The chain leader is "in command" and goes on an expedition, the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenz

Original title: The chain leader is "in command" and the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen

Source: Qingdao Daily

Original title: The chain leader is "in command" and the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen

Source: Qingdao Daily

Qingdao Daily News/Guanhai News, February 21, as one of the 24 key industrial chains in Qingdao, the software and information service industry chain played the "first drum" of different ground marketing at the beginning of the year. On February 21, the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen. This event was supported by the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute. Sun Wenlong, Vice President of the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, Yu Yu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, and the relevant heads of more than 100 enterprises and institutions in Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, relevant districts and cities, and Qingshen attended the meeting. At the promotion meeting, the three key lists of Qingdao City were released, the Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base, the Qingshen Science and Technology Financial Cooperation Base, and the Qingshen Software Industry Information Base were officially unveiled.

Expand the market, promote recruitment, and organize a group to go to Shenzhen to show off "hard power"

As the "chain leader" of Qingdao’s software and information service industry chain, Yu Yu said in her speech that although Qingdao and Shenzhen are thousands of miles apart, the interaction between the two places has a long history. She introduced Qingdao with three "business cards" of "Island of Youth", "City of Entrepreneurship" and "Capital of Happiness". At present, Qingdao has become the fifth "famous city with Chinese software characteristics" and the first batch of "double gigabit" cities in the country, and is actively striving to establish an international communication business import and export bureau in Qinghai. In 2022, the industrial scale will reach 360 billion yuan, and the scale and growth rate will rank seventh and fourth in the country’s sub-provincial cities. A number of leading enterprises and key projects in the industrial chain such as BOE, Xinen, Huike, Foxconn, and Donghua Software have settled down. The industrial foundation and development ecological advantages are outstanding. Yu Yu introduced that Qingdao has also set up "Qingdao Brand Day" and "Qingdao Entrepreneur Day", and has established a "chain of ten thousand enterprises" platform to promote the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain through chain demand, chain resources, and chain platform. Finally, she extended a sincere invitation to Shenzhen entrepreneurs, welcoming everyone to approach Qingdao, learn about Qingdao, and make contributions to Qingdao.

The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology interprets the software and information service industry, talent development opportunities and related policies. Qingdao’s software and information service industry has a solid foundation, favorable opening conditions, and broad development space. In recent years, Qingdao has continued to strengthen policy supply, focusing on industrial policy guidance, and accelerating the construction of a more market-oriented and competitive industrial policy system through policy "formulation-publicizing-implementation-implementation" full-cycle innovation. In terms of talent policy, Qingdao mainly adopts three measures: stimulating leading talents, supporting the integration of production and talents, and strengthening empowerment protection, and strives to build Qingdao into a talent gathering highland in the new era. In order to allow more Shenzhen enterprises and talents to inquire, enjoy relevant policies and develop in Qinghai, the promotion meeting also specially printed the "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Talent Strengthening Youth Plan Policy" to realize the "two-way running" of enterprise talents and urban development.

At present, the layout of Qingdao’s software and information service industry has been continuously optimized, and a new development pattern of "integrated two-pole four-pillar multi-park" has gradually formed, with the West Coast New District and Laoshan District as two growth poles, and the four key areas of Shibei, Shinan, Licang and Chengyang. At the meeting, the representatives of the West Coast New District, Shibei District, Qingdao Shinan Software Park and Qingdao International Innovation Park as key areas and parks will promote and make precise efforts to further supplement, strengthen and extend the chain, and promote the concentration of various elements such as talents, technology and capital to Qingdao.

Release more than 100 key lists, Qingshen base deeply empowered

At the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference, Qingdao released a series of key lists based on application needs. Hisense Group Holding joint stock company, Qingdao Aokema Holding Group, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., and soft control joint stock company brought 50 ecological partner lists, covering products, technologies, solutions and other needs. At the same time, 150 "future city" scenario lists related to the software and information service industry chain, 81 Qingdao "list of needs and achievement lists were also unveiled.

To promote the leap of industrial energy level, it is inseparable from solid talent support, surging scientific and technological power, precise drip irrigation of financial "living water" and smooth information transmission. At the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference, Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base, Qingshen Technology and Financial Cooperation Base, and Qingshen Software Industry Information Base were officially launched, further promoting the multi-dimensional empowerment and deep integration of the two places in the software and information service industry chain.

The Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base is jointly built by China Qingdao International Economic and Technological Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen International Talent Exchange Center. It is dedicated to promoting in-depth interaction between talents in Qingshen and Shenzhen, and building a co-construction, sharing and win-win platform for entrepreneurs and innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the two places. The Qingshen Technology Financial Cooperation Base is jointly built by Qingdao Haifa State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Group Co., Ltd., Qianhai Ark Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Qianhai Ark Fund Group. It provides financing services covering all stages of growth for high-tech enterprises and patent demonstration enterprises in the software and information service industry. The Qingshen Software Industry Information Base is jointly built by Qingdao Daily Press Group "Guanhai News" and Shenzhen Press Group "Reader News". It will focus on the information of the software and information industries in Qingshen and Shenzhen, tell new trends, new measures and new stories of the industry, and continue to create a new window and platform for "Qingshen" cooperation and exchange.

Take the initiative to "knock on the door" for precise docking, and sign contracts for 6 major projects

Projects are the source of increment, the foundation of development, and the stamina for the high-quality development of the industry. At the meeting, six key projects, including the Qingdao Yuanhub Zhixing Project, the Shenzhen University Strategic Cooperation Project, the Huawei End Point Whole House Smart Project, the Fuguang Technology Project, and the Digital Connection World "One Old and One Small" Digital People’s Livelihoods Project, were signed.

