The price of Krypton 001 in Zhaoqing has been greatly reduced! The discount is 37,000, so act quickly.

[car home Zhaoqing Preferential Promotion Channel] is currently carrying out preferential promotion activities in Zhaoqing, with the highest preferential amount reaching 37,000 and the lowest starting price of 269,000. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. As an electric vehicle that has attracted much attention, Krypton 001 not only has excellent performance, but also has advanced technology configuration and comfortable driving experience. Now it’s the promotion period, so come and find out!

Krypton 001 is a stylish and dynamic electric vehicle. Its front face design adopts streamlined lines and sharp headlights, which makes the whole car look very dynamic. The air intake grille adopts a closed design, which highlights the characteristics of electric vehicles. At the same time, the side lines of the car body are smooth and the roof lines are tilted backwards, creating a dynamic visual effect. In terms of overall style, Krypton 001 adopts a simple and modern design style, which is very in line with the aesthetics of young people. The body lines are simple and smooth, and the design of the front and rear is very exquisite. The whole car looks very fashionable and atmospheric. At the same time, Krypton 001 is also equipped with some high-tech elements, such as hidden door handles and borderless doors, which make the whole vehicle more fashionable and full of technology. In a word, the design of Krypton 001 is excellent, which is both modern and in line with the aesthetics of young people.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium-sized and large-sized vehicle with a body size of 4977*1999*1533mm and a wheelbase of 3005mm, which has a large interior space. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, showing a dynamic line design. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1703mm and 1716mm, respectively. The front tyre size is 255/55 R19, and the rear tyre size is also 255/55 R19. The overall tire size is larger, which improves the stability and handling of the vehicle. The rim style of Krypton 001 is fashionable and atmospheric, which adds a lot of color to the overall appearance.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is fashionable and exquisite, and a large number of high-grade materials are used to create a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather and supports electric up and down+front and rear adjustment, so that the driver can easily adjust to the most comfortable position. The central control screen has a size of 15.05 inches and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and the operation is convenient and quick. The front row is equipped with two Type-C and two USB ports, and the rear row also has two Type-C ports, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The seat is made of leather, and the front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support can be adjusted. The driver’s seat and the co-pilot seat are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions to provide a more comfortable driving experience. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, providing more space and convenience for passengers. Generally speaking, the interior design and configuration of Krypton 001 are excellent, which brings excellent driving experience to drivers and passengers.

Extreme Krypton 001 is an electric vehicle with strong power, its maximum power reaches 580 kW, and its maximum torque is as high as 810 N·m, which brings a surging driving experience to drivers. This model adopts advanced electric technology, which not only has excellent acceleration performance, but also has high energy efficiency and reliability. It is a new energy vehicle worth looking forward to.

Before concluding this article, we would also like to express our gratitude to the owner of car home for sharing his experience in using Krypton 001. From his comments, we can see that Krypton 001 has been recognized by him in appearance, especially the design of the front, which reminds him of a classic luxury sports car Paramera. At the same time, he also mentioned that Krypton 001 is called the "Pentagon Warrior" and can perform well in all aspects. This proves once again that Krypton 001 is excellent in design and performance, and also shows its competitiveness in the market. Thank you @fxiaoming112 for your evaluation of the Krypton 001. I also expect more car owners to share their experience, so that more potential consumers can have a more comprehensive understanding of this car.