Vocational school graduates open BMW stalls to sell fruits (photos)

Three young men were driving a BMW to sell fruit. Photo reporter Duan Yigang

Three young men were driving a BMW to sell fruit. Photo reporter Duan Yigang

  Most people see people pushing tricycles or selling fruits in minivans, but in Yanji Road Market in Beichen District, there are three young men selling fruits in BMW cars. These three young men who have just left school want to get in touch with the society by learning to do business. Although they lost money after a day’s business, they still feel that they have gained a lot and decided to stick to such entrepreneurial activities.

  At about 10: 00 yesterday, a brand-new BMW car drove in the farmer’s market in Yanji Road, Beichen District. The three young men who got off the car did not go to the market center where the stalls were concentrated, but found a clearing outside the market, and then drove the car directly. I opened the trunk door of the car, and there were many cartons stacked inside. Until all the boxes were opened, fresh peaches, grapes, winter dates, pears, oranges and other fruits were exposed. After arranging these boxes full of fruits in turn, two young men stood on the side of the car and began to wait for customers, while another young man sat back in the cab and began to "catch up on sleep".

  These three young men are Xiao Liu, Xiao Yang and Xiao Chai. They are not only classmates, but also friends. All three are just 20 years old this year. They have just graduated from vocational schools and have no work experience. They don’t know what life will be like after they join the work. They don’t know whether it is easy or difficult to earn money by themselves. When they are waiting for work at home, they often discuss such problems, which are both strange and novel to the life they are about to face.

  Xiao Liu, who has been idle at home for a while, said that instead of always worrying about these problems every day and thinking idly, he might as well exercise more while he is young. Such a proposal was immediately supported by two good friends. What should I do? Several people thought for a while, thinking that fruits are on the market in large quantities this season, and the sales of fruits are amazing, so they decided to try to do some fruit trading first. A few people just do it when they think about it. Just as Xiao Liu knows a person who specializes in wholesale fruit in Admiralty Wholesale Market, he immediately got in touch with others.

  Doing business requires a principal, and those who have no work experience have to ask their parents for support. What they didn’t expect was that their parents were quite in favor of their ideas. Parents of Xiao Liu and Xiao Yang each gave them cash capital of 500 yuan money, while parents of Xiao Chai provided them with BMW cars for free use. Yesterday morning, three people who were doing business for the first time got up before dawn and went to the wholesale market. Because there is no experience in loading goods, and I don’t know what kind of fruit sells well, I have to adopt a small and comprehensive loading method, but I demand that the quality of fruit must be the best. The familiar person gave them five kinds of fruits, such as winter dates and fresh peaches, and collected 800 yuan in total.

  It’s not so easy to do business. Many stalls in the market charge 1 kg of winter jujube from 5 yuan, and those with better quality usually charge 1 kg from 10 yuan, because they don’t know what the actual price of these fruits is. Their price for winter jujube is 1 kg from 8 yuan, and other fruits are also cheaper than other stalls from 1 yuan to two yuan. Because all the people who come to visit the market are nearby residents, many people are neighbors who have watched them grow up. When they see these people asking for prices, they are still a little embarrassed to answer, just telling everyone that they are selling something.

  Compared with other vendors in the market, Xiao Liu’s business is ok. Whenever a customer asks whether the fruit is delicious, they always tell others that they can taste it before selling it. Such a loose way of buying and selling has attracted many customers at once.

  Xiao Liu’s practice did not arouse the dissatisfaction of his companions, because compared with them, Xiao Liu was the most liberal. If Xiao Yang was asked to sell these fruits, he would definitely give more. Although the sales speed was very fast, the money that finally fell into the hands was not expected to be much. More than half of the fruits in the carriage were sold, and the money in hand was only 305 yuan, and even half of the capital was not returned, not to mention the round-trip fare. It seems that the first day of entrepreneurship will definitely lose money, but Xiao Liu and others said that although they lost money, they still have to stick to it.

  For such a result, Xiao Liu and others don’t value it. They say that this is their first job, and it’s completely a kind of groping. Although they have lost money, they can make a day’s business. When they know that they should go to the market to investigate and see what kind of fruit sells best, they should buy more when they put in the goods. For example, they don’t sell any fresh peaches, so when they put in the goods again in the future, they should not wholesale fresh peaches. At the same time, we should also look at how all kinds of fruits in the market are priced, and we should also calculate our own costs and price the fruits according to our own costs.

  Xiao Liu lost money in their business, and the parents didn’t blame them at all. One parent told reporters that compared with other children, they can do this, which means that they are different from other children, indicating that they have their own ideas in their hearts, and they are not the kind of children who loaf around all day. No matter how much they lose in their business, they have gained experience after all, knowing that doing business can’t rely solely on enthusiasm, but also needs to understand the whole industry before they can start. They can improve on the first day’s failure experience, and believe that the business will get better and better in the future.

  Come out bravely and look for opportunities independently

  Ms. Ping Li, who studies youth employment and entrepreneurship, thinks that what Xiao Liu did was nothing more than using some resources in their own homes, such as BMW cars, which seems to be somewhat inconsistent with their status, but it is also their cleverness, which at least reduces the cost. Young people who have just come out of school can bravely come out to start a business, which means more than whether this business is a loss or a profit. This shows that these three young people have a sense of pioneering and independence, and they can take the initiative to find opportunities to make up for their own shortcomings through study or practice. Finally, Ms. Li optimistically predicted that if Xiao Liu and others persisted, the fruit business would definitely make money.

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