I can play these games for a year! 10 mobile phones can also play survival games, and it is recommended to collect them directly.

If you want to experience the game with the most sense of substitution and never get tired of playing, then survival games should be the first choice. In this issue, we will sort out ten high-quality survival games that can be played by mobile phones to ensure that each one is fun and enjoyable, and the types and gameplay are different, and there is always one for you! Conscience recommendation, remember to like the collection ~

Don’t Starve

This is a survival game with a strange style and a strange breath. The story background of the game is also very interesting. The mysterious machine made by scientist Wilson failed, but he didn’t want to be deceived by the devil. The mysterious machine rebuilt actually sent him to the wilderness of another world. Players need to face the test of extreme weather such as hunger and cold, the attack of monsters and many other extreme situations. The most important thing is that not only these most intuitive physical effects, but also players need to always pay attention to the mental state of the character. Such a thing as no light source will also become one of the possibilities of indirectly hitting the player, which can be said to be very real.

When you cut through the thorns, know how to collect all kinds of resources and use them for yourself, and skillfully use wood, seeds, berries and other resources to maintain your basic survival, how to live here for a long time will become the most important thing to consider. There are four seasons in the game. In order to keep their health values, players have to rush for life every day. You will feel like you are really living in a desperate situation, and consider the plan after 5 days, 10 days or even more. Therefore, from the depth of play, this work is also quite in place. If you feel that playing alone is too lonely and depressing, you can also choose the online version to bring your gay friends experience better!

Live (Survive)

This is a doomsday zombie theme word game. The game has plot mode, endless mode and war chess mode. In the plot mode, players can choose different characters and start with completely different stories to experience the cruel journey of survival at the end of the day, which is not only the threat of zombies, but also the law of the jungle among human beings. The endless mode provides the infinite survival mode and the purgatory survival mode, whether it is challenging the survival limit or pulling up the difficulty as soon as you start; As an annual update of the war chess mode, it adds a completely new gameplay to the game. As a word survival game, the outstanding feature of this game is that there are many details and a large choice space for players.

Reflected in the actual game, every decision and every action may cause a butterfly effect due to random situations. For example, if the noise is a little louder when picking up garbage, it will alarm the distant enemy; To destroy the furniture in a scene, you can choose different striking actions, striking strength and different striking weapons, and these choices will inevitably bring different consequences including but not limited to whether the furniture is destroyed and whether the durability of the weapons is damaged. It can also be said that this work has brought rich and considerable strategic space for the game by digging deep into the details from the perspective of putting yourself in the shoes, which not only enhances the sense of substitution, but also gives full play to the advantages and strength of word games. Players who like word survival games should not miss it.

Shelter: survival (60 Seconds! )

This is a doomsday survival game under the background of nuclear radiation. In this project, the nuclear alarm goes off, and you only have 60 seconds to collect materials. Send them to an underground shelter and wait for help. However, in the game settings, your family is also one of the "materials". In other words, in this sixty seconds, you can play the role of the husband and give up one or several of his wife and children, and you may be able to take an extra bottle of water or eat more with the time saved. But there will also be one less helper.

After successfully hiding in the underground shelter, players will face the distribution of existing materials and whether outsiders need help when they visit. Maybe they are poor people, or they will show their sharp fangs and become robbers when you politely refuse. You still need to decide who to send out to search for supplies. Who should be saved when many people are exposed to radiation but there is only one medicine box, and so on. Whether a good ending can be achieved depends entirely on the player’s choice. And whether it is lucky enough under the random mechanism of the game. Generally speaking, this book is very good at depicting the choice under desperate circumstances.

Radiation City

This game is a survival game from the first-person perspective. In the game, the protagonist we controlled survived the plane crash. When he woke up from a coma, he looked at the wreckage of a helicopter not far away and could only instinctively pick up the scattered materials. After finally getting the crowbar, the most famous physics Rapier in the history of the game, our adventure in this radiation city officially began. In the next journey, all kinds of powerful weapons, materials and vehicles can be collected and used, and they are scattered all over this extremely dilapidated city. To get these things, you must take great risks, because there are all kinds of zombies who are in hot pursuit, and there are also many ways to die, such as lack of water, lack of food, lack of physical fitness, and being attacked by mutant creatures. In the case of insufficient materials, this quiet and dangerous dilapidated atmosphere will bring you a high degree of immersion and terror. However, compared with the passive survival of ordinary people in "Shelter: Survival", it is still much more enjoyable for players to fully act.

