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The correct way to open the swimming pool

On a hot summer day, people, old and young, Xian Yi’s summer+fitness activity is to go swimming in the swimming pool. But swimming is also exquisite ~

Next, we will tell you from the standard point of view:

To the swimming poolCorrect opening mode

Swimming is one of the first high-risk sports events issued by the State Sports General Administration and other departments. According to the National Fitness Regulations issued by the State Council, swimming pools that are open to the outside world need to obtain the business license of high-risk sports events (as shown below), and the most important thing in obtaining evidence is to pass the national standard GB 19079.1-2013 "operation conditions and technical requirements for gymnasium and playground: Swimming Place" (hereinafter referred to as the standard).

First of all, when we come to the swimming place, we have to go through the spraying area and the foot-soaking disinfection pool before we can enter the swimming pool. Many friends think that the water is too cold and walk around, but this is actually wrong. The spraying area can make us adapt to the temperature of the pool water more quickly, and the foot-soaking pool can help us take away the bacteria and viruses on our feet, make the pool water cleaner and make swimmers safer. These are all stipulated in the standard, and the foot bath that can be bypassed does not meet the requirements.

Through the foot bath, we came to the swimming pool. Do you think the water in the swimming pool is crystal clear? That’s because our standard stipulates that the color of swimming pool wall and bottom must be light, which is convenient for finding swimmers in time. The shallow water depth can’t exceed 1.2 meters, and the pool water must be recycled and disinfected, which makes the pool water appear crystal clear. Some swimming pools have a diving area, and the water in the diving area will appear darker. This is not because different colors of water are used, but because the bottom of the diving area is deeper, the water you see appears darker.

Then let’s not rush into the water. Let’s look at all the public signs in the swimming pool and do some preparatory activities by the way. The standards stipulate the water quality of swimming pools, and there must be a water quality inspection report. The local standards in Shanghai also stipulate that all indicators of pool water should be inspected every year, including free residual chlorine, total chlorine, turbidity, pH value, total number of colonies, total coliform, urea and cyanuric acid, and free residual chlorine, turbidity, pH value and temperature of pool water should be inspected every two hours (outdoor every hour). In addition to the water quality report and water quality self-inspection information, the publicity area should also publicize the swimming pool license certificate, lifeguard qualification and other information.

You can finally get into the water. Are you anxious to show off your beautiful swimming strokes? Don’t worry, at this time, we have to go into the water through the pool escalator, and don’t dive in from the shore. According to the size of the swimming pool, there should be at least 2-4 pool escalators, which is also stipulated by the standard. The deep water area and shallow water area must be clearly marked with water depth. Beginners should not go to the deep water area. In addition, let’s take a look at whether the view of the swimming pool is unobstructed, whether the lifeguard’s view is dead, and whether the light of the swimming pool is dim. If you feel the air is cloudy, the light is dim and you can’t see the lifeguard, you should change the swimming pool quickly!

Last friendly reminder

Physical discomfort, after a full meal, after drinking, etc.

Don’t go swimming in the water

The heat wave is rolling

Let’s swim happily and safely!

Editor: Xu Yuelin

Data: The Municipal Quality Inspection Institute and Shanghai released WeChat WeChat official account.

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