Abominable: China’s beautiful scenery conquers the world and spreads China culture.

1905 movie network news Animated masterpieces produced in China and distributed around the world are being shown all over the country. Up to now, they have been shown in 46 countries and regions around the world, and have accumulated more than 100 million US dollars in box office. The domestic box office of the film has exceeded 100 million yuan, and with its excellent picture performance and the story of contemporary China, the good reputation spread like wildfire.

The dizzying beauty of China in the film conquered overseas audiences, and the hero of the film, Heavy Snowman Mao, impressed everyone. During the National Day holiday, some netizens saw the figure of Snowman Mao in Leshan Giant Buddha, which is also an important scene in the movie.

China Beauty God Restores Snowman Heavy Hair to Visit Leshan Giant Buddha.

The strong word-of-mouth of Abominable swept the world and attracted the attention of film critics. Scott Feinberg, columnist of Hollywood Reporter, predicted that "Abominable" is expected to be shortlisted for the best animated feature film. At the same time, animated films that entered the forecast list include I Lost My Body and War in Fu Nan. At the same time, the film scored as high as 9.3 points on a domestic ticketing platform, ranking among the best in the domestic animated film rating! Douban scored 7.5 points, big V recommended 93%, rotten tomato index 81%, popcorn index 96%, and the word-of-mouth results at home and abroad were very eye-catching.

Good word of mouth comes from the excellent performance of the film, and the most talked about by the audience is the "divine restoration" of China’s beautiful scenery. On their way back to Mount Everest, the protagonists Xiaoyi, Ajun and pengpeng passed through many famous mountains, rivers and places of interest, and the scenes of Huangshan Mountain, Qiandao Lake and Leshan Giant Buddha in the film reached a state of inseparable reality. The protagonist Xiaoyi played the violin at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha, and the scene of flowers blooming all over the mountains was very shocking. Such beautiful scenery also made foreign audiences fascinated.

On October 4th, some netizens saw the figure of Snowman Da Mao in giant buddha, Sichuan. Heavy hair appeared at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha, having a cordial interaction and taking photos with the tourists and children on the spot, which was quite popular. Da Mao’s "return" to Leshan Giant Buddha not only vividly reproduces the classic pictures in the film, but also confirms the high popularity and good reputation of the film.

Spreading the story of China culture "going home" touched the world.

Abominable tells a story about going home in China. It is not only the story of the snowman’s return to Everest, but also the story that "home" brings strength to the protagonists. The closer the heavy hair is to Everest, the more powerful its magic is. The friendship between the three protagonists has also been tested in the adventure and has become stronger. Xiaoyi’s mother’s care for Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi’s father’s violin and Xiaoyi’s grandmother’s steamed stuffed bun are also symbols of "home" one after another.

Some film critics said that Da Mao’s home is on Mount Everest, and Xiaoyi’s home is in a big city. It seems to be a far cry from each other, but it is also an echo. Home is the highest mountain, and we have been climbing it all our lives. This is an oriental family concept, and through the excellent expressive force of the film, the audience all over the world have realized the warmth of this kind of affection. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery in China, the people in China, or the Chinese feelings, they have been successfully conveyed to the audience watching movies, even though they speak different languages and have different skin colors.

Abominable was directed and written by Jill Culton and co-directed by Todd Wilderman. Tim Johnson is the executive producer and Suzanne Birchi and Peilin Chou are the producers. The film has been released in 46 countries and regions around the world.