Tencent launched the "Penguin Huimai" project … …

In addition, logistics enterprises have increased their technology research and development, and the logistics speed is upgrading. Dada unmanned distribution service debuted at "618"; China Post accurately speeded up 1,591 delivery service lines. The details are as follows:

HIVE BOX introduced subsidies for Shanghai users and couriers.

Recently, HIVE BOX announced the introduction of corresponding subsidy measures for Shanghai users and courier brothers to help speed up the recovery of logistics services. It is understood that HIVE BOX has introduced one million mailing subsidies, and users enjoy different subsidies. Each user can enter the activity page through the HIVE BOX applet or the counter, receive and use one activity mailing coupon package (including three coupons), and new users can receive a 12 yuan mailing coupon package (including 8 yuan Shunfeng reduction coupon, 2 yuan general coupon and 88% discount Shunfeng coupon); Old users can get a package of mailing coupons worth 7 yuan (including 3 yuan SF Express Discount Coupon, 2 yuan Universal Coupon and 88% discount SF Coupon). At the same time, in order to deal with the backlog as soon as possible and effectively help the courier brother to bail out, HIVE BOX has issued 200,000 free delivery HIVE BOX coupons (valid for 30 days) to the courier brother’s account, which can be collected immediately by logging in to HIVE BOX Butler APP. In addition, HIVE BOX also kept the express delivery and parcels in the counter from April 14th to May 31st for free.

Beijing resumes eating in the restaurant.

From June 6th, catering business units in other areas of Beijing opened the dining service except Fengtai District and some areas in Changping District. It is reported that since June 6th, more than 240 restaurants have officially started eating in Beijing. Except for some stores in Fengtai and Changping District, which have not recovered yet, more than 80% of them are open to eating in Beijing. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the passenger flow of some restaurants in Beijing at noon on the 6 th has been higher than usual, and the turnover has increased by nearly 50% year-on-year, while the restaurants located around office buildings and shopping malls have ushered in a large passenger flow.

Netease YEATION proposed 600 million funds to support suppliers.

On June 6th, Netease YEATION issued the Letter from Netease YEATION to All Suppliers, launched the "Plan in the Same Boat" and set up a special support fund of 600 million yuan, which is not only for YEATION’s commodity suppliers, but also includes service providers such as warehouse distribution, packaging and logistics. It is reported that providing funds to support the maximum amount of 2 million yuan, providing advance payment to shorten the settlement period and providing cash rewards; Provide customized logistics solutions and other policy support.

Baishi Group Q1 revenue decreased by 35.2% year-on-year.

On June 9th, Baishi Group released the unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2022. According to its financial report, Baishi Group’s revenue in the first quarter of 2022 was 1.8 billion yuan, down 35.2% year-on-year compared with 2.784 billion yuan in the same period last year. The net loss from continuing operations was 380 million yuan, which was larger than the net loss of 190 million yuan in the same period last year. Baishi Group was established in 2007, and officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017. Since then, it has been in a state of loss for a long time. In December last year, Baishi transferred its domestic express delivery business to Polar Rabbit, and finally turned a profit. In 2021, the net profit of Baishi Group was 261.9 million yuan, up 112.93% year-on-year, and it was also the first time since 2016 to achieve full-year profit.

In the first quarter of Manchu, GTV was 53.6 billion yuan and revenue was 1.33 billion yuan.

On June 8, the digital freight platform Manbang Group (NYSE:YMM) released its financial report for the first quarter of 2022. The data shows that Manbang grew steadily in the first quarter. During the reporting period, it achieved revenue of 1.33 billion yuan, up 53.7% year-on-year, exceeding the highest expected value of 1.09 billion yuan. The net profit under non-American accounting standards was about 190 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 68%, and the profitability continued to improve. In terms of operational data, GTV in the first quarter reached 53.6 billion yuan, up 4.2% year-on-year, and the number of fulfillment orders was 25.2 million, up 13.6% year-on-year.

The net loss of Mushroom Street in 2021 was nearly 640 million yuan.

According to the financial report data, in the second half of fiscal year 2022, the revenue of Mushroom Street was 168.0 million yuan, a decrease of 29.2% compared with 237.4 million yuan in the same period last year; GMV was 5.225 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 31.4%; The loss attributable to Mushroom Street has expanded to 228 million yuan, compared with 145 million yuan in the same period last year. At the end of December, 2021, it was revealed that 80% of the technical department staff of Mushroom Street were laid off. It is reported that only 30 people (including front-end, back-end, client, algorithm and other technical related personnel) were left after the adjustment of the technical department of Mushroom Street, and there were only 3 people left in the operation and maintenance department and 2 people left in the product post.

Tuniu’s net profit in the first fiscal quarter of fiscal year 2022 was-40.433 million yuan.

On June 9, Tuniu announced its financial report. The announcement showed that the company’s net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders in the first fiscal quarter of fiscal year 2022 was-40.433 million yuan, down 2.41% year-on-year. Operating income was 41.479 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 46.38%. Established in December 2006, Nanjing Tuniu Technology Co., Ltd. is the first China company focusing on online leisure travel in the US stock market, ranking first in the online leisure travel market in China. Only at the end of the first month in 2022, the overall booking travel data of Tuniu Hainan destination has returned to the same period in 2019.

The anchor teacher was fined 11.7145 million yuan for tax evasion.

On June 9, according to the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau, the Second Inspection Bureau of Beijing Taxation Bureau found that the network anchor Sun Zixuan (net name: Emperor Shi) was suspected of tax evasion through tax big data analysis, and carried out a comprehensive and in-depth tax inspection with the cooperation of relevant tax authorities. After investigation, during the period from 2019 to 2020, Sun Zixuan failed to file tax returns according to law and underpaid personal income tax of 1,978,600 yuan. He evaded personal income tax of 2,201,200 yuan and underpaid other taxes and fees of 347,600 yuan by hiding personal rewards through intermediary companies. After the tax authorities put the case on file, Sun Zixuan was still lucky, and did not provide the relevant information truthfully. Only after the tax authorities grasped the relevant evidence did they admit the existing problems and pay back the tax.

Considering the above situation comprehensively, the Second Inspection Bureau of Beijing Taxation Bureau, in accordance with the Individual Income Tax Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), the Tax Collection and Administration Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), the Administrative Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, recovered the tax from Sun Zixuan, added a late fee and proposed a fine, totaling 11,714,500 yuan. Among them, the personal income tax underpaid for failing to file tax returns according to law is 1,978,600 yuan, and it is planned to be fined 1,978,600 yuan; The personal income tax of 2,201,200 yuan, which was evaded by hiding personal income through an intermediary company, was proposed to be fined twice as much as 4,402,400 yuan. A few days ago, the Second Inspection Bureau of Beijing Taxation Bureau has fulfilled the notification procedure of tax administrative punishment according to law.

ByteDance overweight local life and launched "Shaking Super Home Delivery".

Recently, Tik Tok is trying its own business similar to that of JD.COM supermarket. The project is called "Shake the supermarket and deliver it to your door", which is piloted in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. However, the e-commerce department in ByteDance is responsible for this business, and it belongs to two teams with the local life business in Tik Tok. It is understood that this self-operated project hopes to penetrate young high-income groups in first-and second-tier cities, so as to increase the frequency of users using Tik Tok e-commerce.

JD.COM entered the catering take-away business, and the first stop was Zhengzhou and other cities.

On June 9th, according to "LatePost" news, after entering local life in March this year, JD.COM will pilot the catering take-away business in the near future. Takeaway merchants will launch the home APP in JD.COM, and Dada will be responsible for the delivery. At present, the business has not been officially launched, and the first stop will be in Zhengzhou and other cities. At present, the team has docked local catering merchants to launch takeout in JD.COM. How much manpower and money will be invested in JD.COM’s take-away food, and in what way and pace, has not been completely determined internally.

Jingxi, a subsidiary of JD.COM, tried to close its business in Shandong and other places.

Recently, a number of related people said that Jingxi, a community group buying platform owned by JD.COM, has further reduced its business line and may only keep its business in Beijing and Zhengzhou. At present, Jinan, Shandong, Anyang, Henan, Hubei and other places have dissolved the group of heads. Prior to March, Jingxi had experienced a round of evacuation, from more than 20 provinces to Beijing, Shandong, Henan and Hubei. Jingxi business successively withdrew from Fujian, Gansu, Guizhou, Jilin, Ningxia and Qinghai provinces in May 2021, and withdrew from Shanxi market in August.

Viya’s husband set up a new live broadcast company

On June 8, Beijing Qianyue Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. The legal representative is Cheng Lilong, and its business scope includes advertising, Internet sales (except the sale of goods that need permission), personal Internet live broadcast service, etc. The company is 100% owned by Qianxun (Hangzhou) Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Viya’s husband Dong Haifeng is the ultimate beneficiary of the company.

Tmall launched a new logistics function, which automatically identifies and handles logistics anomalies.

