Minimum MINUS 11°C! It will continue to snow in Guangxi!

On January 22,
Many places in Guangxi ushered in the first snow this year.
In xing an, Guanyang County, Guilin,
Ziyuan County, quanzhou county, lingyun county of Baise,
Rongshui Miao Autonomous County in Liuzhou,
Fengshan county in Hechi,
You can enjoy it
Snowflakes are flying all over the sky, and the beauty of the earth is wrapped in silver.
This strong cold air is really "frozen".
It has brought a rich weather "gift package" to Guangxi.
In addition to cooling, rainfall and strong winds,
Sleet, freezing rain and freezing are also on the line!
▲ Snowman in Guilin citizen’s pile. Photo courtesy of respondents
▲ On January 22 nd, there was a beautiful view of ice in Daming Mountain in Nanning. Lu hengxing
Statistics of Guangxi Meteorological Observatory,
Since the 19th, affected by cold air,
Guangxi continues to cool down,
Average daily temperature in most parts of the region
8 ~ 13℃, local 14℃ above;
Guilin, Liuzhou, Hezhou, Laibin,
Eight cities in Hechi, Baise, Nanning and Yulin
The lowest temperature in some areas is below 0℃.
The lowest is -8.3℃ in Guali Township, Ziyuan County, Guilin City.
In terms of rainfall,
There are moderate rains, local heavy rains and heavy rains in northern and western Guangxi.
There is light rain on cloudy days in other parts of Guangxi.
From 20: 00 on the 18th to 8: 00 on the 22nd,
Accumulated rainfall is greater than 100mm.
There are Maoershan (124.2 mm) in Xing ‘an, Guilin,
Liujiang Sanjiang Gaoji Township (102.2 mm),
50 ~ 100 mm
There are 95 townships in 23 counties (cities, districts) in 5 cities.
In addition, 25 counties (cities, districts) in Guangxi
Snow, sleet, freezing rain,
Freezing or road freezing;
Guilin, Liuzhou, Hechi, Baise,
Nanning, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang, Beihai and other cities
There is a strong wind of magnitude 8 or above.
▲ Snow scene in the suburbs of Guilin. Photo courtesy of respondents
January 22nd
Guangxi meteorological observatory continues to release
Low temperature blue warning and frozen yellow warning
Guangxi meteorological bureau
Level III Emergency Response to Major Meteorological Disasters (Cold)
Continue to take effect
▲ There is snow on the windowsill of the building near the East-West Lane in Guilin. Photo courtesy of respondents
The meteorological department expects
Affected by the continued replenishment of cold air
There are still in Guangxi from the 22 nd to the 24 th
Obvious low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather
Maintain low temperature and cold weather from 25th to 27th.
At present, the 0℃ line has been pressed south into northern Guangxi.
It is expected that the 0℃ line will be pressed south to central Guangxi on the morning of the 23rd.
Next 3 days
The temperature in most parts of Guangxi is hovering in single digits.
The lowest temperature will appear on the morning of the 23rd.
Cold mountain area-11 ~-3℃
It is-3 ~ 1℃ in the northeast of Guangxi and 1 ~ 6℃ in other areas.
In addition, cold air will mix with warm and humid air.
Fighting over Guangxi
Guangxi will continue to be affected
Rainy and wet "magic attack"
Remember to bring rain gear when you go out.
▲ On January 22nd, it was raining at low temperature in Nanning, and citizens traveled with umbrellas. South China Morning Post All-Media Reporter You Yongjun Photo
Anyway, the next few days
Still cold and cold!
When will the weather in Guangxi get warmer?
The temperature began to rise after 24 days.
But the recovery is very difficult and slow.
It is difficult for the temperature to rise before the 28th.
This cold, snowy and freezing weather
Will continue to maintain
Little friends these days
Put down jackets, autumn clothes and trousers,
Put on all the clothes with velvet and thickening.
Hot water bottles, small sun and electric blankets are all used.
Turn on the air conditioner for heating and bake it on fire.
But remember to pay attention to the safety of using fire and electricity
The specific forecast is as follows:
23 rd: There is light snow, sleet, freezing rain, freezing and road icing in the alpine mountainous area and northeast Guangxi; There is light rain and local moderate rain on cloudy days in other parts of the region. There are 5 ~ 6 gusts and 7 ~ 8 northerly winds in eastern and southern Guangxi. Minimum temperature:-11 ~-3℃ in alpine mountain area,-3 ~ 1℃ in northeast Guangxi, and 1 ~ 6℃ in other areas.
24 ~ 26: there are sleet, freezing rain, freezing and road icing in the alpine mountainous area and northern Guangxi; There are scattered light rains on cloudy days in other parts of the region. Minimum temperature:-10 ~-2℃ in alpine mountain area,-2 ~ 2℃ in northeast Guangxi, and 2 ~ 7℃ in other areas.
27th: The whole region is cloudy, with light rain and local moderate rain in northern and western Guangxi. Minimum temperature:-2 ~ 4℃ in alpine mountain area, 4 ~ 6℃ in northeast Guangxi and 6 ~ 10℃ in other areas.
Reporter Li Yingxia/Wen, You Yongjun/Tu
Source: South China Morning Post