The strategic cooperation project of Shenzhen University is an industry-university-research project cooperated by Shenzhen University and Qingdao Ruiyuan Engineering Group. It plans to settle in Shandong Robot Industrial Park in Qingdao West Coast New District. The project focuses on smart cities, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, life and health, and will gather and cultivate high-end talents. It will use major engineering technologies such as magnetic levitation to carry out research in scientific research, projects, applications, etc., and form a number of advanced innovation achievements.

"We will set up the northern headquarters and product operation R & D center in Shinan District. The next step will be to join Qingdao Haiming Urban Development Co., Ltd. to introduce our full range of meta-universe entertainment products in the historical and cultural district of Zhongshan Road, and also cooperate in the government meta-universe." Wu Bien, COO and co-founder of Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. is a MR manufacturer with mature MR hardware, system design and large-scale production capabilities in China. With the completion of the company’s northern headquarters, new hardware R & D and production and more upstream and downstream partners for MR content development will be introduced in Qingdao.

During the exchange and docking session, various districts and key software parks in Qingdao held in-depth negotiations with leading enterprises in the software and information service industry in Shenzhen. Shenzhen enterprises agreed that through this promotion meeting, they had a more comprehensive understanding of the development advantages of Qingdao’s software and information service industry, and expressed strong investment interest and strong willingness to cooperate.

"Going out" targeted promotion is precise and effective, and "bringing in" industrial clusters improve quality and efficiency. In the future, Qingdao will continue to "enlarge the coordinates, raise the benchmark", seek a higher level of cooperation, and jointly explore the "digital blue ocean". (Qingdao Daily News/Guanhai News reporter, Wen/Liu Qin, picture/Li Zhuyin)

"The Second Season of the Year of Celebration": Don’t watch it casually

Original, Zang Fou, Qin Shuo Moments

As a costume drama that triggered a craze a few years ago, "The Second Season of Qingyu Nian" has had a significant impact since its launch, and has also aroused a lot of discussion.

One view is that the second season was so much fun that it didn’t "taste right" until around episode 7;

Another view is that compared to the rollercoaster-like emotional experience of the first season, this season’s excitement seems to be insufficient. A closer look at these two opposing views explains what it means to be blind and feel the elephant, that is, to understand things incompletely and stubbornly, and speculate.

In my opinion, the tone of "Qingyu Nian Season 2" has not changed at all. Humor is just the shell of the plot, and its core is consistent, that is, the idealism of the protagonist and the practice of combining knowledge and action.

Many viewers will think that the second season is too funny. In fact, the further they look back, the more they will find that its comedy color is much less than the first season, and it involves more conflicts in the inner values of the characters. The joke points are placed in the front, one is to give fans a sense of familiarity, and the other is to neutralize the overall narrative tone. The emotional trend belongs to "desire suppression first".

But compared to the first season, this season’s "Celebration of More Than a Year" was indeed different. The biggest change in the series was actually to increase the thickness of the content, which was reflected in the plot, which increased the difficulty of the protagonist Fan Xian’s "clearance".

Viewers who have watched the first season of "Qingyu Nian" know that the key to its attraction lies in the "big background" and "golden finger" of the protagonist, that is, "the father is the emperor, the mother is Ye Qingmei, the adoptive father is the official of the Ministry of Household Affairs, with the support of (the head of the spy) Chen Pingping, and the (peerless master) Wuzhu as a bodyguard. If you want to die, you can’t die."

But at the beginning of the second season, on the way back from the mission, the protagonist was already in trouble everywhere.

This increase in the difficulty of consciousness is also accompanied by the increasing burden on the protagonist. The more he cannot do whatever he wants, the closer he is to the center of the storm.

In the words of star Zhang Ruoyun:

"Fan Xian in the first season never thought that he could become the embodiment of idealism, but when the world impacted his values, he wanted to protect more and more things, and inevitably fought against the outside world. Until one day he found that his former retreat no longer existed, and he could only take a solid step forward, which was to move forward to the world depicted by the idealistic Ye Qingmei."

I am reminded of Ken Lodge’s "The Waves of Wheat," about the Anglo-Irish War. Damian, played by Killian Murphy, struggles to see his partner being tortured and killed by the British army, but still embarks on a train to study medicine in London. However, at the station, he again sees British soldiers beating the elderly conductor. Damian stepped forward to support the old man, and finally strengthened his determination to resist.

The relationship between the previous incident and the next incident is not serious, but rather cumulative. It is this accumulation that ultimately shakes the character’s compromise position.

The same is true in the second season of "Qingyu Nian". The end of the lives of every little person at the bottom has forced Fan Xian to rethink the meaning of struggle and give up the concept of being alone in the past.

If the theme of the first season was "seeing oneself", then the second season had entered the stage of "seeing heaven and earth", "passing through is like climbing a mountain, one step at a time", from the dragon wagging its tail to the hidden dragon in the abyss, such internal requirements are bound to increase the seriousness of the plot.

At the drama level, this means that the IP of "Qingyu Nian" has advanced from the idea of "Shuangwen-Game" to the idea of "Literature-Drama". The two modes have completely different requirements for content. The former is a subjective VR perspective, emphasizing "self-interest", and everything serves the protagonist to upgrade and fight monsters; while the latter is an objective panoramic perspective, emphasizing "altruism", with rich side narratives, full of layers of supporting roles, and a serious and complete world view.

