The aftertaste of winter collides with spring.

Chimonanthus praecox is a winter plant in Feng Ling.
And magnolia is the messenger of spring.
Recently, careful citizens have discovered that
On the streets of Jiading
The flowers in the original two seasons actually bloom at the same time.
On Tacheng Road in Jiading, a magnolia tree has taken the lead in blooming, and the white and flawless flowers bloom like snow from afar. On the opposite side, the Chimonanthus praecox on the corner hasn’t withered, and the golden flowers are blooming in the wind. The flowers in the original two seasons actually bumped into each other, which surprised the nearby residents.
"In my impression, this is a flower in two seasons, one in winter and the other in spring. Now it is quite strange to bloom together." Mr. Wang said.
Why do flowers that belong to winter and spring bloom at the same time? Lu Xianqing, deputy section chief of the Park Greening Department of Jiading District Landscaping Management Office, said that the best temperature for Chimonanthus praecox to bloom is 0℃-5℃, and Magnolia grandiflora generally opens when the temperature reaches above 10℃. "Flowers are very sensitive to temperature. After the Spring Festival, there was a wave of warming, and there were individual differences in the flowering of magnolia, which caused some magnolia to disrupt the flowering period and met the wintersweet that had not withered." Lu Xianqing said.
However, the public wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery of magnolia in full bloom, and it will take another half month.
Written by: Yin Qinqin
Camera: Wang Jian