Film, Ideal, Growing Together | This decade, our film life

Special feature of 1905 film network In this decade, from fireworks to prosperity in the world, movies have always been in our lives. This decade, the film is life, life is film, this decade, our film life.

The actor grew up in the countryside, influenced by the environment, and his understanding of many things was very limited. The economic embarrassment also bound him and even made him slowly close himself. He felt very lucky to be able to leave the small mountain village in Yimeng Mountain area and come to Beijing, to be able to engage in his favorite performing arts career and take acting as his career.

When it comes to ten years, the most influential thing in his works is that he spent five months preparing, refused any other work and lost 30 pounds. Then, in order to experience the life at that time and feel the inner world of Jiao Yulu, he went into all the places where Jiao Yulu once lived.

"On the day I joined the group, I put on all the costumes. On the way out of work and on the way to work, I listened to the songs of that era." Follow communist party ","Unity is power "and" We workers have power "have been around my ears, dragging me back to that era."

In the past ten years, China’s films have flourished, and many excellent films have been born. They are all excellent films in recent years, and Guo Xiaodong likes them very much. Although these films carry different contents, they are also full of warmth and positive energy, as well as fighting spirit and passion.

"In the past ten years, my film life, I am grateful to have a movie as my companion, because these interesting and bittersweet stories are with me, which makes my life particularly beautiful and colorful. Thanks to the movie."

Ten years is also the growth time of the blog program "Movies Are Not Boring". At present, there are three members in the program, namely, the anchor Xier, the anchor King Kong and the guest Xiao Pang. In the past ten years, they have gone from film enthusiasts to film disseminators. This program was first started by Xier and King Kong, who went to college in 2007 and became attached to movies.

"After we met, we began to talk about movies crazily, and we got to know each other because of movies until we graduated from college."

When talking about the reason for the creation of this program, King Kong said: "It would be that we accidentally discovered that there seems to be a new gadget called blog, in which many independent folk young people do some interesting audio programs. At that time, because we like movies very much, we wanted to say that we should try it ourselves, and then we had our initial idea."

Now there are many series of "Movies Are Not Boring", and there is a monthly movie guide series for popular movies. When they see movies with good cinema quality, for example, they will strongly recommend them to fans and friends, so that everyone can think of the cinema more and walk into it. Secondly, they also talked about movie stories about you, me and him, and how they or their listeners fell in love with movies.

In this decade, listening friends are one of their sources of motivation. In the ten years of the program, besides movies, there are also listening friends waiting for them. My son said, "Why can you actually do it for such a long time? It is because you have feedback, that is, listening to the interaction of friends, because everyone is like-minded. "

"These people have basically known each other for about 10 years. They first listened to our programs and then participated in offline activities. And many people have become friends who talk about everything. Everyone is talking about movies."

Movies that listeners are interested in will also be recommended to them in reverse. Love Myth is a good movie first proposed by listeners. Later, their offline party also started around this film, and even a program was specially produced for this film.

Love Myth — —"It is incomplete for a woman not to have lived for herself."

Film is an indispensable part of our life. In the eyes of fans, it may even be a source that brings us the greatest happiness. They are doing what they like to do, and they have made their own careers. They are inspired by movies and gain strength from listening to Yukiko Iwai. In ten years, movies will go with you all the way!