Such an internal improvement is not only in line with the long-term thinking of literary and artistic creation, but also in line with the overall thinking of domestic dramas at this stage.

As a full-scale costume drama, the "Yuan" elements of the story of "Qingyu Nian" cover the traditional Chinese martial arts narrative. Such as the domineering true qi in the character’s body, the escort of flying over the eaves, and the easy-to-use poison skills, these settings are all trump cards for the protagonist to perform chivalry and righteousness.

But unlike most costume dramas with martial arts elements, the main battlefield of the "Qingyu Nian" series is in the court, not the rivers and lakes. Especially in the second season, as Fan Xian’s participation in the power game increases, he is more involved in the mystery of the court party and government. Heroes from ancient times to modern times are "born", only Lord Xiao Fan is "entering the world".

In "Han Feizi · Five Worms", it is said that "Confucianism and literature are chaotic, and chivalry is prohibited by force." In "Three Heroes and Five Righteousness", Ouyang Chun, the northern hero, will not enter Kaifeng Mansion for the rest of his life. Privilege and Ren Xia are like two sides of a magnet of mutual exclusion. In the second season of "Qingyu Nian", the screenwriters have dug deep into the feasibility of combining them, which is the difficulty of its play and the point of its plot.

The historian Wu Si has specifically analyzed that local novels are rich in martial arts – such as Jin Gu Liang Wen Huang, while Western novels are more about the super rich – such as "Million Pounds", "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "The Great Gatsby".

Unlike Western readers who devote their fantasies to becoming billionaires, Eastern martial arts projects a supernatural ability to both protect themselves from violence and punish others at will.

Of course, the true masters of chivalry would never abuse violence. Instead, they would scrape and punish evil, do justice for the heavens, see injustice in the road, and draw their swords to help. From Guo Jing, Qiao Feng, Linghu Chong to Fan Xian in "Celebration of More Than Years", this is the case. And with this ability, social status and rewards will follow.

In Wu Si’s opinion, the deep-seated factor for the prevalence of martial arts novels is that in a social environment that lacks property security and order for a long time, the illusion of profitability is not as fundamental as the illusion of harm ability.

After all, without the latter kind of self-defense ability, no amount of wealth can be comprehensive.

In "The Second Season of the Year of Celebration", Fan Xian’s thoughts are on re-establishing order, just like the inscription left by his mother Ye Qingmei:

"I hope that the law of rejoicing in the country will be established for the people, not because of noble tolerance, not because of poverty, no injustice, and no crime imposed. Obeying the law is like a sword, breaking the ghost and worshiping it, and not seeking the gods."

The ninth episode of "Qing Yu Nian Season 2", Deng Ziyue’s heartfelt expression in the hospital, the reason why he can resonate is that he has encountered all kinds of last resort, those who are forced to go with the light, as the audience, we are not unfamiliar.

The story is about ancient people, but it seems to be everywhere today. This is not only a tacit intertext, but also a different kind of expression – some people are still ancient people living in modern times, and in the words of Gu Hongming, "invisible braids grow in the heart"; still others are ancient people, but their thoughts have long been out of their time.

Herman Bloch wrote in The Sleepwalker:

"The world is full of people who belong to different centuries, but they have to live together, even contemporaries. That may explain why they are so unstable and difficult to understand each other reasonably. Nonetheless, there is a sense of solidarity, an understanding that spans time."

The focus of "Qingyu Nian Season 2" is on this: how the protagonist can defend his heart and maintain his values as a modern person in a society where imperial power is supreme.

Regarding equality.

In Fan Xian’s values, the prince should commit the same crime as the common people when breaking the law, and could not regard human life as grass mustard, which was a disagreement that he could not reconcile with a group of powerful people. In the first season, Teng Zijing died to save Fan Xian, and for the adults, "the death was just a guard". In the second season, the vegetable farmer Lao Jin and his daughter were killed one after another. Fan Xian would firmly remember these injustices in his eyes.

About fairness.

Emperor Qing instructed Fan Xian to preside over Chunxi, with the purpose of implicating the fraud cases in previous years and investigating the responsibility of the latter’s prospective father-in-law, Lin Xiang. Emperor Qing’s move killed Fan Xian with one stone and two birds, and it was difficult to care about Fan Xian. If he protected his elders, then he would violate his own moral philosophy; if he enforced the law impartially, he would not only lose his pillar in the dynasty, but also make enemies on all sides and become a complete lone servant.

In the eyes of all those in power outside Fan Xian, the examination room is just a formality, and who can be on the list has long been determined, but in Fan Xian’s view, the Spring Festival is not only an examination, but also a leap in class, which determines the bottom line of social fairness.

Killing relatives with righteousness or giving justice to ordinary students has become a classic "trolley problem". Only by throwing such a situation to Fan Xian can we truly investigate the choices of characters in the face of conscience and interests.

It’s about communication.

No matter for Teng Zijing, Wang Qinian or Gundam, Fan Xian always regards them as individuals with equal personality like himself. His willingness to make friends and refute his royal history is based on his appreciation of the latter’s upright character.

Throughout the plot, Fan Xian has always adhered to this interpersonal principle: don’t talk about using friendship, and don’t use ladders as friends.

Putting together a circle of grass and returning a fortune can only exist in a friendship that treats others with sincerity, not driven by power or interests. Interacting with others for profit can only make relationships, not friends. This path seems shrewd, but it is actually short-sighted.

