The winner of the billion-dollar lottery prize may show up next week.

Topic: Pay attention to the first 100 million yuan prize in China.

    Times Lanzhou Electric (special correspondent Chen Xuegang) As of yesterday evening, the winner of the highest single-player winning record in the 20 years since China issued lottery tickets has not yet appeared. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Gansu Welfare Lottery Distribution Center that today and tomorrow are weekends, and the lottery center will stop awarding prizes. Therefore, it is inferred that the winner of the 100 million grand prize is likely to show up next week. It is said that the billion-dollar lottery king may be a local citizen of Jiayuguan, and his status as a civil servant is more likely. However, because it has not yet appeared, it is not completely certain that the lottery winner of the two lottery tickets bought within 3 minutes is one.

    Good news sensationalized Jiayuguan.

    On the evening of November 27th, the two-color ball lottery broke the news. The next day, the news that "a lottery winner in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province won the prize of 100 million yuan" spread quickly all over the country and became the most concerned topic of local citizens in Jiayuguan. Gansu Welfare Lottery Center revealed that Jiayuguan is discussing "Who is so lucky to hit such a high bonus?"

    The betting station No.62020119, which won the prize of 100 million yuan, is full of people. In the past three days, there have been an endless stream of people asking for information and buying lottery tickets. The lottery house with an area of only 10 square meters is always crowded with people, and Ms. Li Zhenjie, the person in charge of the station, is busy.

    The winner is calm and in no hurry.

    Compared with the national public opinion, the grand prize winner is very calm and still hasn’t shown up. Wang Ruiqiong, chief of Guangdong Welfare Lottery Center, who has been engaged in the grand prize redemption for many years, said, "This winner is very calm. Jiayuguan is a good news that everyone knows winning the prize. He has no reason not to know that he is already a billionaire. Obviously, he deliberately waited for these days to pass, and then appeared after avoiding the limelight."

    It is understood that the effective redemption period of the two-color ball welfare lottery is 30 days. According to common sense, the winner has a greater chance of appearing next week. Although there are still more than 20 days before the deadline, no one can really be calm and calm before the bonus of hundreds of millions of yuan. Just as the netizen posted a joke, "One hundred million, the winner must not eat the lottery ticket!" According to reports, Gansu Welfare Lottery Center has made preparations and will arrange safe and fast VIP services for the winners.

    There are flaws in the media reports.

    Until last night, the winner of the 100 million grand prize had not appeared, but more and more media came to Lanzhou and Jiayuguan in Gansu to interview, reaching dozens. Due to the strong professionalism of lottery tickets, some media reporters are not familiar with lottery tickets, which leads to low-level errors in some reports. Yesterday, a media reported that "Chi-Wai Tam of Gansu Welfare Lottery Center stressed that the center will check the identity of the winner. If he is a staff member or relative of the lottery center, he will be disqualified according to the regulations."

    In this regard, people who know the lottery said that everyone is equal before the lottery, and everyone can buy lottery tickets, which means that everyone also enjoys the right to win prizes. In an interview with the Times reporter, Chi-Wai Tam clarified that she had never made the above statement, and the content was false news fabricated by the reporter.

Editor: Zhao Deli