Take stock of 10 folding screen mobile phones, which one to buy has long been answered.

In 2022, 14 new folding screen products were released. Among the 10 models on the list, 5 models were folded inside, 4 models were folded vertically and 1 model was folded outside.

Ranked as follows:

In just two years, domestic folding screens have risen in an all-round way, and OV Huami has rolled Samsung out of the top five. It’s just … Samsung may have a happier smile. After all, the top four are selling goods for themselves. Since Samsung E5, the factories have achieved dual 120Hz internal and external screens, thus occupying the top spot. You see, it sells so well that Samsung is not willing to use it itself.

Take stock of 10 folding screen mobile phones, which one to buy has long been answered.

Huawei is proud of BOE, and the domestic iron triangle forms the second echelon. Although the complete 120Hz experience has not yet been realized, look at the folded Mate xs 2 again. What is the curve to save the country? Learn it, it is too deep.

Take stock of 10 folding screen mobile phones, which one to buy has long been answered.

Finally, Huaxing Optoelectronics caught the last bus, not throwing cold water on the motorcycle, and the price advantage could not fill in the technical gap in the short term. But fortunately, this is a vertical fold, and I quite like the shape.

Speaking of price, the highest price is 12,999 yuan, and the lowest is 4,999 yuan. Previously, the media dismantled three 10,000 yuan folding screens of Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei, and found that the material cost accounted for less than 40%, and the profit rate was the same as that of 13 Pro Max.

So why should the mobile phone be folded? There are small books for accounting behind it. Expensive is not necessarily high-end, but high-end must be expensive. Believe it or not, the cheapest Motorola is the one with the least votes from netizens.

In addition to the price, just look at the thickness and weight, you can see how many rolls there are in the factory. The first generation of Xiaomi folding screen was 317g, with a thickness of 17.2mm, and the second generation was only 269g and 11.2mm thick. How many parts are used to upgrade the hinge and how big the battery is, you have to buckle your fingers.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about shortcomings. In the first half of last year, my colleagues took the folding screen to play Allegro, and finally 1500 were used, which once made me sit up and take notice of the folding screen users.

The adaptation problem is similar, and the video window of the internal and external screens is the same size; Most apps don’t support split-screen browsing, and occasionally they do, and the left and right screens are in charge of each other; Even the basic resolution is out of order. Have you ever seen Xiao Luban’s legs 1.8 meters long?

Fortunately, this batch of Snapdragon 8+ new products has basically improved, especially the hinge, and the loose situation has been solved on the new machine. There is no doubt that OV Huawei is the best software adaptation. After all, software engineering bosses are all here.

Finally, in the recommendation link, the top five in this list are still very representative. How to choose folding inside, folding outside, big screen, small screen, 5G and 4G? The ready-made answer has come out.