Recently, Tmall announced the new functions of online logistics, including "automatic identification and disposal of logistics anomalies" and "one-click reporting function for merchants’ delayed delivery". Among them, the function of automatic identification and disposal of logistics anomalies aims at large-scale logistics anomalies in cities (such as epidemic situation, weather impact, large-scale events, etc.), and the platform will automatically identify and exempt from liability in combination with weather information, National Health Commission information and the operation of express outlets, so as to reduce the business impact of logistics anomalies on merchants. The merchant does not need to operate, and the platform will identify the historical shipping place of the merchant/commodity, and automatically exempt the corresponding order; Merchants can inquire about the specific exempted orders on the exemption page.

ByteDance considered selling a minority stake in the property.

Recently, a person familiar with the matter said that ByteDance Company is considering selling a minority stake in Poizon, an online platform for shoes. According to people familiar with the matter, ByteDance is negotiating to sell its shares with a lower single-digit percentage, preferring to sell them to existing investors. At present, the negotiations are still in the initial stage, and it is still possible for ByteDance to decide to keep the minority interest in the property. Representatives of ByteDance and Dewu have not commented yet. It is understood that Dewu is a trendy online shopping community launched by Shanghai Zhizhuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., with a valuation of more than 10 billion US dollars. The website shows that its monthly active users are about 100 million, and Nike, Adidas and Nintendo are its brand partners.

Tencent in Tik Tok made efforts to "plant grass": Tencent launched "Penguin Huimai" and Tik Tok tested new functions.

Recently, Tencent has been testing a brand-new grass planting project "Penguin Huimai" in a low-key way. This grass planting product integrates the attributes of "local, grass planting and community", which seems to be in order to take over the e-commerce product "Goose Fighting" that was recently removed from the shelves this year. Penguin Huimai has opened 14 regional groups including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Northeast China, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Users in different regions can only enter the shopping groups in their respective regions, and platform personnel will conduct refined operations within the groups, such as sharing discounted goods every day. In addition, Tik Tok once again tested the new function of planting grass. First, the "like" button in the short video was changed to "plant grass", and in the content of graphic planting grass, a commodity link could be hung to open the link from planting grass to realizing it.

JD.COM bet on the prefabricated vegetable runway: 6 support measures to support 20 brands with sales exceeding 100 million yuan.

On June 6th, JD.COM Supermarket and China Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Alliance held a strategic media communication meeting on prefabricated vegetables, and released and implemented the first "Fotiaoqiang Prefabricated Vegetable Standard" in the e-commerce channel, which standardized five categories of indicators related to health and safety, such as food additives, heavy metals, hygiene, physics and chemistry, and microorganisms. According to data from JD.COM, 5,000 kinds of pre-cooked vegetables were put on the shelves in supermarkets in JD.COM alone. In 2021, the turnover of pre-cooked vegetables in supermarkets in JD.COM increased by 156% year-on-year. At the same time, JD.COM Supermarket has also taken the lead in announcing the inclusion of pre-cooked vegetables in the strategic support category among various e-commerce platforms, and implemented a package of support measures in six aspects, such as sales data, channel flow, activity IP, omni-channel, market investment and cold chain logistics, so as to support 20 pre-cooked vegetable brands with sales of over 100 million yuan and 5 pre-cooked vegetable brands with sales of over 500 million yuan in the next three years.

The sixth offline duty-free shop in Ocean Terminal opened.

A few days ago, Ocean Terminal was the sixth offline duty-free direct purchase store in China — — Ocean Terminal Starlight Store appeared in Chongqing Xiexin Starlight Plaza. This store is jointly funded by Ocean Terminal and Xiexin Group, and it is the first "image shop" for Ocean Terminal to cooperate with commercial real estate joint venture in China. Covering an area of 300 square meters, the store is rich in categories, covering high-end cosmetics, red wine, etc., and will increase daily necessities such as maternal and child products in the future. Zeng Bibo, CEO of Ocean Terminal, said, "The new retail strategic goal of Ocean Terminal is to achieve ‘ Hundred Cities and Thousand Stores Plan ’ 。”

Aauto Quicker set up a fast delivery supply chain management company

According to Tianyancha, on June 10th, Chengdu Express Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established, with Jia Hongyi as the legal representative and a registered capital of 10 million RMB, and its business scope includes supply chain management services. International freight forwarder; Road freight transport station management; Import and export of goods. The equity penetration chart shows that the company is indirectly wholly-owned by Beijing Aauto Quicker Technology Co., Ltd..

Luxury e-commerce temple library was sued for defaulting on merchants’ payment of more than 1.31 million yuan.

According to the Beijing court trial information website, recently, the Chaoyang District Court of Beijing tried a contract dispute case between the temple library of luxury consignment platform and the settled merchants. As a result of the judgment, the defendant Shenzhen Siku Company paid the payment of RMB 1,314,154 to Renren Luxury Firm and returned the deposit of RMB 50,000.

Shanghai Dragon Boat Festival e-commerce consumption ushered in a small outbreak

On June 6th, according to the data of Vipshop, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the sales volume of platform goods increased by over 70% year-on-year, and the order volume from Shanghai ranked first in cities across the country, with the increase of kitchen tools mainly based on small household appliances as high as 617%. According to the data of JD.COM, on June 5th, for example, the number of stores ordered by the platform increased by more than 60% compared with last week, and the sales increased by 33% compared with last week. Dada distribution shows that the number of instant single knights in Shanghai increased by nearly 104% compared with last week, and the number of completed distribution orders increased by nearly 45% compared with last week.

The proportion of China sellers in Amazon has dropped to about 42%

On June 6th, according to the data of overseas e-commerce research company Marketplace Pulse, the proportion of China sellers in Amazon dropped from about 48% at the end of 2020 to about 42% in May this year. After 2021, the number of American sellers in Amazon has gradually increased, and this year it has re-approached 50% share.

Ding Dong will withdraw from Tianjin market when buying vegetables.

Ding Dong bought vegetables and posted an announcement on the App about the adjustment of Tianjin’s service area. The announcement said that after 18:00 on June 15th, Tianjin would stop serving and its site community would be dissolved. In this regard, Ding Dong’s customer service responded: "At present, the notice received is that Tianjin has suspended its service, which is the routine optimization and adjustment of some areas and sites by the company."

Open storage of box horses involves sharing warehouses, renting venues and operating services on behalf of others.

Recently, some self-built logistics bases and supply chain parks in Box Horse have been opened to the outside world. At present, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xi ‘an, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other places are renting out, covering all-temperature storage facilities such as freezing, cold storage and normal temperature. These storage facilities were previously used by Box Horse for their own use, forming a nationwide self-built storage and logistics network of Box Horse, which is under the centralized management of the Logistics Engineering Department of Box Horse Headquarters. Its overall volume is relatively large, with a storage area of 500,000 square meters at normal temperature and 300,000 square meters at low temperature. At the same time, 5,000 Japanese-made logistics vehicles, nearly 10,000 logistics managers, upstream and downstream logistics equipment, systems, packaging, human resources, logistics warehousing enterprises and other partners around the logistics base are also the main selling points of Box Horse Logistics’ foreign investment.


The first Sam member store in Northwest China will land in Xi ‘an.

According to Xi ‘an News on June 8th, the member store of Xi ‘an Sam Supermarket will be located in the Economic Development Zone. The project is scheduled to start in September this year. After it is completed and put into operation, it can realize a special business income of about 2 billion yuan and solve the employment problem of about 200 people. According to Sam member store’s brand launch conference of Sam member store and Members’ on December 1st, 2020; According to the goal of opening a store revealed in Mark’s new upgrade conference, it is estimated that by the end of 2022, Sam will expand to 40 to 45 stores in China.

Pangdonglai launched the "wholesale market" and tried the "warehouse-style member store" model in the water area.

Recently, Pangdonglai, a supermarket brand headquartered in Xuchang, Henan Province, officially announced that Pangdonglai will lay out a "wholesale supermarket" business, the form of which is similar to the seasonal commodity flash activities carried out in the store, while the characteristics of direct production, wholesale and retail integration and centralized display of the whole box indicate that Pangdonglai has the intention to test the water area "warehouse-style member store" mode. It is reported that the current "wholesale market" business arranged by Fat Donglai includes two categories: seasonal fresh fruit wholesale market and ice cream wholesale market.

Feihe Dairy and Jingdong Logistics jointly build a national central logistics distribution center.

On June 9th, Feihe Dairy’s intelligent storage project in Harbin Intelligent Industrial Park was officially delivered, marking the official launch of Feihe Modern National Central Logistics Distribution Center. The logistics center was jointly built by Feihe Dairy and Jingdong Logistics. Relying on advanced warehousing management system and control system, combined with a variety of intelligent warehousing equipment and innovative technologies, it realized a highly automated and intelligent warehousing operation mode with higher efficiency and lower cost. After the logistics center is put into use, the operation efficiency is increased by 40% and the cost is reduced by 25%, which can meet the needs of centralized storage and distribution of nine milk powder production bases in Feihe.