Because interest relationships were the most fragile, unstable, and least worth investing in. This relationship only existed when both parties had a common interest in something, and when the common interest changed slightly, the relationship would be destroyed in an instant. But even when the relationship existed, deep trust could not be established between each other.

However, in the cognition of a considerable number of people, the relationship of interests is the most reliable relationship. It can only be said that this is a difference in the three perspectives. If such a perception is placed in "Qingyu Nian", it will most likely become Fan Xian’s enemy.

It’s about love.

Fan Xian and Lin Waner, two people who were married by the saint were able to fall in love at first sight, and they fell in love. It was their luck that they met by fate.

But apart from luck, the two had already exchanged opinions. They pursued free love and rejected the idea of family. As for inheriting the financial rights of the "inner treasury", it was even less worth mentioning in Fan Xian’s eyes. Including the eldest prince’s return from the border and his order to marry Northern Qi, he actually made plans to escape the marriage early in the morning.

All those who act honorably in the play, such as Fan Xian and the eldest prince, have a modern view of love, while the second prince who acts deceitfully has a view of love that is not beyond the context of the times. This cannot be regarded as a coincidence on the character, but is actually a masterpiece laid by the creator.

Even Yan Bingyun’s talk of "Qing Guo is more important than His Majesty" is a typical modern value. This is enough to show that the stereotypical Xiaoyan Young Master is not blindly loyal, and his position is not based on fear of power or greed for power, but on the sake of the people under the overall situation.

It is worth noting that many of the values that Fan Xian has maintained, even in contemporary society, are still an ideal that has not been fully realized. It is precisely because the ideal has not been fully realized that this road of loneliness in Fan Xian’s second season is particularly pioneering in practice.

This is precisely the most valuable aspect of the whole story.


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Original title: "The Second Season of the Year of Celebration": Don’t watch it for free.

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A new revolution has begun!

Source of this article: "Niu Play Qin" WeChat official account

Author: Cow playing the piano


A new revolution has begun.

It reminds me of something Henry Ford did 100 years ago."The Greatest Decision Ever"

In the United States 100 years ago, the auto industry was just emerging, but employee turnover was high and production was inefficient. What to do? Ford decided to raise wages, doubling the daily wage from $2.50 to $5.

A lot of people thought he was crazy. No doubt, this would increase costs and reduce profits. But Ford defied all odds, arguing that workers were the most important asset, that doubling wages would increase motivation and reduce mobility; and that, with more money, workers would be able to afford the products they made, expanding consumers.

Ultimately, Ford succeeded.

He not only made factories more efficient, but also triggered a consumer revolution. The Model T also became the most successful car in the world at the time, and propelled the United States to become the richest country in the world.

A crucial moment, a choice, will change everything.

If it is said that Ford started from the field of value consumption and promoted the development of the United States, then 100 years later, a new consumer revolution is transforming China.

This is no longer as simple as online shopping, or more accurately, this is version 2.0 of online shopping.

On April 20, in a community factory in Pingli County, Shaanxi Province, CCTV news footage recorded this scene:"Live broadcast is a trend, so cherish it."The top leaders told Wang Xiumei, secretary general of the Pingli County E-commerce Association.

Smart people always follow trends.

On another occasion, the leader also said a very meaningful sentence: As an emerging business, e-commerce can not only promote agricultural and sideline products, help the masses become rich in poverty reduction, but also promote rural revitalization, which is promising.

Four words:Great potential!

It’s really promising.

31-Year-old Wang Xiumei is an example.

The change began in 2019. At that time, Wang Xiumei, who returned to her hometown to start a business, joined 51 poor planting households to form the Dream-seeking Farm Garden Gypsy Blue Cooperative. Duoduo Farm funded 520,000 yuan as a start-up fee, and provided business training and traffic support.

Duoduo Orchard is a poverty alleviation model born in Baoshan, Yunnan. It connects poor farmers through the "e-commerce + cooperative" model. Because poor households can’t fight alone, it is definitely not possible; but forming a cooperative is a small collective. The leader of the cooperative is responsible for the operation of the store, and the poor households can produce with peace of mind, which forms a community with a shared future.

Take Baoshan, Yunnan as an example, the favorite coffee beans of urban white-collar workers can be shipped from Duoduo Orchard and sent directly to the city office building. For consumers, "middlemen make the price difference" is reduced; for the Lisu people who grow coffee, they sell it at a good price and enjoy good profits.

In Wang Xiumei’s Duoduo Farmyard Cooperative, for example, 51 poor households have all become shareholders of the cooperative. They are farmers and produce Gynostemma blue; they are also shareholders, sharing the cooperative’s commercial profits.

A transformation occurs as a result.

In 2020, the epidemic changed the world and brought new opportunities.A new sales model is emerging in China.

Live streaming has spread out in China with a bigger battle.

In February 2020, Wang Xiumei started to try live streaming at Pinduoduo, and she has been out of control since then. Now, she is not only a salesperson, accountant, but also a live streaming host, but also an Internet celebrity live streaming host.

Her online store once became the top praise list in the health tea category.

If something is man-made, I am afraid that it will not be done.

If the Internet first changed cities, it is now transforming rural areas, even the most remote ones.


In Shaanxi Automobile, the leader had another sentence that made many people ponder for a long time:Deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain and lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain.

Those who have a strategic vision must plan ahead and make long-term plans.

This is true in manufacturing, but not in sales.

The details are very touching. In the video of the Zhashui inspection, the leader also smiled and said to the villagers: Small fungus, big industry!

This was rated by many netizens as "the strongest carrier in history". In my opinion, it is a new way of thinking:The new business format is to use it in combination with reality!

