Swimming often, what will happen? Tell you the answer

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Sticking to swimming has a great exercise effect on the whole heart and lung function, and it needs to consume calories when swimming, so it is good for consuming excess fat in the body, promoting muscle development and increasing the strength of ligaments.

Who considers swimming "the best sport in the world". Statistics: Swimming can promote 50% blood flow in human body, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; It can squeeze 50% of the blood vessels of the human body, which is a simple "vascular gymnastics"; Exercise at least 50% of the muscles, which helps to maintain the total muscle mass.

Let’s take a look at 19 benefits of swimming!

01. Increase memory.

With the growth of age, people’s memory is also declining, and swimming can increase memory.

02. Open the meridians.

Sitting in the office for a long time, I didn’t pay attention to my health. The meridians were stiff, and there would be small pimples all over my body. If I insisted on swimming, there would be fewer pimples.

03. dredge the pulse.

The meridians are blocked, the pulse is naturally stiff, and my whole body is very nervous and stiff. I swim for half an hour every afternoon and my whole body is relaxed.

04. Peace of mind and body.

Physical and mental disharmony, physical and mental uneasiness, physical and mental unevenness, and physical and mental diseases all come from qi and blood stagnation. The reason for qi and blood stagnation is that the meridians are blocked. Therefore, the body and mind are not free. Through swimming, qi and blood are unobstructed, and the body and mind are free. This aspect has something to do with Buchan.

05. Enhance heart function.

I don’t like sports, so my heart is not good. Swimming can enhance my heart function and make my heart slow and powerful.

06. Open the blood vessels.

Medically speaking, swimming can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the possibility of blood vessel rupture, and also enhance the whole body elasticity.

07. Enhance muscle strength.

Life is irregular, so the muscles of the whole body are stiff and inelastic, and there is no strength. After swimming, muscle strength is enhanced, as well as leg strength, foot strength, bones and muscles, and joints are flexible.

08. Smooth blood circulation.

Human blood is not smooth, because the meridians and veins are impassable, people are prone to get sick. Swimming can open the meridians and enhance human blood circulation and metabolism.

09. Reduce five zang-organs diseases.

The five zang-fu organs need exercise. If they don’t exercise, they will naturally harden and get sick. Therefore, swimming can enhance the secretion function of digestive glands, promote the regular peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract, increase appetite and enhance the elasticity of the five zang-fu organs, and many diseases will be cured naturally.

10. Cure the three highs.

There are three highs, and the doctors have prescribed many prescriptions, which have no great effect. Let’s start swimming. We have lost 40 pounds in five months, and three highs will be three. Swimming has a good effect on preventing and treating hypertension, diabetes, obesity and habitual constipation.

11. Happy in spirit.

According to Tibetan medicine, swimming regularly can eliminate ischemic symptoms of the heart or lower blood pressure. Make the human body eliminate fatigue, feel happy and relieve palpitation. People’s unhappiness is related to blood, swimming can reduce blood sugar and blood lipid; Eliminate blood stasis, anemia and other garbage in the blood, there is no garbage in the blood, and people will be happy.

12. Beautiful figure.

Whether a person is beautiful or not is directly related to blood. If there is no garbage in his blood, he must be beautiful and beautiful. If there is more garbage in his blood, he is naturally not beautiful. Therefore, swimming can eliminate the garbage in the body and the garbage in the blood, reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and keep the beauty of the human body.

13. Reduce myocardial infarction.

Medically speaking, myocardial infarction is mainly caused by blood stasis and blood clots blocking blood vessels. Swimming can reduce the formation of blood clots and reduce the possibility of myocardial infarction.

14. Enhance kidney function.

People are lazy, unwilling to move, and sitting for a long time will hurt the kidney, resulting in kidney deficiency, nephritis, kidney calculi, and renal failure. Therefore, if the blood supply to the kidney is insufficient, the liver blood will be insufficient; Liver blood deficiency, lack of effort, began to get sick. In order to take medicine for treating diseases and increase the burden on the kidney, swimming can reduce taking medicine, thus enhancing the function of the kidney.

15. The brain is clear.

Stay in front of the computer, read books and write articles at home, and your brain will be unclear. Let’s swim and accept fresh outdoor air, and your brain thinking activities will become clear and flexible, which will obviously eliminate the fatigue of your brain and improve your study and practice.

16. Enhance your eyesight.

Reading books, playing computer and sending wechat too much, their eyesight has deteriorated. According to the test of relevant experts, those who swim three times a week for 40 minutes for four months in a row have sharp reflexes and superior vision and memory compared with those who don’t like sports.

17. prolong life.

Life is the meaning of exercise. Swimming is a kind of fitness method with movement in quietness and quietness in movement, which can relieve neuromuscular tension and stabilize emotions, thus prolonging life naturally.

18. Develop wisdom.

There is an indirect relationship between stupidity and blood. There is a lot of rubbish in human blood, so people naturally become stupid, and stupid people cannot develop their wisdom. Sticking to swimming regularly can eliminate the garbage in the blood, eliminate fatigue, be cheerful, relieve palpitation, eliminate waste gas pollution, strengthen the body, be spiritually active and improve wisdom. For your health, please start swimming.

19. Good for brain health.

Outdoor swimming helps the brain release more euphoria hormone endorphins, while indoor swimming is more beneficial to mental health than indoor treadmill exercise.