SF Express upgraded the "exclusive express" service, with the fastest door-to-door service across provinces in 7 hours.

Recently, SF Express announced the upgrade of its "exclusive express" service. According to reports, exclusive express delivery has added 200+ lines, covering key first-and second-tier cities in China. Inter-provincial door-to-door fastest 7 hours; Special car service+next flight/high-speed rail; Limitation commitment, overtime will be refunded in proportion to the freight; Night harvest and night pie, 24 hours without closing, one-on-one customer service online in real time.

Dada unmanned delivery service debuted at 618.

Recently, Dada’s unmanned distribution service made its debut at 618, which has just reached the halfway point this year, and the completed orders for unmanned distribution of Shangchao have increased by nearly 270% compared with the same period last November. At present, Dada unmanned delivery service has been applied normally in real scenes of supermarkets such as Qixian Supermarket, Yonghui Supermarket and Sam Member Store, and has supported the delivery of more than 30,000 supermarket orders. 

Amazon added Amazon Logistics Remote Distribution Plan "NARF"

Recently, Amazon added the Amazon Logistics Remote Distribution Plan (NARF), which supports sellers to sell the goods stored in Amazon America Station Operation Center (FBA Warehouse) to Amazon Canada and Mexico. It is understood that since June 1, 2022, there will be a reminder on the seller’s platform to automatically join the Amazon logistics remote distribution plan. You can click on the "Automatic Registration Remote Distribution Card" on the homepage to view the details. Amazon will help sellers with cross-border distribution management, and the tariffs on goods imported into Canada and Mexico will be borne by buyers.

China Post announced the accurate speed-up of 1,591 delivery business lines.

On June 8th, China Post announced that it would mobilize superior resources such as time limit, service and cost, focus on key customers, key regions and key routes, and accurately speed up 1,591 delivery business routes. On the same day, China Post has carried out the first batch of speed increase for 437 lines. After the completion of the first batch of speed-up plans, it is estimated that the time limit of 186 lines will be shortened by 0.5 days, the time limit of 162 lines will be shortened by one day, and the time limit of 89 lines will be shortened by more than one day. After speeding up according to this goal, the time limit standard of the first batch of speed-up lines can reach the advanced level of the industry.

The second wide-body aircraft entered the queue, and the Yuantong aviation fleet welcomed the new one.

On June 7th, YG9129 of Yuantong Airlines landed smoothly at Chennai Airport in India. This is the latest B767-300ERF cargo plane introduced by Yuantong Airlines. Following the entry of the first wide-body cargo plane "Asian Games" in January, Yuantong Airlines once again ushered in the expansion of its wide-body fleet this year. In less than half a year, Yuantong Airlines has introduced three all-cargo planes and become one of the most active enterprises in the current air cargo market.

The SF air sorting center of Diqing Shangri-La Airport was formally established.

Recently, the unveiling ceremony of Shunfeng Aviation Sorting Center of Diqing Shangri-La Airport was successfully held at Diqing Shangri-La Airport. It is understood that as early as August 2021, in order to meet the demand for air logistics for fresh matsutake delivery, effectively open up the high-end consumer market for Diqing Matsutake, and enhance the output value of Diqing Matsutake, SF Airlines jointly opened the first all-cargo matsutake route in China with Diqing Airport.

The rookie successfully transported 80 tons of 1 million doses of domestic 13-price pneumonia vaccine to Morocco.

On June 7th, 1 million doses of 13-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine ("13-valent pneumonia vaccine") was successfully delivered to Morocco in batches under the escort of Cainiao International Medicine Cold Chain. This vaccine, independently developed by watson biological, is the first 13-valent pneumonia vaccine in China and the second in the world, and it is also the first time that the vaccine has been exported overseas since it went on the market. In order to provide multiple guarantees for this batch of vaccines with a total weight of 80 tons, the rookie deployed multiple special medical cold-chain vehicles and international flights in a short time, and opened a "green channel" for land transportation and air transportation from Yuxi-Guangzhou-Casablanca at the end of May, and delivered the vaccines safely in six batches.





An Xun Logistics announced 618 plans to promote preparations for war.

An Xun Logistics, a veteran logistics enterprise, recently announced the plan for promoting the preparations for this year’s 618 major events: on the one hand, it will speed up warehousing intelligently, and on the other hand, it will focus on customer experience. For example, the intelligent warehouse layout of An Xun logistics warehouse network cloud system can improve the accuracy of one-time distribution, make the coverage rate of "one day+the next day" reach more than 90%, effectively reduce the allocation distance and times, reduce damage and improve timeliness. After the system went online, it achieved results in Gome, which reduced the overall cost by 30% and shortened the inventory turnover to 28 days.

Best Vietnam signed a contract with local communication software giant Zalo, which will comprehensively enhance the customer experience.

Recently, Best International Vietnam Company signed an agreement with Zalo, a leading social software in Vietnam. At present, the two sides have opened the system, and customers of Best Vietnam can check packages and consult customer service on Zalo. It is understood that Zalo has more than 72 million users and is called "Vietnamese version of WeChat" by local Chinese. Now, customers who use Best Vietnam service can check the package status, freight and other information through the software, and can also interact with the official account of Best Vietnam on the platform.

Rookie teamed up with Daraz to upgrade cross-border logistics services, and parcels in South Asia will be delivered in two days.

On June 7th, Cainiao and Daraz jointly announced that Cainiao has become the official logistics partner of Daraz, and the two parties will jointly upgrade cross-border logistics services. Cross-border merchants in China on the Daraz platform will enjoy the full-link logistics services provided by both parties, including domestic collection, international transportation, digital customs clearance, one-stop after-sales and other services provided by rookie, and the last mile delivery will be completed by Daraz Express and its partners, and both parties will work together to help domestic products go to sea.

SF Express delivered over 720 million fresh parcels in 2021, a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%.

A few days ago, SF released "SF Road in Rural Revitalization — — In 2021, SF Fresh Help Agriculture Big Data. The data shows that in 2021, SF Express delivered over 720 million fresh parcels, an increase of nearly 30% compared with 2020. In the past year, SF has delivered fresh parcels to 240 million people nationwide. The report also shows that in 2021, the total number of fresh parcels delivered by SF within 48 hours reached 530 million, nearly 1.4 times that of 2020. At the same time, SF has covered more than 20,000 counties and towns in China in 2021, invested more than 90,000 rural outlets and served more than 4,000 fresh varieties.

State Post Bureau: During the Dragon Boat Festival, 940 million express parcels were collected nationwide, up by 17%.

On June 6, the State Post Bureau announced the operation data of the national postal express delivery industry during the Dragon Boat Festival. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year (June 3 -5), on the one hand, the postal express delivery industry resolutely implemented the requirements of the Party Central Committee for epidemic prevention and control, on the other hand, it scientifically allocated resources such as manpower, transportation capacity and venues, optimized trunk transportation and terminal delivery routes, and fully guaranteed the orderly and smooth operation of the service network. During the holiday period, the overall operation was stable. The postal express delivery industry nationwide collected about 940 million express parcels, an increase of 17% compared with the same period of the Dragon Boat Festival last year. About 970 million express parcels were delivered, an increase of 13.1% compared with the same period of the Dragon Boat Festival last year. Judging from the daily average collection and delivery, the daily average collection and delivery during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday has exceeded 300 million pieces, returning to the average level of last year, increasing by 16.8% and 10% respectively compared with the May Day holiday.

Kerry Logistics acquired the remaining 39% interest in Jiafeng International Freight.

On June 9, Kerry Logistics announced that Kerry Freight Services (China) Limited, a subsidiary of Kerry Logistics, signed a contract with Summer Way International Limited. Accordingly, Kerry freight services (China) limited will acquire 39% interest in jiafeng international freight co., ltd. The consideration consists of a number of terms, with a maximum of HK$ 5.924 billion. After the transaction is completed, Jiafeng International Freight will be changed from an indirect non-wholly-owned subsidiary of Kerry Logistics to a wholly-owned subsidiary. According to the data, Jiafeng International Freight is engaged in international freight forwarding and logistics in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Previously, Kerry Logistics had held 61% of its shares.

Qiangua Technology completed the Pre-A round of 200 million yuan financing.

On June 8, the self-driving trunk logistics company "Qiangua Technology Autra.tech" announced that it had completed the Pre-A round of financing delivery in April 2022, with this round of financing of 200 million yuan. The new investors were head investment institutions such as Kaihui Fund, Xianghe Capital and BAI Capital. Previously, Qiangua Technology completed two angel rounds in October and December, 2021, which were jointly led by IDG Capital and SF Holdings, followed by Xpeng Motors/Xinghang Capital and BV Baidu Venture Capital, totaling 191.5 million yuan.

Blue Ocean Robot has continuously completed tens of millions of rounds of A and A+ financing.