The thought changed, and the world became wider.

Therefore, we see that it is from this spring that more and more Internet celebrities, stars, as well as officials and CEOs enter the live stream to show their eloquence and promote their products.

Eight immortals cross the sea, each showing his supernatural powers. In the past, a cup of tea and two newspapers could spend a day; now, without two brushes, he really can’t do one thing well.

It can be regarded as taking advantage of the situation. On April 23, Shaanxi Agricultural Aid Premium Products Museum was launched, 32 poverty alleviation cooperatives participated, and more than 60 poverty alleviation agricultural products went into battle, becoming the first batch of exhibited and sold products. On the same day, many platforms broadcast live goods.The leading effect brought by "the strongest carrier in history" continues to expand.

These goods may not be Li Jiaqi, Viya, Luo Yonghao; but all these efforts are creating a new path for rural poverty reduction and wealth, rural future development.

A few new observations:

1. It used to be said that good wine is also afraid of deep alleys. Indeed, many excellent local specialties cannot be shipped out in remote villages, nor can they be sold at a good price. However, live streaming makes the most remote villages no longer remote, and many agricultural products go out of the mountains and into the country.

2. The biggest advantage of the Chinese market is still big. Japan can’t compare, and Europe can’t compare either. With such a large unified market, once a breakthrough is found, it will be unlimited business opportunities. Therefore, after the appearance of Zhashui fungus this time, it was immediately sold out. After all, poverty-stricken counties are limited, and the strong capacity of China’s economy is enough to help the villagers out of the predicament, as long as they have good goods.

3. Similar to the structure of Duoduo Orchard, it helps farmers organize more efficiently and produce more quality-guaranteed products, and live broadcast allows products to go nationwide faster. Many poor households have truly achieved overtaking on the curve. In the future, it is no longer a dream to be rich in the mountains.

The earth is round, this is science; but in the Internet age, seize the opportunity and the world can be flat.

Of course, just as the course of world history has never progressed in a straight line, there will be exciting moments and setbacks, just like the current epidemic.

It can also be expected that:

1. The current live broadcast is a trend, and those who can really fly are a minority, after all, and the vast majority may be making money.

2. Due to quality supply and other issues, it cannot be ruled out that there will be some star products in the future, which will encounter devastating blows and bring profound lessons.

3, but one thing is certain.The more rural, the more honest, the more vitality, the Chinese market, the more created all possibilities.

Crisis is always an organic in crisis. Moreover, we must be better at seizing opportunities and creating opportunities from crises.

Just as Ford’s wage increase ushered in a new consumer revolution and promoted the United States to become the richest country in the world, e-commerce, live streaming, policy guidance, and the rise of platforms are opening another window for China, a window big enough.

China’s rural areas are no longer the villages of the past; China’s farmers are no longer the farmers of the past. If anything is new infrastructure, it should be a new kind of infrastructure.

An extraordinary 2020! There are tears and excitement; there are hardships and longings. We have truly witnessed one history after another.

At a critical moment, innovation is even more needed. A new model is emerging in China and will change our lives. In a few years, we will see it more clearly.

Only 5.9mm thick, Huawei P7 will use HiSilicon octa-core CPU

  [PConline Information]Huawei’s press conference in Paris on May 7 is getting closer and closer. Although Huawei still refuses to say whether to release Huawei P7 at the press conference, looking at various leaks, P7 has almost no secrets. Including the double-sided glass design, equipped with an eight-core Kirin 920 processor, and an ultra-thin 5.9mm body.

Determine the double-sided glass design, Huawei P7 or release on May 7  Determine the double-sided glass design, Huawei P7 or release on May 7

  Huawei P7 was initially exposed to be equipped with a Kirin 910 quad-core processor, but according to the latest revelations on Weibo, P7 will use a 1.8GHz Kirin 920 octa-core processor, using Cortex A15 architecture, integrated ARM-Mail-T628 GPU, with dual-channel DDR3 memory. In addition, it runs the latest Android 4.4.2 system, adds NFC function, and has a built-in 2700mAh battery.

  The rest of the revelations are basically the same as before, including a 5-inch 1080p resolution screen, using the second-generation incell process. 8 million pixel front lens and 13 million pixel main lens, the main camera uses Sony MX214 sensor, the photosensitive area is 1/3.06 inches, and the Find 7 also used this camera.

  Huawei P7 will use a double-sided glass design, and the thickness of the body is only 5.9mm. It is rare that the camera does not stand out, which is good news for many users who like ultra-thin. Huawei has confirmed that it will hold a press conference in Paris on May 7, so the P7 is most likely to become the protagonist. The price remains 2688 yuan when the P6 is launched, and there are four color options.

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Determine the double-sided glass design, Huawei P7 or release on May 7


Huawei P7 received a network access license or was released in Paris on May 7



Changzhou Volvo XC60 significantly reduced the price, with a maximum discount of 132,400! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

In the car home Changzhou preferential promotion channel, we are pleased to announce that the current preferential car series is! This high-profile SUV model is enjoying a maximum discount of 132,400 yuan in Changzhou, with a minimum starting price of 283,900 yuan. As a luxury model, Volvo XC60 has excellent quality and performance, which brings excellent driving experience to consumers. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and strive for higher discounts to make your car purchase experience more enjoyable.

