"Music" Li Mei/Deng Zi "Horse"

"Horse" Singing: Li Mei/Deng Zi.

Obviously, people are still smelling incense in the morning, and they are still drinking pot in Kowloon Rongguan. Why don’t you just lie in? I am on the bank of Hongchuan River, standing in the ancient and mysterious city culture. The moonlight shakes and shakes, and I do math in English. All of a sudden, I’m still wondering where I am. My ear looks like a Chinese aunt. At first, I wanted to burn it carefully, and finally it was my turn to go back to the building. The fancy gun did a back flip, and the waist was tied with a horse stance just look. Play games more than anyone else, and then sing a concubine and overlord. The erhu on the stage of playing games is playing loudly, and the audience is pushing hard, and the playing games are more floating than anyone else. Peking opera blues’s figure performance swept the audience.