These games are super cute! Summarize the leisure mobile games worth playing in 2023.

What should I do if I encounter post-holiday syndrome after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday? Come and try these cute casual games that you can play when fishing! Including recent domestic and overseas new works, you can gain happiness by clicking occasionally.

I haven’t written casual games for a long time, never back down, a casual mobile game party!

National Travel Service

TapTap/App Store

The national costume has finally been launched in the near future. This game seems to restore all the inner imagination of beautiful scenery-blue sky, white clouds, leaves in the wind and fantasy planet in the sky. Because it is an independent game, according to the player’s words, the picture reveals a "poor and exquisite taste."

Use props to travel to all kinds of fantastic planets and bring the handwritten letters of the planet back to this clear grassland. Xiao Feng, who grew up in the wild grassland, will collect one memento mori after another, so that the photo album will be gradually enriched.

Does it sound like a teenage version of a traveling frog? But this memento mori is more linear and complete. Xiaofeng will find his childhood memories while waiting, and the player will reveal the real mystery of this world.

If you put it in your mobile phone and open it occasionally, you can have a healing world.

Frog pot

TapTap/iOS is temporarily unavailable.

The frog slept soundly in the pot. The pot is still warm, but it will boil soon. You want to wake it up.

"Once the temperature is too high, I will definitely go out."

"Sometimes it’s like this, you don’t want to do anything, you know."

The frog turned over. He feels that the water temperature is getting warmer and more comfortable. He wants to learn guitar recently. He wants to lie flat like this. What’s good about going out? It knows that going out is nothing, taking pains and having fun, and so on.

You know, it’s hard to pull a person who has fallen into a trough back to face the outside wind. But you can’t say what’s wrong. You have to come up anyway, right?

Frog Pot is an ultra-short linear visual novel that can be cleared in 5 minutes. Although it is simple, every sentence hits the player’s heart. There are 9000 players on TapTap who scored a high score of 9.7, and the comment area has become a tree hole for everyone to express their thoughts.

Everyone is the frog. Where should the frog be happy?

This question is too big, the answer is space, but everyone who has played the game will have an answer. Even just thinking about this problem has already taken a step from the pot.

Lonely bird

TapTap/App Store national area

In fact, it was launched a long time ago, but who would refuse a bird that is emotional, chirping and loves you wholeheartedly?

"Do you want to make friends with me?" Here is a bird. After a simple greeting, the game begins.

It’s easy to be friends with it. Go and see it every day, watch the starry sky together, sing songs behind the waterfall, pick oranges from the trees to feed your stomach, and each flower makes a different sound.

Birds will kiss up to your crooked paintings, cry for you, and occasionally get happy after emo.

You don’t talk much every day. It seems that you are trying your best to find your favorite topic every time. But just a few minutes is enough, and intimate friends don’t need to stay together all the time.

No matter what the final result is, you will always remember such a bosom friend, right?

"Although you are virtual, your company is not"

Next is the overseas game. Although the highly anticipated mobile game "Swaying Camping △" was just launched on June 15th, the previous game attracted more than 1 million global reservations with a picture, but after opening the service, everyone saw the familiar cultivation system. ……

It is indeed a real machine picture.

So I won’t introduce it here.

《Cat Snack Bar》

Outside Google play/App Store

Cat Snack Bar was launched overseas at the beginning of this year. In the small restaurant that opens when the sun rises, arrange cute Siberian cats, English short, muppets, Bangladeshi cats and cheese cats to entertain an endless stream of guests.

As long as the guests order, it is our cat’s business policy to do everything!

From such a humble little night platform:

A luxurious restaurant like this:

There is also a long line of cats waiting in line for dinner, and the main thing is a healing.

But don’t be scared by such a scale of business, because it is a game that secretly disguises itself as a game:

As long as they keep collecting gold coins and upgrading the technology of the world, such as adding a cat, raising the price of sandwiches and selling an extra drink, they will automatically work, and the digital suffix of the earned gold coins will be added from A to E. Therefore, it’s ok not to go to some technology and keep it waiting for the payment-as long as you can resist the temptation to upgrade a little.

When the business scale is enough, you can fly to another map to start a new business.

Boss, don’t you consider opening a restaurant?

Bonfire Cat Cafe

Google play/App Store country area

Cats are really the darling of casual games. Just after opening the food stall, I will come to the forest to sit around the bonfire, wooden crib and dining car for a picnic.

"Bonfire Cat Cafe" creates a dreamlike camp with a somewhat beautiful style, while employees and customers are moles who are keen on singing, rabbits who like lobsters, round cats and cool alpacas.

Everyone will leave some acorns for meals, and occasionally guests will come to tell you his strange life stories.

With these acorns, you can change from primitive wooden boards and stones to post-modern decoration filled with neon lights, and then go to the seaside and snow mountain to open two chain stores.

This game omits many numerical chains from raw material procurement to serving in simulated business games. The most thing you need to do is to learn new recipes according to the needs of guests and pick up acorns from the ground in time ….. so you are not so tired to play.

Diandian bakery to make bread

Seeing that your income has gone from tens to hundreds to tens of thousands, your sense of accomplishment is still very sufficient.

The sound of birds

Outside Google play/App Store

Cat Backyard and Traveling Frog, a new work by the studio, とりのぉと (The Voice of Birds). Collect musicians to sing on an occasion-all kinds of birds!

Musician Birds are also birds. As long as food and articles are placed in the square, they can be attracted to create a grand concert. I would like to call it the backyard of birds and birds.

Although the system is basically the same as Travelling Frog, and the props such as lady finger, Egg-shaped Bird’s Nest and Crystal Bed are also very simple to answer … But when the forest gets busy, there will be wonderful sounds of proposing marriage, guzheng and guitar flowing in the mobile phone.

And each one is very cute!

So, who can tell the developer to join the dock and French fries?

This recommendation ends here. Although there are fewer individual game developers in China, Japan and South Korea than in the previous two years, independent mobile games are relatively stretched, and our recommendations are correspondingly reduced. However, there are always excellent works constantly appearing to fill the gaps in players’ mobile phones. If you have a fun game recently discovered, please leave a message and share it with everyone!