Tencent actually accounted for half! Take stock of Korean games that will be launched in China soon.

About ten years ago, when online games flourished, the most popular online games in the market at that time were Korean online games. These games have won the favor of players again and again with high-quality pictures, gorgeous special effects, refreshing battles, or greasy teachers and sisters. However, in recent years, due to many uncontrollable factors, Hanyou gradually disappeared in the market, and it was not until recently that the imported version number was reissued that Hanyou stood in front of us again.

Today, let’s take a look at those Korean tours that have been reviewed and will be launched in China.

Country of Two: Staggered World

"The Country of Two: Interlaced World" is a MMORPG mobile game based on the world view of Level-5 "The Country of Two". The game is developed by Netstone, supervised by Ghibli Studio, and Joe Hisaishi participates in music production, which can be described as a gathering of big names. In the game, players can collect different magic beasts and save the world with girls of unknown origin in the colorful fairy tale world.

In the game, the popular open world exploration is combined with the traditional MMORPG. Players can not only challenge monsters and complete tasks in the big world, but also go to difficult copies to challenge them. Because the pictures are basically made by Ghibli, the overall style looks very pleasing.

However, the game has not made much breakthrough in gameplay, and it is still the classic gameplay mode of Korean tour, which is a traditional MMO Korean tour in a Japanese coat.

At present, "Two Kingdoms: Interlaced World" has obtained the domestic version number, and its Korean company Netmarble also indicated that it will launch this mobile game in China in 2023.

Legendary store: management and creation

Legendary Store: Management and Building is a simulated business game based on the medieval fantasy world. In the game, players are responsible for running a store selling and making weapons and props, gradually expanding the industry in the town by building powerful equipment and sending adventurers to explore, and finally creating a prosperous town.

In this special fantasy world adventure game, players are not born as adventurers, brave or wizards, but as businessmen, investors and managers of the town. Players can help the town to prosper through their own business operations, and at the same time use more powerful equipment, props, potions and other items to double the strength of adventurers in the town.

For this kind of game with special equipment, it is relatively rare in the market. Players interested in this kind of alternative adventure game can try it then.

Ark of destiny

"Ark of Destiny" is an MMORPG online game developed by Smile Gate Company in South Korea. The main game is to brush equipment growth and multi-person cooperation with large copies. In daily tasks, players can paint their own pictures and accumulate equipment currency, or they can form a team to challenge the difficult team BOSS.

The combat gameplay of "Ark of Destiny" is quite characteristic of Korean online games. The game pays great attention to the combat actions and special effects of players’ characters, and the overall visual expression is amazing. The gorgeous combination of tricks and actions and the equipment-driven gameplay also make this game somewhat similar to DNF in experience.

There is no doubt about the quality of the game. When the previous version of Steam was launched, "Ark of Destiny" has become a work of the hegemony list. At one time, it gained millions of players overseas, and it has also maintained hundreds of thousands of high online in subsequent operations. It is a frequent visitor to the Steam hot list.

The game officially got the version number at the end of last year. According to Tencent’s official rhetoric, the test and service of the game are already being prepared at the fastest speed. It is expected that the test of not deleting files will be started in 2023.

The seventh epic

Another well-known game owned by Smile Gate will also officially land in the national costume this year, which is the Korean classic secondary RPG mobile game "The Seventh Epic". At present, this game is not handed over to Tencent, an old friend of Smile Gate, but distributed by Zi Long Games in China.

The gameplay belongs to the traditional card turn-based RPG, which attacks and releases skills based on multiple dimensions such as unit shooting speed and energy. The core combat part is not much different from the popular card turn-based system in the market. However, because the game is very interesting in many aspects, such as cultivation, team matching and so on, and the picture style is also pleasing, even an old game that has been online as early as 18 years still has a big market in the world.

"The Seventh Epic" also has a very luxurious top-level animation display. Whether it is the plot animation in the game or the skill animation effect in combat, it can be regarded as the top level in the industry. Such gorgeous combat effect is also unique in the same type of works.

In addition, this game is a game whose liver is bigger than krypton. As long as the national service is not good, magic change believes that it can definitely make players have a good time.

Adventure Island: Legend of Maple

Adventure Island is the most classic IP that has accompanied players for nearly 20 years, bearing the childhood memories of a generation. In the imported version number at the end of last year, there was a classic replica mobile game Adventure Island created by Nexon, Adventure Island: Legend of Maple, which was reviewed and reproduced for players on the mobile side.

Adventure Island: The Legend of the Maple declares a "pixel-level" repeat tour in content, so the picture, gameplay, character skills, BOSS and other aspects are basically consistent with the old version of Adventure Island, and this game can also be regarded as a nostalgic costume of Adventure Island on mobile phones.

However, at present, the national service of this mobile game has only been tested once in 21 years, and the game has several overseas services as precedents. There should not be much problem in the content, just depending on when the domestic agency intends to start the follow-up test.

Incidentally, Century Tiancheng, the national service agent, announced yesterday that they would jointly operate Adventure Island: Legend of Maple with Tencent.

The sword and the knights

"Sword and Knights" is a Japanese MMORPG developed by Korean company Npixel, and it is also called "Gran Saga" in other regional versions. Previously, it also had quite excellent revenue performance in Japanese clothes and hanbok.

The game uses MMORPG to develop big maps to fight and explore. Players can fight with many monsters and BOSS in the wild, and they can also team up with teammates to complete various challenges.

The overall game style of the game is somewhat Japanese fantasy. No matter the role, UI or scene, it has a Japanese RPG feeling, and some places even have a sense of sight of FF14.

However, the internal gameplay of the game is mainly based on the Korean automatic map-running task and the cultivation of card values. Players need to wear multiple Gran weapons and artifacts to their characters and cultivate them in order to improve their combat power.

Blade of War: Survivor

Blade of War: Survivor, also called A3: Still Alive, is an extremely special MMORPG game to eat chicken. In the normal MMORPG mode, this game is not much different from most games on the market. It is the PVE part of this game to develop the kimchi-flavored play routine of the trinity of roles, teams and equipment runes.

The biggest highlight of this game is that it is compatible with the escape mode in MMORPG. In this mode, players have no restrictions on roles and occupations, but decide their own fighting methods by choosing their own initial weapons.

In this mode, players need to upgrade their level and get dropped equipment by fighting monsters in the early stage, so as to strengthen their original weapons and skills, and in addition, they can get props such as transmission, blood return and increasing the field of vision. The numerical promotion and props obtained by these brush monsters will be of great help in fighting the enemy.

At present, this special MMO chicken-eating game has also passed the audit, and maybe players will be able to play it this year.

The above are the games that Korean game manufacturers will release in China this year. At present, all these games have obtained version numbers, and the corresponding Hanyou company has ushered in a long-lost stock price surge. It is expected that in order to save the lost domestic market, Korean game manufacturers will definitely let these games meet domestic players in the shortest time.