Yichang Technology has been investigated by 13 institutions: the company’s main customers in the automobile industry include BYD, Chery Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, GM-Wuling, Tucki and other well

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on November 21st, and the company was investigated by 13 institutions on November 21st, 2023. The types of institutions are insurance companies, others, fund companies, securities companies and sunshine private equity institutions. Introduction to the main contents of investor relations activities: Questions raised by investors and company responses. The company responded to the questions raised by investors in this field survey:

  Q: 1. What is the reason for the decline in the company’s performance?

  A: The company’s sales revenue decline and operating performance loss from January to September 2023 are mainly: the company’s product structure optimization led to a decrease in operating income, and the closure of the TV set business led to an increase in expenses. (1) The company actively optimized some household appliances business and shut down the whole TV business, which led to the decline of the company’s business income from January to September 2023, such as the whole machine and injection parts in the household appliances industry. Cleaning up the assets and personnel of household appliances business increased the related expenses, which in turn led to the decline of the overall gross profit margin and net profit of the company. (2) During the transformation and upgrading of products in downstream industries such as new energy vehicles, medical care and health care, orders have grown considerably and production capacity is being released; As the company actively optimizes and abandons most of the household appliances business, the related fixed costs are heavily shared, and economies of scale cannot be achieved, resulting in a low overall gross profit margin, thus affecting the company’s net profit.

  Q: 2. How to plan the company’s future product structure, and what is the future business direction?

  A: The company will focus on developing automobile structural parts business and break through the strategic positioning of developing new energy and medical and health services. In terms of automobiles, the company’s products are interior and exterior parts, lightweight parts and automobile molds. The products in the field of exterior decoration are mainly fenders and bumpers, and the interior decoration includes traditional interior products such as main instrument panel, auxiliary instrument panel, door panel, ABC column, etc. Supported by IML innovative technology, we focus on developing special supporting products such as central control panel and atmosphere light decorative panel, focusing on the ability of automobile interior and exterior decoration assembly. In terms of new energy, the company’s products mainly focus on lightweight interior and exterior decoration of new energy vehicles, thermal management parts of power batteries and portable energy storage. Lightweight products are based on the technology of replacing steel with plastic, and the products are distributed in fenders, rear tailgates, four-door panels and rear side walls. The main products of thermal management parts of power battery are power liquid cooling plate and energy storage structure; Portable energy storage, that is, energy storage power supply. In terms of medical health, the company’s products are mainly medical consumables and medical devices. Focus on medical IVD parts and consumables. In terms of household appliances, the company decided to retire most of the household appliances business and only keep some structural parts business with high added value.

  Q: 3. What is the proportion of our company’s performance in the home appliance industry in the future? Will it maintain a certain amount?

  A: In recent years, the company has been shrinking its home appliance business. At the same time, in the third quarter of this year, it decided to intensify its efforts to retire most of the home appliance business and shut down the TV set business. In the future, the company will only retain some structural parts business with high added value. Our main focus is on the development of automobile, new energy, medical and health services.

  Q: 4. Who are the company’s main customers in automobile? What has been supplied to the cars of the intellectual and intellectual circles?

  A: The company’s main customers in the automobile industry include (), Chery Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, GM-Wuling, Tucki and other well-known enterprises, and they are matched with well-known customers in Guangzhou Automobile, (), Changan Automobile and other industries through system suppliers. The company has supplied some exterior decoration parts for the cars of Wenjie and Zhijie.

  Q: 5. What is the company’s order mode for new energy vehicles? What is the current capacity utilization rate?

  A: The order mode of the company’s new energy vehicles is rolling order production. At present, the company’s Wuhu base has a high capacity utilization rate, especially the spraying line is produced at full capacity, and the capacity and orders of other bases change to a certain extent every month, maintaining the normal production level.

  Q: 6. What is the company’s fixed increase? When will it be released?

  A: The company’s issue of shares to specific objects has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for registration. On July 8, 2023, the company disclosed the Announcement on Obtaining the Approval of Registration from the China Securities Regulatory Commission for the Application of Issuing Shares to Specific Objects on Juchao.com.. The follow-up company will choose the opportunity to complete the distribution work;

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Komatsu fund Fund company Yan shiwen Landscape fund Fund company Bin Sun Guoxin Securities securities company Cao jiacheng Guojin securities securities company Li Yukai, Jiang Ying Shenzhen qianhai Hongfu private placement Sunshine private placement organization Wu Xiaoling Xuanjia private placement Sunshine private placement organization Li Dazhi Zhujiang life insurance insurance company Wang Zhongyang, Zhang Qiang individual other Liuyong, Pan Yuchu, Chen Shi Dachun Fund other Huang jiangying Tianhe investment other Jian Xu Hui Chuang fu Xiang other Cheng sheng Baijia public offering other Chao Huang Abama assets other Hu Xingyu