Recently, Guangzhou Lanhai Robot System Co., Ltd., an intelligent logistics and management system provider, has successively completed tens of millions of A and A+ rounds of financing, led by Gaochun Venture Capital. The financing funds will be mainly used to expand customers and develop new products. Previously, Blue Ocean Robot had received angel round investment from listed company Haimuxing and A round investment from Longsheng Foundation. It is understood that Blue Ocean Robot was established in 2016. The company provides intelligent logistics solutions for the whole plant from AMR (autonomous mobile robot) to dispatching system, three-dimensional warehousing and MES system, adheres to independent technology research and development, and deeply cultivates the demand scenarios of photovoltaic and lithium battery industries.

"Little Elephant Life" completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, pushing the big store "Huimaimiao" to cut into the sinking market.

Recently, the discount supermarket chain "Little Elephant Life" has completed tens of millions of A rounds of financing. The proceeds from this financing will be mainly used for store development. Hai Hui, the founder of Elephant Life, said that at present, Elephant Life has not stepped out of Jiangsu’s plan, but insisted on "slow and steady" and expanded to the density of the province with Nanjing as the center. Elephant life is also trying to make a new discount format. On the basis of the previous small stores, a new format of "Huimaimiao Super Discount Warehouse" was launched for a 1000-square-meter large store. Since September last year, Elephant Life has opened 8 stores in several counties and cities in Jiangsu, with an area of over 1,000 square meters. Hai Hui, founder of Elephant Life, said that while Nanjing continues to expand its Elephant Life stores, Huimai Miao will land in more cities in Jiangsu.

G7 and E-Stream announced the completion of the merger, and completed the first phase of business integration.

On June 7th, G7 IOT and Yiliu Technology announced that they had completed the merger in the first quarter of 2022 and completed the first phase of business integration. After the merger, Zhai Xuehun served as the company’s chairman and CEO, Zhang Jingtao as the vice chairman and Zhang Jielong as the chief financial officer. G7 and E6 are representative enterprises in the field of Internet of Things technology and software services. Both sides take the Internet of Things technology and software as the core, and provide services to large cargo owners, large logistics enterprises and tens of thousands of freight operators. Before the merger, G7 and E6 served more than 80% of large cargo owners and large logistics enterprises in the industry, and served nearly 30,000 small and medium-sized freight operators to help them improve their efficiency and increase their income.

The fast dog taxi passed the listing hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is scheduled to be listed on June 23.

On June 7, according to the documents disclosed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Fast Dog Taxi has passed the listing hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with CICC, UBS, Bank of Communications International and Agricultural Bank International as co-sponsors. It is reported that the company submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 24, 2022, and it raised 100 million to 150 million US dollars, with a contract of 780 million to 1.17 billion Hong Kong dollars. Previously, the fast dog taxi plan was built on June 13, and it was priced on June 16 and listed on June 23.

The international logistics SaaS service platform "Haiguanjia" completed the 100 million yuan Series B financing.

Recently, the international logistics SaaS service platform "Haiguanjia" has completed 100 million RMB Series B financing. This round of financing was led by EWTP Ecological Fund, followed by Changjiang Guohong and Jiangyi Fund. This is a new round of financing for Haiguanjia, following the continuous completion of tens of millions of rounds of A1 and A2 financing in 2020. This round of financing funds is mainly used for research and development of new products and overseas expansion.

Standing Committee: Support overseas warehouse enterprises to build smart logistics platforms.

Recently, Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China presided over the the State Council executive meeting. The meeting pointed out that opening to the outside world is China’s basic national policy, and stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment is related to the overall economic situation and the overall employment situation, and it is necessary to further expand opening to the outside world. While implementing the policy of stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, we will further increase support. First, give full play to the mechanism of stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment at all levels, and ensure smooth logistics, and coordinate and solve the difficulties of foreign trade and foreign-funded enterprises in returning to work and reaching production and project construction in a timely manner. Measures to guide local innovation and stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment. The second is to promote the stability and quality of foreign trade. For enterprises with good export tax rebate credit, the tax rebate will be put in place within 3 working days, the import of high-quality products will be expanded, the efficiency of port loading, unloading, transshipment and customs clearance will be accelerated, and the supply chain of the international industrial chain will be stable. Study on the phased reduction and exemption of port-related charges. Make good use of free trade agreements such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and play a good role in the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Support overseas warehouse enterprises to build smart logistics platforms. The third is to actively attract foreign investment. Create a market-oriented and legalized international business environment and stabilize corporate expectations. We will introduce stronger support policies for gradient transfer of processing trade. Expand the encouraged catalogue of foreign-invested manufacturing industries in the central and western regions. Give full play to the role of special classes to serve foreign-funded enterprises, improve the normal exchange mechanism with foreign-funded enterprises, understand their difficulties in time, and support their reasonable needs.

Major changes have been made in freight services, and the core business of China Railway has been digitally transformed.

As of June 8th, the China Railway 95306 website railway freight e-commerce platform (hereinafter referred to as the railway 95306 platform) has been upgraded for half a year. The platform is running well and its role is increasingly prominent. A total of 17.9 million freight orders have been handled online, involving 1.8 billion tons of goods, which provides a strong support for logistics. This is a revolutionary change in railway freight service after successfully building the world’s largest real-time railway ticket trading system 12306. At this point, the core business of passenger and cargo transportation of China Railway has completed digital transformation. After the overall upgrade of the railway 95306 platform, it has the 7×24-hour online processing function, providing customers with full-process services such as waybill submission and circulation, fee payment, claim collection and special line handover. At present, all the 3,649 freight stations and 8,392 special lines in the national railway have the conditions for online handling. The proportion of cargo owners who handle freight business through the 95306 website, the client and WeChat WeChat official account is 81%, and the proportion of electronic waybills is 97%.




According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the General Office of the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on doing a good job in the construction of cold storage and preservation facilities for agricultural products in 2022, and proposed to promote the extension of the cold chain logistics service network to rural areas. The document mentioned that relying on the cold storage and fresh-keeping facilities in the producing areas, we should encourage and guide postal express delivery, supply and marketing cooperatives, e-commerce, commercial circulation and other entities to make use of the advantages of existing circulation networks, integrate resources and innovative models, optimize the collection of goods in Tiantou, the connection between trunk and branch transportation and rural express delivery, promote cooperation and joint ventures, form network facilities, and accelerate the construction of a cold chain logistics service network in the producing areas of agricultural products.

Department 11: It is strictly forbidden to restrict the transportation, distribution and distribution of "vegetable basket" products on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other 11 members of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Food Management of Vegetable Basket formulated the Work Guide for Coordinating the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation in COVID-19 and Keeping the Supply and Price of Vegetable Basket Products Stable, and detailed the work measures by region, link and classification to ensure the stable production and smooth circulation of Vegetable Basket products. The guide makes it clear that the work of ensuring the supply and stabilizing the price of "vegetable basket" products under the condition of normalized epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19 should be under unified command, with the territorial responsibility and the mayor’s responsibility system implemented. Prevention and control measures shall not be simplified, "one size fits all" and overweight at different levels. It is strictly forbidden to set up checkpoints without authorization, arbitrarily open roads and close villages, prevent farmers from farming in the fields, restrict the operation of agricultural machinery, and restrict the transportation and distribution of "vegetable basket" products, which will affect the market stability of "vegetable basket" products.

(Titanium Media APP Editor Xiujuan Yang finishing)

Lei Jun: The first stage of Xiaomi Automobile was a success.

On April 18th, news of Titanium Media App, Lei Jun said in the 20-day live broadcast of Xiaomi SU7 that it is too early to talk about the success of Xiaomi Automobile, but the first stage was a success. It takes a long time to build a car. Xiaomi is a long-term enterprise. Now we need to grasp the quality of the car and serve our customers well.

[Early Know] Ministry of Commerce: It is promoting the introduction of guiding opinions to promote the high-quality development of the catering industry; US stocks closed down, while Nasdaq fell 2.43%

  [Abstract]Ministry of Commerce: It is promoting the introduction of guiding opinions to promote the high-quality development of the catering industry. Development and Reform Commission and Energy Bureau: Strengthen the power system stability under the new situation. Hangzhou adjusts and optimizes housing accumulation fund.Relevant policies. Lei Jun: Xiaomi Automobile is progressing very smoothly and will be officially listed in the first half of next year. AITO Auto clarified that "Huawei will fully take over the cross-border sales system" is false news. Shenzhen: Increase the support for employees of families with many children to withdraw the rental provident fund.It is rumored that the company is a "Kunpeng" concept stock, which is suspected of market speculation. The three major US stock indexes fell across the board, with the Nasdaq down 2.43%.Plan to invest in the United StatesMaterials project, with a total investment of over $2.3 billion. Ant’s capital increase to 23 billion yuan was approved.A total of 13.

  Overnight outer disk

  The three major US stock indexes fell across the board. At the close, the S&P 500 index fell 1.43% to 4,186.77 points. The Dow fell 0.32% to 33,035.93 points; The Nasdaq fell 2.43% to 12,821.22 points. Most large technology stocks fell,Down 1.35%,Down 5.58%,Down 0.6%, Facebook down 4.17%,It rose by 3.07% and Google fell by 9.51%.

