[Damei V Vision] Did it snow there?

CCTV News:Snow falls in Qingyang

The magical nature

Take wind as a pen and snow as ink.

Sketch at will on the vast land

It’s a masterpiece.



The transparent world decorated with ice and snow

Qiongzhi jade leaf powder makeup jade

Haoran is picturesque in snow.

Look at the snow falling on the East Lake and the red Nanliang.

Watching the snow Ji Ziwuling, dyeing the snow with small caves.



A bird’s eye view of the plateau in Chu Qing after the snow.

There are canyons and ravines

There are terraced and soothing strokes

Every frame is as beautiful as a fairyland.



Snow is the messenger of winter.

It will be dusk and Qionghua will fly.

The Loess Plateau is covered with a layer of snow white.

Thousands of ditches and valleys are all black.

It makes people feel like they are in ink painting.



Snow is a gift of winter.

People walk into the snow.

Invest in the ice and snow sports belonging to Qingyang people

Feel the serenity and whiteness brought by snow.

Enjoying the happiness of close contact with snow.

Happy laughter fluttered in the snow.



Crystal clear ice hanging

Formed in an ice cave under the loess.

This is a solidified iron painting silver hook.

Hang the image of winter firmly on the loess

Under the shadow of the rustling snow

Actually beautiful like this.



The ice flowers are still on the branches.

A trickle of clear water freezes in time and space.

There is a hole in the transparent ice cave.

Come to Damei Qingyang and enjoy the ice and snow quietly.