Light up the reading lamp to illuminate the way forward for rural children.

  On February 17th, "Banban has a book corner — — Tengshi Automobile Reading Promotion Day was held in Shangping Primary School, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Automobile Sales Division, said that this activity is not a simple book donation, but hopes to stimulate rural children’s reading interest through multi-party cooperation and help children cultivate lifelong learning and reading methods.

  To promote high-quality reading in rural primary schools, the key is to let children get more sense of gain in reading, which puts higher requirements on the software and hardware of reading. Different from libraries with large investment and long construction period, Tengshi Twilight Book Corner is equipped with a set of books, a standardized bookshelf, a reading activity plan and supporting reading activity materials as standard in each class.

  Smart phones have brought people closer to the online world, but at the same time, many parents and schools are worried, especially rural primary schools with more left-behind children.

  According to a report released by China Rural Governance Research Center of Wuhan University, 40.4% of left-behind children have exclusive mobile phones, 67.3% of parents think that their children are addicted to mobile phones, and 21.3% of them think that their children are seriously addicted to mobile phones.

  How to guide children to use mobile phones correctly and use the network correctly? How to let children establish good reading habits from an early age? How to enhance children’s learning motivation?

  These problems have aroused the common concern of parents, schools, charities and enterprises. Recently, in Shangping Primary School in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, 11 teachers and 82 students welcomed their new friends — — Tengshi twilight book corner

  On February 17th, "Banban has a book corner — — There are books in the distance. Tengshi Automobile Reading Promotion Day was held in Shangping Primary School. Tengshi, together with Fujian Action Education Foundation, led more than a dozen public volunteers to complete the book corner in the school, and conducted book explanation and experience exchange.

  "Our starting point has never been a simple book donation, but we hope to become an important explorer of long-term public welfare reading." Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Automobile Sales Division, said that he hoped to stimulate rural children’s interest in reading through the project of "There are books in the distance" and Tengshi Twilight Book Corner, and cultivate lifelong learning and reading methods.

  Let children put down their mobile phones and make reading a popular activity.

  As the principal of Shangping Primary School, Chen Lin understands the situation of each student and will be happy for the children to grow up day by day. However, in recent years, a deep worry has risen in his heart: "Children are unclear about the purpose of reading, and many children are faced with the problem of insufficient motivation to read. They are confused and confused inside."

  President Chen’s concern is not unique. Due to the popularity of smart phones, the absence of family management, peer group demonstrations, and the lack of entertainment activities and time freedom, it is not uncommon for children to indulge in mobile phones in rural primary schools.

  Worryingly, due to premature contact with all kinds of bizarre network phenomena, some left-behind children have the idea of being tired of learning and "being online celebrity when they grow up". Earlier, it was reported by the media that a psychological teacher went to a rural school in a central province to take a field test and asked the students what they liked. As a result, in a class of 55 people, all the boys said "game!"

  According to the above survey report, long-term addiction to mobile phones will lead the growth direction of left-behind children, which is a new problem that left-behind children have never faced in the past. The harm of this problem is manifested in physical and mental health, mental collapse and resistance to normal learning.

  Some analysts believe that providing better reading books and strengthening extracurricular reading can have a certain substitution effect and help solve the problem of mobile phone addiction of left-behind children. However, some surveys show that although most rural school books have long since bid farewell to the era of lack of quantity, problems still exist, such as the lagging bibliography update, the mismatch between books and children’s age and reading ability, and the lack of children’s reading teachers.

  "Children are not interested in reading, and smartphones and video games have also taken away their enthusiasm for reading." For example, President Chen said that there are more than 1,200 books in the school library, but most of them are not suitable for younger children.

  Qin Shuyong, secretary-general of the Action Education Foundation, told reporters that rural primary schools face many challenges in breaking the reading dilemma. For example, it is difficult to stimulate students’ interest in extracurricular reading because there are few school-age books; In addition, the parents of left-behind children are not around and lack reading guidance.

  He believes that to promote high-quality reading in rural primary schools, the key is to let children get more sense of gain in reading, which puts higher demands on the software and hardware of reading.

