Come to Aershan in winter, have fun and enjoy … Poke in and have a look.

  Aershan is not a mountain, but its full name is Harun Aershan, which is Mongolian and Chinese means "warm and holy spring water". Aershan City is located in the northern part of the motherland, across the southwest foothills of Daxinganling Mountains, with an average elevation of 1,100 meters, an area of more than 7,400 square kilometers and a total population of 68,000. It is a new tourist and holiday city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  At present, it has a 5A-level tourist attraction, two national forest parks, an Aershan UNESCO World Geopark, three national wetland parks and a national key scenic spot.

  It has successively won the titles of China Climate and Ecological City, China Excellent Tourism City, China Hot Springs Hometown, China Winter Tourism and Leisure Resort, National Tourism Poverty Alleviation Experimental Zone and Belt and Road International Healthy Tourism Destination.

  Aershan has an excellent combination of natural scenery.

  There are "four seas" in Aershan!

  First, there is a beautiful forest. It is located in the hinterland of Daxinganling forest region, with a forest coverage rate of over 80%. It is a green treasure house base of national reserve forest resources.

  Second, there is a grass sea. Aershan is the closest place to see the grassland in China! To the east, it is Hulunbeier grassland; To the north, it is the Mongolian prairie; To the south, it is the Horqin grassland; To the west, it is Xilin Gol prairie. The coverage rate of green vegetation is over 95%.

  Third, there is Xue Hai. Every year from October to April of the following year, it is an effective snowfall period in Aershan, with early snowfall, long snowfall period and good snow quality, which makes it the ice and snow sports training base of the national ski team. The famous Austrian ski expert Ortiz, who visited China, called it "Switzerland of the East".

  Fourth, there is a stone sea. As a geological relic of Quaternary volcanic eruption, Aershan has the largest basalt landform of recently extinct volcano in Asia, and its geological structure, soil and vegetation are kept in the original state, which reproduces the whole process of succession from lower plants to higher plants. Among them, Shitanglin and Guibeiyan in National Forest Park are rare and peculiar landscapes in China.

  There are "three groups" in Aershan!

  First, there are volcanoes. Aershan National Forest Park has more than 200 square kilometers of the largest well-preserved volcanic lava landform in Asia. Some volcanic lava landscapes here are the only ones left in Asia, and experts call them natural volcano museums.

  Second, there are mineral springs. Due to the special geological structure created by volcanic movement, there are more than 100 drinking and bathing mineral springs with different temperatures and functions in Aershan, which is the largest functional mineral spring community in China and has been identified as the source of high-quality mineral water in China. Among them, the 48-eye hot spring in Poseidon Hot Spring Museum and Wuli Spring, praised by General Yang Chengwu as "a strange spring of holy water", are the most well known.

  Third, there are Tianchi Group. There are 7 Tianchi lakes and more than 10 volcanic dammed lakes in Aershan National Forest Park, which show the greatness and magic of nature like bright pearls.

  There are "two" in Aershan!

  One is natural oxygen. Due to the good ecological environment, Aershan has become a natural oxygen bar. Come to Aershan, you can stay away from the smog and breathe.

  The second is to cool off in the summer. Aershan, located at 47 degrees north latitude, is a cold temperate zone with an annual rainfall of 460 mm and a daily average maximum temperature of only 22 degrees in summer. It is a natural "central air conditioner".

  This winter, Aershan City insists on taking tourists as the center and taking the market as the guide, relying on the five core resources of "ice and snow, hot springs, rime, forest customs and ports", focusing on playing ornamental cards, entertainment cards and experience cards. Around the main carrier of the ice and snow festival, Aershan City has arranged 25 normalized products, 15 festival event forums, 8 supporting policies and 4 boutique routes.

  After continuous cultivation in recent years, Aershan City has formed "Hundred Miles of Rime Sightseeing Tour", "Millennium Volcano Mystery Tour", "Hundred Eyes Sacred Spring Experience Tour", "Lin Hai Xue Yuan Crossing Tour", "Most Meilin Family Visiting Tour", "Ice and Snow Sightseeing Tour", "Chairman’s Inspection Tracing Tour", "Freezing Riverside Photography Tour" and "Patriotic Theme". These all bid farewell to the single mode of enjoying snow and ice in the past, and let you have a different wonderful silver ice and snow world when you come to Aershan.

