2024 Top Ten Most Popular 3d Games Recommended in Fun 3d Games Mobile Games Rankings

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous development of the game field, the 3D mobile game market in 2024 showed a gratifying momentum. Compared with 2D games, these 3D mobile games have fine modeling, realistic maps and a strong sense of substitution, so that players can immerse themselves in the fascinating game world. Next, we will show you the ten most popular 3D mobile games in 2024, so that you can enjoy the diverse gameplay and rich experience of the game.


2024 Top Ten Most Popular 3d Games Recommended in Fun 3d Games Mobile Games Rankings

★ [1]-"Laughing at Dreams"-

Features: martial arts RPG

Heat of the whole network: 800w+

The game is introduced: "Laughing at the Dream" is a martial arts RPG game, which attracts players who study battles and numerical values with rich corner color customization and personalized operation settings. The game includes unique gameplay such as family warfare and 15-person team, and combines beautiful architectural scenery with the various scenery of Xianxia world to create an immersive game experience for players.

For the current mobile game market, privileges and internal numbers have become familiar synonyms. This issue of Xiaobian also talks to you:

There are a lot of fun games, but now many internal account events in the market have been circulated wildly, which makes people panic. In this regard, I have also consulted a senior friend in the game industry. He said: This kind of account is actually not common. Think about it, this kind of account has hundreds or even thousands of rush value support every day, as well as special gift packages, attribute bonus, vip members, and ten times of top-up game currency return. How can it be released casually? At present, the whole game industry is dominated by


★ [2]-"Battle of the Double Palmish"-

Features: doomsday sci-fi action

Heat of the whole network: 750w+

The game is introduced: "Battle of the Double Pamish" is a doomsday-themed mobile game, which leads players to explore a sci-fi world. The modeling of characters in the game is very attractive, and the operation is smooth and natural, which brings excellent combat experience to players. In addition to fighting monsters, the game also provides a large number of exploration tasks, allowing players to collect precious materials and resources.


★ [3] —— The Original God—

Features: open world exploration

Heat of the whole network: 960w+

The game is introduced: "The Original God" is the most popular 3D game in 2024, and "The Original God" is an open world exploration mobile game. In the vast map, players can walk at will and visit easily with the help of transmission anchor points. The country and culture in the game draw lessons from the real situation. Trees, flowers and even monster buildings use 3D modeling to make you feel the game world.


★ [4] —— The World—

Features: The main line of the story is rich.

Heat of the whole network: 700w+

The game is introduced: "The World" is based on a complete story line, combined with animation and option branches, and strives to bring players a strong sense of substitution. 3D picture quality is elegant and charming, and every task and copy activity will enrich you. Even if you spend hours every day, you can continue to gain new achievements and experiences in the game.


★ [5] —— Nine Shadows—

Features: Martial arts theme

Heat of the whole network: 690w+

The game is introduced: In "Nine Shadows", a classic game with the theme of martial arts, we can make full use of flying skills to shuttle over the map and break through the restrictions on the ground. In the game, not only the appearance of the characters can be customized, but also the immersive stage can be built according to the real scene. In the open world, players can not only experience dynamic battle scenes, but also explore the fantastic journey of Xian Xia.


★ [6] —— King of Kings 3D》——

Features: diversified copies

Heat of the whole network: 810w+

The game is introduced: "King of Kings 3D" is good at providing diversified copies, and players will experience various types of games from different gangs, limited time activities and king challenges. There are four races and 20 occupations in the game for players to choose and match. The map quality is superior, and the panoramic and seamless map structure allows you to enjoy the immersive game experience. A lot of exploration tasks are waiting for you to find.


★ [7] —— Glorious Mission: Mission Action—

Features: Multi-player competitive shooting

Heat of the whole network: 830w+

The game is introduced: Glorious Mission: Mission Action is a fascinating multiplayer competitive shooting game. The game uses a unique goal of eating chicken to test players’ teamwork, tactical formulation and personal operation skills. Extensive game maps, 3D modeling guns and vehicles, and highly realistic scenes bring the ultimate audio-visual experience to players.


★ [8] —— Dragon-3D—

Features: IP adaptation of Jin Yong’s martial arts

Heat of the whole network: 720w+

The game is introduced: "Tianlong -3D" is born out of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, and has accumulated more than 100 million registered users. The game style is faithful to the original end-tour, and the mobile phone is used to adapt, so that players can enjoy the fun of the game in the single-player push map and team copy. The game also provides an exquisite mount collection system, allowing players to ride in the dragon world.


★ [9]-"Magic Day 3D"-

Features: The original works are highly reducible.

Heat of the whole network: 780w+

The game is introduced: "Magic Day 3D" completely presents the magic world in the original work. The game allows players to start from the perspective of the protagonist’s awakening and experience the whole growth process from the world to the highest realm. The game supports sending real-time voice chats, holding gorgeous weddings, and exploring classic scenes with favorite players to spend a wonderland trip together.

★ [10]-"Floating in the Jianghu"-

Features: 3d Martial Arts

Heat of the whole network: 780w+

The game is introduced: this is a martial arts mobile game that integrates real fighting, 3d technology, cool special effects and exquisite fashion. It is also a high-quality mobile game this year!



These are the ten most popular 3D mobile games we recommend for you in 2024, covering a variety of themes and game types. We believe you will find your favorite among them. In the process of the game, we hope that everyone can keep a positive attitude, enjoy the joy and challenges brought by the game, and pay attention to the health and development of real life. Let’s join in these wonderful 3D game worlds and taste the infinite charm of virtual and reality!