Death trigger (Dead Trigger)

This is a very classic zombie-themed FPS game. In the game, as survivors of the zombie crisis, we will pick up our weapons and fight our way out in the danger surrounded by zombies. In the process, I will complete various tasks, earn money, gain experience, and make myself stronger, so that I can calmly survive in the more dangerous and changeable levels behind. The picture of the game is excellent, and it has amazing special effects performance in that year under full special effects. How to use the rich and changeable terrain to beat off a wave of zombie attacks with minimal casualties is the biggest cool point of this book. Moreover, the weapon system of this work is very rich, not only guns of various colors and lengths, but also more bloody weapons such as chainsaws. Players who like the combination of FPS+ and survival should not miss it.

Survival on a Desert Island: survival island

This game is an open-world survival game from the 3D first-person perspective. In the game, we need to collect mushrooms, cut down trees, get tools, make primitive houses and so on, starting from a savage in a quiet and empty island. The style and tone of the game are slightly like the feeling of the first generation of Cry Island. The blue sky and green trees make the picture look quite comfortable. As a medium-sized work, this work is quite retro, and it is quite good to try it.

One-on-one combat wilderness (Marooned)

I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary about the wilderness, even if you haven’t seen it completely. I believe that I have also brushed a bald and naked content in extreme environment on the small video. Yes, the macho man named "Deye" with the same name as Baye in the film was actually adapted into a game. It’s just that it’s not a masterpiece of 3A survival, but a painting style of 2d overlooking angle. Although this head-to-body ratio is very realistic, it looks a bit funny and cute.

Just like in the documentary, we need to find water, food and a base where we can build a basic guarantee for survival. Take this as an expansion, and then gradually expand to explore the surrounding situation, obtain resources, hunt and so on. The game provides multiple survival maps to choose from. Although the style of painting is not hard-core, the overall difficulty is high. Players who like Deye or think they are good at survival games can try it.

Radiation Island (Radiation Island)

Radiation island is a first-person desert island survival game, and it is also the predecessor of Radiation City mentioned above. At the beginning of the game, players will experience some psychedelic opening. A strange green smoke suddenly appeared on the calm sea, followed by a search of warships in the green smoke, and when we came to our first-person perspective, we would be on the island for a while, while on the warships, the sky in the field of vision was also twitching and flashing. This psychedelic, puzzling and disturbing opening let us begin radiation island’s journey of survival with a series of mysteries about self-identity, exploration direction and unknown crisis. But obviously there must be countless secrets about this island.

The island scenery in the game is refreshing, but under this charming appearance, there are still zombies and wild animals threatening your life. Hunting, collecting materials and making weapons and tools are the skills you must have. Make sure you can survive first, and then explore the story content step by step. Combined with the book written on the history of World War II, the layout of the mystery and the brain hole are all well designed. So this is a story-telling and very fun survival game.

Ark: ARK: Survival Evolved)

Mobile phone version of Ark: Survival evolution basically retains the computer version of the game experience. As a sandbox game, players can live freely in this island full of various dinosaurs and other creatures. To experience the epic leap from the primitive life of building houses to the ability to build castles and machine guns and grenades. But the greatest pleasure of this work is biological domestication and multi-person online.

The game’s biological domestication and cultivation system has a high degree of freedom, and it can fly not only to take you to your destination quickly, but also to bring your friends with you. Those who can’t fly have their own abilities, except getting into the water, jumping higher and running faster. Some even can help you collect resources. With them, you can really enjoy going to sea and heaven.

In the multiplayer online part, players can not only cooperate with their friends, but also sneak up on other players’ homes. A three-light policy is also acceptable, so the playability is still very strong. This game is also a rare sandbox game with excellent picture quality and extremely interesting gameplay on the mobile terminal.

Survivor: Wei Cheng

This game is a horizontal version of the 2D survival adventure meat pigeon game. The game takes place in a city full of zombies. The only thing a player can do is to show a strong will and focus on the present life, and finally achieve the goal of fleeing the city. Because it is a meat pigeon, every time the game is reopened, it will be affected by randomness, and once again it will face the uncertain situation of life and death. The operation logic of the game is similar to "This is My War". By clicking, you can move and complete actions including but not limited to opening doors and rummaging through cabinets. In the face of the enemy, you still need to predict the forward swing of the opponent’s attack, and walk among them without injury through accurate positioning, but the painting style has changed from realistic black and white tones to European and American cartoon wasteland style. The sense of depression has weakened a lot, but the difficulty is still hard, and you may die in the next second at any time. It’s good for players who like "This is My War" to choose as a meal replacement.

So that’s all the content of this recommendation. The survival game seems to be a fancy start, but in fact, each game almost starts with picking up garbage, solving basic food and clothing, and then embarking on a journey of getting fatter or getting poorer. It seems that the difference is not bad, and each game can bring a completely different feeling. So what other interesting survival games have you played? Welcome to share your recommendation in the comments section ~


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