  In winter, Aershan is wrapped in silver, quiet and peaceful! Freezing thousands of miles outdoors and bathing in indoor hot springs, you can enjoy the wonderful gift of nature of "ice and fire" and experience the graceful journey of exercise and health preservation. Qian Shan is covered with snow, and it is foggy for hundreds of miles. How can you taste the real winter if you can’t reach Aershan?

  Urban experience products

  Ice and Snow Sculpture Garden: snow sculpture Ice Sculpture Photography Sightseeing, Forest Custom Snow House Visiting Experience, Ice and Snow Playing Activities, Roast Bar, Bar, Bonfire Party, Mengyuan Forest Custom Cultural Performance, and taking a sightseeing train to visit the Ice Sculpture snow sculpture Garden. When night falls, you seem to be in a dreamlike world of ice and snow.

  Xishan Ski Resort: freestyle synchronized skiing performance.

  Dongshan ski resort: snow circle, snowmobile and skiing experience.

  Hot spring museum: hot spring recreation and health product experience, hot spring knowledge learning.

  Railway station: visit the national key protected cultural relics — — Aershan Railway Station.

  Aershan International Conference Forum Center: Painting and Calligraphy Photography Exhibition.

  Geological museum: Experiencing and studying popular knowledge of volcanic geology.

  Wuliquan: Visit Wuliquan and taste the water quality of the spring at the source of Aershan mineral water.

  Bailang experience products

  White Wolf Rime: "Yushu Qionghua White Wolf Peak, ten thousand wisps of silver velvet is good rime", the top of White Wolf Peak looks for Frozen, participates in the solemn sacrifice activities in Aobao, Xing ‘an, accepts the holy blessing with a pious attitude, and watches the wonders of Lin Hai in the south foot of Xing ‘an Mountains all the way.

  White Wolf Peak: The towering and steep White Wolf Peak at an altitude of 1,511 meters watches the sunrise in Linhai, witnessing the beautiful moment when the sun blooms in ultra-low temperature, and splashing water into ice.

  Water Know Mineral Water Plant: Learn about the formation process of Aershan natural mineral water with a long history, explore the mystery of life and water, visit the high-quality mineral water drinking assembly line in Aershan and taste the sweet natural mineral water.

  Aershan Forest Custom Museum: Reproduce the production and life scenes of forestry workers in the past through words, pictures, objects and scene displays. Be able to fully understand the pioneering course of hard struggle and selfless dedication of foresters. Experience the distinctive features and unique charm of forest customs culture.

  Lucun: Visiting the most beautiful households.

  Taoyuan New Village: Visitors take a royal carriage from Taoyuan New Village to the Tourism Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, have close interaction with the deer bred in the industrial park, visit the shooting location of Dear Inn 2, and experience snowmobiles, with horses, camels and reindeer pulling carts.

  Luyuan: Go to Dear Inn 2 and interact with sika deer.

  Experience products in Aershan National Forest Park

  White Wolf-Scenic Area: You can cross the real Linhai Snowfield along the tourist loop from White Wolf to the scenic area.

  Gate area of Aershan National Forest Park: Experience a gorgeous and colorful winter time, 35 wild and interesting snow carnivals in winter, awaken childhood happiness and return your body and mind to the true nature.












  Aershan has also prepared a variety of tourism activities for everyone.

  1. Opening Ceremony of Aershan International Health Ice and Snow Festival (December 21st)

  Watch fireworks, participate in bonfires, and experience fun ice and snow carnival.

  2. Sanfu outdoor ice and snow triathlon (end of December)

  Snow Run+Freezing River Drifting+Sledding: (Wusu Langzi Lake) (A date with winter lets us experience the gift of nature in our own way — — A fire in winter

  3. Snowboard Race (end of December) Walking in the silver fairy tale world, every step will be impressive.

  4. Parent-child group: Experience the horse-drawn sledge (parking lot in Aershan Scenic Area — Wusu prodigal lake)

  5. White Wolf Ice Rolling Culture Festival: Different Lantern Festival, "Northeast duet performance", "Forest custom culture production interpretation" and "Fun Ice and Snow Games" & HELIP; …

  6. Aershan Snow Football Match

  7, snowmobile drift race

  8. 2018 "Love in Xing ‘an"-Lin Hai Xue Yuan Qian Li Xing and China North Ice and Snow Tourism Summit Forum, competitive sports and national fitness activities are deeply integrated, tourism+sports+reality show.

  9. Ice and Snow Cross-country Challenge and Ice and Snow Self-driving Rally: A car race that follows the national traffic laws and regulations, follows the time and route set by the state, and does not aim at racing.