Ouma Software was investigated by six organizations: the company has five core technologies, such as data processing, artificial intelligence, cloud service platform, examination and marking, and info

  () The record of investor relations activities was released on February 1, 2024, and the company was investigated by six institutions, including other institutions, fund companies and securities companies. The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: The company has released the performance forecast for 2023, and the performance has increased significantly. What is the development of the company in 2024?

  A: In 2023, the company’s business recovered rapidly. The company’s examination services in the field of examination and evaluation were held as scheduled, and the service scale of some examinations increased, which made the company’s performance rise steadily and continue to improve. The company has continuously strengthened its technological and market innovation capabilities. While continuously improving the level and quality of technology research and development, it has steadily promoted the construction of market service network, obtained new business in national, provincial and municipal education and qualification examinations, and expanded its business space. Since the end of 2023, the company has successively won the bid for national and provincial-level platform construction projects such as national unified accounting personnel service management, provincial professional and technical personnel qualification examination registration service and comprehensive score information summary; Won the bid for a number of national, provincial and municipal qualification and education examination projects, and further developed the service scope. In 2024, the company will continuously enhance its independent research and development capabilities, improve service quality, continuously promote the construction of market service network, optimize the strategic layout of the market, expand national, provincial and municipal markets, and expand business space.

  Q: What are the opportunities in the company’s industry?

  A: According to the Statistical Bulletin on Education Development published by the Ministry of Education in the past three years, the total number of students and full-time teachers in all levels and types of academic education in China is increasing continuously, and the popularization rate of compulsory education is also increasing. At the same time, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security reduced or canceled the working years requirements of some admission vocational qualification examinations, which lowered the entry threshold for vocational qualification examinations and increased the number of examinees. At the same time, the rapid development of Internet and information technology has promoted the transformation of examination mode, which has made the industry have broad prospects. In recent years, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have developed rapidly, and their integration with traditional industries is getting faster and faster, which is helpful to realize the rapid development of informatization in the field of examination and evaluation and expand the market development space. Driven by AIGC technology, new artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent marking and intelligent proposition will be continuously applied and iteratively updated, injecting new kinetic energy into the intelligent development in the field of examination and evaluation; At the same time, the expanded application of paperless examination will also open up new market space for future development.

  Q: What are the innovative advantages of the company’s technology?

  A: The company has been committed to the research and development and application of software and hardware in the field of examination and evaluation. Relying on provincial and municipal engineering technology centers and innovation research institutes as the basic platform, it has continuously focused on the research and application of cutting-edge technologies in the industry, forming a leading competitive advantage and technical barriers. The company has five core technologies, such as data processing, artificial intelligence, cloud service platform, examination and marking, and information security, which provide a strong guarantee for the company’s product development and technology upgrading. At the same time, the company pays attention to the research and application of new technologies, constantly innovates products, realizes the integration of the company’s business and new technologies, solves the major needs of the industry, and continuously consolidates and strengthens the company’s core competitiveness. At present, the company has obtained more than 400 patented technologies and software copyrights. In 2023, the intelligent marking project entered the list of the third batch of high-quality development projects of software industry in Shandong Province, and has been authorized by nine related invention patents. The company has won many honors, such as outstanding software enterprises in Shandong Province, "three excellent and two excellent" key factories in Shandong Province in 2023, and top 50 big data enterprises in Shandong Province. The company has always attached great importance to technology research and development, and invested a lot of personnel and funds in the research and development of new technologies and new products. In recent years, the annual investment in research and development has exceeded 12%. Taking products as the center and customer demand as the guidance, the company has established a research and development system for basic technologies, supporting platforms and industrial products, and formed a research and development management system including a research and development personnel management system, an intellectual property management system, a quality management system and an OKR key objective assessment management system.Achieve cross-departmental collaboration, unified management of the whole process and all factors, and provide a research and development system guarantee for the company to maintain the leading technology in the industry and the competitive advantage in the market.

  Q: In terms of examination service, will paperless examination be a business growth point in the future?

  A: With the rapid development and application of new technology in the field of examination and evaluation, the application value and effect of paperless examination are gradually emerging. At the same time as the paperless examination is carried out in the qualification examination, the paperless examination in the education examination has also begun to be piloted. Recently, the paperless examination for the private network of higher education self-study examination provided by the company was successfully piloted in Sichuan Province. This is the first time that paperless examination has been tried out in the self-study examination, which is one of the national education examinations, and it has played a leading role in expanding the implementation of paperless examination mode throughout the country. The paperless examination form greatly improves the organizational efficiency of the examination and the security of the examination paper. As a new examination mode promoted by computer network technology, paperless examination will be applied in more and more examinations and assessments;

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Minsheng Jiayin Fund Fund company — Xiangcai fund Fund company — Galaxy fund Fund company — Northeast securities securities company — Guotai junan securities securities company — Minsheng computer other —