Beauty makeup exploded, 110,000 praises.

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to skin care, and "whitening" has become the main appeal of users for the functions of skin care products. In this paper, the author dissembled and summarized some beauty personal care contents that exploded in Little Red Book from three aspects: the audience, the framework of beauty personal care articles, and how beauty personal care articles were drained in Little Red Book. Let’s take a look.

There are more and more functional skin care products with "whitening" effect as the main appeal, and the skin characteristics of Chinese people are fragile and easy to blacken, which makes whitening a daily habit of users.

With the maturity of users’ cognition of whitening concept, it is necessary to establish users’ cognition and penetration from various angles in content strategy to correspond to the increasingly refined whitening products.

Today, I dismantled and summarized some explosive contents of the protection category of Xiaohongshu, hoping to help the operators and businesses of Xiaohongshu.

Contents of this article:

  1. Xiaohongshu Beauty Personal Care Content Audience
  2. Xiaohongshu beauty personal protection explosive text frame
  3. How to drain the beauty care category in Xiaohongshu

Judging from the portraits of fans in the whole skin care industry, fans are more inclined to women aged 18-28, and there are fewer men. From the data, women in new first-tier cities pay the most attention to skin care content.

Compared with makeup content, women aged 18-23 pay more attention to makeup content than women aged 24-28.

When creating whitening content, it is necessary to first understand the pain points of the user’s skin and the scene of the cause.

Because skin problems are multifaceted and cannot be broken by a single point, logical solutions can be established for different scenes in content creation, and the role that products can play in the solutions can be tapped.

(Little Red Book Notes Data Overview: Like 7w, Collection 4.6w, Comment 629)

(1) The title of the little red book explosion

Keywords "self-use", "cheap" and "good skin". Users usually prefer to write "No Wide Share" on the title, because it is more real than cutting leeks at random. Cheap and good skin can quickly let people know that they can get high-efficiency value through low investment.

(2) The cover of the little red book explosion

Through "Unlimited Buy-back Wet Apply Water", bloggers apply cotton pads, holding four products in their hands, and three functional demand keywords "Repair, Oil Control and Brightening", which cause people with different needs to click. What bloggers do better on the cover is to apply cotton pads directly to Su Yan’s face.

(3) Little Red Book’s explosive content

At the beginning, it was pointed out that "wet application can save a lot of mask money", which made people curious. Why can it save money? Next, we will help you choose different wet compress water from the perspective of wet compress novice. Every time we introduce a water, there will be a lot of scene materials, such as outdoor sunbathing, military training, going out to play, redness and acne with plain skin, and floating powder after makeup. The whole video blogger’s oral broadcast rhythm is very rich with the corresponding oral broadcast materials, and there is also a contrast between wet compress and mask, which is convincing and makes people want to search for the products recommended by bloggers immediately.

(4) Little Red Book critical comments

Through the class representative, the products used in the video are recorded, which is convenient for users to search further. Many users will give back the actual experience of four wet compresses mentioned by bloggers, and the interactive data is very high.

Copy homework:

If you want to make a collection of products of the same category, you can choose different functions to introduce them together. For example, whitening essence can pass different efficacy points such as spot lightening, anti-oxidation and anti-sugar, or face whitening, body whitening and internal whitening, as well as whitening methods of different skin types. Such content can help users identify products suitable for their own situation, and it will be more in line with the actual scene logic.

On the cover design, most bloggers who also apply wet water, the state of her application is particularly real, and the cover without P-picture can narrow the distance with users.

(Little Red Book Notes Data Overview: Like 2.5w, Hide 4w, Comment 442)

(1) The title of the little red book explosion

All women are prone to lose face with the loss of collagen at the age of 30, and bloggers immediately hit the pain point of users through the keyword "don’t lose face at the age of 36" and want to know how bloggers do it. At the same time, through the tutorial title of the essence and practice version, the pain point of users can be solved immediately by the tutorial.

(2) The cover of the little red book explosion

The cover lettering is "36 like 26", which is very impactful. With the bright and flawless and elastic face of the blogger, it is very convincing, and there is no trace of retouching. The keyword "insist on 10 years" makes users understand that this is a practical dry goods sharing.

(3) Little Red Book’s explosive content

At the beginning, the tools were put on first, and the things needed were very simple. Then the blogger began to introduce and integrate the acupuncture points step by step through dubbing demonstration movements, and finally wiped off the facial essential oil and ended up with a gentle cream. There are no nonsense, unnecessary actions and clear and concise instructions in the process.