  "Tengshi pays attention to the practical difficulties of rural children in the reading process, and joins hands with the Action Education Foundation, hoping to explore a road of public welfare with practical value and guiding significance." Zhao Changjiang said that in order to solve the dilemma of "no books to read", on the one hand, Tengshi started with the list of books in the book corner and expanded the capacity of the book corner; On the other hand, through the development of campus reading courses and offline communication, the software and hardware levels make simultaneous efforts to strengthen contact with students, ensure the good operation of the book corner, and help establish a long-term campus reading development mechanism.

  According to reports, in December last year, Tengshi Twilight Book Corner was officially opened for construction. When the first book corner was built, it was the winter vacation of the school. A volunteer who participated in the activity at that time recalled: "Some students heard that we were building a new book corner and came to school specially, hoping to be the first reader of the book corner!"

  Qin Shuyong said: "With ‘ Let every rural child enjoy high-quality reading ’ In 2009, we first launched ‘ There is a book corner in the class ’ The project. "

  Different from libraries with large investment and long construction period, this project is to provide a set of books, a standardized bookshelf, a reading activity plan and supporting reading activity materials as standard in each class. This simplifies the children’s borrowing process and enables them to have zero contact with high-quality reading.

  Qin Shuyong emphasized that the selected books not only cover literature, humanities and science, but also conform to the concept of graded reading and are suitable for children of different ages.

  At the same time, he said that providing high-quality reading for rural children can’t be completed just by building a book corner. In order for children to gradually put down their mobile phones and establish good reading habits, we must also find ways to make reading a popular activity or even a course recognized by all parties.

  Join hands with many parties to play a long-term public welfare "combination boxing"

  "The world in the book is very big, and books are the bridge for children to the world outside the mountain." Walking into the classroom of Shangping Primary School, Zhao Changjiang, combining his personal experience, told the students the stories of his various stages from studying to going out of his hometown and constantly struggling. He encouraged children to set up lofty ideals and go to a wider world.

  It is understood that with the smooth development of Tengshi Automobile Reading Promotion Day, Tengshi will build Tengshi Twilight Book Corner in 271 classes of 38 schools in Pingjiang County, providing a total of 20,364 books and 217 bookcases, which will benefit more than 8,000 local students.

  In fact, "Banban has a book corner — — There is a book sound in the distance "is the first public welfare project after Tengshi brand rejuvenation." Zhao Changjiang told reporters: "This project not only conforms to our understanding of the public welfare concept of sustainable education, but also shows our determination to give back to the society. We will work with more users to convey ‘ Symbiosis with society and sharing beauty ’ Values. "

  The reporter noticed that as early as the beginning of the public welfare project of "There is a sound of books in the distance", Tengshi launched an online collection activity for users. After comprehensive consideration of book quality, students’ difficulty in understanding, interest and other aspects, Tengshi users finally selected excellent books at home and abroad, such as Five Thousand Years Up and Down, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Little Prince, Chinese Idiom Story, Two Wan Li under the Sea and 100,000 Why, to be included in this book corner.

  As a senior dad, Zhu Shaoquan signed up for Tengshi’s charity event very early. In the second-grade classroom of Shangping Primary School, he told the children the story of "Making a scene in Heaven" and shared his own growth experience.

  As the saying goes, reading a good book is like talking to a man of noble character. Zhu Shaoquan believes that good reading habits can not only help rural children to cultivate higher humanistic and scientific literacy, but also effectively broaden their horizons and help them establish a good life ideal.

  Qin Shuyong said: "In the future, we will organize volunteers to participate in summer camps and organize rural teachers to participate in training, so that reading will gradually form a good ecology in rural primary schools, so that all classes will have the sound of reading."

  He said that the volunteers who take the action will carry out long-term training for the teachers in the school where the book corner is located, pass on the new ideas and methods of campus reading, and support the school to create a high-quality reading environment for children on the scholarly campus, "so that every rural child can have a high-quality reading environment".

  Considering the huge population base, especially in the rural areas of the central and western regions, there are a considerable proportion of left-behind children. How to prevent children from indulging in mobile phones and how to help them grow up healthily has become an urgent common problem. And this requires the attention and support of the whole society to play a public welfare "combination boxing."

  "The construction of Tengshi Twilight Book Corner is just the beginning," Zhao Changjiang said. "In the future, we will unite more partners to make full efforts in the fields of green, science and technology and education, continue to fulfill public welfare commitments, and gather public welfare forces. This is also our public welfare mission as a company. "

  Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Xu Yajie Source: China Youth Daily