National football 0

In the 52nd minute, the Syrian team seized Zhang Linpeng’s mistake and made a counter-attack. Soma made a cross in front of the goal, and Samia, who was outflanked, scored an empty goal, but the goal was invalid because he was offside.

In the 59th minute, Kruma made a world wave with a long-range shot, and the national football team fell behind 0-1.

After the last 1-1 draw by Malaysia, the national football team once again fell into the whirlpool of public opinion.

The boos of the fans after the game, the shouts of "money back" at the scene, and the pictures of Zheng Zhi glaring at the fans all spread on social networks …

However, the national football team still shows no signs of rebounding. In the warm-up match against Syria on the evening of 12th, the national football team lost 0-1 at home, and will usher in the preliminaries in November with a record of one draw and one loss, and welcome the South Korean team and Thailand team.

What is even more embarrassing is that only 12,367 fans came to the Phoenix Mountain Stadium in Chengdu this game, only half of the last game …

Li Lei made a cross from the left and passed it directly to the opponent’s head coach Cooper …

Confidence in jankovic and Lei Wu

The result of the national football team’s last match against Malaysia was not satisfactory. The 1-1 draw did not meet the expectations of the fans, which also attracted some criticism from the outside world. Did coach jankovic feel the pressure?

However, jankovic said that he is more concerned about the technical and tactical level. "There are two opportunities at the last moment. Even if we grasp the victory, we can’t avoid the problem. These things are what I should be busy with."

"For me, the pressure is that I haven’t played for three years. Now I enjoy it. There will be no pressure in the football industry." Jankovic said.

Li Shuai was seriously injured in the last game, and his teammates held his jersey and entered the stadium.

In the first match against Malaysia, three players, Lin Liangming, Li Shuai and Gao Zhunyi, were injured, so jankovic made some adjustments to the starting players, and the tactical system was 3-4-1-2 at the beginning of the second half of the last game.

The goalkeepers are Yan Junling, three central defenders Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai and Wang Shenchao, wingers Sun Guowen and Li Lei, double-waist Li Ke partners Xin Xu, Xie Pengfei plays the front waist, and double forwards are Lei Wu and Daniel F. Akerson.

Lei Wu is in the game.

Before the game, Lei Wu was also asked about his role as a veteran in the team.

"Understanding what the fans expect of me, my position as a striker may be to score goals. In fact, the head coach stressed to us from the first day that defense is not the responsibility of the defensive players, and everyone needs to work hard. This is also the overall idea brought to us by the head coach. "

Lei Wu admits that all players in the national team now cherish the opportunity to play. "I hope I can lead young players, set a better example and play my role on the road to the World Cup. Not only on the court, but also in life, so that everyone can unite. "

National football coach jankovic (second from left).

The victim of the national football team

There is no shortage of stories in the last five confrontations between the national football team and Syria.

In the top 12 of the 2018 preliminaries, Gao Hongbo’s team lost to South Korea 2-3 away and drew Iran 0-0 at home. At this time, the outside world had great expectations for the national football team to beat Syria. As a result, it lost to the opponent 0-1 in Xi’ an. This game directly led to Gao Hongbo’s subsequent class …

The second leg of the match between the two sides was held in Malacca, Malaysia, and the national football team had to win in order to take the initiative in qualifying-Wu Xi’s post-insertion and Gao Lin’s penalty once helped the national football team to overtake the score 2-1, but in the last minute of injury time, Syrian central defender Saleh used a free kick to tie, and finally the national football team was 2 points away from the third place in the group.

Zhang Linpeng fought with his opponent.

Then in October, 2018, in Nanjing, the national football team played a warm-up match with Syria. Four days ago, the national football team held a 0-0 draw in Suzhou and India. As a result, the Syrian team was very embarrassed. Gao Lin’s long-range shot had no angle and strength, but the Syrian goalkeeper let the ball roll into the goal from his own hand, and finally the national football team won 2-0.

Coincidentally, in the 2022 preliminaries, the two sides met again in the top 40 stage.

The national football fans at the scene.

The first leg of the match was held in Dubai, and in the second half, Zhang Linpeng knocked Herribin’s cross into his own goal, and the national football team lost 1-2. Lippi angrily chose to resign after the game, and this press conference became one of the "black shots" in the history of China football.

In the second round match in Sharjah, the national football team won 3-1 and successfully qualified for the top 12.

Xin Xu tackles in the game.

How to play the preliminaries in this state?

In the World Cup Final 36, Syria is in a group with Japan and North Korea, so the Syrian team Cooper attaches great importance to the warm-up match against China-including goalkeeper Alama, attacking midfielder Mavas, high center Omar and other players who have played against the national football team many times in the past years.

Cooper said, "For me, the previous game experience with China is very valuable, and we also need to prepare for the preliminaries. What needs to be noted now is that the head coach and players in China have changed, which is very important information."

After the Syrian player scored, he made a celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Judging from the content of this game, the Syrian team is actually not at its best, and the threat to the national football team is not as good as that of Malaysia in the last game.

However, they still controlled the game in the second half. A world wave broke the goal of the national football team and a goal was cancelled because of offside.

The attack of the national football team is still not improving, accompanied by many mistakes in the backcourt and Li Lei’s cross from the left, which was directly passed to the opponent’s head coach Cooper …

In this state, how should the national football team face the preliminaries in November? How to face South Korea and Thailand? All that remains is the unknown …