The female star at the grand ceremony was ingeniously matched with a full set of DR true love high-end jewelry.

Girls in love,

What role should it play?

Some people say that the girls who accept DR are the lucky ones who are cared for by God of Love. In fact, a girl’s role in a love relationship is not just the enjoyment. When they find the faith of love, they dare to risk their lives for love.

Recently, two actresses wore DR jewelry to attend the grand ceremony. They performed well in the play, and they also managed their love happily outside the play. This time, they are wearing DR’s most luxurious jewelry collection.

DR high-grade jewelry combines diamond brilliance with the concept of true love, showing the eternity and firmness of love. At the ceremony, they ingeniously matched a full set of DR true love high-grade jewelry, showing the eternal romance of loving a person for a lifetime with rare treasures, and showing women’s "true love confidence".

01 Viann: Become the focus of the topic and remain true to yourself.

Love enlightenment for DR girls;

You don’t need to borrow anyone’s light, you give yourself the confidence of love.

All along, DR has paid attention to integrating the concept of true love into the design of works, so that magnificent jewelry has a unique atmosphere of true love, and hopes that the faith of love contained in it will be witnessed by the world in a dazzling way.

Recently, Viann wore the LOVE LINE series of DR’s high-grade jewelry to attend the 35th anniversary fashion ceremony of ELLE China.

Gorgeous diamond ornaments set each other off and shine with infinite charm of true love.

Viann once became the focus of the topic. In the spotlight, Viann always presents his true self in the most intuitive way, without pretending or shrinking. She uses her personality charm to change everyone. Beneath the self-confidence and charm lies her frank and brave attitude towards love.

DR high-end jewelry worn by Viann.

LOVE PALACE Series Treasure Auditorium Bracelet

LOVE PALACE series hall love earrings

LOVE LINE series love winding bracelet, earrings and bracelets.

LOVE PALACE Series High Jewelry

Inspired by the Sacred Heart Cathedral in France.

DR injects the soul of true love into the holy church to create a splendid treasure.

The classic shape of the auditorium arch reproduces the sacred moment of mutual loyalty.

Bright diamonds are connected with each other, showing their brilliance between light and shadow.

Just as Viann is steadfast in love.

Because of Do not forget your initiative mind, it shines all the time

LOVE PALACE Series Treasure Auditorium Bracelet

02 Wang Zhi: Passers-by saw only smoke, but there was a fire in her heart.

Love enlightenment for DR girls;

Although we go all out, sincere people will not be disappointed.

In the design of high-end jewelry, DR still devotes his ingenuity and meticulously depicts every detail. Every piece of true love high-grade jewelry is ingeniously drawn by DR’s design master, and it has been adjusted and revised by the designer’s manuscript for countless times before it can be built.

At the closing ceremony of the Golden Rooster Award, actor Wang Zhi appeared in the series of DR Paris, a high-grade jewelry by Dr, and Starlight Glimmer performed his true love attitude of loving one person all his life.

Wang Zhi focused on the performing arts for many years, and finally ushered in the highlight moment of The Wandering Earth. At one time, she also received some different comments, but she was not defeated because of her perseverance, but climbed to the peak of performing arts with her works and strength. And when I meet true love in my 30 s, I will be steady and steady in my career. I hope Wang Zhizhi will make progress all the way, and I hope everyone can meet his only love.

DR high-end jewelry worn by Wang Zhi.

DR PARIS series romantic accompanying earrings and chain sets.

DR PARIS series high bead earrings (ES0050)

DR PARIS series high bead necklace (TL0011)

DR PARIS series of high-grade jewellery

Draw inspiration from the pyramids of the Louvre in Paris

Decorate the princess square drill with geometric and modern design language.

Pyramid structure micro-inlay fine drill

Present the classical beauty that has been tempered by time.

Show the eternal promise of true love to the world.

Just as Wang Zhi insisted on performing arts.

Because of lasting love, the power is infinite.

DR PARIS series romantic accompanying earrings

DR PAIRS series romantic accompanying chain

Love is more than one language.

Every self-confident beauty can present a true love attitude.

Whether it’s DR’s proposal diamond ring or DR’s high-end jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry

They are all true love works created by Dr.

Turn self-confidence into eternal true love in an instant

Pay tribute to eternity with ingenuity

DR invites you to witness together