First frost today | The last solar term in autumn has come. Do you know all this knowledge?

"A night of frost and cold wood leaves"
Today, we welcome 24 solar terms.
The eighteenth solar term
It is also the last solar term in autumn-first frost.
This is the last solar term in autumn.
The climate changed from cool to cold.
Everything grows bleak with the cold.
  First frost is the beginning of the transition from autumn to winter.
The weather is getting colder and the first frost appears.
The vegetation began to yellow.
What are the customs of "first frost"?
What is "first frost Third Waiting"?
This knowledge,
Watch it with Xiaobian!

First frost Sanhou

A jackal is a sacrificial animal.
This time of year
The prey that the jackal will catch.
"Display" before eating.
It’s like holding a "animal sacrifice" ceremony.

Second, the vegetation falls yellow.

Boundless falling trees rustle down

As if overnight.

Golden color covered the whole city.

Autumn leaves fall and fly.

The west wind is rolling, and the vegetation is dying.

It’s a unique scene in this season.

Three-waiting stinging insects are salty and prone.

Sting insects curl up in holes and don’t eat.

Hang one’s head and go into hibernation

Nature at this time

Present a kind of quiet beauty

Like a spiritual attitude.

Expect a new life


First frost custom

Eat persimmon


In some parts of our country, red persimmons should be eaten in first frost season. In the eyes of local people, this can not only keep out the cold and keep warm, but also strengthen the bones and muscles. The old man in Quanzhou said that first frost ate persimmons: first frost ate diced persimmons, and his nose wouldn’t run.


Eat duck

In Minnan area and Taiwan Province area, first frost will take supplements on this day, which is often called "sticking autumn fat" in the north. There is a proverb in southern Fujian, which is called "It is better to make up for first frost in one year", which fully expresses the importance that Fujian and Taiwan people attach to the solar term of first frost. Every time in first frost, ducks in Fujian and Taiwan are very popular.

Chrysanthemum viewing

In ancient times, there was a saying that "frost hits chrysanthemums". In the eyes of the ancients, chrysanthemums have unusual cultural significance, and climbing the mountain to enjoy chrysanthemums is also one of the elegant things that literati must do in first frost.

First frost season is the time when autumn chrysanthemums are in full bloom. Many places will hold chrysanthemum parties at this time to enjoy chrysanthemums and drink alcohol, so as to show their respect and love for chrysanthemums.

Taro delivery ghost

Children build the Vatican Tower with tiles, put firewood in the tower and light it. When the tiles burn red, they destroy the tower to simmer taro, which is called "taro pot", and then throw the tiles outside the village, which is called "taro-sending ghost", in order to eliminate the ominous, which shows people’s simple auspicious concept.

ascend a height


In autumn, the air in mountains and mountains is fresh, and there are less floating dust and pollutants in the atmosphere. Climbing to the top and overlooking in first frost season can not only make the function of the lungs comfortable, but also make people feel relaxed and relaxed.


"Three Preventions" in first frost

First, prevent autumn dryness

As the last solar term in autumn, the weather in first frost is getting colder, and autumn dryness is obvious, which is prone to dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, constipation, dry skin and other phenomena, and dryness is easy to hurt body fluids.

Second, prevent autumn depression

In late autumn, the weather is getting colder, the plants are yellow, the leaves and fruits are falling, and everything is bleak, which is easy to cause anxiety and make people depressed and depressed.

Three defenses against autumn cold


First frost solar terms, the temperature plummeted, this time node is no longer suitable for "autumn freezing". For the elderly and children with poor resistance, clothes should be increased or decreased on time, so as to avoid the invasion of damp and cold pathogens and lead to illness.


First frost’s poetry

First frost.
Heshui Zuo
Once in autumn and dusk, it becomes frost, and some parts condense and some parts are yang.
The lotus is defeated by a thousand pools, and the cotton is harvested in thousands of hectares.
Fu De Jiu Yue Jin (Autumn Word)
Yuan Zhen
After first frost’s 30th birthday, he left a Ye Qiu.
Xuanyin welcomes the sunset, and the cool spirit is exhausted.
In the middle of the night, the ashes moved, and the Ming emperor was imperial.
Pan An spent this evening, so don’t worry about chanting.
Boating boat for Xu yi
Wei Jian
Boating a boat in Huai River, first frost flows in the evening.
The tide invaded the shore for a long time at night, and the cold moon approached the city.
Pingsha depends on geese to stay, waiting for the pavilion to listen to chickens.
Beyond the clouds, who can care about travel?
Autumn Huai Feng sends Zhu Bu Que
Wu Yuanheng
On the garden numerous first frost, poets began to hate.
White clouds are deep and ugly, and decaying grass is everywhere.
In the twilight and autumn, the smoke is heavy, and the cold sound is empty.
Pan Shengqiu thinks hard, and Tao makes the world feel sparse.
It has been made into a land tax, and it is still a good idea to hunt books.
I don’t know what the score is like.


Year’s Eve
Bai Juyi
In first frost, the water returns to the valley, and the wind falls to the mountain.
Ran Ran will have a banquet at the age of 20, and everything will return to its original source.
Why did you move to the south? You haven’t returned it for five years.
The fate of the chariot has been fixed, and the heart will be safe for a long time.
Also taste the heart and mouth, quietly read and speak privately.
Going to the country is not fun, but returning home may not be fun.
Why bother? It’s easier to give up than to ask for it.

Xiaobian reminder


When the days are cool and the nights are long, people’s appetite is wide open, and the daily calorie intake of the human body easily exceeds the calorie consumption, so that fat is accumulated little by little. If it is not adjusted, people will gain a lot of weight after autumn and winter. Therefore, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet and proper exercise.

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