  Europe’s three major indexes rose across the board. At the close, Britain’s FTSE 100 index rose 0.33%, France’s CAC40 index rose 0.31%, and Germany’s DAX30 index rose 0.08%.

  Hot spot focusing

  1. Ministry of Commerce: It is promoting the introduction of guiding opinions to promote the high-quality development of the catering industry.

  Zhu Guangyao, head of the Department of Service Trade and Business Services of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the press conference today that the Ministry of Commerce is promoting the introduction of guiding opinions to promote the high-quality development of the catering industry, and will accelerate the high-quality development of the catering industry from the aspects of improving service quality, innovating consumption scenarios, cultivating development momentum, promoting catering culture and promoting green and safe development. One of the important contents is to better serve the elderly.

  2. Development and Reform Commission and Energy Bureau: Strengthen the power system stability under the new situation.

  The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National Energy Administration (NEA) issued guiding opinions on strengthening the stability of power system under the new situation. The opinions mentioned that the reliable power generation capacity should meet the needs of power and electricity balance and leave a reasonable margin, so as to provide the system with sufficient peak shaving, frequency modulation, voltage regulation and damping support; Scientifically determine the voltage level of power supply connected to the power grid to realize effective support for power grids at all levels; Construct a multi-element and complementary comprehensive energy supply system. Enhance the support ability of conventional power supply regulation. Xinjian coalAll units have realized flexible manufacturing, and the flexibility transformation of active units should be completely changed, supporting the transformation of retired fire units into emergency standby and phase modulation functions, and continuously improving the network-related performance of units; Actively promote hydropower expansion in major river basins, cascade planning adjustment in river basins, etc., carry out water group transformation and capacity increase according to laws and regulations, and configure phase modulation function as needed for new hydropower units; Actively, safely and orderly develop nuclear power and strengthen the construction of self-power supply capacity of nuclear power bases; Appropriate layout of peak shaving gas and electricity under the premise of implementing gas source; Steady development of biomass power generation.

  3, Hangzhou city to adjust and optimize the housing provident fund credit policies.

  "Hangzhou Provident Fund Released" WeChat WeChat official account News, Hangzhou adjusted and optimized the relevant policies of housing provident fund credit. First, if there is no housing under the name of the employee’s family and there is no record of housing provident fund loans, the first suite policy will be implemented. Two, workers have a family name housing, or a housing provident fund loan records and the corresponding loans have been settled, the implementation of the second suite policy. Three, workers have two or more houses under the name of the family, or have two housing provident fund loan records, or outstanding housing provident fund loans, shall not apply for housing provident fund loans. 4. If the employee’s family purchases a house within the scope of housing purchase restriction and implements the first suite policy, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 25%; If the second suite policy is implemented, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 35%. 5. If the employee’s family purchases a house within the scope of non-housing purchase restriction and implements the first suite policy, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 20%; If the second suite policy is implemented, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 30%.

  4. Lei Jun: Xiaomi Automobile is progressing very smoothly and will be officially listed in the first half of next year.

  According to Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of XiaomiIt is reported that Xiaomi Automobile is progressing very smoothly and will be officially listed in the first half of next year. Xiaomi 14 series will be the first stable version of Xiaomi 澎湃 OS.

  5. AITO Auto: Huawei will take over the global sales system as false news.

  AITO Automobile issued a clarification statement in the evening, saying that Wenjie Automobile has been loved and recognized by consumers since its listing. In order to provide consumers with a better sales and service experience, Huawei will further increase the construction of direct-operated stores. The report that Huawei will fully take over the cross-border sales system is false news.

  sixShenzhen: Increase support for the withdrawal of housing provident fund for employees with many children.

  The Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau issued the Notice of the Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Management Committee on Relevant Matters Concerning the Rental Withdrawal of the Municipal Housing Provident Fund. The notice pointed out that employees and their family members do not own commercial housing, policy housing and affordable housing in this city, and employees who handle the rental withdrawal business can withdraw according to the maximum amount that should be paid in the month of application. For families with two or more children and at least one minor child, employees themselves and their family members do not own commercial housing, policy housing and affordable housing in this city, and if they apply for rental extraction business, they shall apply for housing lease in the municipal housing authority.For the record, after providing the rental contract and rental invoice, it can be extracted according to the actual monthly rent, and is not limited by the monthly deposit. Employees who rent public rental housing in this city can apply for rental extraction business, which can be extracted according to the actual monthly rent, and are not limited by the monthly deposit amount. The notice shall come into force on November 1, 2023 and be valid for one year.

  7. There are 13 approved shareholders whose capital is increased to 23 billion yuan by Ant Financial.

  On October 25th, it was approved by Chongqing Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau to increase the registered capital of Chongqing Ant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ant Financial) from 18.5 billion yuan to 23 billion yuan. After increasing the registered capital and adjusting the ownership structure this time, there are 13 ant shareholders.

  Theme opportunity

  1, two departments issued a document to promote.The installed capacity of construction is expected to increase steadily.

  On October 25th, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued guidance on strengthening the power system stability under the new situation. It is mentioned that according to the demand of power system, all kinds of regulation resources should be coordinated and promoted according to local conditionsScientific configuration, the formation of multi-time-scale, multi-application scenarios of power regulation and stability control capabilities, improveOutput characteristics, optimize load curve, and support high proportion of delivery. Orderly construction, orderly promote the construction of qualified pumped storage power stations, explore the technical application of changing conventional hydropower into pumped storage power stations and hybrid pumped storage power stations, and the newly built pumped storage units should have the function of phase modulation.

  Pumped storage power station has many functions, such as peak shaving, valley filling, etc. It is an important support for building a new energy system and realizing the goal of’ double carbon’, with flexible start and stop, fast response and strong peak shaving ability. With the development progress of conventional hydropower gradually slowing down, in order to meet the needs of new power system construction and large-scale and high-proportion development, the National Energy Administration issued the Medium-and Long-term Development Plan for Pumped Storage (2021-2035), which proposed that by 2025 and 2030, the installed capacity of pumped storage in China will reach 62/120GW respectively. By the end of 2022, the installed capacity of pumped storage in China has reached 167 million kilowatts, of which 45.79 million kilowatts have been built, accounting for 26.2% of the installed capacity of pumped storage in the world, ranking first in the world. With the rapid expansion of new energy, the installed capacity of pumped storage is expected to rise steadily, benefiting industrial chain companies. Related companies areWait.

  2China promotes the development of high-power power devices.The industry is improving

  The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National Energy Administration (NEA) recently issued guidance on strengthening the stability of power system under the new situation, and proposed to develop electrical equipment to improve the stability of power system, such as large-capacity circuit breakers, high-power and high-performance power electronic devices, active support of new energy, and large-capacity flexible DC transmission. Promote the development of new technologies in the direction of high safety, high efficiency and active support; Improve the self-control level of power industrial control chips, basic software, key materials and components. Puyin International said that the fundamental cycle of power is close to the bottom, and the demand for new energy applications such as wind, light and vehicle storage provides a long-term market scale doubling space. Looking into the future, the growth rate of revenue side of China power industry has bottomed out, and it is expected to continue to improve in the second half of this year, while the profit side is expected to stabilize and form the bottom in the third and fourth quarters of this year. Related companies areWait.

  three, open source HarmonyOSPCThe end operating system welcomes important progress, and the core ecological chain company is concerned.

  According to media reports, the Orange Pi OS(OH) customized by Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co., Ltd. based on OpenHarmony will be released soon, which means that Xunlong software generals will take the lead in launching PC-side open source HarmonyOS system before Huawei and Shenkaihong. At present, Orange Pi OS (OH) mainly adapts to PCs supporting ARM architecture. Xunlong Software has set up a team focusing on the R&D and commercialization of open source HarmonyOS, and the next step is to adapt to PCs with X86 architecture.

  HarmonyOS system is a highly decentralized operating system that spans multiple operating systems, devices and scenarios, and it can run seamlessly in different scenarios. Combine on the basis of it.Processing technology, etc. Design and develop a technology-based enterprise level.Management system. Another striking feature of HarmonyOS system is cross-terminal migration. Various devices in the family, such as computers, mobile phones, televisions and watches, can run the same HarmonyOS system, thus realizing seamless information transmission and sharing.

  By August 2023, the number of HarmonyOS Eco-devices has exceeded 700 million, and 2.2 million Harmony OS developers have invested in the development of the HarmonyOS world. With the breakthrough of related technologies, HarmonyOS is expected to build 100% home-made computers, including CPU, memory, hard disk, operating system and software. Related companies areWait.

  Company news

  1. It is rumored that the company is suspected of market speculation for the "Kunpeng" concept stock.

  (300290) The transaction was released on the evening of October 25th.Recently, the company paid attention to the false information about the company rumored in the market, saying that the company had the expectation of asset injection with Hyperfusion, which was inconsistent with the facts; At the same time, calling the company a "Kunpeng" concept stock is suspected of market speculation.

