This fall, there are still these movies worth looking forward to!

Compared with previous film festivals, the major film festivals in the world in 2020 have changed more or less.

However, only one thing has not changed.

That is, people are still full of expectations for exciting new movies, and this will not change at any time.


Autumn is always the season that fans look forward to, and a number of popular films in the award season often make their debut at major film festivals in autumn.

What about this year? Due to the epidemic, everything seems to be different. The most obvious point is the decrease in the number of films participating in the film festival. This is partly because some films have interrupted filming, and partly because those films that have already been produced have set their sights on 2021, waiting for the ring of the competition bell of the film festival after everything is back on track in 2021.

In addition, some film festivals were cancelled altogether, such as the Telluride Film Festival, which followed the footsteps of Cannes. At the same time, the Venice Film Festival, one of the three major film festivals in Europe, confirmed that it would come as scheduled, making this event the first major film event in the world film industry in recent months. As for the Toronto Film Festival and the New York Film Festival, which fans preferred in previous years, they carefully adopted the online form.


This autumn has arrived. Seeing that the three major film festivals worthy of attention this autumn will soon require you to sing me out (online or offline). Recently, IndieWire has carefully selected 20 most anticipated films from the film lists of three major film festivals this autumn: Venice Film Festival (September 2-12), Toronto Film Festival (September 10-20) and New York Film Festival (September 17-October 11). In any case, everyone’s heart of looking forward to the movie will never change.

Ammonite, chrysanthemum stone

Toronto film festival

Director: Francis Lee

Screenwriter: Francis Lee

Starring: kate winslet/Saoirse Ronan/fiona shaw/Gemma Jones/James McArdle


The Chrysanthemum Stone directed by Francis Lee is described as having the same effect as Portrait de la jeune fille en feu directed by Céline Sciamma.

Kate winslet, the Oscar-winning actress, plays mary anning, a British paleontologist, and Sirsa Ronan, a four-time Oscar nominee, plays her lover Charlotte murchison. The first trailer and poster of the film was released recently, and I’m afraid all the fans have already felt the strong atmosphere of romance and sexiness from the trailer.

Boston City Hall City Hall

Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival/New York Film Festival

Director: Frederick Wiseman


Frederick Wiseman, the winner of the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award and a documentary master, turned his attention to a city bureaucracy-Boston City Hall. "City Hall" revolves around the internal operation of the Boston government, from climate issues to racial issues, from housing issues to the resettlement of the homeless, and Frederick Wiseman obviously adopts a neutral attitude in this theme expression.

Slumdog cowboy Concrete Cowboy

Toronto film festival

Director: Ricky Staub

Screenwriter: Ricky Staub/Dan Walser

Starring: idris elba/lorraine toussaint/jarrell Jerome/caleb mclaughlin/method man.


Have you ever seen idris elba ride a horse? This time, he will play opposite caleb mclaughlin in this western film set in Philadelphia. In the film, the two play a estranged father and son, while the world on horseback reunites them.

Slumdog Cowboy is adapted from Greg Neri’s novel of the same name, and it is also the directorial debut of Ricky Staub.

David Byrne’s American Utopia David Byrne’s American Utopia

Toronto film festival

Director: Spike Lee


A documentary directed by Spike Lee focuses on David Byrne, the lead singer of Talking Heads, and his Broadway stage performance.

In view of the recent popularity of Hamilton on Disney+, David Byrne’s American Utopia is likely to appear on HBO Max soon.

The Disciple

Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival/New York Film Festival

Director: Chaitanya Tamhani


This film will be the first Indian film to enter the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival and New York Film Festival in recent decades. It is also the second work directed by director Chaitanya Tamhani after the 2014 film "The Court", which won the best film in the "Horizon Unit" of Venice Film Festival in 2014. The new film revolves around a classical music singer whose career is facing challenges.

French farewell French Exit

new york film festival

Director: azazel jacobs

Written by Patrick Dewit.

Starring: michelle pfeiffer/lucas hedges/tracy letts/valerie mahaffey/Danielle MacDonald


The film is adapted from Patrick Devit’s absurd novel of the same name. The story tells that an elderly Manhattan socialite (michelle pfeiffer) moves into a small apartment in Paris with her son (lucas hedges) and cat on the basis of her little legacy, and a clever family farce begins. Directed by azazel jacobs (Terry and Those Lovers).

I Carry You with Me.

new york film festival

Director: heidi ewing

Screenwriter: heidi ewing/Alan Page

Starring: Armando EsPittia/Christian Vá zquez/Michelle Rodrí guez/Ngeles Cruz/Raúl Briones.


Documentary director heidi ewing directed a feature film for the first time, which tells a bittersweet same-sex love story through the perspective of a chef who crossed the border from Mexico to the United States. The film appeared at Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of the year, and gained a lot of praise.


Venice film festival

Director: Gia Coppola

Screenwriter: Gia Coppola/Tom Stuart

Starring: chris messina/Maya Hawke/colleen camp/Andrew Garfield/jason schwartzman


Gia Coppola inherited her aunt Sofia Coppola’s sobriety and delicacy, and this film is her second work after her debut novel Palo Alto, which was once praised as one of the best films about American youth in this century.

This cautionary fable film revolves around an eccentric love triangle story in the rapidly developing Internet era, which can be called the contemporary social media version of "A Dream of Dragon Climbing". Maya Hawke took the lead as the hostess for the first time, and the company included Andrew Garfield and Nat Wolff.

Miss MarxMiss Marx

Venice film festival

Directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli.

Starring: romola garai/Felicity Montagu/Oliver Chris/Emma Connieff/Patrick Kennedy.


