Wild camping artifact! The Second Artillery of Great Wall Artillery was sold at 184,000 yuan.

"Life is not just about the present, but also about poetry and distant fields. You came into the world with your bare hands, desperate to find Na Pianhai ",this lyric comes from a singer’s work that Uncle Che likes very much, Xu Wei’s" Life is more than just the present ". If you want to go far away, do you have to have a reliable off-road vehicle? Isn’t it more perfect if the off-road vehicle can be combined with the RV? The Great Wall understands the public’s ideas better, so it launched the Second Artillery of the Great Wall (parameter picture).

The Second Artillery of the Great Wall Gun is made of the chassis of the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun, and many camping facilities are added on the basis of the original Great Wall Gun, which is very practical. What makes the fans who love pickup trucks even more happy is that the Second Artillery of the Great Wall Cannon not only meets the national six emission standards, but also can go on the road by hanging a blue card. In addition, the Second Artillery of the Great Wall Cannon belongs to the "small car procedure", so it has the same road rights as the passenger car. The retirement period is extended to 30 years, and the problems of urban restrictions and high-speed speed speed limit of pickup trucks are solved.

In terms of power, the Second Artillery of the Great Wall Gun is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline turbocharged engine, matched with ZF 8AT gearbox, with a maximum horsepower of 190 horsepower and a peak torque of 360Nm between 1800 and 3600, and equipped with part-time 4wd system.

The multifunctional integrated equipment cabin is simple and practical. It comes standard with a full-size spare tire and a back ladder, and can also be equipped with a car refrigerator, a generator and solar panels according to individual needs.

Does such a powerful pickup truck RV, which integrates off-road and traveling, win your heart? Uncle Che thinks that having such a multifunctional car will really bring great confidence to travel, and the official starting price of 184,000 yuan is really sincere. What do you think of this car?