  2、: There is no business cooperation or contact with Changjiang Storage.

  (603388) On the evening of October 25th, it issued a risk warning announcement on stock trading, saying that recently, the company was concerned about reports that the company was involved in "accepting the industrial chain".Recently, the company won the order of Changjiang Storage for 100 million yuan. Now, the relevant situation is as follows: Up to now, the company and its subsidiary Simi Electronics have not accepted the industrial chain research activities, and have not had any business cooperation or contact with Changjiang Storage Technology Co., Ltd. According to the semi-annual data in 2023, the company’s main business income contribution has not changed significantly.It accounts for 4.63% of the company’s total revenue, and the business accounts for a relatively small proportion.The impact is limited.

  3、: The third quarter of 2023Year-on-year growth of 87%

  (300735) The third quarterly report was released on the evening of October 25th. The revenue in the first three quarters was 3.454 billion yuan, up 14.36% year-on-year; The net profit was 238 million yuan, up 18.74% year-on-year; The basic earnings per share is 0.3106 yuan. Among them, the net profit in the third quarter was 112 million yuan, an increase of 87.17%. The company said that with the growth of orders, the company’s current capacity utilization rate has been at a high level. Since the third quarter, the company is actively purchasing equipment and recruiting employees to meet the increasing demand for orders in the future.

  4、: 500 million yuan to 1 billion yuan.share

  (002129) On the evening of October 25th, it was announced that it planned to buy back shares of RMB 500 million to RMB 1 billion at a price of RMB 34.15 per share (inclusive). The repurchased shares will be used at an appropriate time in the future.Or employee stock ownership plan. In addition, the company achieved a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 1.652 billion yuan in the third quarter, down 20.72% year-on-year (after adjustment).

  5、: The chairman proposed to buy back the company’s shares from 15 million yuan to 30 million yuan.

  (603232) On the evening of October 25th, Yang Wenshan, the chairman of the company, proposed that the company buy back the company’s shares at a price of 15 million yuan to 30 million yuan, and the repurchased shares are intended to be used for the employee stock ownership plan or.

  6、: Received the fixed point of a domestic independent brand OEM project.

  (603158) On the evening of October 25th, it was announced that the company had recently received a fixed-point notification letter from a domestic independent brand main engine factory, and the company became a supplier of thermal management air conditioning side integrated module for its new project. According to the customer’s plan, the project is expected to start mass production in March 2025, with a total life cycle of about 599 million yuan and a life cycle of about 5 years.

  7、: The holding subsidiary received the bid-winning notice of the zero hydrocarbon ammonia project.

  (300157) On the evening of October 25th, it was announced that Xinjinhua Machinery, a holding subsidiary, recently received the bid-winning notice from Yuanjing Zero Carbon Technology (Chifeng) Co., Ltd., and determined Xinjinhua Machinery as the winning bidder for the P1 phase of Yuanjing Zero Carbon 1.52 million tons/year zero hydrocarbon ammonia project (Phase I).

  8、: The subsidiary signed a sales contract of 251 million yuan.

  (300589) It was announced on the evening of October 25th that on October 25th, 2023, its subsidiary Aolong Boat Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Jiuzhou Marine Industry Investment Holding Co., Ltd. signed the "Jiuzhou No.1" Construction Contract for Zhuhai Jiuzhou Shenyuanhai Aquaculture Boat, with a contract amount of 251 million yuan, accounting for 36.85% of the company’s audited operating income in 2022. In addition, the company won the bid for the 2022 project of law enforcement boat construction of Zhejiang Ocean and Fisheries Law Enforcement Corps (600-ton fishery boat project), with the winning bid amount of 77.66 million yuan, accounting for 11.41% of the company’s audited operating income in 2022.

  9、Sun Company plans to set up a joint venture company Guangzhou to build a comprehensive service demonstration base.

  (002741) On the evening of October 25th, it was announced that Sandian Technology, a wholly-owned Sun Company, and Guangzhou Public Transport Group New Energy Development Co., Ltd. planned to jointly establish a joint venture company, Guangzhou Core Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Sandian Technology invested 8.575 million yuan, accounting for 49%. The joint venture company will build the first "comprehensive service demonstration base" in Guangzhou.

  10. The total investment of the battery material project to be invested in the United States exceeds $2.3 billion.

  (002074) On the evening of October 25th, it was announced that it planned to build a battery material project in Michigan, USA, and entrusted Guoxuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, to sign relevant agreements with the Michigan government and other third-party partners, with a total planned investment of 2.364 billion US dollars. This project aims to realize the local independent supply of core raw materials for new energy power and energy storage batteries in North America.

Afternoon comment on A-shares: Shanghai Composite Index oscillated and rebounded by 0.44% in half a day. Computational concept stocks led the two cities.

  The three A-share indexes collectively closed up in early trading. By midday, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.44%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 0.49%, the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose by 0.36%, the Beizheng 50 fell by 2.5%, and the half-day turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 389.4 billion yuan. More than 3,400 stocks in the two cities rose, and northbound funds bought 2.831 billion yuan in half a day.

  In terms of plate theme, computing power leasing, memory chips, pork, food and other sectors were among the top gainers; PEEK materials, internet e-commerce and other sectors are in a downturn.

  On the disk, the concept stocks of computing power leasing led the two cities, () and () both had daily limit, () rose by over 14%, () once touched the daily limit, (), () and () rose by over 5%; Food stocks rose near midday, (), () daily limit, (), () and other stocks rose more than 5%; The semiconductor and component sectors were among the top gainers, (1) the daily limit, Xinhai Technology rose more than 10%, and Xinyuanwei, Juchen and Zhongwei Company followed suit; The securities sector rose rapidly near the noon closing, () the daily limit, () approaching the daily limit, (), (), () and so on; PEEK material concept stocks were in the doldrums in early trading, and Fuheng New Materials fell more than 6%, followed by (), () and ().

  Plate analysis:

  Straight flush hot stock list:

  Transaction review:

  At 09: 25, A shares opened, with the Shanghai Composite Index opening 0.04%, Shenzhen Component Index opening 0.14% and Growth Enterprise Market Index opening 0.25%.

  At 09:27, the transgenic plate was active at the beginning of the session, and Qiule Seed Industry opened 5.29% higher, and (), (), () and () opened in succession. In the news, according to Announcement No.739 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the first batch of production and operation licenses for genetically modified corn and soybean seeds were approved, and the related production and operation licenses involved a number of seed listed companies, including Dabeinong, Longping Hi-Tech, Fengle Seed Industry and Denghai Seed Industry.

  At 09:28, the computing plate was active at the beginning of the session, and parallel technology opened 9.52% higher. (), Yu Long, Litong Electronics, Lotus Health and True Vision opened higher. In the news, the National Development and Reform Commission and other five departments recently jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Deeply Implementing the" East Counting and West Computing "Project and Accelerating the Construction of a National Integrated Computing Network". According to the opinion, by the end of 2025, the comprehensive computing infrastructure system will take shape. All kinds of new computing power in national hub node areas account for more than 60% of the national new computing power, and the utilization rate of computing power resources in national hub nodes significantly exceeds the national average.

  At 09:30, the game and media stocks rebounded at the beginning, () opened higher than 9%, (), (), (), () and so on.

  At 09:33, Xinchuang plate surged at the beginning of the session, () went up by daily limit, () rose by over 5%, and China Software, Stech, () and so on rose in succession.

  At 09:35, the cross-border e-commerce sector fell at the beginning of the session, and () and () fell, followed by (), (), (), contact and interaction.

  At 09:37, the clothing and home textile sector started to fall, () hit the daily limit, () fell by over 9%, and (), () and () followed.

  09:39 "Dragon Generation" stocks flameout, (), () limit, (), (), (), () and so on have dived.

  At 09:42, the semiconductor and component sectors rose, Xinhai Technology rose by more than 6%, () rose by more than 5%, and Juchen, Xinyuanwei, Loongson Zhongke and () rose one after another.

  At 09: 45, Mr plate was active again and again. (1) The daily limit recorded 4 plates for 6 days, (2) It rose by more than 5%, and (3), (3) and (3) followed suit.

  At 09:48 (), he dived in intraday trading, and now he has fallen by over 4%, with a turnover of over 600 million yuan.

  At 09:51, pork stocks changed in intraday trading, () rose over 5% and reached a new high, and (), (), (), () and () followed suit.

  10:00 According to () iFinD data, half an hour after the opening, the turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets reached 187.7 billion yuan.

  At 10:06, the advanced packaging plate oscillated higher, () the daily limit, and the core source rose slightly by more than 7%, followed by (), (), Torch Light Technology, () and so on.

  At 10:08, photovoltaic concept stocks bottomed out and rebounded, () 5 consecutive boards, after () daily limit, () once touched the board, (), (), () and so on followed up.