The design of the Volvo XC60 is highly recognizable. The front face adopts a unique Volvo family-style design, and the air intake grille is decorated with chrome, which is very delicate. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, giving people a noble and steady feeling. At the same time, Volvo XC60 is also equipped with advanced technologies such as LED headlights and daytime running lights, which makes the vehicle safer at night and during the day. In addition, the chrome trim and large-size rims on the side of the car also highlight the luxury of the car, making the car more dynamic and fashionable. In a word, the design of Volvo XC60 is both practical and beautiful, which perfectly shows the design essence of Swedish brand.

Volvo XC60 is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4708*1902*1660mm and a wheelbase of 2865mm. The body lines are smooth and the design is full of strength. The car uses tires with 235/60 R18 front and rear wheels, with a front tread of 1653mm and a rear tread of 1657mm. The design of car side lines is simple and generous, showing a unique Nordic style. At the same time, the car is also equipped with 18-inch rims, which increases the overall sense of movement and luxury of the vehicle.

The interior design of Volvo XC60 is simple and generous, and high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship are used to create a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable, and the position can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, which is convenient for drivers to find the most comfortable driving posture. The 9-inch central control screen has a large size and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can control functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and is easy to operate. The front and rear rows are equipped with Type-C and USB interfaces to meet the charging needs of passengers in the car. The seat is made of imitation leather, and the main driver and co-pilot seats can be adjusted front and back, backrest, height and lumbar support. The main driver seat is also equipped with heating function. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion, which increases the flexibility of storage space. Generally speaking, the interior design and configuration of Volvo XC60 are very humanized, providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable driving experience.

The Volvo XC60 is powered by a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. This engine cooperates with the 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and excellent acceleration performance, so that drivers can feel strong power output and comfortable operation experience during driving. At the same time, the engine also has high fuel economy, which makes your driving more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Overall, the engine of Volvo XC60 performs well, which can meet the driver’s demand for power and economy.

Among the owners of Volvo XC60, there is a rider from Qingdao. In his comments, he mentioned that this car has strong sense of security, good comfort, relatively low fuel consumption and beautiful appearance. These four advantages are undoubtedly the highlights of Volvo XC60. For a strong sense of security, Volvo has always been a leader in safety performance, and it has excellent performance in both active and passive safety. Comfortable, because Volvo XC60 adopts luxurious interior design and comfortable seats, as well as excellent sound insulation effect, so that drivers can get the best rest and enjoyment during long-distance driving. The relatively low fuel consumption is also one of the highlights of the Volvo XC60, thanks to its advanced power system and lightweight body design. The beautiful appearance is because the Volvo XC60 adopts a fashionable and dynamic design, so people can’t ignore its existence at first sight. To sum up, the Volvo XC60 is a very recommended luxury SUV in the eyes of car owners, and its safety performance, comfort performance, fuel consumption performance and design are impressive.

Test drive Krypton 001, which is Tesla’s strongest rival?

  [Aika Auto New Energy Original]

  Since (|) was introduced in 2012, it has been leading the development of electric vehicle industry. Traditional automobile giants have launched many electric vehicles in the process of dismissing Tesla, trying to surpass it, and then acknowledging the gap. They may surpass Tesla in a certain performance, but their comprehensive performance is always inferior to the latter. European and American giants are getting old, and the task of defeating Tesla ultimately depends on China enterprises. After completing the leap from quantity to quality, a new generation of China brand electric vehicles have good product strength, and (|) is one of the best. Compared with Tesla (|) and (|), which are close in price, 001 is almost fully dominant. Can it become Tesla’s strongest rival?

Test drive krypton 001

  ZEEKR Krypton is a brand-new intelligent pure electric brand launched this year, and Krypton 001 is the first model of the brand. Extreme Krypton 001 gained the popularity envied by friends at the booking stage, which is inseparable from its high-standard hardware configuration. But the stacking car is not always a good car. With a table full of ingredients, what kind of food will it make? With this question, we test-drive the Krypton 001 on the open road for the first time. This test drive is a Krypton 001 test vehicle in the PP stage (pre-trial production). Although its software is not ready yet, the hardware part is basically not significantly different from the production car, so the focus of our test drive is the dynamic performance of Krypton 001.

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001

  Speaking of motors, by the way, Krypton 001 has caused some controversy recently because of the selection of motors. In the earlier application information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the motor supplier of Extreme Krypton 001 was made in Japan; In the new application information, the motor supplier of Krypton 001 has become a local manufacturer Weirui, and the torque of Weirui Motor has been reduced.

  This change is interpreted by some people as krypton 001 will be reduced, but it is not. First of all, the domestic motor is actually not bad. The motor provided by Weirui for Krypton 001 adopts more advanced flat wire winding, which has higher slot fullness and power density, thus improving efficiency and reducing heat. The motor made in Japan is still traditional.Round wire winding. Second, although the torque of Weirui’s motor is a little lower, the wheel end torque output to the wheel through the reducer is still unchanged. The wheel end torque of each rear wheel of the single motor model is 3840Nm, and the wheel end torque of each wheel of the dual motor model is 3840Nm. After the adjustment of Krypton engineers, these two motors can bring highly consistent power performance, and the user experience is basically the same.

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001


Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001

Test drive krypton 001


Live broadcast: A conference to celebrate the successful manned space flight of Shenzhou VII.

      At 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 7, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission held a meeting in the Great Hall of the People to celebrate the successful manned space flight of Shenzhou VII. The first, fourth and ninth CCTV programs and news channels, Spanish channels and French channels broadcast the relevant information live. CCTV. com broadcast live video and pictures to the celebration meeting.

Yinchuan area extremely krypton 001 big price reduction! The maximum discount is 37,000, so act quickly.

