Hua Xikou leads the interpretation of the official standard of pure beauty cosmetics

In July 2022, the group standard of "CLEAN BEAUTY Pure Beauty" in China was officially announced. In February 2023, with the wide implementation of the group logo in the industry, more and more brands paid attention to standardization construction. As the first drafting unit of the group logo, MCL Huaxikou, an oriental pure skin care brand, was invited to participate in the seminar of "Pure Beauty" of One Leaf, and will attend the 6th China Cosmetics Trend Conference soon, sharing the experience of formulating the group logo and interpreting the pure beauty under the new trend as an industry leader.
Being the guide of the "pure age", Hua Xikou standardized the concept of "pure beauty"
Around 2010, a group of consumers in North America began to abandon chemical synthetic products and embrace healthy and natural skin care methods. This is the prototype of "CLEAN BEAUTY"; In 2012, MCL Huaxikou was founded, and its development core of "pure skin care" coincides with the concept of "CLEAN BEAUTY", which has been mutually confirmed in the development of more than ten years since then.
When "CLEAN BEAUTY" came to China, it had a more vivid and elegant translation: pure beauty. The new concept and new demand of this subdivision track make domestic brands and international giants stand at the same starting line. Based on the industry’s consensus on the concept of "no risk, no harm and transparent ingredients", Huaxikou advocates "five principles of CLEAN and pure skin care" (true label, purity without adding, efficacy demonstration, morality-oriented, natural and organic), which has been widely recognized, and helped Huaxikou to lead the way and achieve a win-win situation in sales volume and word of mouth. At the same time, Huaxikou took the lead in China, publishing a list of 2000+ risk raw materials (the quantity far exceeds the banned standards of the European Union and China, and any six risk components that may cause cancer and teratogenesis, mental addiction, hormone disorder, skin irritation, life injury and environmental pollution will not be added), so as to make the ingredients safe and transparent and create a precedent for the concretization of the concept of "pure beauty" in China.
In the post-epidemic era, based on the huge user group and the thirst for health, China’s "pure beauty" has increased rapidly in China, and various brands, even supply chains and R&D institutions have made bets one after another. China has gradually occupied the mainstream of the global "pure beauty" development. However, at that time, there was still an objective question between the industry and users: What exactly is "CLEAN BEAUTY Pure Beauty"? There is no uniform definition for its standard, even in the North American market of origin, and users easily confuse it with natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics, green/sustainable cosmetics, plant cosmetics and other concepts. Conceptual marketing such as "pure beauty is nothing to add", "pure beauty is nature" and "pure beauty is zero burden" affects users’ minds, and there are even three brands that exploit loopholes in the industry, ignoring users’ health and making real pure brands suffer criticism. Hua Xikou has witnessed and participated in the development of "Pure Beauty" in China, and has also assumed the brand responsibility of avoiding the chaos in the industry and promoting the standardized development. In 2021, Huaxikou released the first Green Paper on Pure Beauty in China, which can help users understand the knowledge of pure beauty and enable industry partners to build a safe and compliant production process of pure beauty. Hua Xikou pioneered the standardization of "pure beauty" in China step by step, and also voiced to users with strength: pure beauty is no longer a single concept, but a complete and rigorous system!
The scientific and rigorous group logo has become a powerful engine for the high-quality and high-speed development of "Pure Beauty" in China.
With eleven years’ professional experience in focusing on the pure track, Hua Xikou has the strength to formulate the first group standard of "CLEAN BEAUTY Pure Beauty" in China. The drafting and correction of the group logo lasted more than 600 days, including not limited to the literature research of skin care ingredients such as 20000+ deformity and carcinogenesis, the support of six data platforms such as drug supervision system /IFRA, and the research of 40+ pure related brands, which was confirmed by the guidance and evaluation of authoritative experts in the industry. In the end, the standard was issued by Guangdong Cosmetics Society and certified by Guangdong Civil Affairs Department (No.T/GDCA011-2022). With a scientific and rigorous expression, the standard of "CLEAN BEAUTY Pure Beauty" in China was finalized: "Pure beauty is a cosmetic whose life cycle conforms to openness, transparency, traceability, human health and safety, environmental friendliness, kindness to animals and social responsibility and humanitarianism." At the same time, it also stipulates the high standard requirements of all links in the product life cycle, from composition, research and development, design, efficacy, pro-testing, packaging and other links, high standard operation and high standard implementation.
Since the release of the group logo, a "standard" revolution has been set off in the beauty industry. In the past, users only stayed in the concept of pure beauty, but now they have a more detailed interpretation and reference; For the industry, it is a breakthrough innovation and a pioneering work in the global market to move from the previous conceptual consensus to a brand-new "pure era" with standards to follow. Gong Tiangui, founder and CEO of Huaxikou, mentioned: "Why is the purity standard a perfect and rigorous system? Because from the brand point of view, consumer demand and market trends have been changing, our standards for pure beauty can no longer rely on the past consensus. We should have forward-looking thinking and pay attention to the sustainable development of pure beauty. Through official standards, it is self-motivated and fully implemented, always maintaining deep links with users, and always maintaining the resilience and competitiveness of the brand. "
It can be seen that the real "CLEAN BEAUTY Pure Beauty" is the brand’s control over the whole product life cycle, the innovation to meet the needs of the market and users, and the sense of responsibility to be environmentally friendly and reduce the burden on the earth. Only in the concept of marketing, you can fight for the first time to cut leeks, but you can’t get the reputation of users; One-sided definition of pure beauty from "natural", "forbidden ingredients" and "zero addition" only consolidates the basic skills of purity, but can’t keep the brand and products impeccable in the whole cycle and constantly upgrade their sustainable advantages. To have all three, we must comprehensively strengthen all aspects, and even establish a standard system by linking the upstream and downstream supply chains. Now Huaxi Kou has implemented the detailed rules of the group standard in various R&D chains, such as the first list of risk components, laying a safe foundation; Trace the origin of oriental flowers and plants and explore pure ingredients; Established the "Pure Beauty Innovation Research Center" jointly with Xiaoyu Pro-test and Xuanjia Bio, and upgraded the raw material extraction again; Emphasize brand aesthetics and pleasant experience, and pay attention to the joint creation of culture and creation; All products have been tested by human body, insisting on user’s real data feedback; Product packaging advocates environmental friendliness, using soybean ink printing, etc. Focusing on the requirements of the group logo, Hua Xikou achieves the unity of knowledge and action, and always creates the first.
In the past, we chased and imitated international beauty; In the era of purity, if Hua Xikou wants to be a leader and creator, the brand upgrade will not happen overnight, let alone a slogan and enthusiasm, but it needs unremitting exploration and persistence. On this difficult but absolutely correct "standardization" road, Hua Xikou sincerely hopes to share the standard experience and build a standard future with the industry, and work together to promote the high-quality and rapid development of "pure beauty" in China.