China Meteorological Bureau: Cold air heading south, beware of rain, cooling and strong convective weather.

CCTV News:According to WeChat official account of China Meteorological Bureau,It is predicted that in the next three days, the cold air in the north will move eastward and southward, and the warm and humid airflow in the south will strengthen the cooperation in the north, so the weather situation in the country will become more complicated. There will be heavy precipitation in Sichuan Basin, Jianghan, Huanghuai and other places, and the northern region will usher in the process of cooling and strong convective weather.So, which areas will cold air specifically affect? What impact will heavy precipitation bring? What secondary disasters need to be guarded against?

Affected by the eastward movement of cold air, in the next three days, there will be small to moderate rain or thunderstorms in central and eastern Inner Mongolia, western and northern North China, and northeastern China, and there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in Heilongjiang and other places, accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms and hail; After precipitation, the temperature in the above areas generally drops by 4-6℃, and the local temperature drop in Heilongjiang can reach 8-10℃. From 18th to 19th, the main force of cold air and warm and humid air from the south converged, and the precipitation range gradually increased. Some areas in Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places had heavy rain or heavy rain.

From 17th to 19th, there were mixed strong convective weather processes in Northwest China, North China, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Huanghuai, Jianghan and Jianghuai, with significant wind and hail, and tornado weather may occur in eastern and northeast Inner Mongolia. It is estimated that from 14: 00 on September 17 to 14: 00 on September 18, there will be 8-10 thunderstorm gale or hail weather in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, central and northern Shaanxi, Shanxi, northern and central Hebei, northern Beijing, northern Tianjin and northern Henan.

Zhang Tao, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that due to the strong cold air in the upper air and warm and humid air in the lower air, there is a high possibility of severe convective weather in the north, and the development of the Jianghuai cyclone led to a cyclone gale of magnitude 5 to 7 in Jiangsu and Anhui. In view of the upcoming convective weather and cyclone gale, the public should take preventive measures in advance, reduce outdoor activities, pay attention to stay away from scaffolding billboards and other structures, and relevant departments should strengthen the prevention of strong winds in rivers and lakes.

In agriculture, the continuous rainy weather is coming, so it is necessary to guard against the adverse effects on autumn harvest. From 17th to 20th, rainy weather in Henan will aggravate the wet soil condition, so it is necessary to prevent water accumulation and wet waterlogging in farmland caused by precipitation, and take effective measures to drain and reduce waterlogging in time. In the mature areas of autumn crops, it is necessary to scientifically dispatch agricultural machinery according to the local fine weather forecast, and seize the precipitation gap to harvest in time; In harvested areas, attention should be paid to the meteorological risk of autumn crop germination and mildew, ventilated storage and timely drying to ensure the quality of autumn grain.

Zhang Tao said that the heavy rainfall process has a wide range of influence and heavy rainfall intensity, and the daily rainfall of individual stations in Chongqing and Henan will approach or exceed the historical extreme value in the same period. It is recommended that the public pay close attention to the forecast and early warning information in the adjacent period and do a good job in the prevention of secondary disasters caused by heavy rain. Pay attention to carrying rain gear when going out, be alert to strong convective weather such as short-term strong winds and local heavy precipitation, and at the same time prevent the adverse effects of local strong convective weather on traffic trips and urban operations, and take preventive measures in advance; The meteorological risk level of geological disasters in Sichuan and Chongqing and the flood risk of small and medium-sized rivers are high, so it is necessary to pay attention to the disasters of small and medium-sized rivers such as floods, flash floods, landslides, mudslides, collapses and urban and rural waterlogging that may be caused by continuous heavy precipitation.