In 2020, there will be not only bad things, but also the beauty summary of each of us.

Hello, the person who opened this article, congratulations on your successful completion of the adventure named 2020. In this year, whether you are a novice beauty maker or a skilled beauty expert, you must have your own new harvest, and the little story with beauty continues to happen throughout the year ~

January 1, 2020, 9:29 am, your year.Make up for the first time.

You chose red lipstick to finish, because you said red is the most festive color that can bring good luck.

On February 2, 2020, at 11:48 pm, you were still crying.Wear eye cream.

There were many girls like you that day, and you seemed very sad, saying, "Li Ziwei, I forbid you to die!" "

Listen to "so close your eyes for the time being" and massage your eyes with caffeinated eye cream, because I heard that it is very useful to eliminate edema.

On May 5, 2020, you opened this year’s.The first bottle of sunscreen.

The sun must have been very sunny in long summer that day, right? Although I finally knowThe SPF value represents the time to apply makeup, not the sun protection ability. You still choose the highest value for psychological comfort.

You spend the whole yearUse skin care products at the latest.It was in the early morning of August 7, 2020, at 2: 37, when you were still in skin care.

You seem to be very tired that day, working late. Compared with usual, there is an essential oil massage step in the skin care step. You chose a product called "staying up all night", and it seems that you hope to remedy it.


October 31, 2020, yoursThe first jar of creamCome in handy.

It was windy that day, and you painted it very thick.

Photography/Zhou Yubo

November 27th, 2020, 57 days later.Use sunscreen again.

You heard that sunlight is the main cause of skin aging, and dry lines and spots will follow, so you decided to use it every day in the future. Although you didn’t use it after 12 days because you got up late, you didn’t open it for the rest of the year.

You make upLowest frequencyOur quarter is the first quarter.

The reason is unnecessary. You must not have been out much this quarter.


This year youapply a facial maskOur time is mainly between 8 pm and 10 pm.

But there are also 59 days when you use it between 7: 00 and 9: 00 in the morning, because you feel more obedient after applying makeup.

Photography/Zhou Xiaofan

The key words of your hairstyle this year are:highlight.

Top dyeing, antenna dyeing and ear dyeing are the keywords that you search most in social networks. In short, they are not whole dyeing.

The words that appear most frequently in your modeling notes are:restore ancient ways.

You saw the screenshots of the heroines in 12 classic Hong Kong films and decided to use fluffy wool rolls with red matte lipstick. What is underlined in your notes is: Eye shadow should be mainly nude to keep the overall balance of makeup! ! !

You have used 21 account names in 8 social accounts this year, and the word with the highest frequency is:Princess on the run.

What accessories do you use most frequently during this period?bowknot, all colors, all sizes.

SuyanzhuangIt’s your new attempt in 2020.

The beauty video you watch teaches you that the makeup should be transparent, the eye makeup should be light, the eyebrows should be wild, and the eyelashes should be well-rooted.

Although later, you decided to give up at the first step because you stayed up late with acne.

You are a curious person who doesn’t understand and asks. One night at 12: 17, you were still searching:use Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin A at nightWhat is it?

You finally know that early C means using products containing VC to resist free radicals in the morning and using products containing VA to repair skin at night. And found that their sensitive skin may be intolerant, not recommended, and a little more depressed and irritable before going to bed.


You like to participate in the discussion on the topic of beauty on the Internet, and you are an enthusiastic online participant. The topic you have discussed for the longest time this year is:Appearance anxiety.

On the last weekend of 2020, you decided to abandon the right-angled shoulder and high skull top that you pursued for a year. You slept well that day and fell asleep as long as one song was needed.

2020 is a thing of the past, and 2021 has just begun. You will encounter many new attempts in the new year, please don’t hesitate; You may feel anxious occasionally, so please don’t be afraid. The most important thing is to visit Sister Ba in WeChat official account more often ~

(The "you" in the article doesn’t specifically refer to a certain person, it may be you or her. I hope everyone will have a good time! )

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