Nightlife in Changsha: Presenting the flowing state of ordinary people’s ordinary life.

Original title: "Changsha Nightlife": Leave at dawn

Changsha, a city in online celebrity famous for its nightlife, attracts more and more young people to punch in with its inclusive and open mind. The film released in the May 1st file focuses on the joys and sorrows of small people in the city, connecting the contemporary urban nightlife scene with the story of meeting and reconciliation in one night, depicting the rich fireworks of Changsha, a tourist city, and showing the flowing state of ordinary people’s ordinary lives.

Multi-line parallel and multi-line normalization

As night falls, the story of Changsha begins. 24-hour bookstore, looking for the meaning of life in the philosophy area every day, met He Xixi (ornaments) who was leaving his hometown tomorrow morning. Jing Wei needed an opportunity to let go of the past and start over, and He Xixi needed a reason to stay again. Two people who had been injured in their lives decided to take a night outing. Between the push and pull of words, they approached each other and confided in each other’s secrets. The philosophical encounter also brought philosophical redemption. In order to get rid of the trauma in the bottom of my heart, He Xixi jumped down at all costs, and the two embraced each other tightly in the Xiangjiang River, and different feelings quietly bred.

Through the dense crowd of friends and writers, He An (ornaments) went to the stage of the small talk show theater and performed his carefully polished jokes in authentic Changsha dialect. Unfortunately, the performance effect is not satisfactory, and the enthusiasm brings frequent silence. After an argument with his father, He Dunhua (ornaments), who came to the scene in person, he tore his scar in public with blood stains, which deeply hurt his father.Dear heart, but it has achieved unprecedented performance effect. As a result, the father and son began to face and think about their relationship again. The father sat in the back seat of his son’s motorcycle and recalled his childhood on his shoulder. Years of resentment and dissatisfaction seemed to begin to dissipate.

Guests come and go in food stalls in online celebrity, accompanied by a steady stream of water, and taking care of things silently, which is the mode of getting along with Li Jie (ornaments), the proprietress, and Brother Xu (ornaments), the apprentice. That night, Sister Li cooked for the last time. She decided to let her apprentice Brother Xu take over and continue to run the food stall, so that her son He An could pursue his talk show dream with peace of mind. Under the Ferris wheel, Xiaoliang (ornaments) from the northeast tells Xiao Chen (ornaments) from the northwest the anguish of breaking up, which reminds them of their hometown and relatives. Doing ordinary and repetitive work in the amusement park every day, witnessing the beautiful love of others under the Ferris wheel, but my life is a mess. Finally, under the emotional embrace, they enjoyed the scenery they had never enjoyed before at the top of the Ferris wheel and set off a grand fireworks for themselves and the city.

Fireworks from the Ferris wheel dispelled the gloom of the night, and many lines of people gathered in Sister Li’s food stall. Whether it was the scene that he couldn’t get out of the shadow of his girlfriend’s death and couldn’t sleep all night, or He Xixi, who was troubled by family of origin and chose to escape, or a typical Chinese father and son who neglected communication and drifted away, or a wandering wanderer who was homesick at night, he was cured by a bowl of steaming rice noodles in Sister Li’s food stall. What happened that night is no longer important at the moment. As the footsteps of the morning get closer and closer, they all find their own answers.

The human warmth in the fireworks in the city.

From the fashionable and leisure 12: 00 physical bookstore to the iconic "Eye of Changsha" Ferris wheel; From online celebrity milk tea "Modern China Tea Shop" to the trendy snack "Wenheyou", the scenes presented in the film have distinct regional characteristics. Graduates who are about to leave clink glasses and sing "Farewell", middle-aged and elderly people talk about news and express their opinions, business partners go their separate ways because of disagreement, and couples in a foreign land still love each other but choose to leave … … These ordinary scenes flash by, and food stalls bring romance and ritual to ordinary customers every night.

Based on the taste of the city at night and the warmth and healing as the keynote, the film interprets the life of Changsha in one night. This story belongs to Changsha, but in a sense, it is also a night in the ordinary life of every ordinary person. Although the title of the film is "Changsha Nightlife", the film shows the life of ordinary people living in a corner of the city full of fireworks, which can be staged at night in any city and interweave with the local background color.

Focus plane focuses on ordinary and warm ordinary people, who nourish the city and the city comforts people. The food stalls, which have witnessed too many loneliness, frustration, joy and warmth, have obvious utopian meaning. They undertake the ups and downs of life, gathering and parting, and become a symbol place for people to relax and enjoy themselves, pour out their hearts and get warm. As the director said, "This film is a hymn for ordinary people". No matter whether you are happy or frustrated, you can find your own place in your own city, resolve the depression of life in the street life, and strive to live your life as you want. What the film tells is actually the "nightlife" that belongs to China people.

"Changsha people’s day begins with a bowl of powder, and then ends with a bowl of powder, and it is a new day after the powder is finished." Encounter, love, stay, leave, reconciliation, reunion, melt into the night in Changsha, the fireworks in the city soothe people’s hearts, and the warmth in the world resonates. The film leads the audience on a journey of healing through the perspective of small people and multi-dimensional emotional pattern, and conveys the happy spirit and open-minded attitude of facing life directly. Just as the original title of the film is "The Night with Stars Shining", this sleepless night in Changsha is destined to be a starry night, because everyone goes to the stars in the night, gently walks into every good night, soothes loneliness in every lonely night, and returns to the sky at dawn. Because at the end of the night, life can always usher in light. (Author: Wang Jiayi)