Susanna Nicchiarelli, an Italian filmmaker, has always been favored by the Venice Film Festival. During her 20-year film career, she has directed many films about all kinds of complicated women.

The new film "Miss Marx" is a non-traditional biographical film, which focuses on the life of Eleanor Marx (romola garai), the intelligent daughter of Karl Marx, including career and love. The pre-sale of the film began at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

Martin Luther King-FBI MLK-FBI

Toronto Film Festival/New York Film Festival

Directed by Samuel D. Paulard


Samuel D. Paulard worked as an editor for many films in Spike Lee, including Jazz and Confusion. In 1998, the documentary Four Little Girls, which he co-produced with Spike Lee, was nominated for the best documentary feature film.

Samuel D. Paulard has directed many documentaries on the theme of black people. The birth of the new documentary is based on the latest declassified documents, focusing on the surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King by the US government (Hoover’s intelligence agency).

New orderNew Order

Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival

Director: Michel Franco

Screenwriter: Michel Franco

Starring: diego boneta/Dario Aspeck Beenaert/Naian Novend


The dystopian film directed by Mexican director Michel Franco was called "the most ambitious and darkest film in Michel Franco so far" by Alberto Babela, artistic director of Venice Film Festival. The story revolves around an upper-class wedding interrupted by the arrival of some unwelcome guests.

One night in MiamiOne Night in Miami

Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival

Director: regina king

Written by Kemp Bowles

Starring: Kingsley Ben-adil/aldis hodge/Leslie Odom Jr./Eli Goree/lance reddick


The film is directed by regina king, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and is adapted from Kemp Bowles’ stage play. The story tells that on the night of February 25th, 1964, the young cassius Clay defeated Sonny liston to become the heavyweight boxing champion in the world, but he could not stay on the island of Miami because of apartheid. He could only celebrate with Malcolm X and other friends in a suburban hotel. The historical process of apartheid in the south will also change.

Fragments of a woman Pieces of a Woman

Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival

Director: Kornél Mundruczó

Screenwriter: Kata Wéber

Starring: Shia La Beouf/vanessa kirby/Ben Safdie/molly parker/sarah snook


Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó was shortlisted in the main competition unit of Cannes Film Festival for three times with Delta, Frankenstein Plan and Jupiter’s Guardian. The new film revolves around a grieving woman who embarked on an emotional journey after losing her child. Shia La Beouf and vanessa kirby play a pair of lovers who cross the obvious class gap.

Saint Narcisse.Saint-Narcisse

Venice film festival

Director: Bruce LaBruce

Screenwriter: Martin Girard/Bruce LaBruce

Starring: Alexandra Petrachuk/Jillian Harris/Michael Cyz/Fé lix-Antoineduval


Bruce LaBruce, the anti-idol representative of Canadian neo-queer movies, has directed films such as "Eroticism" and "Man-hating", and his films are famous for being subversive and shocking. The new film tells the story of a 22-year-old man who is infatuated with himself. After discovering that he has a twin brother, he starts a strange journey around depravity, revenge and redemption.

Salvatore Ferragamo: The Dream ShoemakerSalvatore:Shoemaker of Dreams

Venice film festival

Director: Luca Guadagnino


Fans of "Please Call Me by Your Name" can look forward to it. This time, director Luca Guadagnino aimed the gorgeous lens at legendary Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, which is also the first time that Luca Guadagnino directed a documentary.

The film records Ferragamo’s life, from learning to make shoes as a child to working as a designer for Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and other stars. Michael stuhlbarg (Please Call Me by Your Name) is the narrator of the film.

76 days76Days

Toronto film festival

Director: Wu Hao


This documentary focusing on Wuhan in the COVID-19 epidemic crisis was directed by Wu Hao, a documentary director, who had previously directed many documentaries, such as The Road to Fame, The Life Without You and Our Family.

Summer of 85Summer of 85

Toronto film festival

Director: Fran? ois Ourong

Screenwriter: Fran? ois Ourong

Starring: Felix Le faivre/Benjamin Worthing/Philly Pi Na Villechi/Valeria Bruni Tedeschi/melvil poupaud.


Ou Rong’s new film, adapted from aidan chambers’s novel. The story is set in 1985 and the film revolves around the story of two teenagers from friendship to love.

Miserable jungleTragic Jungle

Venice Film Festival/New York Film Festival

Director: Yulene Olaizola

Screenwriter: Rubén Imaz/Yulene Olaizola

Starring: Indira Rubie Adrewin/Gilberto Barraza/Dale Carley/Eligio Mellandes/Gabino Rodriguez.


In 1920, the border between Mexico and Belize. Deep in the Maya jungle, a group of Mexican workers met a mysterious Belizean woman. Her appearance caused anxiety among men and aroused their fantasies and desires. They didn’t know that some legendary strange things lurking in the center of the jungle were awakened. Directed by Mexican director Yulene Olaizola.

No country to live inNomadland

Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival New York Film Festival

Director: Zhao Ting

Screenwriter: Zhao Ting/Jessica Bruder

Starring: Frances McDormand/david strathairn/Linda May/Bob Wells/Charlene Swankie.


Directed by Zhao Ting and starring Frances McDormand, the story revolves around a series of strange experiences experienced by a woman who roams the western United States in an old RV. No Country is also one of the few films that have appeared in Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and New York Film Festival. The producer is Oscar’s favorite Flowserve searchlight.


Venice Film Festival/Toronto Film Festival/New York Film Festival

Director: Gianfranco Rosi


Gianfranco Rosi’s Fire at Sea was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film. Gianfranco Rosi spent two years collecting information on the borders between Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan and Lebanon. The new documentary "Nocturne" focuses on people struggling to survive in the war-torn Middle East.



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