[car home Yinchuan Promotion Channel] Good news! A price reduction promotion is under way, with a maximum discount of 37,000 and a minimum starting price of 269,000. This model is on sale in Yinchuan area. Click on "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount!

Extreme Krypton 001 is an electric car with a unique sense of design. Its front face design is highly recognizable, and it adopts a streamlined body shape and a headlight group with a sense of technology, which makes the whole car look very dynamic. The air intake grille adopts a closed design, which is integrated with the body lines, demonstrating the identity of its electric vehicle. The overall style is simple and smooth, and it is very futuristic. The body lines are smooth and dynamic, full of strength, and the overall style is fashionable and atmospheric, which shows the high-end positioning of the car.

Krypton 001 is a luxury electric car with excellent performance and elegant appearance. Its body dimensions are 4977*1999*1533 in length * width * height (mm), with a wheelbase (mm) of 3005, a front track (mm) of 1703 and a rear track (mm) of 1716. The body lines are smooth, showing a dynamic design. tyre size is the front 255/55 R19, and the rear 255/55 R19. The rim style is unique, showing its sense of advanced. Krypton 001 is an electric car worth looking forward to, providing you with a comfortable, safe and high-performance driving experience.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is fashionable and concise, and the overall style is exquisite and elegant. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports electric up-and-down and forward-and-backward adjustment and feels comfortable. The central control screen has a size of 15.05 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The front and rear rows are equipped with Type-C and USB interfaces, which is convenient for users to connect their mobile phones and charge. The front row also has a mobile phone wireless charging function, which is very practical. The seat is made of leather. The main driver and co-pilot seats support front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, leg rest adjustment and lumbar support. The front seats also have heating, ventilation and massage functions, which is very comfortable. The driver’s seat and co-pilot seat are also equipped with electric seat memory function. The backrest of the second row of seats can be adjusted, and the rear seats support proportional reclining, which is flexible and changeable. Generally speaking, the interior design of Krypton 001 is very humanized, fully functional and comfortable.

The engine of Krypton 001 has a maximum power of 580 kW and a maximum torque of 810 N m.. This engine has excellent power performance and can provide strong acceleration and high-speed driving stability. It adopts advanced technology and technology, which can bring excellent driving experience to drivers. In addition, the engine also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which can save fuel costs for car owners and reduce environmental pollution.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, we can see that the design of Krypton 001 has been highly recognized. From the front of the car to the rear of the car, every detail shows a fashionable and atmospheric style, and people can’t ignore its existence. The waistline of the car body is smooth and dynamic, and the shape of the rear of the car is simple without losing the sense of hierarchy. These design elements make Krypton 001 a beautiful landscape on the road. The fine body workmanship is even more impressive, whether it is car paint or sheet metal is impeccable. Car home car owner @ Bengbu Cheyou 9280260 said that every time he goes out in a Krypton 001, he always attracts the attention of many passers-by, which also makes him feel proud. Therefore, Krypton 001 is not only outstanding in appearance, but also a symbol of self-confidence.

China version of "Raptor" domineering Great Wall "X cannon" interior exposure technology dual screen+new gear handle

Full-size pickup trucks have always been very popular in Europe and America, and large-size, highly comfortable and multifunctional full-size pickup trucks can meet their full scene needs. Whether it is traveling, pulling goods or daily transportation, pickup trucks can all be "competent". It can be said that a pickup truck is in hand and the basic life is worry-free.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Cybertruck caused widespread concern after its appearance. The pure electric pickup F-150 Lightning exploded directly after its listing, which was highly sought after by American consumers.

In the domestic market, fans’ attention to full-size pickup trucks has been escalating. From the beginning, domestic pickup trucks have been constantly refreshing their performance and comfort. At the Shanghai Auto Show, the family’s first full-size pickup truck "X Gun" was unveiled, focusing on the eyes in the circle. Recently, this model has ushered in new news. The interior of this model is exposed, rich in configuration and more luxurious than the Raptor.

Judging from the exposed interior pictures, the "X Gun" uses a matching color scheme of milky white and brown in the interior, and the interior is covered with a large area of leather, which looks more luxurious than ordinary luxury models. Moreover, the internal brown material is made of woven workmanship, which is unique and the stitching is very fine, which enhances the texture and luxury of the whole car. If you only look at the interior, most people will not think that this is the interior of a pickup truck, and it may be directly positioned in the interior of a large luxury car.

At the same time, the scientific and technological equipment inside the "X gun" is not backward at all. The new car adopts a new style of suspended LCD instrument panel and a large-size central control display screen. Now, it is ahead of the industry in terms of intelligence. In mass production models, it will be equipped with a highly intelligent car system, which can realize multiple online operations, including navigation, voice, entertainment, etc. It can be said that it does not fall in the wind in creating a sense of science and technology.

Moreover, the "X gun" adopts a brand-new style of gear handle, plus a piano paint-painted decorative board, as well as a steering wheel wrapped in white leather and seat headrests on both sides decorated with LOGO embroidery, which is simply a luxurious moving space.

In terms of power, the car applied the latest 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine to this "big guy" and matched the 9-speed automatic manual transmission. It can be said that this power system is very competitive, at least, in the domestic pickup truck models, it definitely belongs to the strong inner core. Chassis, the car is equipped with front and rear double wishbone independent air suspension, this set of "luxury" equipment is full, directly raising the level of "X gun". Moreover, the new car will also be equipped with an all-terrain recognition feedback system, which will make it easy to cross mountains and rivers, and the off-road ability is strong.