  At 10:36, the pre-cooked dish plate pulled up, Huifa Food went up, and Gaishi Food, (), () and Haixin Food went up.

  At 10:46, the real estate development sector oscillated lower, () hit the limit, and (), (), () and () followed.

  At 10:51, the computing leasing sector oscillated higher, and Lotus had a healthy daily limit. Yu Long shares had a daily limit, and Stech rose more than 13%. True TV once hit a daily limit, and Aofei data, () and so on rose.

  At 11:03, the semiconductor and component sectors continued to rise, with Jinhaitong trading daily limit, Xinhai Technology rose by over 10%, Juchen shares rose by over 8%, and Hengshuo shares, Zhongwei Company, Tuojing Technology, Blue Arrow Electronics, North Huachuang and other shares rose by over 5%.


  1. Huawei nova 12 series Kirin chip versions are all sold out: only Snapdragon 778G version is available.

  According to Huawei Mall, the full pre-sales of Huawei’s nova 12, nova 12 Pro and nova 12 Ultra models have all been sold out, and the next round of sales time is yet to be determined. These three models are the first works of Kirin’s return in the past three years, and all the configurations are comprehensive, even in line with Mate60 series. At present, only the nova 12 model with Snapdragon 778G 4G is available, which belongs to offline products.

  2. Sam Altman and Jony Ive invited Apple product design executives to develop artificial intelligence devices.

  Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, and JonyIve, the former "soul designer" of Apple, plan to hire a senior person from Apple to participate in the new artificial intelligence hardware project, aiming at creating devices with the latest functions.

  3. Tesla is reported to plan to launch a new version of Model Y for mass production as early as the middle of next year.

  According to Bloomberg, Tesla is preparing to launch an improved version of its best-selling Model Y in the Shanghai factory. According to people familiar with the matter, Tesla is currently preparing for its new Model Y in China, and mass production may start as early as mid-2024. (Sina Finance)

  4. CCTV News: The development of virtual reality technology presses the "acceleration button" and the demand for artificial intelligence computing power is growing rapidly.

  CCTV News reported that last year, many Internet companies at home and abroad laid out virtual reality technology one after another, and various wearable devices supporting it also earned enough attention. The landing and development of virtual reality technology not only drives the industrial chain of hardware equipment, but also needs the support of new infrastructure such as computing center as a large-scale connected virtual reality application scenario. Zhang Zili, Director of Advanced Data Center of West (Chongqing) Science City: When we launch this card, the computing power in AI training will be greatly improved, and it will support (virtual reality) applications like Metauniverse. It will exceed 6000 by the end of this year.

  5. The sales target of the international community in 2024 is 600,000 vehicles.

  According to the late Auto news, it was learned from many people familiar with the matter that the annual sales target of AITO in 2024 is 600,000 vehicles. Before that, two models, M5 and M7, were on sale, and on the 27th, the flagship SUV M9 was released. Next year, it is also planned to release and mass-produce the M8, when at least four models will be on sale. AITO has communicated the above sales targets to upstream supply chain manufacturers.

  6. National Bureau of Statistics: In November, the profits of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 29.5% year on year.

  Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that from January to November, the total profits of industrial enterprises above designated size nationwide reached 6,982.28 billion yuan, down 4.4% year-on-year, and the decline rate was 3.4 percentage points narrower than that in January-October. In November, the profits of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 29.5% year-on-year.

  7. Drop again! The interest rate of some existing mortgage loans can be lowered by 10 basis points from next week.

  According to Shell Finance, as the New Year approaches, some existing loans are about to be re-priced. It is understood that the interest rate will be lowered by 10 basis points again if the stock mortgage is selected as the "repricing date" on January 1 every year and priced before June 20 this year. This is not in conflict with the interest rate adjustment of stock houses that started at the end of September this year.

  8. Strict supervision of the foreign exchange market The two departments jointly issued a typical case of punishing foreign exchange-related crimes.

  According to CCTV news, the head of the Management and Inspection Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said that the Central Financial Work Conference emphasized that risk prevention and control should be the eternal theme of financial work. In the next step, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange will earnestly implement the deployment and requirements of the Central Financial Work Conference, strictly enforce the law, dare to show their swords, and work with the judicial organs to maintain a high-pressure crackdown on illegal cross-border financial activities.

The first China Aerospace 3D Printing Materials and Application Preparation Technology Expo and Summit Forum was held in Harbin.

  CCTV News:On January 5, 2018, the "First China (Harbin) Aerospace 3D Printing Materials and Application Preparation Technology Expo and Summit Forum" co-sponsored by Aerospace Science and Technology and Harbin Municipal People’s Government was opened.

  Hu Yafeng, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, Zhi Dayong, Vice Mayor of Harbin, Wei Yiyin, member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. attended the forum and delivered speeches. Wang Huaming, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, Lu Jian, an academician of French National Academy of Technology and a professor of City University of Hong Kong, Zhang Hongwen, president of the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China, Li Jianmin, vice president of the Third Academy, and other leaders, experts and scholars attended the forum.

  With the theme of "innovation-driven integrated development", this forum focuses on the development trend and innovative application of additive manufacturing industry and technology, shares the advanced concepts and experiences of additive manufacturing industry, and makes suggestions for promoting the vigorous development of China’s 3D printing industry.

  The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to "promote China’s industries to the high end of the global value chain and cultivate a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters", accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries and promote industrial upgrading. China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. and China Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology took advantage of the situation, took aerospace 3D printing materials and application preparation technology as an important breakthrough to build a peak in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and innovated to realize the deep integration of aerospace technology and 3D printing.

  At the meeting, the release of a series of titanium powder industry capabilities of aerospace science and technology and the signing of cooperation became the highlight of this forum. Among them, Aerospace Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Harbin Municipal Government, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with six enterprises including Hunan Huashu High-tech Group, Xinjinghe Laser Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yijia 3D Technology Co., Ltd., and Aerospace Cloud Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Harbin Industry and Information Technology Commission.

Wei Yizhen, member of the party group and deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd.

  In his speech, Wei Yiyin introduced the industrial ideas and measures for aerospace science and technology to develop additive manufacturing technology and support capabilities. He said that the aerospace science and technology work is a strategic, high-tech and national-level innovative enterprise directly managed by the central government. With the mission of "strengthening the army through science and technology and serving the country through space", it is engaged in strategic industries related to national security and is the backbone of China’s national defense science and technology industry. He also fully affirmed the important position and role of Aerospace Haiying Harbin Titanium Aerospace Science and Technology and its affiliated three institutes in the development and layout of the whole industrial chain of additive manufacturing.

Zhang Hongwen, Dean of China Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology.

  "In ‘ Made in China 2025’ Under the planning background, 3D printing has become the main line to promote intelligent manufacturing, and aerospace is one of the important application fields of additive manufacturing. " At the meeting, Zhang Hongwen, president of the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China, further introduced the development of additive manufacturing industry, the planning of additive manufacturing industry of aerospace science and technology, and the application of additive manufacturing in aerospace field in his main report entitled "Development and application of additive manufacturing technology in aerospace field". He said that Aerospace Science and Technology and its affiliated Third Academy will vigorously develop additive manufacturing technology and application, deeply combine raw materials, printing equipment and manufacturing technology, and create an exemplary development model of the entire industrial chain of aerospace additive manufacturing, which will help the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in China. (Wang Shaomin, Xiao Yang)

Rich rights and interests, late delivery, claims and compensation, new M7, set to break 70,000 units in 45 days.

   After waves of bombing, "far ahead" has begun to appear "interlacing" (interlacing is like a mountain, not). Now, Huawei’s "groundbreaking" move has been applied to the new M7 game in the world: in early October, Huawei announced the rights and interests of the new M7 with a value of 30,000 yuan, and soon made a commitment to the market to delay the delivery of subsidies for 200 yuan/day. On the basis of the explosion, it once again formed a favorable drainage with "welfare on the top and security on the bottom", and the market continued to be hot, with the cumulative number of sets exceeding 70,000 in 45 days after listing. Triggering jokes from netizens, Huawei only issued "welfare", regardless of its own pressure to play, giving the marketing market another lesson.



  Rights and interests and protection "Qi Fa" Huawei is playing heartbeat?

  For a long time, the official of new car listing will focus on the promotion of "welfare" in order to win good market sales. Huawei has found another way to stand on the "consumer side", so that the rights and interests of the new M7 in the world can be guaranteed!

  In terms of "welfare", the new M7 rights and interests given by Huawei: (time: 10.8-10.31)

  (1) enjoy 5,000 yuan to deduct 8,000 yuan, and reduce the final payment;

  (2) a gift of 12,000 yuan worth of interior and exterior decoration matching gold;

  ③ Enjoy the matching rights worth 15,000 yuan (as described below);

  Max smart driving edition users can deduct the optional ADS2.0 urban navigation NCA function by equal amount;

  Plus rear-drive users can choose and install a technology enjoyment package worth 15,000 yuan in equal amount;

  Users of all models can also choose a combination of rights and interests with a value of 15,000 yuan (21-inch wheels with a value of 10,000 yuan and one of the original aftermarket products).



