"Li Xiang China Youth Learning Class" shows the initial intention and mission in theoretical study.

Young people are the king of life, the spring of life, and the splendor of life. Young cadres are the backbone of the cause of the party and the country, and they are a powerful engine to help the great rejuvenation ship of the Chinese nation sail. The vigorous growth of young people is related to the future and destiny of the country’s development. It is even more necessary to learn a variety of "nutrients" from practical exercise, always do a "physical examination", always keep a clear head and be strong and healthy, so that writing can "secure the world", words can "talk about the past and discuss the future" and deeds can "solve all kinds of worries and overcome thousands of difficulties to achieve everything".
Be balanced in nutrition and beware of "rickets".理论是实践的先导,思想是行动的指南。提高理论素养,补齐理论短板是青年干部克服“本领恐慌”的“良药秘方”。一方面,青年干部要常吸“理论之氧”,勤补“精神之钙”,而且要吸收最新鲜的“氧气”,用习近平总书记的重要指示批示精神和党中央决策部署为依据指导基层工作实践、明确发展方向。另一方面,青年干部要在工作中学习农业、工业、经济、数字化等各类业务知识,做博学多才、见多识广的“六边形战士”,在基层历练中一路“闯关升级、战无不克”。
Exercise your muscles and beware of "muscle weakness".Young cadres should always establish a clear practical orientation, insist on answering with results, hand in papers with actual achievements, and take practical achievements as an important criterion to test the growth of cadres. Work business should be "affordable", and we should learn all kinds of business knowledge and participate in the work in multiple positions, accumulate enough work experience, and be a "hundred students" in grassroots business. We should "bear the burden of difficulties", actively participate in hard work, hard work and tiring work, especially the important and difficult work involving people’s livelihood at the grassroots level, "pressurize" and "bear the burden" for ourselves, and grow into a "mainstay" in practice as soon as possible. The communication among the masses should be "easy to talk about", and the thinking of the masses should be firmly established, and the ability of communication with the grassroots, especially rural villagers, should be strengthened, so as to "blend in" with the masses and become "grounded" cadres who "go to the village and enter the house". (Author: Tang Yuchun)