Ghost fighting car view: In the past, all the full-size pickups running on the streets in China were imported, such as, and so on. However, now, cars are constantly introducing high-end new products in pickup trucks. This "X gun" is very exciting, showing new heights in luxury, performance and design, and the domestic version of "Raptor" will soon appear. So, what do fans think of this model? Leave a message for Ghost Brother.

BYD Qin, who caught fire, has nothing to do with the blade battery, but it has something to do with corporate conscience.

On November 23, some netizens broke the news that a BYD Qin Pro EV caught fire in an underground parking lot in Beijing, and there was no serious explosion at the scene. However, through the comments made by the owner on social media, it can be seen that the scene at that time was very horrible and almost threatened the life of his family.

Strangely, after this incident, many media were washing the floor for BYD. After reading it, I probably learned that I was telling everyone that although BYD Qin Pro EV caught fire this time, it was not a blade battery.

As we all know, around July this year, BYD announced that it would use blade batteries in all directions, which means that at present, the batteries on electric vehicles under BYD brand have all used blade batteries.

Blade battery can also be regarded as BYD’s bottom line in the field of electric vehicles. If there is a problem with the blade battery, it will be a disaster for BYD.

That’s why it happened. When BYD’s car caught fire, a lot of media came out to wash the floor for BYD. Most of the comments pointed out that this car was not equipped with blade batteries.

A fire is a fire. Anyway, this is a BYD.

For any brand, it is a very irresponsible attitude to start shirking responsibility once there is a problem. BYD, as the first independent automobile brand in China to set foot in the electric field, has good research and development capabilities and technical reserves. The vehicle that caught fire this time was indeed listed in March 2019, but it does not mean that BYD has reason to shirk responsibility.

At that time, this BYD Qin ProEV was equipped with ternary lithium battery. As we all know, the battery density of ternary lithium battery is about 70% higher than that of Ferrous lithium phosphate, and BYD had to give up lithium iron phosphate battery at that time for various reasons.

In fact, as early as the first generation of BYD Tang, we can see that BYD has actually realized the disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate battery. The first generation of BYD Tang, which was listed in 2015, was equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, and its curb weight reached 2.22 tons. In fact, its pure electric cruising range is only 60 kilometers, which can be said to be just passing the passing line.

In the modified model of 2017, BYD directly used ternary lithium battery, and the cruising range reached a more ideal 80km, and the top model even reached a pure battery life of 100km. Similarly, in the same period of BYD Song, we also saw BYD’s transition from Ferrous lithium phosphate to ternary lithium battery.

Although BYD now has a blade battery, BYD had no choice but to compromise the use of ternary lithium batteries because of the inherent shortcomings of Ferrous lithium phosphate. However, not all brands were able to control ternary lithium batteries, so the opening scene appeared. BYD Qin Pro EV, which was listed in 2019, caught fire in the underground garage, which almost caused casualties.

The author believes that no matter how to wash the floor, the fire has become an established fact, and any resistance to the facts is powerless. This kind of sophistry is simply untenable.

Judging from the current market performance, BYD’s market sales are gradually improving, which is certainly worthy of recognition. However, enterprises need to take responsibility if they want to get the recognition of users. If they start to argue and start sophistry after problems appear, then this is the beginning of a company’s decline.

At present, although BYD’s sales in the market are increasing, it is worth noting that its sales are mainly below 300,000. In the era when new forces are making cars, it is obviously impossible to achieve higher achievements in the market without high-end products.

According to the financial report in 2020, BYD’s total annual revenue is 156.6 billion yuan, which is quite gorgeous, with an increase of 22.59% year-on-year, but don’t forget that BYD’s business fields are very extensive.

At present, BYD’s business areas are mainly distributed in four major areas, namely, automobile, rail transit, new energy and electronics. From the financial report in 2020, BYD’s revenue in the automobile field is 84 billion yuan, accounting for 53.6% of the total annual revenue. It can be seen that BYD’s current automobile business accounts for half of its revenue, but the profit distribution is unknown.

This year, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD’s brand and public relations division, revealed at the senior executives’ conference that the average bicycle price of BYD at this stage has reached 151,700 yuan, which is much higher than that of other domestic independent brands. However, considering the financial report and sales volume in 2020, the total revenue of BYD’s auto business segment in 2020 is only 59.862 billion yuan, which is obviously different from the total revenue of 156.6 billion yuan.

It can be seen that BYD’s profit source does not come from the automobile sector, and it can even be boldly predicted that although BYD’s average bicycle price is high, there is a great possibility of not making money. At the same time, BYD still holds state subsidies for new energy vehicles, and its failure to reduce costs may be BYD’s biggest achilles heel.

In fact, BYD’s automobile field actually has a very wide coverage, with two series of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, covering seven conventional fields and four special fields, and our common private cars are only one of these eleven fields, as well as ten fields including taxis, urban public transportation and road transportation.

From this, we can analyze that in 2020, BYD’s total revenue in the automotive sector will be 59.862 billion yuan, which belongs toPassenger cars and non-operation.The revenue in the classification is very likely to be less, and overall BYD’s performance in profitability is relatively poor.

From the fire incident of a product to the current situation of BYD’s whole enterprise, it is not difficult to see that there seems to be a greater risk behind any small problem. This incident tells us that although BYD is booming in the automobile circle, it is an ironclad fact that it relies on other pillar products to maintain the situation. How to achieve positive growth through the automobile sector is what BYD needs to do at present.