  Shortly after the release of the rights and interests of RMB 30,000, the care plan for consumers was released: for new M7 users who completed the big payment before November 30, 2023, the order status on AITO App starts from the date when the delivery plan has been confirmed to the date when the vehicle has arrived at the store. If the waiting period in the following table is exceeded, the number of days (the date when the vehicle has arrived at the store-the date when the delivery plan has been confirmed) will be calculated. The standard of overdue subsidy is 200 yuan/day, up to 10,000 yuan.



  Two policies came out one after another, which made consumers call themselves "addicted", creating the "Mate7 moment" when the new M7 in the world decided to break 70,000 in 45 days. Even Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, has to leave the factory to supervise production and quality control. He also personally made a commitment to the market: At present, Celeste Smart Factory is working overtime, and the entire supply chain has invested more than 1 billion yuan, which has increased by more than 20,000 people. The new production shifts are running around the clock 22 hours a day, and we will go all out to ensure delivery! Directly let consumers praise "this wave, stable"!

  Not only smart, safe space is also beyond your imagination.

  After 25 days of listing, 50,000 orders will be broken, 60,000 orders will be broken in a month, and 70,000 orders will be broken in 45 days. Naturally, this order can not be reached by "welfare" and "rights" alone. It is increasingly found that the new M7, backed by Huawei, is not only full of sincerity, but also extraordinary in the fields of wisdom and security, even in routine projects such as space and interior decoration.



  The length, width and height of the top five seats of the new M7 are 5020×1945×1760mm respectively. Huawei creatively tells the market that the size of the car body is not equal to the large space, and the effective interior space is the point that needs to be paid attention to. The top five seats of the new M7 in Wenjie have the best effective internal space of the same class, with 66.3% of the "room rate" ahead of the same class, and the length of the car is 3338mm, which is better than the excellent ideal L7 and BMW X5L in the same class, and each position is very spacious. The trunk is 1100mm deep and the standard volume can reach 686L, which can easily accommodate 12 20-inch boarding boxes. After the two rows of seats are laid down and connected with the trunk, the maximum depth is extended to 2051mm, which can form a loading space of 1619L, and can easily accommodate 30 20-inch suitcases. With the storage compartment of the trunk of 52L, the ultimate space efficiency meets the loading requirements of family cars. At the same time, the new M7 enjoys a more flexible layout with six seats, providing consumers with more car purchase options.



  In terms of seats, the new M7 focuses on family travel scenes and comprehensively optimizes the driving experience. The big five seats come standard with brand-new "cotton candy" seats, with 10 layers of comfortable laminated design and a total foam thickness of 100mm; The ventilation, heating and massage functions of four seats are standard, and each seat is as comfortable as first class. Through the Xiaoyi Wisdom Assistant, the double-row nap function of the main driver and the auxiliary driver can be turned on by voice. Enjoy six new zero-gravity seats, so that users can unload their fatigue when riding, as if they were in a space capsule, bringing the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience.



  Backed by Huawei, I thought that it was the product strength of the new M7 in the world that was far ahead. After listing, I found that the original big game was also a ride. In fact, apart from the superficial core, these "unattainable" are all due to Huawei’s standing at the starting point of users, creating a new M7 in the car circle. At present, the rights and interests are all in place, and it is now or never. If you are interested in the new M7, speed up the rush!

AITO asks M7 to welcome 96 updates for the first OTA upgrade.

Recently, AITO’s M7 officially ushered in the first OTA upgrade. The upgrade content is aimed at seven major areas of vehicles, with 96 new function points, covering many scenes of users in actual car use. Among them, the four highlight functions of super desktop, downhill energy recovery intensity adaptation, ENC range extender active noise reduction and time wallpaper will be upgraded on the M7 first. This time, 27 controllers (ECU) and 77 car experience have been optimized, including car washing mode and time wallpaper.

At the same time, Yu Chengdong said on social media that the HarmonyOS smart cockpit allows AITO cars to constantly upgrade their systems like smart phones, so that everyone can drive "new" cars all the time. Among them, my favorite is the super desktop function, which allows a large number of applications on mobile phones to enter the car. Whether watching movies, listening to news or video chatting, M7 will give you a more extreme experience. This upgraded ENC range extender has the active noise reduction function, which makes the originally quiet interior space quieter and more comfortable to drive. Welcome to experience the frequently-used and ever-new HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit!

The traditional projection mapping scheme of mobile phone and car machine has very limited applications and cannot meet the diversified needs of consumers. After the OTA upgrade, AITO Media M7 added the super desktop function for the first time, which not only supported the mobile phone application of HarmonyOS to get on the bus seamlessly, but also realized the horizontal window layout display of the parallel horizon of the car-machine interface, so that the mobile phone ecology and the car-machine ecology could be integrated and shared. It also supported the hardware call between the mobile phone and the car-machine to realize more new experiences and new functions. Users can use the applications installed on the mobile phone through the screen of the car in the car, just like using the car to install locally. In the entertainment scene, when the mobile phone is playing QQ music, you can open QQ music through the super desktop after getting on the bus and continue to enjoy the playing experience. When you return to the desktop, you can play the previous/next song through voice control, and you can also control the previous/next song through the steering wheel buttons.

In the social scene, you can open the mobile phone instant messaging application when traveling by car, and realize the sharing of video calls in the car and scenery outside the car anytime and anywhere through video calls in the car. It also supports business people’s conference applications, and can use cockpit camera to conduct multi-person video or voice conference, so that the desktop content shared by the other party can be easily viewed through the car’s large screen, thus improving the conference efficiency. For ladies who love beauty, you can open the little red book with one click on the super desktop to learn the beauty course, and with the super queen mirror, fine makeup is now being learned. In the map scene, open the public comment from the super desktop, select the destination and jump to Baidu map through the address to directly start navigation, making travel more accurate and efficient.

The quietness of the vehicle directly affects the comfort and quality of the vehicle. The M7 vehicle has 156 technologies to control the wind noise of the vehicle body. The front windshield and side windows of the vehicle are all made of 4.76mm three-sided double-layer sound insulation glass, and the interior is acoustically encapsulated by sound insulation pads and sound-absorbing cotton.

Power system is another big source of vehicle noise and vibration. In order to further reduce the engine noise of the range extender, in this OTA upgrade, M7 has added the active noise reduction function of ENC range extender, which is different from the traditional noise reduction method of sound absorption and sound insulation materials. The reverse sound wave emitted by the speaker in the car and the cabin noise cancel each other out to reduce the noise felt by the drivers and passengers. At the same time, under the acoustic design of various control sources, the effect of precise control of ENC is realized. After the active noise reduction function is turned on, 94% noise can be removed, and the noise reduction amount reaches 12.3dB.

On the driving level, in order to further take care of users’ different driving environments in actual vehicles, this upgrade adds a downhill energy recovery intensity adaptive function. The M7 has three driving modes: energy-saving, comfort and sport. When the vehicle is driving on the Panshan section, most users will choose the comfort or sport mode with weaker kinetic energy recovery than the energy-saving mode for the sake of driving smoothness. However, due to the weak kinetic energy recovery in the comfort and sport modes, frequent braking is required when the vehicle is driving downhill on Panshan Road, which affects the overall driving experience.

The newly added downhill energy recovery adaptive function will automatically identify the "big downhill" road section in comfort and sports mode, and the vehicle will intelligently enhance the energy recovery intensity, so that the vehicle consumes less energy, and at the same time, it can effectively reduce the number of times the user steps on the brakes, thus reducing the driver’s operating fatigue and brake pad wear, and prolonging the service life of the brake system. In addition, it can also reduce the risk of vehicle out of control due to braking heat attenuation caused by frequent braking.

The M7 fully supports various modes such as reservation upgrade, APP remote control upgrade and automatic upgrade at night. Before the upgrade, it will automatically check the vehicle status, check the vehicle speed, whether to park, gear status (P gear) and battery power to ensure the vehicle’s use status, and restrain the change of gear and parking status during the upgrade process.

In the future, the AITO series will continue to collect users’ needs and be constantly updated. On the one hand, it will allow users to carry out safe and reliable OTA upgrades at will, on the other hand, it will continue to bring new vehicle functions, making the series more user-friendly and driving-friendly.

Zhu Huarong: Changan cooperates with Huawei to focus on smart driving and other fields, and does not engage in vehicle business.

The Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Bai Haotian) On January 16th, at the Changan Automobile Global Partner Conference, regarding the development of the joint venture between Changan and Huawei, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said that the two sides would focus on smart driving solutions, smart cockpit, smart digital platform, smart Che Yun, AR-HUD and smart lights. Do not engage in vehicle business, do not engage in new company business, do a good research and discussion on intelligent selection business, continue to promote cooperation with other strategic partners, and create products with cost advantages and super experience.

Proofread Liu Jun