(4) Little Red Book critical comments

Bloggers first added the frequency of use and the name of the store that used the product that was not mentioned in the video at the top of the comment, and then users gave feedback in the comment area. This method is worth a try. Even after her 56-year-old mother made it, the decree lines were reduced, and some people shared that it would be better to use other products in the process.

Copy homework:

The product is integrated in the use process, and the user’s desire for action is aroused through the correct way of beauty change. For many users, they only know how to use the product well, but they lack the knowledge of how to use the product correctly to get the best effect.

Many skin care contents only have a purely oral selling point, and there is no witness before and after use, but it is more convincing for users to combine the actual use process.

(Little Red Book Note Data Overview: Like 2.7w, Collection 1.8w, Comment 721)

(1) The title of the little red book explosion

The title gives people the feeling of dry goods through "hands-on", and it can remove acne marks at low cost without spending a lot of money, which is also a topic that users will care about, thus arousing everyone’s curiosity.

(2) The cover of the little red book explosion

On the cover, every keyword "low cost, quick, acne-free print, fool, red and black print" is a demand point. The blogger herself is in a state of plain and white, and she also puts materials with acne on the cover, which makes people wonder how she eliminates acne and becomes white and tender.

(3) Little Red Book’s explosive content

At first, I was frightened by the plain face covered with acne marks, and then the blogger put on the white and tender plain face, and the persuasiveness was immediately established, so that the user wanted to hear how she resisted acne, and attracted the user’s attention in the first 5 seconds.

Before going to dry goods, bloggers said that summing up their experience was a lot of failure and trial and error, which can give users more trust before bloggers share knowledge.

Before talking about the product, introduce the causes of acne, and introduce the corresponding use method on the basis of theory. The product introduction is within 20 sentences, and it is more acceptable to plant grass while introducing it.

(4) Little Red Book critical comments

The overall maintenance is good, and the questioning angles are rich. Everyone has asked the blogger about the product recommendation of a certain section in the whole process, and at the same time put forward their own skin problems to urge the blogger to share.

Copy homework:

"Pale spot" is one of the effects that many people pay attention to under the big category of whitening. However, many people actually don’t understand the correct steps of using whitening products, so the content needs to be combined with experience and theory to convince users that they can be like bloggers as long as they follow them.

Skin care products must be true on the cover, and it is best to have a plain face and a high-definition face that can be seen to the pores, or put a huge difference before and after use to create a huge visual impact and attract users to click.

To do skin care and whitening content, bloggers themselves must not be afraid to expose themselves who are in a bad state of acne. Now users are more and more fond of watching self-portraits, and deliberately posing and retouching pictures will attract users’ disgust.

When many functional skin care products make content, it is easy to fall into the whole article and only talk about the goodness of their own products.

If you can see that it is an advertisement at once, the user has the psychology of resistance, so you can’t integrate into the real user usage scene. Such content is rejected by the user, because for the user, there is a product that has to be used before the usage scene. The simplest scenes are: skin care in the morning and skin care at night.

When users get used to using different skin care products in the morning and evening, there will be products with different functions that can be extended according to skin quality and skin condition. Through the step-by-step use of the link into the product introduction, to solve the user’s troubles in the whole experience process, so that users can directly "copy their homework" and use it.

To do skin care content in Little Red Book, you can first label the products with user categories, such as student party, dormitory party, postgraduate entrance examination party, component party, migrant workers, teachers, baby mothers, and even children. This label can facilitate users to sit in the right place, and it is also easy for users to actively search.

For the user category label, you can also see my article "I bought it for 2 million, a set of consumer research methods for little red books".

The three whitening explosion notes analyzed above all belong to the category of "dry goods list", but each entry point is different, but bloggers will not only introduce a single product, so that users can be prompted to buy related products together.

Copy homework:

When making content for skin care products, there are many forms of content that need to be paved, and it is not the content from a single angle that can build users’ minds.

Perhaps a single-angle appeal can form a memory point, but there is still a long way to go before users are really interested in thinking that "you are what I need right now and can solve my problem", so it is necessary to build a content matrix.

(1) Universal dry goods

"Are you really getting old?" "What is the barrier damage?" "Self-test of face collapse" and "What problems will be caused by water shortage in different skin layers" are properly put into the product through hard dry goods. It should be noted that the content of dry goods needs to be correct, and the product is mentioned to be superficial.

