Clear and cold crit! The temperature will hit a new low since winter!

This week, Zhejiang focused on the impact of two waves of cold air:

The first wave of cold air affected Zhejiang from 13th to 14th.

Precipitation: Because there is no warm and humid air flow, this cold air process will not bring precipitation to Zhejiang, and there will be more clouds in southern Zhejiang, and the weather in other areas will be fine.

Temperature: Although the intensity of this wave of cold air is not strong, due to the good weather conditions, the cooling rate is still not small. On the morning of the 14th and 15th, except for coastal areas, the lowest temperature in most parts of the province will drop to around freezing point.

Strong wind: Maximum period of wind: from the night of 13th to the morning of 14th. Affected by cold high pressure and offshore low pressure, there are 8-9 winds along the central and southern coast of Zhejiang.

The second wave of strong cold air affected Zhejiang from 16th to 17th.

Precipitation: There was weak precipitation in the whole province on 16th, and the rest time was mainly sunny to cloudy.

Temperature: The intensity of this wave of cold air can be comparable to that of the cold wave that affected Zhejiang at the end of November, but the temperature drop is not so great because the previous temperature is already quite low. On the 18th and 19th morning, the temperature was extremely low. Except for coastal areas, the lowest temperature in most parts of the province will drop to-3℃~-5℃, and it will be even lower in mountainous areas. However, due to the long time, the forecast will be revised gradually, but it is certain that this wave of cold air will definitely make the temperature in Zhejiang hit a new low since winter.

Gale: There are 8-10 northerly winds from north to south along the coastal sea.

Will it snow?

At present, the water vapor is very uncoordinated. Although the temperature has reached, it will not snow until the water vapor reaches it.

Provincial weather forecast

From noon to night today: there are occasional sporadic light rains on cloudy days in southern Zhejiang, and it turns cloudy in the afternoon; Other areas are cloudy to sunny.

Tomorrow: The whole province will be sunny to cloudy.

The day after tomorrow: it will be cloudy in southern Zhejiang; Other areas are sunny to cloudy.

Minimum temperature tomorrow morning: 4-6 degrees in coastal areas; 1-3 degrees in other areas, with frost. Maximum temperature in the daytime tomorrow: 13-15 degrees in coastal areas; 11-13 degrees in other areas.

In a word, the weather is very sunny and cold recently, no matter how many degrees the temperature will drop, just add clothes in time and pay attention to cold and warmth.

Source | Zhejiang Weather