Swimming for half an hour every day is good for your health. The sooner you see it, you won’t suffer.

Summer is coming, and swimming will begin its journey again. It brings not only its unique coolness, but also the favorite weight loss of sister paper. As long as it persists for a long time, it can have a perfect curve and slim figure.

First, avoid the occurrence of joint diseases, and also avoid the damage of lower limbs and lumbar disc of obese people. Because the resistance of swimming comes from water, not from the gravity formed by human body weight and gravity. Moreover, people can also massage their bodies through the competition between water resistance and gravity, which plays a better health care role. Moreover, when obese people are in the water, part of their gravity is borne by the water, which can reduce the damage of joints and bones.

Second, burn fat, reduce the weight of swimmers, and play a role in losing weight. When swimming, the muscles of the whole body will be exercised, and the body’s fat will be consumed faster in relaxation and stretching. Moreover, the whole body muscle exercise can make the muscles of the body more symmetrical and harmonious, and the curves are more beautiful. Moreover, water has better thermal conductivity than air, so it can dissipate heat better when swimming, and it can also consume the body’s heat better.

Third, improve the immune mechanism of cardiovascular system. When swimming, because of the large resistance of water, people’s heat output will be larger, the heart rate will also be accelerated, and the blood flow speed in blood vessels will be accelerated, so that the blood vessel wall can be thickened and the contraction force of myocardium can be exercised, thus increasing the flexibility of the cardiovascular system and improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

Swimming also has some disadvantages, because the swimming pool is cleaned with chlorine, and the chlorine content in the water is high, so it is easy to make the skin and scalp surface of the human body rough and dry when swimming frequently. Moreover, some public swimming pools that have not been disinfected for a long time are used by most people, and they are also prone to infectious diseases, and even serious skin diseases and pinkeye.