(2) Cross-domain topic class

Cross-disciplinary content related to skin care is combined with health, which can be displayed from various angles such as internal and external conditioning, facial massage, eating habits, etc. This kind of content is full of life, rather than simply listing the selling points of products, plus the blogger’s personal demonstration, which has high reference value for users and good grass planting effect.

(3) High-definition pore diagram of the face

This type belongs to the content before and after the use of witness. The skin problems before use are very unbearable. After use, even the plain face is moist and smooth. There should be exaggerated before and after contrast. Both types of pictures can be taken as the first picture. The self-portrait of the face can only capture the cheeks and nose wings of one face, and it is best to capture the pores. It doesn’t matter if the face is slightly distorted, so that a high-impact picture can be formed.

(4) single plant grass

After extracting the core selling points of the product, we can attract users’ attention through typography with strong visual impact and high-net copy.

Pressing words such as "Su Yan is praised for going out", "I want to use the essence of the grave" and "XXX sorry!" , "Paste to only sell dozens of pieces and no one cares", etc., such an exaggerated and emotional description is difficult for users not to click.

(5) seasonal explosions

For example, the whitening of military training for freshmen every summer is a problem that many people will pay attention to. In addition, the scene of military training in the outdoor sun is too strong, and it is easy to explode if the cover impact is large and the content is properly arranged.

The above five contents are indispensable for skin care products to pave the way for content, so different entry points are needed in the planning content in the early stage to make the notes have long-term operational value.

Beauty care title formula:

Good title formula 1= segment population+number+result

  • Novice Eye Makeup | Advanced Clear Sense Valentine’s Day 8 Pure Desire Pseudo-Plain Makeup
  • 9 kinds of animals are eye makeup! Different eye makeup styles are done in one article.
  • Want to learn makeup after the college entrance examination? 0 basic white how advanced, super dry goods.

Good title Formula 2= Emotion+Person+Number+Result

  • Ty! Beautiful! Yes! The more I watch Thai makeup in September, the more I like it.
  • Make-up 10 years summary! These 10 big-name makeup are classic and practical.
  • Stop buying, sister! This set of makeup is enough!

Good Title Formula 3= Solution+Problem+Result

  • Summarize 15 small tools in one breath, and use them to hammer the wall.
  • Dry goods |5 do not develop cartoonists! White, tender and tender, really unique.
  • Three skills to fade fine lines and bid farewell to wrinkled hands

Put the key messages in the cover and video lettering, which is convenient for users to take screenshots and search for product names.

Through the trumpet and fans as class representatives, put the specific name of the product in the comment area (but be careful not to appear sensitive words such as Taobao and WeChat, which can be replaced by orange software and unequal words). It is very important to maintain the comment area, so users should be prompted to leave messages asking questions about the efficacy of products, instead of just praising the beauty of bloggers.

There are many bloggers who won’t reply to their comments. For users, when they see notes that don’t reply to comments, they will leave the impression that the blogger’s sharing is not true enough. The blogger should reply to at least 10-15 comments, and the content of the reply needs to be taken care of, answer questions and continue Amway products.

The products mentioned in the video of planting grass or unpacking can be transformed in an instant, which will not violate the platform rules, protect the account better and safer, and at the same time play a drainage role.

Xiaohongshu skin care beauty skin care Xiaohongshu content operation, if it can be clear what kind of scene is a link that can maximize the efficacy of the product, it will be easier for the target group to accept than simply amplifying the selling point.

If you want to produce explosive articles, you need to spend more time designing the cover and 5 seconds before watching the video, which will enlarge the elements and skin pain points that can cause visual impact, and attract consumers to click through exaggerated comparison.

How to do a good job in skin care and whitening content marketing?

The author summarizes the following points:

  1. Do a good job in product positioning and choose differentiated product selling points.
  2. Study different usage scenarios and their user pain points.
  3. Develop content strategy and differentiate keywords
  4. Multi-channel creative content
  5. Analyze the released content and iterative content strategy.


Zhuang Jun, WeChat official account: Zhuang Jun, a senior researcher in marketing of Little Red Book, author of "Detonating Little Red Book", Internet content marketing for 11 years, Haier’s contracted content marketing consultant, and everyone is a product manager columnist.

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