China version of "Raptor" domineering Great Wall "X cannon" interior exposure technology dual screen+new gear handle

Full-size pickup trucks have always been very popular in Europe and America, and large-size, highly comfortable and multifunctional full-size pickup trucks can meet their full scene needs. Whether it is traveling, pulling goods or daily transportation, pickup trucks can all be "competent". It can be said that a pickup truck is in hand and the basic life is worry-free.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Cybertruck caused widespread concern after its appearance. The pure electric pickup F-150 Lightning exploded directly after its listing, which was highly sought after by American consumers.

In the domestic market, fans’ attention to full-size pickup trucks has been escalating. From the beginning, domestic pickup trucks have been constantly refreshing their performance and comfort. At the Shanghai Auto Show, the family’s first full-size pickup truck "X Gun" was unveiled, focusing on the eyes in the circle. Recently, this model has ushered in new news. The interior of this model is exposed, rich in configuration and more luxurious than the Raptor.

Judging from the exposed interior pictures, the "X Gun" uses a matching color scheme of milky white and brown in the interior, and the interior is covered with a large area of leather, which looks more luxurious than ordinary luxury models. Moreover, the internal brown material is made of woven workmanship, which is unique and the stitching is very fine, which enhances the texture and luxury of the whole car. If you only look at the interior, most people will not think that this is the interior of a pickup truck, and it may be directly positioned in the interior of a large luxury car.

At the same time, the scientific and technological equipment inside the "X gun" is not backward at all. The new car adopts a new style of suspended LCD instrument panel and a large-size central control display screen. Now, it is ahead of the industry in terms of intelligence. In mass production models, it will be equipped with a highly intelligent car system, which can realize multiple online operations, including navigation, voice, entertainment, etc. It can be said that it does not fall in the wind in creating a sense of science and technology.

Moreover, the "X gun" adopts a brand-new style of gear handle, plus a piano paint-painted decorative board, as well as a steering wheel wrapped in white leather and seat headrests on both sides decorated with LOGO embroidery, which is simply a luxurious moving space.

In terms of power, the car applied the latest 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine to this "big guy" and matched the 9-speed automatic manual transmission. It can be said that this power system is very competitive, at least, in the domestic pickup truck models, it definitely belongs to the strong inner core. Chassis, the car is equipped with front and rear double wishbone independent air suspension, this set of "luxury" equipment is full, directly raising the level of "X gun". Moreover, the new car will also be equipped with an all-terrain recognition feedback system, which will make it easy to cross mountains and rivers, and the off-road ability is strong.

Ghost fighting car view: In the past, all the full-size pickups running on the streets in China were imported, such as, and so on. However, now, cars are constantly introducing high-end new products in pickup trucks. This "X gun" is very exciting, showing new heights in luxury, performance and design, and the domestic version of "Raptor" will soon appear. So, what do fans think of this model? Leave a message for Ghost Brother.